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The People of Atlas

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The Atlesian Empire was the world's greatest superpower after the fall of Alpha. All along, it had possessed vast military might in the form of raw soldier quantity. Atlas was a military dictatorship, ruled through strength and power. The government was consolidated by executing corrupt politicians, determined by a detailed and strict constitution. Atlas birthed many heroes which contributed greatly to the stability of the world. During its reign as the foremost superpower, Atlas was a beacon of hope and strength to the good and just. It sought to bring about world peace, but it wasn't afraid to wage war to do so. With its powerful technology, military and economic engines fueled by the remnants of the Alphen advisors and fleet, Atlas was an unshakable power, whose might could not be compared to any other nation on the planet.

Positioned slightly above the Northern hemisphere, Atlas was a cold country, it’s rough climate toughening its people to a life of hardship. Almost 6% of its population served in either the famed Marine Corps, or the newly opened Alpine Corps.


Important Changes

- Atlas has transformed from a dictatorship into a democracy in light of a loss of popularity in it's ruler, Esstevan Montoya.

- Atlas has fallen. A continent wide reality shift has caused the entire country to be shifted into a different plane of existence, leaving millions stranded and starving. Those who were unable to find shelter were killed by throngs of flaming treant creatures which arrived from the alternate plane.

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Notable Individuals


Esstevan Montoya

Revered as one of the greatest men the world had ever birthed, Chancellor/Field Marshal Esstevan Montoya, stylized as "The Hero", was the dictator of Atlas for a long period of time, before he stepped down and led the army. Esstevan was an inspiration and powerful orator, capable of rallying men to his cause with strong rhetoric and authentic belief in his own words. Unlike many manipulators of his time, Esstevan needed no lies to convey his truth. He was a fearless general, fighting at the front lines in the most dangerous location on the battlefield alongside his men. He led by example, embodying the core values of an officer and a leader. His presence in Atlas was so strong that even after his retirement from the office of Chancellor, most men and women in the country continued to worship him like a god. And in spite of all of it, he remained humble, always focused on his work and aiming to create a safe society for his people to live in. When he was pronounced dead during the fall of Atlas, his whole country, his friends, his family, and the world mourned at once at the loss of a great man.

Played by: @Heroshima_


Anna Star

The widow of Esstevan, Anna was but a humble baker in Atlas. She was famous for her cookies which were said to be the undisputed best in the world. She currently lives with her son, Greyson Montoya, whom she is raising to live in the image of his father. Anna is a kind and simple woman. She seeks to live the rest of her lonely life making cookies and spreading what little joy that she has left in the wake of her husband's death.

Played by: @PrettyCuteAnna


Camelot Koven

Field Marshal Camelot Koven was an esteemed member of the Atlesian Marine Corps. Known affectionately by her close friends as "Cam", she was instrumental in assisting Esstevan in the consolidation of his rule. She was the founder of Atlesian mining capitol, Estrella. Koven proceeded to participate in many battles, including the raid on the Blackstone Legion Fortress, and the Coalition-SSU War of 1860. However, during the latter battle, she stepped on the melted hand of a fallen Atlesian soldier, his mushy flesh sticking to her boot. The subsequent trauma caused by the disturbing sight caused Koven to develop a drinking addiction. Two years later, she passed away of alcohol overdose.

Played by: Camikaze_


Johnathan Fitzgerald

Chancellor Johnathan Fitzgerald was the ruler of Atlas after the resignation of Esstevan Montoya. Fitzgerald was known to be somewhat of a vain man, but was nonetheless an effective peacekeeper. He was known for implementing policies which led to changes in the constitution, moving Atlas away from its dictatorial roots and onward to democracy.

Played by: @Heroshima_


Ryder Hawk

Field General Ryder Hawk was arguably Atlas' most famous soldier. During his time of service, he formed a close bond with Erenian Master Knight Addison Ayora during the Atlesian-Erenian coalition interactions. He proceeded to play a major role in the fight against dangerous individuals who threatened to upset the stability of the world. Hawk was responsible for leading the mission that led to the execution of the dangerous terrorist known as "Soloman". He also participated in the hunt for Red Harpher, who was also subsequently dispatched. In his years of service, he also fought in the raid on the Blackstone Legion, War of the Zones, the Shiromori conflict and the SSK war. Currently, Hawk is on an active search to slay the terrorist known as "The Duck", as well as to locate his lost comrade, Esstevan Montoya, in hopes that he might somehow still be alive against all odds. 

Played by: @Hawk


Atwood Nak

Colonel Atwood Nak was a quiet but efficient soldier, many claiming that he was once Atlas' most deadly firearm combatant. However, time hadn't been kind to him, and the strain of constant battle began to bear down on him. Nak underwent a phase of depression, during which few could help him as he wasn't well understood by his allies. To them, Nak was a soldier, an efficient killing machine and nothing more. Shortly, Nak died all alone on a tower, surrounded by old enemies whom had been tracking him for months.

