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Addison Nacht

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Akimee "Addison" Nacht, née Ayora (
あきみ • あ世ら)
Sobriquet: The Arbiter
Title: Master Knight, Governess of Bastion City
Age: 32
Birthplace: Estellores Erenia

Physical Description
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Smoke Blonde
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 150 lbs
Blood Type: A, Ichor (Archangel Form)
Race: Metahuman (Homo Superior)

Patron Deity: Minori Derivative (Vita)
Marital Status: Married
Ethnicity: Mixed (???/Asian)
Official Seal: あ世ら


Concept Art:


(Provided by Fierach - Recolored from Blue > Green)


(By sakishiro_)


(By sakishiro_)



(By @Heroshima_ )

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Heavily muscled from years of rigorous training, field combat and harsh environmental conditions, Addison's body has been conditioned to endure and survive where others would perish. Her skin is heavily scarred, mainly across her shoulders, back, torso, thighs and calves; memories of past battles won and lost. She is tall, lean, and athletically built, whilst bearing some semblance of her beauty from her younger days, seasoned heavily by a sombre weariness and wisdom attained from grief, desperation, hatred and loss. Her gaze has been likened to being predatory in nature, the slightest twitch or movement in the corner of her eye warranting a sudden shift in her expression. Addison rarely smiles, but when she does, it's considered to be almost wolf-like in the way the corners of her lips curl upward, baring teeth. There's something highly unsettling about the way she expresses joy and curiosity, which has largely been attributed to PTSD from her countless years of service in the defense of her world.


Often described to be equally passionate as she is stubborn, the proud Erenian Master Knight holds true to the conventional ideals of chivalry. She values honor and integrity between allies, but has also learned to see that honor and integrity alone cannot solve the problems of the world. She values practicality and has a distaste for fame and the burden it places upon one to maintain their image in order to possess the support of the people. Highly critical and vocal about her views, she only cares for formalities if they aid her in achieving her goal. She is a strict leader, enforcing discipline amid her ranks in a highly militaristic style. To friends, she is kind, providing wise counsel and supporting them the best she can. But deep in her heart, Addison is a wild spirit, her mind longing to burst down the open plains of Erenia on horseback, screaming wildly in delight as the endless meadows pass her by.



“What is the terror of death? That we die, our work unfinished. What is the joy of life? That we die, knowing our task is done.”

- Addison, reading and answering White Reflection

“Facilis descensus Averno.”

(The descent to Averno (hell) is swift and easy.)

- Addison, commenting on human nature

“We merely take one step further from our creators and eviscerate the hand that feeds us life.”

- Addison, on the Renovatio Godslaying

“I believe in justice, and that those who seek to bring about what is right should have the tools to go to the lengths necessary.”

- Addison, on her ambitions

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Image result for fire pendant fantasy

Dragonslayer Pendant

Formed from the ashes of a fallen dragon, rich metal rock from volcanic climate and the life force of a minor god, the Dragonslayer Pendant is the most powerful defensive tool which Addison has at her disposal. Responding only to her command, the pendant stores within it the mana capacity of a magickborn adult. This mana is readily deployed at will to form a powerful orange barrier around the user. The barrier is capable of withstanding a few direct blows from melee attacks, is highly resistant to projectile attacks, and outright deflects magic attacks or absorbs weaker magic projectiles into its own field. The shield can be maintained for up to six hours. Aside from serving as a protective bubble, the pendant radiates a significant amount of warmth under cold conditions, allowing the wearer to function efficiently under freezing climate.

Uniquely enough, Addison always seems to have a sense of where her pendant is. No amount of distance, walls or cross-dimensional shenanigans can keep her from locating her pendant. The manner in which she knows its location is purely instinctual and highly irrational, but has been proven to be highly efficient. Some theorize it to be due to the minor god kept within the pendant actively planting thoughts in her mind.

The pendant also holds within it the power of the Archangel. When not in use, it regenerates energy independently until it reaches its maximum capacity.

Chain Length: 16 inches
Diameter: 3 inches
Thickness: 1 inch



Jian, White Reflection (Whistling Blade)

A jian, is a double-edged Chinese straight sword. In Chinese folklore, it is known as "The Gentleman of all Weapons" and is considered one of the four major weapons, along with the Gun (staff), Qiang (spear), and the Dao (sabre).

