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For all its piratical woes, Port Kyros was still a slice of vacation.

Stretches of natural beaches snaked along the coast, there was no denying that Kyros was stricken with a relaxed, carefree vibe. Tourists came from miles around to enjoy the pristine, sugary sands, taste the Kyrosian flavor in their fritter conchs. Sample the rums and splash in cresting waves. Many would visit the spa and hotsprings, or sail around on the Nautilus (and hopefully making it back alive).

It was a beautiful day for a much needed trip to the beach.  A chance to relax and let the stress of the continent’s political turmoil ebb with the tide. There was plenty of hiking to the north and into the city—and if one wanted to brave it, the more isolated beaches. Further south and inland the microbreweries were hard at work preparing for throngs of people that would come as the day would go on. Kayaking, fishing, crabbing and bird watching experts were preparing for the day.

The morning air was cool, clear and sunny. The water was a little too cold to dip toes in at first but would surely warm up later on. The waters were clear and calm, littered with seashells and more.

It was time to relax and have fun.

Time for some fun in the sun.


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Lencio screamed. It was the scream of a delightful eight year old with far too much energy and an entire beach to waste it on. He tore for the water, viciously kicking up sand in his wake. The smile plastered on his face was priceless. As he got to the water’s edge, he stopped abruptly, feigning teetering balance as the water receded.

Ventys—who was all legs—ran up behind him, scooped up his little brother and dove into the surf. Soon the beach was filled with hollering boys who were determined to wrestle out any grievances—if only for the sake of having fun. Giliam was riding on Sabine’s shoulders, one arm looped around her god son’s leg. He was pointing at the fisherman’s boats in the horizon.

Blankets, umbrella and chairs and totes of prepared meals were toted by assigned Enforcers who were grinning from ear to ear. Johari knew there’d be ears to cuff if he caught anyone slacking off. They weren’t here for a vacation and he’d make sure they didn’t forget that!

Everyone marked their spots with blankets and chairs.

Lencio was already showing Raveena a sand dollar her had found, babbling in a way only her son endearingly could when he was so excited, he forgot what he was trying to say. She kissed his forehead and sent him to return the creature back to its home (carefully and gently) and then to play.

She couldn’t help but smile, filled with love at seeing her family and friends. The breeze was perfect, the way it pulled at her maxi dress that danced around her legs. A hand rest on her wide-brimmed hat, her ankles chiming with charming, locally made anklets courtesy of citizen who welcomed their visit and to congratulate her on the prince’s health. Everette was nestled and strapped to her back, still sleeping. He was partially veiled by the kinks and curls of her hair. She had set up a spot further back, though not so far as not to be seen to watched intently. She knew Web operatives were probably strolling along the beach and watching her and the new prince closely, hiding in plain sight as tourists.

She just wanted a day. One last day to truly enjoy seeing all of her favorite people together like this.

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Even mercenaries had to have vacations, and the Shields of Valor were no exception to that. In the spirit of relaxation and enjoyment, they went to Port Kyros to experience the sublime beaches and wonderful drinks to be had. 

"Did everyone remember to apply your balm?" Cragmar asked, wearing a one piece suit of red and white stripes, covering all the way from his shoulders to his thighs. "I don't want any belly aching over sunburn." It was the third time he had reminded them today, and the third time he had applied a coat to his bald, tattooed head. Sun was bad for the ink, he would say, made it fade fast before you knew what was happening. 

"Yeah, I'm going to get a drink at the bar, where it's shady." Sarah was wearing a tight fitting tank top and breeches covered in a small cloth, holding an umbrella over her head. The beaches of Port Kyros weren't the half vampires first choice, but in a group democracy, her idea of resting out in the rainy moors of Fracture was voted down. 

"Suit yourself. I'm going to get some sun, maybe find a nice trail to walk later." Her staff had transformed into a large folding chair, allowing the fae's six and half foot frame to stretch out and flaunt the body barely covered by the purple bikini she wore. Milky white flesh would soon become a tantalizing bronze, thanks to the special oil she concocted and was now gingerly applying to her skin, her helper orb revolving around her, careful not to reflect the sunlight into its creator's eyes. 

