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Masuda -「増田」

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Metahuman martial artist Masuda is known only by his foes as the Purple Shadow, due to the speed at which he moves, he is only ever seen by his shadow and brief glimpses of his clothing. A trained Shinobi since young, the deadly assassin has acquired mastery of many chakra infusing styles. Previously a Gallian soldier, he followed Senator Koralee Clause out of curiosity and Master Knight Addison out of admiration on their journey to the new lands. There, he assisted heavily in the development of the Bastion's initial building site and helped to save several men during the terrible winters that cost 230 lives. Currently, Masuda resides within the Final Bastion and has taken up a part time job as a teacher, and also holds the title of Regional Governor. He teaches mainly physics and mathematics, contrasting greatly with his colleague Irryn, whom absolutely nobody is able to comprehend during his mathematics lessons. Masuda, a far more child friendly option was therefore put into place. Somewhat childlike and playful in his demeanor, the deadly Masuda bears a sharp contrast in battle, where his speed and technique alone grant him immense agility as he scales buildings effortlessly with his lightfeet and quick movements, leaping from tower to tower like a monkey. Masuda is a powerful asset to the Bastion and protects the children with his life. Any who wish to perform a kidnapping scheme would taste a bitter and painful end by his matte black chokutō Boidosōdo (ボイドソード), which he hoists on the right side of his hip.


Masuda is 25 years old, standing at 6 foot 2, wielding a set of purple eyes. His skin is perfectly pitch black, which grants him an advantage in dimly lit locations. He has an X shaped scar on the left side of his stomach, but other than that, his body is silky smooth. He's quite fit, and packs quite a bit of muscle, but he's relatively thin.



Masuda's demon-like appearance.


(Image provided by picrew.me)


Boidosōdo (ボイドソード)



Masuda's Kunai.



Masuda's Shuriken.



Masuda's Ultra-Thin Metal Silk.





The only thing that really needs to be explained here is the Metal Silk. The explanation isn't complex or lengthy, it's actually quite short. Masuda uses these super thin though strong strands of this silk for movement as well as attacks. He can fake out shuriken throws by tying the silk to it's blades, changing it's trajectory with a pull at the last second. He can also wrap it around things, making climbing and swinging easier. It can be used for many more things, as by running his chakra through it, Masuda can control it and move it around like a tentacle.


All weapons aren't made in only one location, as Masuda orders large sets of these items from all over the world. Mass-production of these same items is held in the forest, the region Masuda governs.


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