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Name: Natalya Frigadotter
Title: Natalya of Izral, Young Lady Gingerbush
Codename: Black Nats/Natz
Nicknames: Little Nats/Natz / Gingerbush
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Race: Human
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: too young for that
Gender: Female
Age: Currently 13
Specialization: Summoner / Beast Tamer / Spiritualist / Elementalist / Necromancer
Affiliation: Herself (previously Blackspear Cartel, Legion of Doom, Lilith's cult)

Voice: Cute high-pitched
Eyes: Brown
Nose: Cute button nose
Face: Soft Nordic features
Complexion: Olive
Height: Almost four feet,  Has now reached 4'11
Weight: Light
Build: Slender
Hair: orginally long, wavy and ginger, now she changes hairstyle and color every appearance. One can say she's entering her rebellious phase.

Demeanor: Proud, prone to exaggerations, recently turned edgy and pretending to be cool but still fails, friendly, can be underhanded, shameless and ruthless, 
Hopes: To become a proud noblewoman, to become a lady with the dissolution of the cartel, Natalya wanted to recreate the group back to its former days, as an information gathering organization.
Fears: Not learning enough or lacking understanding
Likes: Games, pranks, anything that tastes or feels good
Dislikes: pusillanimous, defeatists and those who lack resolve

Clothes: Likes to wear cute frilly dresses under her lavish long coats recently changed for the

Weapon: why would a child need a weapon?

Physical: Enhanced physical abilities 
Supernatural: Access to the cartel skills/abilities and armory.
Summoner: She can summon beings that she has dominated or linked to her. If defeated the beings are unsummoned and are unusable until the healing period is over.
(Blackspear Summons: A specialization that allows her to summon monsters and beasts that the former members have analysed, killed or defeated. This also includes the Specky analysis, Khakina devour and Fat Ana's gluttony).
Necromancer: Can do necromancy.
(Shadow necromancy: A specialization that allows her to raise the dead by turning them into shadows of their former selves. These 'shadow summons' are capable of living within her own shadow. Susceptible to light based abilities. When defeated, the shadow summons return to her shadow and are unusable until the recreation period is over.)
Spiritualist: Spiritual magic. Can see, touch, hear and commune with spirits and souls. Can even dominate them. 
(Blackspear spiritualist: A specialization that allows her to summon the spirits (astral projections) of her former cartel members. These summons are similar to the original but cannot go more than five meters away from Natalya. She can then let the spirit possess her and allow her to use that member's skills and abilities for a limited amount of time.

Brief History: 
One of the child slaves Middy has saved from Izral's brothels. Later she was adopted by the previous Black Head, Lady Blackbush, and prior to the latter's supposed death/early retirement, the succeeding Mistress Black Head of the cartel took over in raising and training her.
Update: Joins the Legion of doom together with the other members. Also left when Middy defected. Joins the Cult of Lilith. Still a Paragon but plans to leave sometime in the future. After the cartel's dissolution, she was one of the former members.

Update: Recently resurfaced in Genesaris.


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