Staff: Grandfather of all Weapons
Spear: King of all Weapons
Saber: General of all Weapons

Addison's jian is named White Reflection, for its elegant, and timeless craftsmanship. Addison acquired the weapon from her family after her boyfriend James Eredas was killed, and it was this weapon that she had finally killed his murderers with. The sword remains with her today, as a valuable weapon and a constant, painful reminder of the man she loved.

With a blade length of just over 30 inches, White Reflection is a one-handed weapon, remarkably light and perfectly balanced. The weapon itself was lightly enchanted to resist wear and tear. This weapon weighs 2.5 pounds.

It is said that if the wielder of White Reflection gazes into the sword for a while, they can see a flicker of their heart's desire. Other then a certain degree of resonance with the supernatural, the blade serves as a medium which Addison uses to channel her powerful inner Ki, causing it to sometimes give off a light blue glow. Inscribed on both sides of the weapon are the questions: "What is the Terror of Death?" on one side, and "What is the Joy of Life?" on the other.



White Reflection has been outfitted with a sonical rod within its thin blade. When struck or unsheathed, the sonical rod accelerates at a higher rate than the enchanted steel. This causes the sonical rod to repeatedly strike the body of the weapon up to a rate of 50 strikes per second. This causes the weapon to give off its infamous "Whistle". The vibrations generated by the blade are low in wavelength, but extremely high in frequency and magnitude. This causes the weapon to inflict a significantly larger amount of blunt force trauma to anything that it is immediately in contact with. In addition, this contact vibration generates enough force to rip through most materials including weapons, armor, and buildings.


Sword Ability: Screaming Blade

When the Whistling Blade is vibrating quickly enough, it slices through the air with a sharp screeching sound that can deafen foes temporarily. The screech is said to be akin to that of a Banshee's cry. Addison herself is not immune to this effect. However, her natural regenerative abilities allow her to quickly recover from any self-inflicted hearing damage.




Cowl of the Arbiter (Sagi-shi no Fudo) [Artifact]

This plum colored hood provides a rather daunting shadow over the face of the wearer in which only their mouth and chin can be seen. While wearing this hood in full cowl, the wearer is said to be able to tell lies that appear to be the truth. While this rumor is unconfirmed, one could wager that some lies are simply too ineffable to pass as truth, or are they?

Update: The Hood has been recolored green by Luca Valentine through use of synthetic dyes. The change of color seems to have no impact on the functionality of the cloak.


As Wise as Serpents (Passive): While worn, full hood or not, the wearer cannot be lied to. They are given arcane knowledge of any lie told unto them. This does not grant them the truth, though they know when speech is untrue.

Sooth Sayer (Active): While worn full cowl, the wearer is capable of telling even the most ridiculous of lies and be believed. The bigger the lie, the more the lied to try to justify and validate their beliefs over a claim. This may lead to some semblance of insanity, as well as a failure to differentiate between what is and is not reality. Careful, the wearer may also find themselves questioning reality should they so much as mentally lie to themselves.


Arbiter's Oath:

Addison has sworn never to make use of the Cowl's "Sooth Sayer" ability, deeming the artifact to be an object capable of enforcing truth in the right hands, and destroying it if in the wrong. Thus far, she has never worn the hood full cowl, in spite of being aware of the abilities that it grants.

Canonization Thread: Rise of the Arbiter


Image result for baton fantasy art

Collapsible Composite Spears

Addison's collapsible spears feature on her person as a set of batons kept in her belt. Each baton is 18 inches in length and three inches in diameter. With the single push of a button, the weapon extends into a spear six feet in length, tipped at the end with a dangerous sharpened metallic point. The spear itself is moderately heavy, allowing its user to make use of a combination of piercing damage as well as momentum to tear through armor. The sharp corners of the spearhead also allow for the user to hook on to their opponent's weapon to enable disarming attempts. The weapon extends with 85 joules of energy, which is barely under what is necessary to pierce modern stab-resistant body armor.


Image result for fantasy ring"


An object of no small significance, the butterRing was the ring given to Addison by her husband, Ewyer Nacht, during their wedding. Inscribed with beautiful dragon scale designs, the simplicity of the item is often overlooked, and its deadly properties often unnoticed. The ring is made of high density metal alloy, the two bronze frames holding the alloy consisting of highly sophisticated living metal, made through the overheating of magma until the metal began to adapt to its surroundings. The sentience of the ring is low, enough to allow it to respond to its wearer, but insufficient to garner it any agency or self-directive. The ring is intelligent enough to distinguish its wearer from others and serves as an extension of Addison's mind.

