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Santado Island: The Land Beneath the Sun

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The land Beneath the Sun



Santado Island

Flag: JDuf5vQt.png

"We know not by what star we to this island come, only that the wildness calls to our voyaging hearts."


Hundreds of kilometers of coastline define Santado Island– some of it sugary white-sand beaches shaded by rows of palm trees, other parts lined dramatically with adventurous, rocky cliffs, wind-swept dunes or serene mangrove lagoons. Whether it’s fishing villages with boats moored along the shores, or indulgent tourist playgrounds with aquamarine waters, the sea is the common denominator surrounding this fertile crescent island.

Villagers and travelers alike usually enjoy good visibility and a wide variety of sea life, as a reef is beginning to grow. Beyond the city of Matuga, much of Santado is distinctly wild: traveling through the vast fertile interior, you’ll see cows and horses grazing alongside the roads belonging to everyone and no one. Further inland you’ll encounter vistas reminiscent of the Cold Mountains further north, winding rivers carving their way through lush jungle and stunning waterfalls. Four of the five highest peaks in southern Genesaris rise above the fertile lowlands surrounding Santado, and a remote desert stretches through the southwest end of the crescent, giving Santado a cultural complexity rarely found elsewhere.


The Island of Santado has two distinct faces: there’s the smooth tourist countenance that is typical of Genesar island hospitality; and there’s Santado proper – a pretty gritty city, second only to Alethea in terms of status and chaos. Most of the island's fame lies outside the urban core in the fancy suburb of Matuga. Stay in the city, however, and you’re faced with an entirely different proposition – a riot of cacophonous debauchery and bustling humanity that offers an unscripted and uncensored slice of Genearsian life, warts and all.

With its dilapidated architecture, unkempt parks and vibrant street life, Santado's touristy side has a laid-back feel and considerable charm in parts. It is most renowned for the exotic wild hunting preserve and refuge – an exhilarating chance to encounter Genesaris' most dangerous creatures. The City of Matuga is the centerfold of the city's illicit trades, including but not limited to smuggling, extortion, slavery, and prostitution.


The climate of the island is tropical, varying from tropical rainforest in some areas to tropical monsoon and tropical savanna in others. There are also some locations that are arid climates with considerable drought, and the peaks of mountains tend to have cooler temperate climates.

While the region generally is sunny much of the year, the wet season from May through November sees more frequent cloud cover (both broken and overcast), while the dry season from December through April is more often clear to mostly sunny. Seasonal rainfall is divided into 'dry' and 'wet' seasons, with the latter six months of the year being wetter than the first half. Hurricane season is from June to November, but they occur more frequently in August and September.


grey?text=Flora grey?text=Fauna (land) grey?text=Fauna (sea)


*all images belong to their respective artists and serve as temporary placeholders

Flora and Fauna

Exploring Santado's botanical trails are a great way to experience its rich diversity and wildlife. Unkempt, mysterious jungles are an excellent place to observe caiman soaking in the sun and spectacular waterbirds such as the scarlet ibis in colorful flocks.

The locals are known to be protective of the unique phosphorus phenomenon said to be the "stars" to the island's moon. Look for birds including pelicans, frigate and cuckoos. In the waters below, small sharks and rays are among the fish stirring up the light show.

Some of Genasaris' most exotic species have found their way to this remote island. Herds of wild Arazura horses gallop across the beaches. Dragons and wyverns make homes from the dormant volcano to the dense jungles. Rare Ruhk eggs help boost the struggling economy. Burrowing wyrms are often responsible for the occasional minor earthquakes.

Some of Santado's shores glisten in the sunlight as elemental stones catch the light and refract through the waters. Santado is noted for its rich and diverse vegetation. Exotic flowers thrive in the moist, tropical environment, Exalta crystals cluster in dark, wet caves. Hibiscus and orchids are just a few of the foreign flowers from abroad that have made the island its new home, adding to the vibrant colors of the island. Medicinal plants such as Korenia Root and Devil's Tongue are popular remedies to the public.


