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Rai Paige

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First name: Rai
Surname: Paige
Nicknames: -
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Race: Human
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Role: Treasure Hunter

Voice: Friendly
Eyes: Black
Complexion: Tan
Height: 5 ft 4 in
Weight: 112 lbs
Build: Average
Hair: Black, short, cut in a boyish style
Tattoos/markings: From Embers and Ash Aflame - A sun-shaped mark at her left ankle left by fire gods in the Valhatien Desert. It grants her moderate resistance against heat.

Scars: From Embers and Ash Aflame - Two long jagged scars down her back, and discoloured burn scars across her shoulders and upper back. Rai acts like they are not a big deal, but deep within, she is self-conscious about them and makes sure that the clothing she wears covers the scars.

Demeanor: Optimistic, active
Hopes: To be the best treasure hunter!
Fears: Being alone when she is hurting
Likes: Shiny items, and sweet things!
Dislikes: Creepy-crawlies

Comfortable shirt and pants, with a pair of sturdy walking boots.
A backpack that she always carries around, containing adventuring essentials: Torch, map, dried food, water, medical supplies.
A treasure hunting device that she has built herself.

A magitech gun that she had built herself. Worked and re-worked on over the years, it is customised perfectly for her use.
It shoots glass orbs that store magical potential energy, and when the glass orbs break on impact, the spells are released. The magic contained could be an area spell, depending on how much power is stored inside. The magic stored within the orbs are infused by Rai. She spends a huge amount of effort preparing these bullets before embarking on a journey.

From Embers and Ash Aflame - A charm necklace, a diamond-shaped black stone set in metal that is engraved in an ancient script. When worn around the neck, It has the power to draw the attention of sexually compatible partners (so both heterosexual members of the opposite sex and homosexual members of the same sex) and increase romantic desirability of the wearer.

From Tazarek's First Magitech Expo - Rai bought a spider automaton that is slightly larger than palm-size, which has the ability to climb walls, crawl into cracks and crevices and retrieve small items.

Wit, adventuring experience and long-range fighting.

Close-range fighting. Rai inherently has explosive magical power, but she lacks control, which it why she needs to pre-store her magic into the orbs; her magic is too volatile in its raw form.

An engineer by training, Rai is clever with her hands, and given enough time, she can build magitech tools for many purposes.

Moderate resistance against heat.

Her parents are deceased, and she has two brothers, although she doesn't know for sure if they are dead or alive. She believes the former.




"Don't be afraid Rai, you'll feel better soon!" Rai's brother held her small hand , while placing the cold cloth onto her forehead with his other hand. She stared at him with scared big eyes. The glint of fever was evident in her dark orbs. "W-was I very naughty, big brother?" the little girl asked. She knew something was wrong, and she was the cause of it. She didn't mean it to happen! One moment she and Mama and Goldie, their dog, had been playing in the clearing, and then the big ugly man had come. He shouted at Mama and hurt Goldie! Rai was very, very angry at the man. She was so very angry that it was like a ball of fire gathering in her body. He needed to be punished for being so mean! When the man kicked Mama, Rai screamed. And it happened. Something exploded out of her, and blinding light engulfed the clearing. "Rai!!" she heard Mama gasp in pain, and she didn't know anything anymore. Everything became dark.

"No, no, you were not naughty, Rai," her brother said softly. "You saved our mother."

"Papa said he won't want me anymore if I was naughty," Rai said, trembling, "Don't leave me alone.."

"I won't ever leave you, promise!" the boy hugged his little sister tightly.


Fire. Fire all around. Her parents lay in a pool of their own blood. And one of them was coming for her. She shook in fear. Fear both of the being carrying the sword, and of a growing sensation in the pit of her stomach, like a monster wanting to burst out of her. She needed to keep it in. It had hurt Mama before, and Papa had taught her how to concentrate and release the tension into small glass balls. He said that it was dangerous, and she had to control it well.

The man approached her slowly. He had been ordered to kill everyone in the village, and to spare no woman or children. Against the backdrop of flames that licked at the sky, little Rai saw the man raise his sword. She covered her ears with her hands and squeezed her eyes shut. Maybe if she didn't see or hear anything, everything would go back to normal.

A scream, and something knocked against Rai. She opened her eyes to see her brother sprawled across her lap. Blood poured from his back. He had used his own body to shield her. "R..un.." he gasped. Tears spilled from her eyes as she held onto him tightly. As the sword was raised again to strike them both down, Rai wailed as she unleashed the power that had welled up within her. She would absolutely not let them hurt any more of those she loved.


Rai crawled out from beneath a large piece of debris. Her two brothers were nowhere to be seen. She made her way to her parents' side, scraping her small hands and knees on the sharp fragments on the ground. She shook their lifeless bodies, and they didn't reply. They didn't scold her, or console her. Tears started flowing, leaving clean streaks behind on her dirt-stained face. She shook their bodies harder. "Mama, Papa, Rai won't be naughty again!" she wailed, "Don't leave Rai alone!" Desperate, she pounded on their bodies with her tiny fist. "Don't.. Pleeeeeeeease!"


In a desert expedition, Rai was separated from her group and got lost in the Valhatien Desert. The desert transported and trapped her in a temple full of monsters, with several other people. One of the monsters was a fire cat which almost killed her. She was saved by her companions, and eventually, they managed to perform an ancient ritual of sacrifice to pacify the gods, and were released from the temple. The gods gifted them with a mark that provided moderate resistance against heat.



Seal-Skin - xx

Little Lamb (Renovatio Halcyon event) - xx

She's back. Back again. - xx

Embers and Ash Aflame - Completed

Gryfyn Industries - A Chicken Conundrum - xx

The Mysterious Kid (Alternative) - xx

Tazarek's First Magitech Expo - Completed

MOBS tournament 2: Tharraleos vs Rai | MOBS Tournament Lounge - Completed; Rai lost

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