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Mayu Ikari Kawanakajima

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The Bare Bones

A very modest overview of the basics you see on any application

Name: Mayu Ikari Kawanakajima

Titles: “Wrathbringer” “The Isle between two rivers” “Ikari”

Age: 24

Occupation: Ronin/Outlaw, Mayu has a large price on her head due to the various warlords and powerful entities she’s made enemies of. Thus, she makes a living through ronin work. Special requests are not uncommon in places she’s well known.

Making It Personal

                A much more personal look at what makes her, “her.”

Bio: (basic): Mayus early childhood was one of tragedy, her late childhood was spent as a servant. Her early teens were a painful experience. Though her late teens saw an escape from this. And into her adulthood, she became an accomplished warrior.

Early childhood: At the age of 3, a wealthy baron burned had her village burned to the ground, effectively making him able to buy it. She was found by a construction worker, and in a way, presented to the baron. The next few years, she was raised by the baron’s servants.

Late Childhood: By the time she reached 9 or 10, the barons new several story castle had been built, on the ashes of the village. It was a unique castle, built into the side of a hill, a river ran through the center. She was a servant, cleaning and performing menial tasks as all child servants did. She was constantly reminded of what the baron had done. She grew to hate him more every day.

Early Teens: Around the early teenager part of her life, she was both volunteered into (via her owner) and accepted by, a prestigious (albeit only by those who knew of it) role, a private maiden of the hunt. Or put into a less elegant term, she was trained as an assassin. She was trained in several forms of martial arts, sword play, and even monk arts and onmyo magics. When it was decided she was ready, a ritual to infuse her with a spirit was performed. These weren’t at all uncommon among powerful warriors, especially those who had resources to find such spirits. But this spirit had killed near one thousand attempted infusions. Its name, was Kuzuryu, the Nine headed dragon. As one might guess, it had a rather demented caveat. Each of the nine heads had a soul and personality. Each one needed to be tamed. The experience left her near dead, and she was in something of a coma for nearly a month. What she didn’t know was that the battle of wills nearly ripped her apart inside, and the spirits were working to repair the damage, after all… they couldn’t let their host die.

Late Teens: Only a couple years training with the spirits, their power, their abilities, she’d had enough. The constant fighting in the name of a lord she hated, the taking of lives regardless of their innocence or guilt, the pain of every injury she received, had finally gotten to her. In a fit of rage she lashed out, the spirit within coming to her call. A short battle in a long blood night, the entire castle of the baron was destroyed.

Early Adulthood: A blank in history exists. Several years later and she was on the road. A new wardrobe, new hairstyle, as a freelance assassin and ronin. Though only taking work against people she could deem as wicked, or with the help of 8 of her dragons 9 heads.


The Personality of a Dragon Commanding Ronin, (and her Dragon)

A summary of the warriors personality, and those of the beast at her command

Mayu: Ikari. Mayu is level headed, intelligent and of all things, an amazing actress when she needs to be, able to feign almost any role she needs to in order for her to complete her work. She can become quite heated in serious combat and a guilty passion is challenging and life risking combat. She keeps quiet though outside battle and only speaks when she feels she needs to. She’s also, not a charity case, and won’t usually work for free. She is in good mutual standing with her passengers, and can often be seen or heard communicating with them. Sometimes simply in playful banter.


The Nine heads: Each head has a personality of its own, and they all shar a singular hydra like body. A single pair of arms, and legs, as well as a long tail. They are represented in a series of tattoos, one being a circle on her back, with the nine heads in an ouroboros like design, each biting the tail in front of it. Each of them well emulates their force of nature or existence, fire is ferocious, water is calm and fluid, lighting is wild, wind is free and untamed, earth is rigid, and Ice unfeeling. These 6 are the lower hierarchy of the thinking. Each too adamant in its nature and likeness to lead the others. Above them are the Holy and Infernal heads, each being more understanding of each side of the spectrum than simple numbers and nature. They are to the left and right of the lead head, respectively. The lead head is objectively, not good or evil in nature. But like gravity, all who challenge it will still fall. It is because of this, Mayu seldom calls upon it


Homura: The Inferno. The fire head, also known as the Blaze. Is deep reddish orange with yellowish sharp stripes and large horns facing backward. It is Ferocious, and easily only matched in wildness by the following member. Undoubtedly the one who craves destruction the most, he has a rather unchecked amount of energy flowing, like fire being natures rawest form of destruction, Homura is the 6 lower tiers rawest head in both power and emotion. From creating embers to concentrated hot arcs, all her flame needs are met.


