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Stormbreaker sighed deeply at Rae's statement. She was deeply disappointed at what Rae said. She didn't have a single care in the world for Arashi in this world it seems. Stormbreaker knew Rae years ago back when she saved her life from that mana eater she was being attacked from. This conversation only seemed to change Stormbreaker's mind that she should have never stepped in to save that woman in the first place. A huge mistake on her part. 

"Guess you wouldn't mind if I did some dragon slaying." Was all Stormbreaker said to Rae as she stormed off in the direction of where she threw Arashi off to. Armour manifested around Stormbreaker, covering her whole body in a white high-tech looking armour, including a helmet and covering her. From the way Stormbreaker was acting, she wasn't pleased with Arashi being around.

Arashi, on the other hand, had to swim back to shore after realising she was thrown deep into the water by that carbon copy. Getting up, out of the water, she was greeted no other than Stormbreaker herself in full white armour. 

"You're the one that threw me in the water aren't you?"

"You could say that, yes. I was." Stormbreaker said as she walked a few steps back from Arashi. 

"Who are--"

"Look in the mirror. I am you. Isn't it kind of obvious? You should be technically dead. Obviously, you aren't yet, surprisingly. I survived on pure luck for over one hundred years. But that doesn't matter. If I had the choice, you'd be dead." 

"Oh, you stand no chance against me anyhow."

"You surely must be mistaken, Arashi. I've had over one hundred years of training after all. I can beat your ass with my eyes closed. After all, you and I are the same people. I don't need to use mine, I mean our powers to defeat you. You're weak. I've been watching you for a while."

"You know that's not true. I can defeat you right here and right now! I'll prove it to you!"

"Prove what? That you'll betray your friend with your stupid antics?"

With that being said, Arashi charged forward, only to be stopped short by a punch in the chest, sending her flying a few feet into the sand near a nearby umbrella and chair, the family near it, freaking out and running away across the sand as fast as possible. 

Arashi got up from the downed umbrella, looking annoyed as all hell.

"You charged at me. Will you just listen and stop trying to fight me? Would that be what Rae wants?"

"Right...I let my temper get the best of me again..."  

"That shouldn't have hurt much. I just punched you enough to send you flying a few meters. If I was intending to kill you, it would have been a lot harder." 

"You're right." Arashi sighed, getting up and walking across to Stormbreaker. The family that was nearby had returned and merely stared at the two without saying a word, wondering if their gonna start a confrontation again.

"As I said, I am you. I'm not going to give you much more detail than that."

"But how? How is that possible?"

"You wouldn't understand if I said. You're too dense. Maybe ask Rae to explain to you what an alternate universe is." 

"A what?"

"See, I told you. Your too dense." 

"I'm not dense. I'm just--"

"...Okay, enough is enough, I'll be taking my leave now. Enjoy your so-called 'freedom' while you can. They'll betray you or you'll betray them. I had a so-called hero of the people betray me and stab me in the back quite literally after all the 'heroic' stuff they've done."

"If you have the same name as me then--"

"My name is Stormbreaker. I don't want to get mixed up with you. The last thing I need is. I don't like this world and YOU. This world should change the same way as it happened in my world. You might have gotten strong enough to realize who you are by this point but alas...this universe has failed that. This world is vastly different than mine. I'll let you in a little secret, Arashi. You're not a hero, nor can you be one so don't even bother attempting to help people. Leave that to the damn adults. You can't ever hope to save anybody. You lack talent. I couldn't give a damn if you've died protecting somebody. It took me over a hundred years to realize my powers were capable of being controlled to my full potential. It's not going to happen."

Arashi stood there with an absolute reaction of "what the actual heck" before realizing this was mostly true. She wasn't capable of shit. 

Stormbreaker then walked off, going out of the beach, obviously proud of teaching Arashi what's best.

Rae or anybody else nearby would probably likely see an upset Arashi there frozen still from what she was told. Arashi's reaction was nothing more than complete shock after all. If anything Arashi was like easily upset by things. The giant yellow beefly from before followed Stormbreaker from behind. 

The other two beeflies went to go fly to see Lenico and...the ocean lady. They flew beside the two. Happy as beeflies could be.