Played by: @AtwoodNak


Matthias Houghton

Colonel Matthias Houghton was a renowned high ranking officer in the Atlesian Marine Corps. He was known for his use of unconventional weaponry, including boomerangs, dynamite, and horses. Indeed, Houghton rode a horse and he was bloody good at it. In spite of his seeming simplicity, his past was shrouded in contempt. He was the heir of a small Kingdom known as Viendra, which he refused to return home to lead. Known for his childish quirks, it seemed that the fall of Atlas and founding of Bastion City caused Houghton to take on a greater sense of maturity. He began to brood, taking greater interest in affairs that revolved around his country home. As the world seemed bleaker and bleaker, Houghton began to open his eyes to the reality of the world and his place in it.

Played by: DarkBlayde


Ewyer Nacht

Council Member and previously Lieutenant Ewyer Nacht was a veteran soldier in the Atlesian Marine Corps. He fought in the Battle of the Zones and nearly every operation which Atlas had ever been involved in. Nacht was one of Atlas' longest standing soldiers and a close confidant of its ruler, Esstevan. During the Atlesian-Erenian coalition interactions, he met his future wife, Addison Ayora. The two continued to pursue a flowering romance, which led to their eventual marriage. Aside from having taken an interest in political power and defense of his country, Ewyer is also a businessman. He has opened several blacksmiths across various countries and has entirely monopolized his market by making use of his vast wealth to purchase competitors out of having a place. In his free time, Ewyer is an inventor, making use of a technology known as "soul gems" to tinker with the combustion reaction.

Character Sheet: The Librairium of I

Played by: @HellstenNacht


Delilah Dauntless

Delilah Dauntless started her career in Atlas, for after the great burning of the Atlas orphanage, the pamphlet she published to the citizens sparked her writing career. She held the Atlas Post dear, but after the burning and destruction of Atlas, she let it go to use her gifts to continue her research and end her hated foes, the elves.

Played by: Kat_Claws


Kiyome Estrella

Lieutenant Kiyome Estrella was a skilled medic in the service of the Atlesian Marine Corps. In a time where life saving skills were scarce, Kiyome was a godsend, bringing many soldiers back from the brink of death. She is currently dating Marshal Ryder Hawk and lives with him in an apartment in Bastion City. The two have plans to be wed among friends and family. Kiyome has a daughter, Aurora Victoria Hawk.

Played by: Kiiyome


Flynn Keter

Corporal Flynn Keter was the Governor of Prometheus, and a legendary soldier during the Battle of the Zones and the raid on the Blackstone Legion Fortress, during which he singlehandedly persuaded the leader to surrender without a fight. Keter was a famous soldier who was known for his skill with firearms, his bravery, his dogged loyalty to his country, and his defiance of the rules. Keter was demoted a total of three times during his time of service. In spite of this, he was widely respected by fellow soldiers for his courage in battle and wise albeit unconventional views. Keter was a realist, who was willing to go to any means to keep his country safe. During the reign of Soloman, he engaged the terrorist in a one-on-one battle, before finally being put to rest by a bullet to the chest.

Played by: KindOfEuclidean_


Elliot Attermat

Sergeant Elliot Attermat was the Governor of the Nerridean Isles, having been promoted for his exceptional work as a guardian of Herograd's (Capitol of Atlas) library. Recently, he has retired from his post and taken up work as a librarian in Grandia. He has a sister called Lilith, whom later married Alec Vaughn.

Played by: Juice


Alvaro Baretto

Corporal Alvaro Baretto was a soldier from the early days of Montoya's rule. He was known for wielding a sentient hatchet, which bound his life force to the weapon. In an invasion by Ashen Knights, Baretto was slain after being left without medical aid for a long period of time when he was impaled through the chest. Recently, Baretto had been returned to life by means of his hatchet. He currently wanders the world, searching for his close friend, Flynn Keter.

Played by: PortuguesePizza


Red Warden

Sergeant Red Warden was another medic in the service of the Atlesian Marine Corps, though his skill with first aid was questionable at best. He is an immortal, his soul cursed to continuously return back to the mortal world after death. Nobody knows how old Warden is, though he has claimed that he is so old that he has long forgotten the number of millennia for which he has existed for. Warden is the husband of New Gallian Governor Luca Valentine. During their relationship, he had been killed twice, leaving her alone without a husband. Currently, he is dead.

Played by: Operator Bugman


Alec Vaughn

Lieutenant Alec Vaughn is the brother of Colonel Matthias Houghton. The two are close, Vaughn being the more introverted of the two brothers. He was married to Lilith Attermat, until their untimely divorce. Due to past battles and a sense of purposelessness, Vaughn suffered from PTSD. After the fall of Atlas, he committed suicide, feeling no point in continuing his existence in the world of the living.

Played by: @Alec Vaughn








Soloman Raven

Soloman Raven was an infamous terrorist in the country of Atlas. He was made known for his repeated attacks on the Herograd (Capitol of Atlas) castle and the murder of Olivia Knight. He also made several attempts on the life of Council Member Ewyer Nacht, whom barely scraped through to outlive the terrifying villain. Soloman is a reality bender, his body forming the gateway between an alternate horror world in which no one has been known to have survived. He is a tortured man, constantly in agony from his curse and unable to end his own life. During his reign of terror, Soloman showed brief moments of humanity when he managed to regain control over his senses. No one knew how to feel when he was finally put to rest in his own manor through a combined raid effort by both Erenian and Atlesian heroes.

Played by: @FunOnTheBun

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