"Eric and I are gonna go diving, see what we can find." Wearing red polka dotted and green breeches respectively, the two men went out into the water to explore it's crystal clear depths. 

Cragmar went to work at constructing his own sand fort while the rest of the men and women were out enjoying themselves, grateful for a small respite from the rigorous life of a mercenary.  

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Arashi was dragged along by the Queen of all people with her to the beach. She wasn't exactly too pleased about this as Rae ruined her plans for today and Rae not being quiet about Arashi being a cat. To this point where she had to give Arashi catnip recently and Arashi went insane over said plant didn't make the dragon hybrid's life any easier that it should of been.

She came along in a blue t-shirt, dark green camo shorts, black sneakers along with her signature dark blue scarf with a ice blue flame design on it and grey ski goggles she never takes off. Arashi had came along on one condition, she wanted enough food for herself to eat as well as plenty for the other guests to eat considering the hybrid eats alot. She was willing to pay for some of it...whether Rae or not accepted that was another...thing.

Walking over to Rae, Arashi looked over at her.

"I'm not really great at these social events but you have kids? What's their names? Are they scared of dragons, Raven?" Arashi asked Rae. Next thing Arashi knew, she was gonna be known as the scary dragon lady with the scaled tail she had that was massive by Rae's kids of all people.

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Grant walked beside his mother, clad in a pair of swimming trunks and an open shirt. He had been more than happy to accompany here on this trip after the chaos of the last few months. After she had helped him find some semblance of peace with the split personality S6, the two had greatly mended their once strained relationship. Living in Port Kyros had also given him the opportunity to spend time with his younger siblings, whom he adored, but was often too busy to see reliably. Still, by some quirk of fate he was the most prominent adult male in their lives, and he knew they looked up to him. 

His presence, and that of Sabine had allowed him to convince Web that they didn't need as much security as they had originally planned. With two of the best warriors in the Empire present, few would dare cause trouble. Of course, he wouldn't have objected to a higher level of security. But he knew it was important to his mother, and so he had done what he could to make sure this trip would be as relaxing as possible for her.

Falling a few steps behind Raveena, he gently tousled Everett's hair, "You're gonna sleep right through your vacation if you aren't careful buddy."

After giving the sleeping boy a gentle kiss on the head, he squeezed his mothers hand and went ahead. Walking over to where Lencio was playing, he knelt down and gave his brother a warm smile.

"What are you up to Len?"

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Between training with the Force Majeure and setting up things in the Lunarian Protectorate's office, Thurgood felt Aveline needed a vacation. Also, with her new position as Captain of the Lunarian Protectorate's Special Operations Squad, Thurgood will be the one really in charge of the Mil Dot's greater day-to-day operations, which will free him from Aveline's objections about expanding and making it a chain.

Also, while the siblings have meet and acquainted with Grant Knight, neither one have really met his mom, or the rest of his family, nor have either of them seen Grant since the meeting of the noble houses when the Veluriyam Empire left Ursa Madeum.

But for now, the human siblings in drow skin look for a spot on the beach, at least until they see a familiar face.

"Holy shit, I didn't think Grant would actually be here..." Aveline says.

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Raveena smiled an easy smile. It was good to have the Arashi she was familiar with back again. She sat beneath a great umbrella jabbed into the sand. Several blankets were placed around. It was unnaturally cool, for within the depths of the shadow cast by the Umbrella did her newfound Shadow Beast pack nestle. They loitered close to Raveena, peering through Tenenbrae from time to time to see her world.

Raveena pulled her curtain of curls aside, “This is Everett Knight, my youngest. He is very fragile so we must take care not to scare him, hm?” Everett, with his father’s tan complexion, his mother’s dark hair and hazel green eyes. He slept soundly despite the commotion of the beach and was part of why Raveena hung so far back from the larger crowds.