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Thurgood and Aveline have fights like that all the time. Aveline's real problem is that Thurgood just sprung this on her while she's got a bunch of other shit going on, and it just struck her as a way of taking control. Aveline will tell Thurgood all that, but not now; there's a bowl of noodles for her to eat.

Thurgood thought he would be doing Aveline a favor by taking care of making the Mil Dot prosper while she's making sure the Lunarian Protectorate's Special Operation Squad.

These flare-ups between them always get resolved after tempers cool enough for a civil discussion. Thurgood shutting the fight down after he stated his piece isn't domination, but a signal that it's time for that interval to happen.

For now though, there's hot noodles, cold orange creme pop, a splendid beach, and a...

...sea monster?

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Grant didn't sigh, but watched silently as the two siblings squabbled in front of his mother. He knew how things worked between them; how they would fight, cool off, then figure out a solution that they could both be satisfied with. It was a process that worked well for them. To outsiders, however, it made them look volatile and chaotic. The Prince would have preferred the two of them hash out their differences away from prying eyes, but it was done. Raveena still seemed willing to do business with them, and that was what really mattered.

The sound of rushing water made him look to the ocean and see Rahab arrive on the back of a giant Kraken. While such sights were no longer an oddity to him, he realized that it might seem strange, even alarming to Thurgood and Aveline.

"That's Rahab. She's the Ruler of Nymeria. The Kraken is under her control, so don't worry about it."

It seemed that Everett had reached the limit of his patience, and was starting to fuss in his brothers arms. The Prince got up and put the child in his mothers arms so that she could see to feeding him."

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The second half of my post is dedicated to my mother, the most extraordinary white woman to ever raise one hell of a mixed lunatic the best and only way she knew how to. While I was not adopted, Raveena adopting children (especially of a different ethnicity than her) was honestly inspired by my mother,  who was adopted.

The task of raising a mixed child in a predominantly white community without compromising her ethnic identity was always a challenge. I knew at some point in my RP career I wanted to address race and racism on the same level as we know it. I wholly plan to flesh out Giliam's story as a young black man in a predominantly white--and hilariously prestigious--family. I want to explore  more diverse topics that relate to his skin and his culture, but I thought with it being Black History month, now was as good a time as any. I hope to address some uncomfortable topics without causing offense in the future. I thought I would start light this time around.

And if you're not sure how you feel about it? I'd love to talk it out! Consider this a preemptive warning of what's to come beyond this post. But otherwise, I hope folks enjoy it!


“Zaa’ze, zaaze…” She crooned softly to her son, so fussy and small. A proud roar for such a small man. A future sovereign in the making. Excusing herself for a moment, Raveena didn’t stray far from her guests and family. It was a moment of privacy. Though she certainly had no reserves about popping a tit out to feed her son, some people were sensitive to the matter.

The sense of dread never left her. Raveena was very aware of the sand beneath her toes. Of the warm breeze as the day got hotter. Of the sound of laughter and cresting waves. Her fingers gently, with some measure of reverence of the small god-like creature in her arms who she loved so, so much.

Still the feeling was there. A sense of anticipation. Something was coming—something that would threaten their very existence. There was something there—on the precipice of her mind. The edge of her dreams. Something she couldn’t readily recall. She wondered if Andrew was trying to warn her.

So she sang softly to her suckling babe. Words of power and love. Words and sorrow and joy.

Though Grant was less than pleased about Welfrick’s return, Raveena was overjoyed. She had, in the end, helped the hunter free himself—in a way—of his affliction.

Now the affliction rests with her as she possessed the last Shadowbeast pack in existence, and they had all developed a humanity the likes of which she had never seen before—and it was specifically for her. Or perhaps—Raveena felt ashamed to think otherwise—they had always been humane, and it only took the right person to see and understand it.

While it should have given her comfort that Welfrick (or Primus as she had come to call the eldest) and his brothers would protect her, she felt fear in her heart they would die for her, and she’d be lonely again. In those moments of privacy with her son, knowing what was to come—what would be made of her family's future? Had she done enough? Had she tried hard enough? Could she have done better? Would she live to see them thrive? These dark thoughts had come to her time and time again over the past few weeks. The infirmary believed she suffered the Illness mothers had when they gave birth. If OXY were a mental illness, she would agree.

