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The Red Hat Society, the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes, Possum Lodge, all these are Brother/Sisterhoods of Silly Hats, but where's Valucre's Siblinghood of Silly Hats?

On their way back from Port Kyros, Thurgood and Aveline start putting together some ideas on such an organization, even while expanding the Mil Dot. The main ideas from their discussion sessions revolve around:

  • First and Foremost, fun!
  • Silly costumes (or just one article), to maintain levity
  • Sociability; this is a social club after all
  • Fun; parties, sports, games, leisure activities
  • Accessibility: to both genders, all species, all classes, any sapient creature that is not either Lilith Reiter, one of her Paragons, or Middy Ochre
  • Dedicated spaces
  • Fun: this will never be a dour or serious club
  • Dues, to pay for the fun shit
  • Silly and somewhat humiliating initiations, again to instill levity
  • Did I mention fun?

Didn't I already post an interest check like, six days ago? Yes, but I'm allowed three in a seven day period, and this will be my last one for a while.

The name? Not determined yet.

The costumes? Also not determined yet.

Why? There's no point in naming a Siblinghood of Silly Hats without the Siblinghood, or no point in forming a social club that nobody wants to be a part of.

So, y'all interested?

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