As an ideal island of piracy, Santado is a center for the less than civilized. A hedonist culture, Santado caters to pirates, privateers, prostitutes, thieves, and drunkards. Despite belonging to the Hyperian Empire, it remains far outside their regular government reach and considers itself a lawless community. The savage tribes of Santado are no more civilized, and it's often suggested by the locals of Matuga you explore the island with a guide if you don't want to be eaten alive.


An island economy is as wild and chaotic as the city of Matuga and beyond. With no set trade or means of commerce, trading is the primary language of money. Trade ships that run abreast the reefs and are torn asunder often gift the island with treasures and more. It is rumored that hundreds of years ago, a ship from the Arcane East that carried valuable dragon eggs made their way to the sands and through the dry season's bush fires gave birth to the diverse species that thrive on the island today. Those fortunate enough to find wrecked treasure may find themselves lording over the other. But they are often wary and suspicious, as privateers are a persistent and consistent presence in the city, for better or for worse.


grey?text=Import grey?text=Import 2


Landmarks and Monuments

The City of Matuga

A city of two facets, Matuga is both the best and the worst of mankind. From settlers to hired hands, the city has carved a lifestyle for itself that on some days is slow and steady – and other days chaotic and destitute. Some parts of the city are safe, but when the sun sets, the debauchery emerges and all manner of hedonism reigns.

The Virgin Bride tavern

A rickety shack made from the bones of wrecked ships, the Virgin Bride is the most popular tavern in Matuga. Although it consistently reeks of the ocean and the filth of the island, its clientele remain ever-faithful. It's the ideal place to recruit for a crew or to settle old scores with enemies. Learn the secrets of the island and seek adventure. Carve your name on the wall along with countless others to show your patronage.

The Santado Wildlife Reserve and Conservation

Perhaps the most dangerous part of the island, many of Genesaris' most feriocious dragon breeds and exotic wildlife roam and thrive here. You may tour with a guide or adventure through solo. Beware the Vilego Reef and its graveyard of ships. Scale the White Mountains, named for their snow-capped peaks and walk along the Zaddabar Crags. Survive the Conchu Jungle and the Rotting Swamp. Stalk your prey through the Jamba Plains, across Qari desert all the way to the shores of Nasto Bay and beyond. If hunting is not your forte, some species on the mainland need help thriving. Capture what you can and bring them to the Conservation center for potential breeding. Either way, your efforts will be richly rewarded.



City of Matuga


The Virgin Bride Tavern

grey?text=Popular setting

Santado Wildlife Reserve



Local Government

Privateer's Union: This motley council help oversee the trade routes of the island, as well as what vessels to poach from, steal, or sink. They translate and govern the dizzying number of crews as well as the loose and ever-changing ethics of the pirating world. These former captains of renown serve as intermediaries between crews on the open water and the island's citizens. More often than not, they gauge and negotiate against potential allies and threats to Santado both local and abroad.

Current Union Roster:

  • Is it you?
  • Or maybe you?
  • Surely it is you?
  • Or you and you and you?

Education on the island is sparse, but settlers from the mainland are almost always educated and share their knowledge where they can. Still, it is not always welcome due to varying opinions on who should or shouldn't be educated. Every annual visit from Hyperion is met with civility, but educational resources are often abandoned or frowned upon. Still, freedom to learn is there and the resources available if one knows where to look. There are many scientists and zoologists that work at the Wildlife Preserve who stay up to date on their research.


Ships: Sailing is the most common method of transportation second to walking. From kayaks, canoes, dinghy, frigate and galleon. You're no one without a ship. With no landing strip, airships are prohibited. You come by sea, you leave by sea. 

Mounts: Straying from the coast and venturing further inland often requires a tamed mount. There are many to choose from; Horses, Braix and Wyverns to name a few.

Notable Residence

Perhaps It's You?

A home on this adventurous island would be nice, no? See the Quest Center to find out how you can thrive here.



Your Adventures: Make your mark in history here.

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