These moments with her newborn, she would cherish—forcibly, if nothing else. Raveena smiled, though it didn't reach her eyes. Today as supposed to be a happy day, but she felt isolated and alone despite being surrounded. More and more they gravitated to her. In her mind's eye, their corpses littered around her. A ring of death.

Raveena returned to the group, neatly dressed with a sleeping Everett in her arms.

“You should take a trip out to my island in the north, Stonehaven. A lot of the Empire's technological achievements come to life there.” She addressed the siblings exuberantly, though her gaze was watching Arashi and her likeness. She frowned, watching the two sister-creatures squabble. It was a day for sibling rivalry, it seemed. “Arashi!” Raveena called, like a concerned mother would, “Come sit with us again.” Leave me alone. Leave me alone, all of you. She wanted to say. Instead she welcomed the Dragoness back; they would speak later about what happened. Her eyes followed Stormbreaker as she left the scene before coming to sit in her seat. It was cold there, unnaturally so. Her orange cream soda was perfectly chilled in its bottle.

She was beginning to get used to it.



An Ordinary Beginning to the Extraordinary Journey of a Young Black Man

A window into the life of a transracial adoptee in honor of  Black History Month

(and if you don't like it, suck it!)

“How do you fare in the sun, Master Giliam?” Sabine asked as the three plopped into a seat at the bar. They were joined by a few others, all engaged in their own conversations. The shade was a reprieve. The bartender took their drink orders—water for all three of them.

“Better than my brothers, I think.” Giliam was the darkest of the three. He was even, perhaps a touch darker than Johari was. He looked over his shoulder to where his family was. Mom was under shade. Grant, and Everett, too. Lencio had it a little better than Ventys, who also retreated to join the grownups under the shade to spare his fair skin from turning red.

“Hey Aunty?” There was a moment of hesitation in the boy’s voice. He seemed torn about something. The question was there, on the tip of his tongue, “Does mom feel sorry for me?” He looked back at the adults with a somber face. “Is that why she adopted me?”

Johari visibly shook, he was so taken aback. The Captain struggled for the right words—but it was Sabine who reached across the bar and ruffled his hair. Giliam was special, being that he was part of a transracial adoption. Raveena was fair skinned, black hair and golden-eyed. Giliam was dark-skinned, dark haired and dark-eyed. He had been viciously bullied, even before the adoption. Perhaps Raveena thought she was protecting him—surely the Queen knew better. Raveena was a mother; The All Mother; it was in her nature to love and nurture and care.

Perhaps at first she thought she was doing Giliam a favor. Raveena herself was considered a minority, so Sabine couldn't rule out that the newly minted mother didn't know what she was getting herself into. Still, the contrast of their skin gave Raveena a certain advantage not afforded to them. Johari had been born in a comfortable life as a merchant's son, but often spoke of the struggles his mother and father faced growing up.

“The color of your skin matters. It will always matter. You are different, like it or not.” Sabine spoke calmly, but firmly. She would not tell him the color of his skin didn’t matter; it was futile for him to be color-blind—surely the Queen knew this.

Giliam wrinkled his nose, dissatisfied with this response. He writhed uncomfortably in his seat and sighed. It certainly wasn’t what he expected but it wasn’t what he wanted, either. The prince watched the idle ice clink and chatter in the water. His chin rested in the palm of hand, “I’m not a bad person…I study, a lot-a lot, too. I mean, sometimes the elder Masters are a little boring…I keep my brothers out of trouble, even. Why do I get picked on so much?”

Giliam was the old soul of his brothers, most of the time. Quiet, kind, and responsible; he possessed a shy countenance and sharp intellect. That anyone would want to wish ill on the boy was beyond them. Jealousy, envy and ignorance had a way with the heart of a person. Now it was Johari’s turn to gather his wits and contribute, “You are a certain race, and people are going to have expectations of that—good and bad, Master Giliam. Your mother has been doing her best to prepare you for these moments in life.” A chubby finger poked the boy’s chest, “We’ve been teaching her, too. Lady Sabine comes from one of the Velhatien desert tribes, where you are also descended from, I wager. It’s good to know where you come from, Master Giliam. Racism is not your fault—it’s nothing you've caused. It breeds young and grows as children grow. You will face this fight your whole life. It will viciously chew you up and spit you out if you let it—if you're not prepared for it. You are the hero here. Not me, nor Lady Sabine, nor even your mother, but you. A well trained warrior is always prepared. Preparation is the key to winning, and knowing what you're dealing with.”

