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The People of Alpha

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Originally a small coastal settlement, Alpha developed to become the greatest naval power that Universe-404 had ever seen. They had a mighty unrivaled armada, built to conquer a domain which man had yet to take any serious steps in even considering as a means of trade and invasion. The famed Alphen fleet went down in history as the first fleet of the world, and the most powerful one of its time. The Alphens were governed under a system of monarchy, led by a royal court and a Queen. It was a highly militaristic state, most key positions in the government being occupied by military leaders in the Alphen army and navy. It's people lived off of the land, or the sea for that matter, relying on advanced fishing technologies and coastal agriculture to bring in large amounts of trade and income. Alpha was also renowned for its major influence in the "purple dye era", during which artificial coloring began to rise in value on the consumer market. With its powerful economy and unparalleled military might, the nation of Alpha was without a doubt, the greatest world superpower of its time until it fell to inner corruption.

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Notable Characters



King Joel of Alpha was but a lowly soldier in the Alphen and Atlesian military before his abrupt and shocking succession. Many claimed his rule to have simply come about by being at the right place at the right time during a major power vacuum. Joel was well known for developing the ideals of discipline amid military ranks when the concept of a formal and organised military built around teamwork and cohesion was first seen being employed by major powers. He was later assassinated by Admiral Angel via poisoned wine.

Played by: Jaegar



Alphen Queen Rae was the unwillingly wed wife of King Joel. After his death, she became the sole face of Alpha, taking great pride in her management of the military and educational sectors of her country. As a coping mechanism for depression, she began to flirt with the castle guards and other men, often joking about sleeping with the whole army. Saki and Rae were close friends and took care of each other. When Angel burnt down the capitol, Rae fled. Her current whereabouts are unknown to most, but those that know of them only say that she wishes to forget her past and return to a quiet life as a commoner.

Played by: RatBae



Admiral Angel of the Alphen navy was the foreman and face of the nation. As right hand man of the Queen and close colleague of Jack Howard, Angel oversaw the development and fruition of the Alphen Navy, leading it gloriously into battle on several accounts. Angel was without a doubt one of the best naval commanders the world had ever seen. However, his greed and treachery led to the fall of the nation. When his lust for power overcame him, leading to the slaughter of King Joel of Alpha, he began to cast aside all of his close friends and allies, leaving him hopelessly alone. Eventually, when he had lost everything, Angel burnt down the capitol of Alpha, killing himself and thousands of civilians in the blaze that devoured their nation and returned it to the ashes.

Played by: Angelpap100YT


Jack Howard

Grand Admiral Jack Howard, stylised as the Defender of the Seas and the Worldly Admiral, was once a humble Alphen sailor under the tutorship of his father, Richard Howard. He had a gifted mind from birth, able to conceptualize and engineer the first stirrings of modern technology. Developer and creator of the famous Wolf Class Battleship and the WCTP Battleship, Howard was the true inspiration and pushing force behind the mighty Alphen Navy. When he defected to the nation of Atlas following the death of King Joel and the betrayal of Admiral Angel, the entire Alphen Navy defected with him. After the fall of Atlas, the newly created Atlesian Navy joined him in the search for a new home. Howard is an unparalleled naval commander, and is well versed in economics and maritime trade. He was responsible for the start of the "Purple Dye Trade", and invested heavily into dye stocks, leading to his later acquisition of vast wealth. Howard was also responsible for the invention of the printing press, the typewriter, and development of radio and Morse code.

Character Sheet: Jack Howard

Played by: @Jack Howard


Karl von Mansfeld

Military Advisor Karl von Mansfeld was the land based General of the Alphen Army. Well versed in tactics and land combat, Mansfeld is a military asset to any organisation requiring a strategist or an advisor. He defected with Jack Howard to Atlas and helped the Atlesian Army to discipline its soldiers by implementing Alphen drills and regimental military culture.

Played by: robrobin33


Irryn Hale

Ensign Irryn Hale of Alpha has led the long and tumultuous journey of a soldier. He began at a lowly rank and gradually rose to become and officer. But to Irryn, he had greater dreams beyond that of a stable career. When Alpha fell, he relished in newfound opportunities, taking advantage of the power vacuum in Atlas to become a Captain. Many criticized his quiet nature, deeming him too insociable to be a leader. However, few knew that with Irryn's silence, he was not merely mulling in his own thoughts. He was thriving in his daydreams, contemplating the very nature of reality and existence. Irryn is one of the greatest mathematical minds in the world, his calculations sharp, precise and quick. It was not until he was hired by Bastion City's Lady Addison that his full talent was realised and put to use as her Kommandant and Maritime Administrator.

Character Sheet: Irryn Hale

Played by: @Peter


Saki Shiromi

Head Maid Saki‘a cheerful innocence bears a quiet tragedy and an untold tale. Although she was always quietly working in the background, Saki has followed the course of history as far back as to the origins of Alpha. There was once a time when Saki Shiromi was not only Head Maid of Alpha, but the wife of esteemed Admiral Angel. As Angel delved into his hunger for power, the people around him were affected, and Saki most. She began to see the cruel and callous side of him, before finally committing to a divorce when she could no longer recognise the man which she had once loved. Saki later watched as Angel burned down the capital of Alpha, killing himself and thousands of its inhabitants. That was the day Alpha fell.

Subsequently, Saki fled to Atlas with her close friend, Ensign Irryn. The pair took up work in Herograd, with Irryn working for his long standing superior, Jack Howard, and Saki working as the Head Maid of Herograd castle. Life proceeded quickly, and soon, the ashes of Alpha faded away into distant memory. And then, tragedy.

In a surprise turn of events, Atlas was overrun overnight by tree creatures. No one knew where the attackers had come from, but by the time anyone was able to react, it was far too late. Buildings were toppled and razed to ashes. Irryn was barely able to rescue Saki from the crumbling remains of the Herograd underground. Beyond her cheerful persona, Saki had witnessed not one, but two powerful empires crumbling to ashes before her very eyes. She now stays in the Final Bastion as an esteemed maid, where Irryn watches over her quietly to ensure that she does not get herself into trouble.

Played by: sakishiro_

Edited by Phoebe

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