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The People of Erenia

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Erenia is a pastoral society built around the ideals of harmony with all races and religions. Gods, magic, goblins, orcs, elves, drows, and essentially anything which moves co-exist in harmony within the borders of Erenia. Children are brought up with a mindset of “expect anything” and “you don’t know what’s possible”. To citizens and foreigners alike, Erenia is a kingdom of possibility, and it’s people are firm believers that through hard work, collaboration and luck, even the most improbable of aspirations can be achieved. The Erenian lower class consists mostly of farmers, while the upper class consists largely of scholars, academics and businessmen.


Republic of Bulgaria

An ally to the Kingdom of Erenia, the Bulgarians are a fierce race of highly efficient working people who believe strongly in the ideals of communism, moral education and religious unity. Their relationship with Erenia has fluctuated, at best being close allies in both maritime and war, at worst outright enemies on opposite sides of the battlefield. However, an intimate story ties the figures of the Erenian and Bulgarian courts together, intertwining both their fates and histories. Without Bulgaria, there would be no Erenia.

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Notable Figures


Minori Derivative

Child Queen Minori Derivative was in power ever since she was ten. Love, betrayal, hardship, manipulation and war have turned her into a powerful leader. Only merely age twenty, she is an inspiration to many and has consolidated her rule over the vast territories which she has inherited from her family. She is the bearer of the curse of death. Her expected life span is thirty years.

Do not be fooled by Minori’s careless and childish nature. Deep within, she suppresses a frightening power which she cannot control. If unleashed, the creature evolved will devastate everything that moves without mercy or restraint. May I remind you that she is a Minor God. Her power cannot be compared to that of what mortals wield, not even my own. If I were to have to choose between her and Ikue, I would rather fight Ikue. At least Ikue is predictable.

- Addison

Played by: @Mackenzie Rose


Prospect Derivative

Prospect of Weskiin is the King of Erenia. Little is known about him, except that he is a foreigner. Prospect is childlike in demeanour, hardly ever demonstrating maturity or thought in anything he says. He is an adventurer and is curious of all things. However, Prospect is no fool. Below a facade of incompetence, the King of Erenia possesses tremendous wit and intelligence, both of which have surfaced when he was angered. Prospect is actually extremely wise, and is a trusted confidant of Minori’s. He excels in conducting himself during diplomatic relations and securing strong deals for his country.

Played by: Exulansis



Captain Gauen of the Erenian Queensguard is a man shrouded in mystery. Many claim that he was once an infamous terrorist that fought against the Kingdom of Erenia, but that the Queen’s shrewd and genuine counsel had led him to reconsider his allegiances. Gauen is cruel, loyal and highly efficient in carrying out tasks. He possessed a rivalry with Erenian Master Knight Addison Ayora when she was in service to the Queen. Currently, Gauen stands by his Queen unquestioningly. In his free time, he investigates claims of resurgences of his old mercenary group, “The Order”.

Played by: @MaskedHero



Araxie, otherwise known as the Lord of the Elven King’s Axe, is an elven Champion and friend of Minori. She serves in the Erenian Royal Court as commander of the army and frequently counsels Minori regarding country affairs.

Played by: @HeeHooAraxie69



Ruler and Patron God of Bulgarian, Khan Asparuh is rumoured to be an omnipotent being. Patriotic, poor-tempered and highly impatient, Khan is a double edged sword that when worked with well, has culminated in prosperity. However, one should not underestimate nor dismiss the wrath of Khan. He and his people have displayed great offense to slights directed at their country, waging war without hesitation on several such instances. He is said to be the incarnation of the famous Bulgarian Hero Asparuh of Bulgaria, who defeated Constantine in the year 680.

Character Sheet: Khan Asparuh

Played by: @Agent Knockout



Ikue, Goddess of the Ninth Weskiinian Hell, is a close friend of Araxie’s and Minori’s. Ikue is an immeasurably powerful being, her capabilities far beyond those of even the Archdevils and rivalling that of the Fates. However, taking up the mantle of “Goddess” came with a great cost. Ikue is unable to affect the mortal world. The laws of reality prevent her from doing anything to change the state of what she sees, even if she has the intent or desire to. The demons she commands obey her every instruction unless they involve inflicting direct or indirect change on the mortal world. The only time Ikue is able to act is if someone explicitly attempts to harm her directly, upon which she is able to make direct attempts on said person’s life and claim their soul as a prize. In spite of all her power, she is not all powerful. She can be harmed and killed by weapons made before her time and existence. Her power also dwindles if she does not consume food. Ikue currently serves as a speaker of the Erenian Royal Court, and is Minori’s primary intimidation tool.