They talked for some time about slavery—how universal it was. How it affected more than him. The more they spoke about it—breaking it down for the boy’s young mind into bite sized pieces of information, something digestible and easier to understand—the more engrossed he became. Giliam wanted to know more; About the struggles his ancestors faced with slavery, how others—perhaps not like him in the color of his skin—but others like him who faced this fight.

He had a better idea of why his mother fought to end slavery in other cultures. Why she went to war for the civil rights of so many.

“I think…I think I want to be an official someday.” Giliam thought out loud, sipping the cold water slowly so it wouldn't give him brain freeze  It parched his throat and made him feel bolder about his words. Sabine and Johari had been apart in his life because his mother wanted people he could relate to and learn from. She didn’t want him isolated from his ethnicity.

She didn't adopt him because she felt sorry for him. She was arming him for something bigger because she loved him.

“Your mother loves you for you. We all love you, for you.” Sabine regarded Giliam, gripping his chin and tilting his head up. “We live in a world full of injustices and oppression. We will not shelter you from the storm. We will teach you to proactive and to make it on your own. We will teach you so that you can guide and teach others to liberate themselves. Don’t be disheartened by those who judge you by the color of the skin. Judge them for the content of their character, always. Your skin may be black as night, but what matters deep down is what’s in here.” Giliam looked down at where her finger pressed, just over his heart. He looked up at her, his dark brows knit as he nodded.

He felt a little better. A little lighter, maybe? Impassioned, even! “Thanks Aunty, Uncle Johari! I’m gonna go visit with mom for a bit.” They said their good byes as Giliam—less than gracefully—kicked up sand, drink splashing all over the place, to join Raveena, Grant, Everett, Ventys, Thurgood and Aveline.

"A city official," Sabine mused.  "I hope I live long enough to see that." Hyperion prided itself on being diverse. Sabine herself was wildly recognized as being the first Hyperion knight that was both black and a woman. Her homosexuality was no secret, either. Nothing about the journey was smooth. There had been no one to help her navigate such treacherous waters. Johari, being the son of a merchant, could relate in his own way. Giliam would have an interesting future head of him, they decided.

"Now,” Sabine said as her attention returned to Johari, all manner of patience love and sweetness leaving her as they returned to business, “About that incident earlier…”


@danzilla3 @notmuch_23 @Metty @SteamWarden @Zigzag (tagging you so you're not left behind, Zig!)


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Grant spotted Giliam approaching from the snack bar and decided to run out to meet him halfway. The dark-skinned youth was the quietest out of his brothers, and probably the smartest if all the studying he did was any indication. At the very least he seemed to be the most insightful of them. Giliam had been the first to realize that he was dating Delphine, but had sworn to keep it a secret until the time came. The shared secret seemed to strengthen the bond between the two of them. He often asked Grant's advice when his studies turned to matters of warfare and tactics.

Indeed, it was this newfound closeness that enabled the eldest Knight to see that something had been troubling the boy. He didn't know how to ask, and Giliam hadn't said anything, so he had just let the matter lie. Still, he couldn't help but worry for his brother. He knew how much pain self-doubt could cause.

Falling into step beside the boy, Grant smiled down at him, "Hey Gil. You having a good time?"


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"Well we've been out adventuring in different parts so far, and we decided to come here to see how the work was." Cragmar stated plainly between sips. 

Phillip was tapped over the shoulder by someone he didn't recognize. "Yes?" 

"You are Phillip Komar, correct?" Asked the messenger, sporting the regalia of the local hospital.

"Yes, that's me." 

"A Ms. Bouchard was taken to the hospital I work for. She has suffered multiple injuries and is in critical condition. We weren't able to find any papers on her, but shortly before she fell unconscious, she asked for her commander, you." 

"What?!" He sat up immediately, his stool hitting the floor with a clatter. "Cragmar!" He shouted, his mind racing with worry and panic.

"Yes Commander!" He responded, having heard what was said, his face a mix of shock and worry.

"One of our own's been attacked. Gather the others and make sure they don their gear. I'm going to check on Sarah. Make sure that no one goes out on their own, understand?" 