“Then there’s Lencio.” She pointed to the young boy by Grant. He sported an olive complexion that could have easily passed for Rowan’s son. He had a mop of brown hair, bright green eyes and was far too clever for his young age. “He was the son of a friend of mine who died. I promised I would take him, since his father was raising him by himself.” She thought of Thenry and his easy charm. There was a lot of Thenry in Lencio. He adored her, how could she say no?

“The boy that looks like she could be Sabine’s son is Giliam. He was a refugee. The orphanage said that he was being bullied over his skin’s color.” There was a laughter in her smile, “I couldn’t resist him. He is a kind, thoughtful child. His brother Ventys,” She pointed to the blond-haired, steely-blue eyed boy who was the tallest of her three adopted, “He had a hard time as well. Lots of fighting. Trust issues. No one wanted him. He took some time and work, but. I love my sons. They have their own dragon hatchlings they are learning to care for. Someday Everett will have one, too.” She watched Grant bond with his younger brothers, her smiled widening. It lifted her heart and mended old wounds that she had allowed to open.



Quiet!” Lencio stared at the water with all the intensity a child could. He lowered his voice, “Nobody move! I am trying to make the water stop moving!” He flung his hands out at the water and growled. His face was screwed up in concentration. He immediately gave up and huffed. “Ugh…how come eevveerryyoonnnee but Gil and Ven can do cool stuff?” He frowned and looked up at Grant, “I’m cool! I showed mom this cool sand dollar that I caught all—all by myself!” He threw his arms up in a grand gesture, “I’m cool, I think…” He thought long and hard about before twisting and looking around.

Everyone seemed different. Everyone except him. He didn’t know if his brothers felt the same. He wanted to be cool, too!


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"Slit Throat, put a couple mint leaves in it, no ice." Sarah sighed as she turned and leaned back against the bar counter. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and she didn't care for any of it. They can keep their sunshine and sand, the half vampire thought, she'd rather take somewhere dark and cold. 

Her drink came, and she sipped it gingerly, chest heaving from her next sigh. "Gotta find something else to do."

"You can check out one of the walking trails." Suggested the barkeep. "They lead to some pretty spooky places, if you take the right turns." 

She thought about it for a while, mulling it over between sips. "I could go for it." 

"Here's another drink for the road, for good luck." Thanking him, she headed over to where the signs started pointing out where the hiking trails were. Maybe it wouldn't be as nice as staring out rainy windows with a blanket and a warm drink, but maybe she can see something nice while she's here. 


Sun tanning was proving to be more advantageous for her than Lancellar realized, as it seemed she had drawn an audience around her. They were mostly men, with an odd woman or two not afraid to admire a female form in the way a man would, their eyes upon her, staring as if she didn't notice them. When she cracked an eye open just a bit, the group of about four or so people backed away a bit, perhaps embarrassed or uncertain what she may do to them for ogling. 

"Anyone perhaps want to rub some oil on my back? I can never seem to get every spot by myself." Flipping over, she help up the small poultice, waiting for one of them to work up the courage to approach her. Finally she felt the small jar be taken from her grasp, and the small, feminine hands of one of the women began to rub the cool liquid over her. 

"Mmmmm thank you so much." She purred, pulling her hair up so they could massage her shoulders. "So how long have you been watching."

"My apologies." She said in that thick accent common to this region. "We didn't mean to you're just...so tall. It's like you are descended from a tree."

"We'll I'm pretty sure my grandfather had a few trysts with some wood nymphs before meeting my grandmother. Some say it was suspicious how he had four children when his wife had only given birth three times." 

The woman gasped. "How scandalous." She exclaimed. 

"Mmmmm, yes. My family has had something of a checkered past, you might say. Speaking of checkered, could you perhaps untie my top? I absolutely hate having a tan line on my back. Makes it impossible for me to wear dresses without backs." There was a seconds pause, and for a moment she thought the stranger might object. Finally she felt the tension of the strings holding her top go slack, and once again more of the oil was applied. "I think I can really grow to love this place."


Breaking from the surface of the water, the two warriors drew large breaths, desperate for air. 

"I think I saw some clams down there. Think they have any pearls in em?" Eric asked, enjoying the feeling of the currents while they casually stayed afloat. This was definitely a good place to relax, he thought to himself. 

