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ssecnirP Serenity Tulpa Vs. Lott DAICHON

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Serenity was nibbling on some blood packs and an Apple; she had heard much about this gigantic DAICHON and wanted to see if all of the rumors were true about his massive girth and power. She had gone on various missions and on blood-thirsty killing sprees in her past, leaving a path of bodies that even Coroners in the Earthian Realms could not identify.

Winds blew at 17 mph around the old Outskirts of the Geostratum; it was a neutral place to train and perhaps test the abilities of one another, or so she had assumed without even seeing what Lott had actually looked like since he had not arrived as of yet. She then felt an aura ebb outwards in all directions; as if Hell itself was about to make some kind of an entrance. The air then picked up greatly, as trees swayed to and fro, bending to the gales of the wind itself, so as not to shatter, break and die from the sheer force of the air. A loud thud would resonate in all directions, making an eerie echo as it resounded with yet another step or a thud of sorts as well. A very large furry figure could be seen just coming into view. He was armed with plates of metal on certain parts of his body, as they shimmered in the bright and warm Sun, making a spectacle for the very eyes to take in, absorb or to gaze at in wonder. His hulking size of almost 15 feet gave off a sort of intimidation on levels only fathomable to nightmares in the mind of a human. Serenity was trying to take all of this in: she had never faced off against someone or some THING this large before!!!

Ears of four that were decorated with Golden hooped earrings and a coat of Blue-Gray, Lott marched on until he was to close the gap betwixt he and Serenity respectively by 25 feet or so.

Serenity took a deep swallow of her own saliva; how in the hell was she supposed to topple THIS beast?

"Well....it seems that you are here Princess Serenity. Allow for me to introduce myself then. You shall be facing off against one of the Royal Guards of former King Ephidrina. My name is simply known as Lott, as many have made statements based on my very name. I have a LOT of power, plus abilities that you would not be able to process. I am skilled in freestyle combat, as well as the P.S.I. System, as all DAICHONS are able to perform with dead accuracy. I must warn you though ahead of time; I have not lost a single fight in almost 50 thousand years. You should be ready to defend yourself verily."


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