"Yes, sir!" The grizzled dwarf snapped into action, apologizing the other man as he made a run for the supply wagon, giving a sharp whistle the could be heard throughout the beach, catching everyone's attention that recognized. It was a call to action, a call to arms. One of their own was hurt, and so retaliation must be made.

The Shields were going to war. 

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T.E.M. listened to his surroundings and the conversation he wasn't expecting to hear was that of the child's nearby. It was interesting to listen in on. The young boy seemed to be well educated and smart for his age, an uncommon thing the elf saw in young children. Sipping on the fruity drink he quietly spoke under his breath. "Smart kid." As he was about to stand up his attention was turned back to the mercenaries and it so happened one of their own was in the hospital. They all seemed worried about their comrade, enough to the point they'd arm up even while on vacation. 

'It's not my problem unfortunately. Though I suppose I could follow and watch. Get a clue as to what they're capable of.' 

Quietly he stood up after the group ran off, a spell around his left arm was seen before the elf vanished from view. It would definitely be hard to sneak around on sand but hopefully the activities and conversations people would hopefully aid the mercenary. Quietly T.E.M. followed the dwarf and silently observed as if on a mission. An opportunity of gathering intel showed itself. An the elf would definitely take it.


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Arashi walked over to Rae, looking very upset as evident in her expression on her face. Tears streamed down Arashi's eyes after all, nobody had seen Arashi act that way before. 

"Am...I really that weak? Can I not do anything right? I've saved you before but was that...pure luck? I know I'm not strong. If I can't save everybody then whats the point in trying at all?" Arashi asked Rae directly.

It was the first time Arashi was that sad after all. She had never been that upset before now, not yesterday, not ever.

Stormbreaker really hurt her feelings after all.


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"Get yer gear on ya bastards!" Cragmar boomed, handing out the armor and weapons to the warriors, including Lancellar and Eric, who both felt a sense of responsibility for Sarah's misfortune. They spent precious minutes getting ready, and once they had all their equipment ready, it was time to go hunting. 

"I've asked around for information." Eric said. "Turns out someone saw the bartender who spoke last with Sarah leaving the city. He was heading east." 

"Then we must find him and see what he knows." Lancellar said, and the group of warriors made their way past the beach, and onto the stakes where their mounts awaited them. There wasn't a moment to waste, so they sped off, hoping they won't be avenging a dead friend.

In the hospital, Sarah fluttered her eyes open to find her commander by her side. "Ph-phillip..." She stuttered, her voice tender from a slash in her throat.

"Don't talk, Sarah, it's okay." He said, placing a hand on her shoulder, he looked deep in her eyes. "Whoever did this, we're going to get them, I promise you that."

A wave of feelings washed over her. Fear of dying, relief at surviving, and something else that laid at the bottom, something she didn't want to admit was real. Instead of acknowledging it, she closed her eyes and tried to get some rest, her body rippling with both the healing energies going through her, and perhaps even something...close to affection for her superior officer. 

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Thurgood turns to Aveline. "So what's your real issue with expansion?"

"I feel like I'm not a part of the business anymore," Aveline replies, "you're out there making deals and looking for places to build more stores, and I'm just sitting in Lunaris doing things that the Morrisons and Vivian could do just as well. Why don't you include me?"

"I thought I was doing you a favor," Thurgood says, "you've got an entire elite law-enforcement squad to recruit and train. The last thing you need to worry about is expanding the Mil Dot too."

"Really?" Aveline asks, "I haven't even seen anybody even start academy, and I want to be a part of this expansion."

"What part do you want to be?"

"At least making sure our new stores aren't as ugly as that poured-concrete bunker."

"That place was functional and secure!"

"AND drab, AND cold, AAAND foreboding!"

"Whaddya expect from a gun store?!? Fine art?"

"I expect a store to be warm, inviting, welcoming, and doesn't make you feel like you're in the wrong place if you aren't a hardcore mercenary. That's exactly what I did for the Mil Dot Lunaris."

That shut Thurgood up; he knows that the Lunaris store looks nice with all the wood, fits into the locale, and is still secure. Perhaps he should let Aveline design the aesthetics of the stores.