The ring is capable of transforming into any shape, carrying a maximum volume of 384 cubic inches. As is inferable through the laws of physics, the lower the volume of the object created, the greater its density.




Harlequin’s Mask

A strange looking Venetian opera mask, the harlequin mask covers the entirety of the wearer’s face. It has the anomalous property of rendering the wearer completely unrecognisable to onlookers. In addition, the mask offers high levels of facial protection as puncturing it requires immense amounts of force. The mask projects a psychic signature, muting her presence in the warp.


Image result for pink magic orb

Rose Orb

The Rose Orb is a purple, translucent sphere made of uru and ionized auranite alloy. Several enchantment glyphs can be seen on its surface and dipping within the sphere, as if embedded in its mass. The orb is six inches in diameter and has the texture of glass. However, it is highly durable due to the uru metal in its composition.

The orb is capable of absorbing powerful direct magic attacks, as well as ambient magical factors in the user's surrounding environment. It's auranite content allows it to absorb magical energies at an extremely high rate, while its uru content gives it large pools of storage which it can continuously fill without overflowing over the course of a battle. Furthermore, the uru part of its composition provides the orb with a high durability.

The orb requires concentration and intent to be activated, and thus cannot be used 'on accident'.

Canonization thread: Rose Orb [Material Acquisition]

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Combat Techniques


太极拳 (Tai Chi Fist Style)

Tai Chi is built around the concept of redirecting an opponent’s strengths and using it against them. Practitioners of Tai Chi have been likened to pussy willows: when the wind blows, they do not fight it. They bend with it. The mighty trunk of a thousand year tree may break after centuries of wear and tear. But the willow stands strong in the midst of the hurricane, sweeping in whichever direction the wind blows it in, but never once breaking. To be a practitioner of Tai Chi, is not to oppose the movement of the enemy, but to move with them and use their movement against them.


Shinkou Sjoujiku (Shin Soulchiou Adapted)

When James used to practice his martial arts style, Akimee watched him with great interest and fascination. When he was murdered, the last practitioner of the Eredas martial art was slain, and there was no one left to carry the legacy on.

Feeling a deep sense of attachment to the memories of her deceased lover, she took it upon herself to preserve the memory of his technique. With what little she recalled of his highly devastating physical style, she attempted a recreation, making use of his combination of Ki, power, and precision to perform incredible feats of strength.

Making use of her near photographic memory when it came to remembering kinaesthetic movement, she was able to largely replicate a majority of the moves which James had demonstrated, adding a few of her own personal twists into the mix.

However, the martial arts technique was renamed “Shinkou Shoujiku Style” on accident, when Akimee failed to remember the correct pronunciation of its original name.


Cross-dividing Mountain

Chasm Crossing Leap

One-inch End

Whirlwind Spear

Tornado Flurry



Akimee also picked up Judo by watching James wrestle with his friends. The whole concept of Judo revolves around displacing the opponent’s center of gravity and subduing them by restraining all forms of viable movement. Judo combines concepts of grappling, wrestling, and core body strength to topple one’s opponent whilst being unshakeable oneself.


少林武术 (Shaolin)

Shaolin is less of a combat technique, but moreso a recreational activity which strengthens the body and mind. Shaolin trains the body’s core body muscles to be capable of suffering tremendous strain and punishment. Shaolin is about endurance, balance, and meditation, empowering its practitioners to accomplish powerful feats of both the physical and spiritual forms.


Horse Stance

Mind Link - Emphatic Bond


Fujian (福建) Stork Style

The crane style of martial arts is a subset of Shaolin Kung Fu. It prioritises elegance and efficient use of energy, aiming to outlast the enemy with swift jabs and good energy management. The most common crane techniques are kicks, swift and elegant.


Phoenix-Eye Fist

Crane stands among Cockerels

Satisfied Reincarnated Crane


Other Miscellaneous Techniques

One-Inch Punch (咏春拳 - Wing Chun)



Addison commands holy flames drawn from the life force of her patron goddess, Minori Derivative. As long as her lady lives, she is able to draw power directly, manifesting in the form of bright white flames. These flames generate immense amounts of heat and are composed mostly of Addison’s Ki, augmented by Minori’s lifeblood. The fire can be attuned to carry fierce destructive properties, scalding foes with its intense heat. This fire is even more dangerous against the unholy, having a fierce corrupting effect on their flesh that lingers even after the fire burns out. The fire can also be attuned to carry healing properties, transferring Addison’s Ki into the recipient to temporarily accelerate one’s regeneration of flesh and skin.