Arashi: The Storm. The lightning head, easily the only one that matches Homura in its wild streak. Because they only care for their force of power, Mayu is easily able to wield them. It is Yellow with blue bolt stripes, and spines that emit electricity. While easy to wield Arashi is less of a controlled power and more of the kind you “aim”. She’s made innovative use of his power, jump-starting a thought dead heart, powering up a thought expired energy cell, and such. Regardless, Arashi would likely pass for insane by human standards, and is kept in check by the others.


Gekiryu: The Raging River. The calmest of the 6 lower heads, the water based being is blue, with sleeker scales than most of its other heads. It also has slightly lighter blue blotches, and a series of dorsal fin like appendages. Torrento is often in tandem with Seinaru in Mayu’s meditation, his fluidity is part of what allows her to be so calm in combat. (until otherwise needed). He rarely speaks out of turn, and usually has the most sound and least likely to get people killed type of approach.


Fubuki: The Snowstorm. The ice based head is cold and unfeeling, but still very absorbed in its own power. It is icey blue, with dark streaks. It has sharp rigid spikes as thin as pins along its dorsal. It has a single sharp horn on its skull pointing forward. The absence of heat is all it takes for cold to occur. He is rather easy to manage because of his general passivity.


Jishin The quaking earth: The earth head, is stoic, Rigid, and unyielding. Again though, like its fellow lower hierarchy, it’s a tad obsessed with its own power. It is brown with rough scales. It can be attributed to most early life martial artists, completely devoted to their craft, before they understand there is indeed more than it to life and existence, he literally only speaks in reactionary as well as summons. He won’t be speaking or appearing without explicit request. 


Kyofuu: The Gale Winds The wind head has rounded horns, green scales, and brownish hair. It is easy going as the heads go, and will usually advise a path of no resistance, but as its allies are, it is very aware of its abilities. He often advises Mayu to relax, partake in things that relax and that he feels she’ll legitimately enjoy, as he does represent total freedom.


Yuuga The Brave and Honorable: It is white with golden horns, blue eyes, and consistently radiates light. It is very far into the honorable and commonly known as ‘good’ spectrum, but this could also be to a fault at times. It is charged with maintaining The earth, wind, and water heads, which are on its left respectively. It’s the only head that has any attire, occasionally it will be materialize wearing a shogun helmet, fitted to its reptile like head, similar to an old float.


Retsuei: the rending darkness: The head is utterly wicked to most eyes, but challenges many views. Where peace is an unfornunate impossibility, Fujo is decision maker. It is charged with maintaining Ice, Fire, and Lightning, on its right respectively. More often than not, when summoned it opens immedietly with an attack and thus Mayu is careful not to use it too liberally.


Mugen Uchu: The endless void the Space head. Unquestioningly the most powerful. It is sleek, black with empty white eyes, its scales shimmer like stars, when it produces power spines grow along its back. It always considers the advice of its two retainers before acting, and thus, it is impossible to summon in an instant and always requires a full incantation, which takes Mayu nearly a full 20-30 seconds depending on how quickly she can speak it clearly.

Armed To The Teeth

A comprehensive compilation of her weaponry

Arms: A single Katana named Kyuten. A razor sharp masterfully crafted blade. Along the top of the steel is a set of 9 rings. Each is a simple steel ring that will embody a dragons element or aspect, the others will follow and also do so. (meaning, all will be flame, all will be lightning, etc, depending on the power she channels).