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Raveena smiled. She could understand that some places needed a woman’s touch at times. “Aveline I could always use someone with a good eye for comfort and design. You sure you aren’t an interior designer?” She rocked her son gently to keep him asleep, “I have a small task force working on a convention to introduce new business and technology to Genesaris. I can send the paperwork for you to request a booth if that will assist you. There’s also the matter that I’ll be overseeing the construction of the capital city and more. I have a lot to draft up, but I will make sure the appropriate paperwork gets to you and that all the necessary arrangements are made.”

She looked out at the ocean again and sighed, “Genesaris is a little more limited in what it can do. It’s not yet ready to be fully modernized. Magic is deeply rooted here. My company has a few subsidiary companies that will take off soon. Stonehaven is the base for Artificial Meridian Technology Research and Development. You are welcome to some of the research facilities there if it will help you prepare what you need. Work permits and visas will all be included in what is sent to you. I will take care of what you need, to say the least.”

Hyperion needed to move forward, slowly. Carefully. The empire was just regaining and shaping its cultural identity—the core of who they were as people. They would have a better say in this new capital city and its territories than before when it was Terran-dominated. They were a people who—at the time—didn’t know.

“It’s time to go home,” She stated, “Home to Hyperion City. It will be grander than it was before the hearts of the people put their passion into it.” Raveena reached over for the orange cream soda. “I’ve never had this before…” She trailed off as she took her time to sip it. It was a strange flavor—creamy, but with the same taste of orange and sugar. It was like a sweet candy with milk. It was like nothing she had had before. “…what is this? We sell this? Why have I never had this before?”

Arashi had finally made her way over, looking dejected and upset. Raveena clicked her tongue softly, “Whether you are strong or weak, you saved my life that day. Luck, or skill. You accomplished it one way or another. That’s what counts, not the words of someone who hasn’t seen you in action. Here, try this. It’s delicious, I think.” She passed the right of her orange cream soda to Arashi to try. She had no idea if dragons like Arashi could or couldn’t have such a thing—but it was worth a try!


Grant melted into view next to Giliam and the boy grinned, “I think so,” he replied when Grant asked about having fun, “I mean, it’s kind of hard to believe this is all ours and stuff. The kids at the academy are a little jealous. Do you think mom would mind if I invited friends out here some time?” He had to cock his head to look up at Grant. Sometimes it was hard to believe they were brothers, but Grant had always been welcoming to him and Ventys.

It took time to learn Vaadenian, Unii, Terric and Genesar, yet so far of all of his brothers, he was the most multilingual like his mother and father was. It made communicating with his family more…personable! He decided. “Aunty was thirsty, and I think her and Uncle Jo had some adult stuff to talk about. What about you? Kids love playing at the beach I guess—what about you guys? Do you have fun at the beach?” He mostly noticed people just sit under umbrellas like his mother does and mind their own business. B o r I n g !


Johari and Sabine were in the throes of quietly discussing the attack when the man behind them had been informed. So they were connected? The two exchanged furtive glances as two men left, leaving one behind. With Sabine’s back to him, she only needed to read the startled look on Johari’s face to turn around and see—no one. “Gods alive…what is going on around here?” Where had the third person disappeared to? Thin air? “He vanished,” Johari mentioned. I blinked and he was gone.”

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1 hour ago, Malintzin said:

“…what is this? We sell this? Why have I never had this before?”

"I just found it in one of the little stores along here, bought a single bottle to try, then bought a six-pack," Thurgood says.

Aveline finishes off her bottle, then reaches for the last one. "What the fuck do they flavor this with, crack?" Aveline asks, "cuz there's a pop from where we were born that acually did have coca at one time..." Off comes the cap, and down goes more of the orange carbonated beverage.

"I'ma see if I can get this syrup for our pop fountain," Thurgood says. "and thank you for helping us with the bureaucracy; it was bitch just adopting Vivian and Nadia. Then we had to tell them that they weren't just a different species, but a different taxonomical class. Then it got reeeeeeeeeeal fun." Thurgood then empties his bottle. "Cou'jya use any more help with the rebuilding? Thurgood then asks Raveena, "I've got a good bit of experience building roads at least."

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"Dahlings please watch your languages, there are children present after all."