Serpent Wave

Healing Touch

Path of Dou (Adapted): Hellish Shock Fist


Miscellaneous Skills

Open Field First Aid

Addison is adept in administering first aid using basic supplies such as needles, bandages, and painkiller. She understands the basics of what to and what not to do when someone is hurt, though whether or not they'll feel any pain from her methods is an entirely different story altogether. She frequently makes use of her Ki flames to cauterize injuries, in combination with conventional medical tools in order to keep an injured ally in stable condition.



Addison has perfect pitching ability and a melodic voice. However, no one knows about this as the last time she ever sang was the day before James Eredas was slain in his home by mercenaries more than a decade ago. Now, she tries to forget the days from when she was the songbird of her deceased love, as the heartwarming memories are always accompanied by the swift sting of loss.

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Archangel Form

In a world with many threats and little resistance, the Gods birthed a champion.


The Archangel is an immensely powerful form which Addison can take, drawing directly from the life force of her patron deity, Minori Derivative. The Archangel cannot manifest at will, and may only be called upon when there is a great perceived threat that threatens to upset the balance of the world.

When in this form, a pair of large feathery wings burst out of Addison's back, extending to a broad wingspan of sixteen feet. The wings are white in color, and release a powerful healing presence to those whom are enveloped within.

An energy barrier five inches in thickness plasters itself around her body. The barrier is composed entirely of solid energy, and is extremely difficult to puncture. In this form, Addison feels little to no pain as her healing factor is accelerated to almost tenfold. In addition, her body increases proportionally in size by 1.5 times, and her strength becomes further augmented, giving her the ability to lift up entire small buildings with her bare hands.



The Rending Blade

When in Archangel form, White Reflection elongates and morphs into the legendary artifact longsword, the Rending Blade.

A powerful longsword, the Rending Blade is of an olden design, measuring 44 inches of blade and 10-inches of hilt and guard. Six inches of sword where the base of the blade meets the hilt is blunt but ridged, allowing for an easy grip for half-sword techniques and the guard itself is fashioned in a decorative, if mostly still utilitarian fashion. The Rending Blade is crafted out of an unknown metal, and seems to resist all manner of damage and wear on the blade. When unsheathed, the longsword glows a dim blue with the power of an arcane energy field. The Blade is incapable of receiving empowerment or enchantments of any kind, because it weakens all magical, spiritual, psychic, and supernatural effects in its immediate vicinity, and nullifies said powers upon contact with the blade.  This weapon weighs 3 pounds.

Both sides of the Rending Blade are carved with characters. When translated, the characters read: "What is the Terror of Death?" on one side, and "What is the Joy of Life?".

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Mark of the Predator

Image result for predatory instinct brain waves


Addison's base genetics are enhanced to create the perfect blend between man and beast. The ideal predator that lives for the thrill of the hunt. This gift was given to her during her self imposed exile after James' death, during which she encountered an Elven shaman whom offered her the strength she needed to avenge her deceased lover. The SINEC_Cf gene planted in her biological structure has granted her combat abilities beyond those of a normal human being. It is for this reason alone that she is classified as a 'metahuman'.


Enhanced Strength

Built powerfully around the thighs, calves, biceps and shoulders, Addison possesses immense physical strength. She is able to lift up people and furniture objects with ease. With quite some effort and strain, she is able to lift up vehicles and large boulders.

Ability: Crushing Grip

A skill deriving from ancient bloodlines of deadly ambush hunters, the employment of constriction and crushing of an opponent is something which many predators employ to dispatch their prey. From boa constrictors, to alligators, to bull sharks, this unique strategy was used by land based, aquatic based, and amphibious wildlife. There are several points on Addison's body which she uses to exert this crushing grip on her foes. Most notably, her palms are able to clamp down hard and restrict movement. In addition, the joint between her calves and knees has proven to be an immensely powerful 'hooking' tool, generating far more force than a normal human being would be able to with their thigh triceps. Most deadly is her powerful chest crushing grip, which she exerts by outright latching on to her foe in what would be considered in casual situations to be a 'hug', except with the force of concrete walls closing in from every direction, sufficient to break bones and shatter rib cages. Not to be dismissed are her powerful jaws, possessing a bite force of 10000 newtons.