"Clams? I didn't see any clams. Pretty sure I saw a chest though." Phillip said. 

"A chest? By the gods that could be better than a couple of pearls! Come on then lets go get it. How large is it?" 

"Two arms wide, and an arm tall. It's gonna take us a while to get it back to shore." If it had sunken all the way to the bottom, it was likely heavy, which could be trouble for them. 

"Well then we better get started, shouldn't we?" They laughed and went back under, ready to plunder the depths for their prize.


"Just have to reinforce the rampart here, put some detail on this archway." He continued to mutter to himself, working diligently on the sand fort he had been going at since they got here. When it was required he would take a break to reapply the balm on his skin, but even then, he was making great progress. 

"There. That ought to do it." After wiping his hands of any spare sand, he stood back and looked at it, admiring his handiwork.

Standing at least five foot tall and ten feet across, the castle was an incredible feat of beach side engineering. It had a main gate, a rampart going up one side and a compliment of towers that rose high in the air. While not structurally sound given the materials used to erect it, the building was still a marvel to behold. 

And then someone crashed into it. 

"Whoa, sorry little man." The guy chuckled, hefting up the leather ball to his chest and brushing himself off. "You okay?"

"No I'm not okay!" Cragmar yelled. "Do you know how much work I put into that thing? You better watch where yer going next time before you get the tar beaten out of ya." 

"Oh yeah?" He stooped down, his muscles flexing from the effort. "I'd like to see you try it, short stuff." They stared each other down, until the bully got bored and pushed the dwarf down into the sand. "Heh, yeah, didn't think so."

Getting up in a huff, Cragmar muttered angrily to himself while he stomped on over to the supply cart they brought with them, rummaging around for something. 

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T.E.M. wandered the beach looking for a spot to stop at. The sight of kids immediately made the androgynous male elf annoyed. 'Kids... stay away from me. You little piles of raw sugar always question if I'm a man or a woman then run off to either of your parents for more sugar.' Looking around he notices a dwarf building a sand castle and an impressive one at that. He also felt he recognized the dwarf from the list of mercenaries he compiled. It makes sense that a mercenary would take vacation time, they are people and have needs as well. 

As the elf walked over to the dwarf and his sand castle he witnessed an altercation as someone crashed into it. The bully pushed the dwarf down, the dwarf left and the bully stood there. With an annoyed and very agitated sigh T.E.M. walked over to the bully, tapped him on the back.

"Huh?" The bully turned around to see the smaller elf ans laughed. "What do you want pipsqueak?"

"Apologize to the dwarf." 

The bully laughed and shook his head. "Nah. I got a game to play. Now buzz o-" Before the bully could turn around to leave a fist was placed firmly into the bully's gut, planting him on the ground. 

T.E.M. shook his head and sat on the bully while waiting for the dwarf to return in hopes the bully will apologizing for knocking his hard work down. "Cragmar won't recognize me for sure but I'll help a fellow mercenary out with an ass like you."


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Arashi looked over at Rae, shooting a grin as she answered the dragon's questions. "They have dragons and you didn't tell me? I want one now...wonder how it'll take to me being a dragon and all. I'm not exactly great at interacting with the other members of my species..." Arashi sighed. She never had the skills to do that. 

"So why did you want me here? I was gonna train today...but if you want me to freeze the ocean or boil it instead, I can do that." Arashi paused for a second. "Only kidding, then the kids would scared of "the evil dragon lady" even more. I doubt they think of me as that but I do look pretty scary right? Unless they aren't scared of dragons..." 


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"Well fuck, the beach is full," Aveline says, looking out at the sea of towels and umbrellas next to the actual, literal sea.

"Should we at least say hi to Grant?" Thurgood asks.

"Don't know if he'll remember us though..."

"Eh, worth a try. If his mom's ruler here, he may know some good places that the rest of the tourists don't."

But neither one want to just walk up on the prince, so the two approach as casually as they can, staying far enough away to not be seen as threats by their security detain, especially important because they're visibly packing heat, as always, hoping that Grant Knight notices them.

