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Delistair Paige

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First name: Delistair
Middle name: Phia
Surname: Paige
Nicknames: Del
Alignment: Neutral Good
Race: Human
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Role: Mage (Abjuration), Terrenus Military (Communications; Recon; Private > Corporal > Sergeant || First Lieutenant)

Voice: Soft, quiet
Eyes: Black
Complexion: Fair
Height: 5 ft 9 in
Weight: 134 lbs
Build: Average
Hair: Black, shoulder length, tied in a ponytail at the nape of his neck.
Tattoos/markings: A long scar diagonally across his back. A pair of angel wings tattooed right below the back of his neck (i.e. where the collar of a T-shirt would normally cover) to identify him as part of the Fallen Angels covenant.

Demeanor: Quiet, a listener and thinker.
Hopes: To live in a world with no danger
Fears: To lose people important to him
Likes: Reading, writing
Dislikes: Hypocrites, people who take advantage of situations

Black shirt and pants, with a green cloak that resists low-level magic.

A steel bracelet with a blue jewel worked into it. The jewel identifies him as an Abjurer from one of the eight branches of magic, and it amplifies shield spells that Del puts up.

Terran military sniper item obtained from winning the mini game in the military's promotion celebration.



  • Autonomous Crystal Spotter: A small crystal orb which contains cutting edge magi-tech computing power. Essentially a giant lens, the autonomous drone follows the user and relays information on acquired targets: range, elevation, wind speed and barometric pressure. Should the sniper miss, it will offer corrections in windage and lead.

Wand of Wind Blade: A short wand that allows the user to cast blades of air to cut enemies. Limited usage (5 a day).

A revolver that delivers a strong blast of air, enough to knock someone out but not kill them. Obtained from a trade with Hana Alenko.

A simple sharp dagger is kept tucked in his belt, mostly for its convenience for cutting things, but can be used as a weapon as a last resort.

Abjuration. What else would you expect?

Little offensive power except the banishment of constructs and summons. That is why he needs a wand with offensive magic. Recently, however, his cooperation with Hana Alenko has exposed him to more forms of weapons.

Del can imbue items with light wards, but the wards need to be renewed regularly. Wards with more power and for a larger area have to come directly from him, with him concentrating on keeping them up, unless he has the time to set up elaborate wards around an area by using items to anchor the magic.

Unknown if they are dead or alive.

Del came from a loving family. He lived with his parents, a brother and a sister. At the age of 12, his small town was raided by orcs. He remembers the town in flames, and shielding his siblings from the blade of an orc with his body. He remembers the pain of dying. However, he was saved by a mysterious man whom he does not remember much of, and the man had brought him to a mage school, and subsequently disappeared. The mage school took Del in, and he vowed to be an Abjurer, so that he would be able to protect those dear to him.

Currently, Del travels to find any trace of his family (as his small town had been completely abandoned). He had joined the Communications Department of the Terrenus Military, in order to earn a steady income. He also hopes that working within the intelligence network of the military would be able to give him clues of his missing family. After completing some missions in the military, he has now been promoted to Sergeant. He has worked with Hana Alenko on several missions, and considers her a partner. He is awed by her knowledge of firearms and mechs, and is asking her to train him in guns, offering his knowledge and skills in magic as trade.



Delistair has a good tenor voice, and used to sing for a band back in his school. His talent was recently uncovered by the military, and he performed for the audience during a promotion celebration event. Here is an image of him as a singer. 




Credit to the awesome roboblu for the lovely drawing!




For one of his first missions, Del was sent to Dougton to investigate rumours of a cabin in the woods that drained people's energies for a 15 mile radius, less in the capacity of a Recon officer, but more as an abjuration mage. There, he met Hana Alenko, who had also been assigned to the same mission. They proceeded to the cabin, with Del's magic shielding them from the draining effects. There was a lone girl living in the cabin, Flora, who appeared normal at first, but quickly turned on them and used illusions and unnatural strength to attack them. She revealed herself to be in possession of Odin's Mask. After Delistair pierces the illusion, Hana was able to drop a cage from her cloaked aircraft that lands with the goal of capturing the girl. An unintended effect results in the destruction of Flora leaving only a pile of flesh, and Odin's Mask was nowhere to be seen.


With some experience in the military, Del was assigned to investigate the attack on the Lightning Rail in Weland. Evidence collected pointed to a number of foreigners involved, including an Unseelie Fae named Kallias, alias Kal Apollo, and nicknamed Prince-san. Unfortunately, a betrayer of the Terran military destroyed a number of the evidence, and subsequently claimed that the Okamura clan, who was previously ousted from the government, was responsible for the attack. Del was unconvinced of that, but the scale of the matter was beyond his rank, and the information was passed to the Peacekeeper of Weland. 


The Fallen Angels: The Merging of a Covenant - xx

Military Base #33 Gate Thread - xx

Unravelling a Blood Trail - MILITARY; xx

The Ghast Effect - MILITARY; Completed

A Game in the Wild (Spar) - xx

Those Meddling Kids! (Investigating the Lightning Rail Attack) - MILITARY; Completed

More Than Strictly Business - Completed

Last Chance (The Wahr-bear tribe) - MILITARY; xx

The Abysswalkers: Terrenus Branch HQ - Completed

Lost Answers - Ongoing

Suspicions of High Treason - MILITARY; xx

Military Base #34 (Promotion Celebrations) - Completed

Groundwork [Last Chance Defence Arc] - Completed

Two if by Sea [Last Chance Defence Arc] - MILITARY; Completed

Here with Me [Last Chance Defence Arc] - xx

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