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The Reclamation & The Era of Kingdoms

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Government: What kind of government does your area practice?

Population: How many people live there?

Capital: Where is the capital?

Military: Does it have a military? Is it weak, moderate, or strong?

Economy: How is your area's economy? Weak, moderate, or strong?

Primary export(s): What are your regions primary exports?


This small template will be used to give a brief overview of the kingdoms occupying each region. These will be posted in the kingdom masterlist for each individual region. However, owners are more than welcome to draft up a more detailed, deep-dive piece on their regions and the cities within its borders that I'll post on the landing page, and I'll make sure to link them in each overview post.

This template is only for "kingdoms" and/or major domains. Smaller establishments like cities, hamlets, or villages are free to use the standard city template. 

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