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Meritio Rivas

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First name: Meritio
Surname: Rivas
Nicknames: -
Alignment: Lawful Good (slowly changing towards evil)
Race: Human
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Role: Mage’s Apprentice

Voice: Male medium pitch
Eyes: Brown
Complexion: Beige
Height: 5 ft 7 in
Weight: 120 lbs
Build: Thin
Hair: Dark brown, short, curls at edges
Tattoos/markings: -

Demeanor: Obedient, peace-loving
Hopes: To be happy and live a simple life
Fears: Complex responsibilities
Likes: Gathering and using spell components to make potions
Dislikes: Violence

Simple coarse shirt and trousers, with an apprentice’s travelling cloak with multiple pockets. Carries a pouch with numerous potions which he had helped his master to concoct.

Bullseye lantern (reward from Window Shopping quest): provides good lighting out to 60’ and passable (though poor) lighting at 120’, with the ability to narrow the focus to from about a 10’ width at 120’ (with best brightness) or 40’ width at 120’ with about ¼th the brightness (only those with the sharpest eyes would be able to see with that level of lighting). It runs off Exalta shards, making it twice as bright as an ordinary lantern, and will last for five years under normal use.

Six pure Exalta crystal shards from an expedition with the Mages' Academy.

Short dagger, only for self-defence purposes.

Steadfast, kind, pleasant

Too trusting, no combat knowledge, lack of life experience.

Basic spellcasting for practical purposes (for building fires, chilling meat etc).
Good at identifying and using potions.

Apprentice to the old mage Wizendare because of a favour his parents once owed the elder.

Since he was 12, Meritio mostly stayed in his master's home, preparing spell components and looking after the house when his master was away. He was contented with learning simple spells which led to life conveniences. He had no ambition to do more. However, Wizendare was disappointed in him. The old mage was a lover of magic. He always expressed that Meritio had such potential for magic, if only he was willing to try.

Recently, Wizendare sent Meritio on an errand that had brought him to the Tavern of Legend, saying that it was time that he saw the world. Meritio was supposed to pass an orb containing the essence of an evil sorcerer to a man, but he accidentally broke the orb. The sorcerer’s essence planted a seed of darkness in Meritio’s heart (against Meritio’s knowledge) to take revenge on Wizendare, who had killed and trapped him in the orb. The seed would slowly grow within the youth, until he was completely consumed by darkness and turned into an evil being, something his master had vowed to fight. The sorcerer was later subdued by Dyloceus Xanderson, a man who was supposed to receive the orb in the first place.

Meritio wasn't aware of the darkness embedded in him. On his way back from the Tavern of Legend, a youth brought him on a detour into Union City, where Meritio visited the Tower of Enchantment. The headmaster of the school offered him an exchange spot, and that was where Meritio started to gain more interest in magical studies. Wizendare did not detect the seed of darkness within the boy as well. The old wizard started sending Meritio on errands that brought him away from home for short periods of time.

Now, Meritio has been sent to the Mages' Academy in Mageside City as Wizendare had to go on a long quest, and he didn't want to delay Meritio's education. The young apprentice's first class is a field trip into a magestorm to collect Exalta crystal shards. After facing fantastical creatures in the freak magestorm, the team of one professor and two students collected enough Exalta shards to split among themselves after subtracting those to be handed to the school for research purposes.

The young mage's education in the Mages' Academy was cut short as Wizendare called him back urgently. However, Meritio arrived home only to find the house burnt, and his master missing. Wizendare's bloodied robes were found among the debris. Meritio gathered the unbroken vials and flasks of his master's potions, and set off to the nearest city, Mezthaluen, to engage the services of a mystic to track his master.

Tavern of Legend: Introduction (page 284) - Completed

Sun, City and Youth - Completed

Window Shopping - Completed

Into the Storm (Mageside City Academy Field Trip) - Completed

Dusk and Stones - xxx

Chasing Legends (Alternative, non-canon) - Ongoing

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