While Aveline is here to relax, but Thurgood is here to network, and possible open a store here in Port Kyros. To that end, he has business cards printed in Lunaris. Instead of being bleach-white, they're a more natural brown, with small flecks of discoloration, and printed with plant-based ink.

Does Thurgood have anything against petroleum use? in general no. In specific, its use in disposable goods for reasons that don't really matter. Petrogel propellant is stable for use on Terrenus; that's fine, it's a very good reason. Petroleum-based plastics for flatware and cups, not so much. There are plenty of naturally-sourced materials that will do the job just as well, and break down naturally. Petroleum on the whole to him is too important to waste on stupid shit, and it wasn't until he was deprived of it for years did he see its importance.


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Grant smiled at Lencio.

"I think I understand what you're saying. You're surrounded everyday by some of the most amazing people on the planet, and you want to be extraordinary too. But what you don't see is all the time and effort those people put into getting where they are. Sabine is one of the best warriors this Empire has to offer, but she didn't start out that way. She worked at it, one day at a time until accomplished her goals. But before that, she had to know what she wanted."

He reached out and put a hand on his brothers shoulder, "You don't have to be in such a hurry. But if you want to be cool, first figure out what being cool means to you. Once you know, then strive towards it every day. I'll help you any way I can. But right now..."

The Prince hoisted his brother into the air and slung him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. It was something he did often when his mother needed one of his siblings out of the room. When he was smaller Len used to squeal with delight whenever he did this. Now he would pound softly on his big brothers back in mock outrage.

"Right now you can meet some friends of your big brother!"

He walked over to where Thurgood and Aveline were standing, an easy grin on his face. He hadn't seen the two of them since their houses had been abolished in Ursa Madeum, and he was glad to see them again.

"Thurgood, Aveline! Great to see you again," he put Lencio down and spun him around to face the siblings, "This is my little brother Lencio."




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It was half an hour into the walk when they came. Figures, she thought to herself. The so called scary path was just a ruse to get Sarah into a secluded spot, allowing the robbers tailing her to strike undisturbed.

"Your money or your life, bitch."

Six men, each wearing leather armor, daggers in hand with swords at their hips. Staying silent, she took the small coin purse that was fastened to the cloth around her, held it out and dropped it onto the ground with a muffled clink. They didn't take kindly to the gesture. 

"You better pick that back up bitch, then toss it to us real nice and easy."

After another moment of silence, one of them got restless and went to take the gold for themselves. That's when she struck.

Quicker than a viper, she grabbed the man's wrist, twisting it sharply to force him to drop the dagger, then broke it. He didn't have a moment to scream, because one blow to the neck caved in his trachea, and he suffocated on the ground, writhing in pain while shock ran it's course through the others. 

Taking the sword off the dead man, she held it and the dagger in a defensive state. All she had to say to them before they rushed her was this:

"You better make sure you kill me."

It was a gruelling half hour of work, but the two warriors finally brought the heavy chest to shore. "Yes! Oh thank the gods we made it!" Eric said, exhausted but triumphant.

"Oh I can't wait to open this thing up. What do you think is in here?" Phillip asked, taking a look at the lock fixed onto their prize. Upon further inspection, he discovered the chest to be completely sealed, meaning there probably wasn't a single drop of water in there. "Must be something important." He muttered to himself.

"I bet it's diamonds." Eric imagined. "Great big diamonds the size of your head. Worth a fortune or three, I bet. Come on let's force this thing open."

"Hold on." Phillip said. "It could be booby trapped. Let's focus on trying to open this the right way, okay?" 

Nodding, Eric snapped his fingers. "Cragmar has some tools we could use. I bet we could get him to let us borrow them for a moment." 

"We may have to use the money to bail him out of jail." Phillip said in a worried tone. Pointing across the beach, Cragmar had his axe with him, as angry as he could be. "Stay with the chest, I'll make sure he doesn't kill anyone."

"You got it, Commander."