Shinobi tools: As an assassin, she mastered various tools, such as kunai and shuriken. She has a collection of them on hand.
Martial Artes: Mayu was trained in many forms of play, including Mujo Tenshin, one of the more notably difficult styles of swordplay, as well as Stances like Iaijutsu, Iaichimonji, and Shujo

Powers and Abilities
The following are not directly related to weapons, but instead are learned powers, passive powers, and abilitlies


Passive: the following are always active.

          Dragon Spirit: Thanks to her dragons spirit within, Mayu is perfectly qualified to match up against beings that possess their foe, as she’s already technically sharing a body anyway.

          Insomnia: Mayu has a hard time sleeping. This can act against her as well.


Active: The following are activated or used.

          Summon: By summon, this means she can utilizes the powers of said dragon as well. (see more at bottom).

          Dual Summon: In short bursts she can utilize two dragons at once, but its important to pick a good matchup for the situation. for example, if she's fighting a fire demon, summoning wind and fire, would be bad, but combining earth and water make mud, something fire has trouble with.


Full Incantations: a full incantation can allow for greater use for the power of the dragon summoed.


          Midare Kyu Doragon: The Nine Dragons bring upon their foes, Chaos. The entire being is temporarily summoned. Leaving Mayu completely helpless in the aftermath, only used as an absolutely last ditch attempt.


Painting a Picture

There’s a rule about asking a girl for this information you know…


Physical proportions: She’s of average height, but attractive in popular opinion.

Height: 5.7ft

Weight: 122lbs



Appearances are important to a warrior with her self-consciousness



(Special thanks to my friend for pulling this picture off the PSN for me)

Eyes: Red

Hair: Jet Black, buttocks length, and meticulously straightened.

Skin: Pale

Tattoos: On her back is a large circle of the 9 heads, each one biting one ahead of it in an ouruborus style design. Her right arm, has a tribal design of the black head, with the fire, lightning, and Ice heads and their abilities, essentially sleeving. Upon her hand, each finger has their names in her native writing. Her left arm is converse, with the white dragon and its wind, earth, and water heads, each one matching on this left arm, as the right in design.
Piercings: Each ear has a small ring earring of silver.
Clothing: A long black pair of Hakama cover her legs, normal socks, and leather strapped shoes (which have a short half inch heel for comfort). Her torso is covered by a rather extravagant samurai robe, which hangs at just below knee level. Its usually closed with its sash tie. The robe is black, with her native writing character for the term “nothing” on the back in red. The robes trim is also red, as is the Sash that she keeps it tied with.

Scars: diagonal on the small of her back is a long slash scar. Additionally, just over her heart is a cross shaped scar, like one gets from a serious stab wound.

Further Expansion on powers


Fire: Can be used to summon flames. From a small ember to a searing blaze, and can be concentrated into compact arc, like thrown energy blade. Can also ignite blade. Another innovative use is that it heats up near instantly, and can cauterize even the toughest flesh.

Lightning: Can be used to summon lighting, especially effective and firing at foes. Can electrify blade, she’s used it to shock someone into a heartbeat again.

Water: can summon light rain, heavier rains during meditation.

Ice: Can freeze blade, summon ice shards, snow, and can freeze targets on contact.

Earth: can cause fault shakes similar to an earthquake, on strikes.

Wind: Can create gusts of wind, razor wind blades, and give her a fleeting burst of speed.

Holy: Can purify evil tainted things, Can heal injured or sick to some extent, and can make her sword even sharper than normal for a moment.

Unholy: Can taint things, can make the sword serrate a still sharp tooth blade (much more effective against thicker flesh).

Space: Can (for one strike) cause a razor thin temporal shift in matter (Ie, ‘erase’) in the strike she makes. This causes her strike to pass through flesh, that cannot heal the wound, due to it simply erasing a portion of the targets flesh, not cutting it. It requires a great deal of planning and only works for a single strike after speaking it.

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