Enhanced Reflexes

Addison's reflexes are enhanced by the predatory gene. Her reaction time to the following is as follows:

Visual Stimulus: 0.005 seconds
Audio Stimulus: 0.0025 seconds
Touch Stimulus: 0.001 seconds

Ability: Predatory Instinct

When in combat, Addison enters a state of bloodlust, her senses sharpening to absurd levels. Her eyes twitch rapidly, processing every single detail going on within her sensory range. Her metabolism spikes, pumping adrenaline through her body. In this state, she unlocks the ability to make use of a sixth sense, a general awareness of movement around her. Predator Instinct allows her to sense silent adversaries approaching her from behind or attacking blind spots. While in this state, Addison's movement becomes even more fluid and congruent with her surroundings, as she is able to judge the exact location of everything around her, even as it moves.


Enhanced Endurance

Addison's enhanced metabolism allows her to rapidly break down lactic acid in her body, allowing her to continue to function as peak efficiency. Generally, one would tire extremely quickly at this rate of metabolism. However, she makes use of her Dragonslayer Pendant as well as her humongous Ki reserves to prolong her ability to continually supply energy for her body to continue to break down the lactic acid. She is thus able to fight for long durations of time before tiring.


Master of Balance

Precise movement is an important aspect of any successful predator. Addison takes this to the next level, having such mastery over her physical form, that she is able to apply just the right amount of pressure and displacement of weight to maintain firm control over her center of gravity. She is easily capable of traversing tightropes while fully armored. Her ability to place just the right amount of weight in any direction serves as a major part of her fighting style.


Ravenous Demeanor

The gift of beast-like ability has made Addison rather unnerving to be around. Even when she is not in the heat of combat, she displays rather animalistic qualities, such as sniffing new acquaintances and tracking individuals which have piqued her interest with what many have called to be an "Owl's death stare". She shows teeth very often, which some have commented on to be 'menacing'. When told that she does this, she has no recollection of making a conscious effort to show teeth. 

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The Gates of Disorder



Chapter 1: The Beginning

Rose Orb [Material Acquisition] [Completed]

Curse of the Spire [Class C Quest] [Completed]

Spontaneous Catastrophe [Class C Quest] [Completed]

Scholarly Exploits [Class C Quest] [Completed]

What Lurks Beneath [Class C Quest] [Completed]

A New Era's Technology [Class C Quest] [Completed]

A Knight's Lament [Completed]

A Sickness to All Cures [Class B Quest]

Croissant for a Prudent Rodent [Class B Quest] [Completed]

Crawling into the Night [Class B Quest] [Completed]

Cat and Mouse [Class C Quest] [Completed]

Addison and Kyoku are Boomers [Completed]

Ruy Lopez [Class ? Quest]

Rise of the Arbiter [Artifact] [Completed]

Again in Ignatz. . . [Class C Quest] [Completed]



The Glorious Saga [Arc Completed]

A Glorious Beginning [Completed]

A Glorious Stand [Completed]

A Glorious Revival [Completed]

A Glorious Re-Commission [Completed]



Chapter 2: Establishing Connections

Nightly Pleasantries

The Mil Dot Port Kyros [Completed]

The Things we Do [Completed]

Starting the Stockpile [Completed]

Into the Dark [Class B/A Quest]

A Matter of Amenities

Fair Exchange

Terra Nova [Predator's Keep]

Smol Boi

The Lion and the Tigress

Justice or Order?

A Little Night Music

Two Flufflebutts



The Vita Arc

[GS] Vita [Prelude][Completed]

Minori's Doppelganger

The Thoughts that Plague our Minds [Completed]

Face of a Killer [Completed]

Poetry to Stem the Broken Soul [Completed]

Convince me if you Can [Completed]

Poetry by the Fountain [Completed]

Nightmare [Completed]

Child, I Yield [Completed]

Necessary Expertise

Calm before the Storm

[GS] Taurus [Prelude]

the future and what we make of it



Chapter 3: Rise of an Empire

From the Ground we Rise

The Reclamation: New Acheron

The Reclamation: The Turbines

The Reclamation: Wiven

The Reclamation: Roselen

The Reclamation: Harcester

The Reclamation: Crescita

The Reclamation: Inquirius Prime

The Reclamation: Shinobi Village

Broken Souls Come Together

Scouring the Bay

Waking up from the Flashback

Tales of Tragedy

The Rise of an Empire

The Reclamation: Midway

The First Congregation

Dawn of the Monarchy of Externus


Floating Ruins

Thin Ice

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