Played by: @WarCrimes



Yot, the Queensfather is a retired traveler and adventurer. He is Minori's adoptive father, but is not married to Syn. In his younger days, Yot was a fearsome warrior, wielding a mace of unknown material known only as “Yot’s mace”. He fought bravely and selflessly for the Kingdom which his daughter, Minori had forged for her family. He is a frightening sight, always being cloaked fully in a thick set of cyan blue plate armor, his signature appearance. In combat, his eyes emanate light, a warning and foreboding of the threat to which this individual poses.

Played by: Yotamz



Syn the Soulsmith is the surrogate mother of Minori. After her soul was bound to Yot, she has lived unhappily with her ‘husband’ for many years, spending weeks away from the family to explore the world. Syn is a kind and doting woman, caring deeply for Minori and having taught her values and morality whilst Yot taught her how to decapitate another human being with a meat cleaver.

Played by: @Emm


Addison Ayora

Erenian Master Knight Addison Ayora served in the Queensguard for a period of six years. She was the Queen’s Champion, taking on bouts of single combat to fight for her Queen’s honour. In her time of service, Addison had never lost any of the duels which she had participated in, always ending in either a win or a draw.

Character Sheet: Addison

Played by: @Phoebe



Easilian Paladin Ark, now self titled “The Fallen Knight”, was a Junior Knight under the training of Addison. Contrary to her position, Ark was as formidable as her mentor, if not even more powerful in terms of raw strength and ruthlessness. What Ark sought to learn from her was her morality; chivalry and the ideals of Knighthood. The story of how Addison and Ark met is known by few. But to those that do, they warn others not to test the bonds between Ark and her beloved Master Knight.


Played by: Arc


Kris Asparuh

Heir to the throne of Bulgaria, playboy/genius Kris Asparuh is a highly intelligent and highly manipulative individual. He is the cause for great tension between the Bulgarian and Erenian Kingdoms due to exploits of lust in his younger days. However, the now older Kris has put his intellectual gifts to use, developing weapons and agricultural technology to enhance the productivity of his country.

Played by: @Agent Knockout



Richard is the bastard son of Fouryuin - a weskiinian god. His circumstances growing up are unknown, but at one point enlisted with the weskinian military to fight the war against Necare during the War of the Gods. He was the only survivor of the massacre of his brigade, and as a result suffers from PTSD. After the war, he was discharged and co-founded a guild with Terrel and Microth, eventually adding Ikue to their ranks. In an effort to defeat the elder god Malum however, many members of the guild had sacrificed themselves in order to defeat him, causing his trauma to resurface. Richard disbanded the guild and suck into an alcohol addiction, earning his keep by being a sellsword. As a sellsword, he worked for a far off kingdom named Fisa, eventually becoming the Captain of the Guard, and, while on a diplomatic mission, was shipwrecked in Erenia. Assumed to be dead in Fisa, he integrated himself into Erenian society, using Ikue and Prospect - two close friends who coincidentally happened to be in Erenia at the time, an incident that Richard attributes to fate. Although he technically isn't employed by Erenia, he acts as Prospect's bodyguard at high-profile diplomatic events. Richard is commonly seen in the same set of armour, often with red accents and with a crown motif. He has the powerful ability to be able to manipulate reality itself, but it's extremely exhausting and requires the user to know exactly what they're doing. He also wields a blade named the Noctis, inherited from Microth and blessed upon him after the second and final defeat of Malum.

Played by: @Xoco


Evelynn Nightmoor

Evelynn of House Nightmoor is a skilled witch hailing from another dimension. She has mastered the ability to open and manipulate portals between her world and Universe-404. She is a member of the Erenian Royal Court and serves as a consultant for scientific affairs. Self titled “Doctor Evelynn”, she takes great interest in conducting research on known fields of science and expanding her knowledge on the inner-workings of the world around her.

Played by: @Evelynn Serana Nightmoor


Red Harpher

Red Harpher is a tentacle monster of unknown origin. He possesses a human form and makes use of emotion suppressing medication to avoid his violent and bloodlusting tendencies. Harpher is an advisor of the Queen and a close friend of Yot and Khan. However, there was a recent event in which Harpher had deprived himself of his pills and went on a bloodlust. He killed a Prometheun soldier and sought the life of his ally, Addison Ayora. When he was finally subdued, he had left a trail of blood so thick that those around him were pressed hard to forgive him. During his eventual reformation through the regenerative properties of his tentacles, he was accepted begrudgingly back into society, on the promise that he would take his pills regularly.

Played by: Janshai


Sakano Von Versailles

Sakano Von Versailles is a Bulgarian General. He is infamously known for having lost the battle on the Erenian Front during the Coalition-SSU War of 1860.

Played by: @Sakano

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