Heads turned--and it was impossible not to stare--as Kirena Yor and her newborn daughter Octavia made their way over. What was the Imperatrix wearing? Was it a bathing suit or string tactfully tied around her body? She what would have been a tastefully criss-crossed halter style bathing suit--were it not for the fact her notoriously large bust looked like it might break the ties. The rest of it was cut out, leaving nothing more than thin strips. Her daughter shared a great deal of her father's features with his pale, nearly white hair and dark, nearly black eyes; she wore a matching swimsuit, both of them sporting red.

She brought a large picnic basket with her, "Just because I'm a degenerate doesn't mean my daughter has to be. Here dahling take this." She passed the basket to Ventys--who was too busy staring at Kirena. His mouth hung open ajar; He knew the Queen Regent but he had never seen her so...so...exposed before! That was the day that he decided if he was every going to find a woman smart enough to put him in his place, he surely hoped she would be as beautiful as his godmother.

"How are you, Kirena?" Raveena asked, a brow arched as the Lady in Red found a spot by the blanket, basking in the sun. Kirena really was a lovely woman in her modelesque ways. Motherhood did not deter her from looking fabulous and pampered, "Pregnant, Your Ladyship." Kirena replied flatly. Raveena choked and coughed, startled, "A-again?" Kirena rolled her eyes, "Greatness waits for no woman, Your Ladyship. My husband is a very ambitious man. He wants an army, I give him one. Ventys dahling will you please be sweet and delegate the food? I wasn't aware we had visitors." She eyed Thurgood and Aveline with plain measure of interest--of the notorious sort.

Thick sandwiches, olives, dips, cut up fruit--some of which were dipped in chocolate were served and passed around. It was a rather elegant meal for the beach. No doubt the Imperatrix of Carmine had spent a pretty penny without batting an eyelash, "So tell me. Wait--no, don't tell me." She chewed thoughtfully on a strawberry, staring at Thurgood. Her gaze then darted to Aveline, surveying the woman with equal scrutiny, "Gaian--Durem, most likely. My ladyship owns an apartment there, isn't that so? aannnd Sigil?" She pointed to Thurgood questionably, not quite sure if she recalled that fact correctly.

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What is it with people and not wanting to cuss around children? they'll learn those words whether you want them to or not; the harder you try to keep those words from kids, the more they'll want to learn them.

Thurgood definitely noticed Kirena Yor, especially since not many other adult female beachgoers dared wear such insubstantial swimwear, at least not from what he's seen. Then comes the food. Thurgood had planned on grilling Zkriz'ka meat in about a tonight; it's currently in a cooler in their lodging, marinating, along with a portable grill. Barbecuing it properly would take a lot more time, the portable barbecue, sauce ingredients, and firewood. The grill takes fuel as well, but at least they can get charcoal locally, and grilling doesn't take as much time as barbecuing. They've also brought fruit from Taen, again back at their lodging.

2 hours ago, Malintzin said:

"Gaian--Durem, most likely. My ladyship owns an apartment there, isn't that so? aannnd Sigil?"

Does Kirena mean where they're born? Their parents lived just north of Durem for a while, but they were born on Earth. So Thurgood and Aveline look at each other, then at Kirena, and answer in unison: "Hoosier." kirena probably doesn't know that refers to the state of Indiana within the United States of America.

"Any a' ya had zkriz'ka meat before?" Thurgood asks.

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"I'm sure mom wouldn't mind you bringing your classmates out here."

Giliam was always a kind, considerate soul. The young boy was always quick to think of how he could help others; or how he could use his families resources to better the lives of the citizenry. He knew that Gil wanted to be some kind of city official when he grew up, and he thought that was a fine idea. His natural inclination towards helping others would make him a great fit for public service. 

Thinking about his brothers question about the beach, he decided to be honest, "Truthfully, these kinds of places make me a little uncomfortable. Too many open sightlines, not a whole lot of cover, and I've never found a good way to hide a gun in a swimsuit. Admittedly I'm being paranoid; our security has this beach locked down tight. But it's hard to turn off your instincts, you know?"

Grant looked down and smiled, "But being here, with all of you makes me very happy. You and your mom, your brothers, you're all very important to me. I'm glad we've gotten to spend so much time together lately."

Turning his attention back towards his mother, he smiled, "Hey, it looks like Thurgood is getting ready to cook. You don't want to miss this, trust me!"

@Malintzin @notmuch_23

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