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I have no idea either! I will say the site rewards social collaboration and doesn’t reward arrogance or egomania (that I know of!) so your mileage is likely to vary in direct ratio to how engaging your characters and premises can be for your partners. But there’s plenty to do and see around these parts and hopefully you find something for you 

Welcome aboard! 

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13 hours ago, paruresisin said:

Yo, so my name is James, Jams, Jamie. I don’t really give a fuck. I’m 19 and currently trying to figure out if this site is good. Like, up to my standards good.

Can I find good rp partners here? No idea.

Welcome to Valucre!

To add on to what supernal said- what is "good" tends to be relative and I have no idea what your standards are, but for me good is engaging plots and fantastic, responsive writers and plenty of collaboration. There's plenty of those on Valucre, and generally this site has something for everyone – one-liner posters, 1k-word posters, the technical writers and those who wax poetic, slice-of-lifers, epic-battle-writers, etc. etc.

Seek and you will find, fam.

As a side note your intro immediately made me think of the Jared, 19 vine lol

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