After fetching his weapon from the supply wagon, the dwarf was ready to get his vengeance. That big oaf believed himself so tough, Cragmar thought, let's see how tough he is after someone lops off his knees.

"Hold it, Cragmar." Came a voice behind him. 

Turning back he saw Phillip, standing there, still wet, and a stern look on his face. "Please tell me you aren't going to use that."

"And what if I am?" He asked. "Some idiot yokel starts mouthing off to me and pushing me around, what do you expect from me?" 

"You're better than this, Cragmar."

After a moment of seething in his anger, he shook and threw down his weapon. "Damn you! Don't think this means I'm gonna forgive him." The dwarf said in a huff. 

"I would never expect that. Let's go find this guy and see if we can't get him to apologize." Cragmar was amicable to that, and so the two went off to find the beach bully, and would eventually find the man sitting right on top of him. 

"More grapes, Mistress?"

As she opened her mouth, the fruit was lowered inside, and she thankfully bit down to take some from its branch. As Lancellar purred her approval, the man serving her couldn't help but notice some of the juice from the graps was leaking from her mouth, and dripping down her chin onto her almost naked chest. 

"Oh, it looks like I've had an accident." She said coyly. "Would you be a dear and...lick it off for me?" The others, who were tasked with fanning her, massaging her feet and fetching her drinks, looked on with jealousy and lust as the dark skinned boy leaned down and with one motion licked the sweet juice off her body. "Like that, mistress?"

"Mmmmm yes, thank you. Now be an absolute dear and trim my fingernails please? They're getting awfully long." Said Lancellar, holding out her hand to the boy, helplessly caught in her Web of seduction. Eagerly he agreed and took a file from a nearby table, working to make the cuticles as beautiful as they could be. 

"I can definitely classify this as my favorite vacation." She said with a smile. Who would have thought that her body would be so sought after that she could bend these little humans to her will. Of course none of them would ever get a chance to explore her garden, so to speak, but that didn't mean she couldn't put them to good use waiting on her hand and foot. The only thing that would make this better is if Sarah were here to enjoy it with her. Yes the half vampire did have an uneasy relationship with the sun, but that didn't mean she couldn't have any of these willing slaves to hold an umbrella for her. 

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Watching the dwarf walk over with his ax T.E.M. couldn't help but chuckle. "Oh lookie! He's coming for your legs big guy." A slight shift from under the elf and a groan escaped the beach bully. "I think I hit you too hard. Your insides a bit shuffled around? Yeah that happens. My hand to hand is way better than my weapon skills." 

As the dwarf and another man came over, T.E.M. stood up and lifted the beach bully up, twisting his arm behind his back. "Say sorry you big oaf."

The beach bully looked down at Cragmar and grunted, visibly annoyed and in pain. "Sorry you midg-" A quiet crack and a scream escaped the bully. "Fuck! Gah I'm sorry I knocked your sandcastle down. And pushed you down." 

T.E.M. peeked out from the behind the bully and threw him in the other direction. "Don't be a dick anymore!" The small elf turned to Cragmar and his friend. "I'm sorry he did that. Regardless of who the person is, don't bully." Holding his hand out for a shake T.E.M. smiled. "The name's Ali. Buy you a drink?"

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11 hours ago, danzilla3 said:

"Thurgood, Aveline! Great to see you again," he put Lencio down and spun him around to face the siblings, "This is my little brother Lencio."

"Hi Grant, Hi Lenocio," Aveline says, "how long has it been since that rug has been pulled out from under us?" Aveline says it casually, like it's no big deal, probably because she was actually expecting something like that to happen.

"So what's happened there since we left, or is that something you don't want to discuss in front of your siblings?" Thurgood asks, genuinely curious about what's been happening in the small volcanic archipelago. what he's heard is that some magical bullshit is restricting the technological level of the islands, so that even if somehow he got Varda Hildebrand, current Queen of that area, to let him build a hydroelectric dam, aluminum mill, and port for barges to bring in bauxite, it wouldn't work; literally.

Right now though, he's taking the initiative to expand their business; initially he wanted to expand into Totenborough, but as long as this opportunity is presenting itself...

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