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The People of Gallia

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Gallia was a kingdom of art, elegance, and the first stirrings of flight technology in a world that was bound to land and sea. It was famous for its delicious food, artistic talents, and opportunity for businesses to flourish. The Gallian/Gallican population was known for being the wealthiest in the world, possessing massive pools of natural resources, goods, and a powerful internal trading economy. Migrants from all over the world flocked to Gallia to seek a wider market for their businesses. Eventually, Gallia became the last standing superpower in the world, dwarfing even the Atlesian Port City of Acheron in its functionality as a trading hub. The Gallians/Gallicans are an artistic race of people, long having valued the study and development of culinary, aesthetic, and architectural sophistication.



The trading city of Aphrystia is the home of the Gallian navy. Great economic prosperity and powerful military might have contributed to the power and dominance of Duke Luxbourg, allowing him a great degree of control over the Gallian government. Aphrystia is the centre of foreign politics, most countries conducting diplomacy directly at Luxbourg’s home state. Aphrystia contains mostly humans and some halflings.






Rheya is the capital of Gallia. Meetings are held yearly at the extended Winter Solstice Celebrations. Home to the main bulk of the Gallia army and office of many powerful politicians, Rheya serves as the figurehead from which the rest of the empire of Gallia follows in suit. The population of Rheya largely consists of humans and elves, most of the upper to middle class, all highly educated and well versed in theory of magic.

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Notable Individuals


Nate Luxbourg

Veteran Nate Luxbourg, titled Duke, was the chairman of education of Gallia He demonstrated his immense leadership qualities and was the most powerful and popular electoral candidate. Nate was forced to the Duke title by Heartbright's wishes as there was still 1 more year of his term which Nate continues to the present day. The man is an expert in science (medical) and education - being the former principal of the best school in Gallia. Nate visited Rheyan even before he became Prime Minister, he had fell in love with the place and maybe some "other things".

Played by: Geekzzy


Luna Raven

Duchess Luna Raven was a renowned bartender in the Gallian City of Rheya. She became very well known and saw that her close friend Koralee Clause was struggling with running the nation after her fiance and the royal deaths, as well as those of many of her fellow soldiers. Luna came to power mainly as a means to help Kora, though her ignorance soon became evident. During those years she and Jackson Heartbright fell for one another, soon becoming engaged. Luna eventually became a great ruler and leader for Rheya alongside Nate Luxbourg and Tozwad Willow.

Played by: Luna_Raven


Tozwad Willow

The Chaotic Tozwad Willow was the Duke of Symmatius. He inherited power in Gallia through his important position back in his country, forming a tripartite rulership with fellow Duke and Duchess Nate and Luna. Symmatius was a rather barbaric land, filled with riches beyond anyone's desire, Tozwad had came to power in Symmatius from the Barbaars festival, where 3 powerful leaders of the divided nation fought for the throne to the death.

Played by: @Tozwad


Lucas Clause

Lucas Clause was a commendable soldier of the Gallian military, his character shaping him into a reliable and ambitious leader. He was comforting yet protective, contrasted with his unforgiving nature revealed in the midst of battle. He was a man of genuinity, never one to refrain from cracking jokes, and never one to hold back attempts in pursuing life's highest passions. Clause was a former military commander in Rheya from 1846-1849, his term ending due to his tragic death during the Battle of the Miroir brisé. Upon his death, the commander left behind a wedlock shared between him and his partner, Koralee Clause, as well as young Ethan Clause, the son he was never granted the chance to watch grow up.

Played by: @kriistiinii


Koralee Clause

Senator Koralee Clause is the widow of Commander Lucas Clause of the Gallian army. She is a strong willed woman with a powerful moral compass. She cares deeply about the wellbeing of her fellow citizens and goes out of her way to ensure it is achieved. It has been a full decade since the death of Commander Lucas Clause. Kora still misses him dearly, but she has remained strong for the people around her, carrying on in his legacy to fulfill the work and mission which he had once set out to complete. Kora became the Duchess of Rheya during the Depression as she was the highest ranked living military operative in Rheya and one of the last soldiers from the history of the 13th Defence Division as majority fled. Kora began the great expansion of the Gallian Military which soon lead to the opening of the old mines that had been overrun by bounty hunters. Koralee Clause became one of the most powerful women in Rheyan History. During an unknown event, Kora was augmented with cybernetic body parts. Most of her bones and organs are mechanical in nature. She is essentially the world's first cyborg in Universe-404.

Played by: @kriistiinii


Luca Valentine

New Gallia Governor Luca Valentine has not always enjoyed the agency and independence which she desired. A long time ago, she was merely a Defense Lieutenant under Captain Koralee Clause (The rankings were reduced down to Captain being the highest until the military reflurished), during which she learnt discipline, tenacity and rigour, a far cry from her childhood as a pampered royal. Luca soon became distant from Rheya as she was commissioned into the colony of New Gallia soon being appointed as Governess for the first 4 years which was agreed upon in the Independency Treaty - stating that "For the first four years of New Gallia's semi-indepence, a Lieutenant or above shall overlook the nation as Governor". It is still unknown if Luca will stay in power as it turns to its 4th year.

Character Sheet: Lucinda Valentine

Played by: @Lucinda Valentine


Callum Alfren



Jackson Heartbright

Prussian-born former Bounty Hunter Jackson Heartbright became a General in the Gallian/Gallican military and rose to become one of its most prominent generals. He brokered the deal between Atlas and Gallia to encourage international trading. Jackson, known colloquially as “Jax”, later became a Commander, co running with Commander Koralee Clause and founding the Royal Elites to stop the conflicts of the Depression to ever reoccur again. As Rheya became safer and when Gallia was created, Jax sought to aid Aphrystia, soon becoming Duke after the death of Sir Steel (founder of Gallia). In the first 5 years, Jax stepped down due to "Private Matters" which soon lead him to attempted suicide which he miraculously survived. He is running the military from Nirvanna (the military capital of Gallia) 

Played by: Geekzzy


Lance Galaxus

Lance Galaxus is the foster son of Kommandant Koralee Clause and the disciple of Master Knight Addison Nacht. He is an aquamancer and aspiring hero, seeking to follow in the footsteps of both his parental figures.

Played by: @DaiPie


Wren Locke

Wren Locke is a young Atlesian-blooded woman who has spent her life juggling various aspirations. She was born and raised in Herograd for most of her childhood by her parents, both skilled in medical practice. She was dragged into their shoes, entering into a life of medicine. The pink-haired girl enjoys conversation and discussion, finding herself acquainted with new individuals every day. In addition to her free-spirited nature, she has a bright mind, motivated by her infinite curiousity and hunger for discovery. Wren's yearning quickly grew beyond the science of medicine, her interest in philosophy settling elsewhere than the mundane walls of an infirmiry. To the girl's dismay, her parents could not bear support a daughter spiralling in rebellion and wanderlust, thus she fled Herograd to pursue the ideas of her own mind. She found herself in Gallia, originally making coin through a medic's work. To her pleasant surprise, Gallian development industries shifted strongly into the areas of invention and research, to which she found herself finding new employment as Rheya's Head Researcher in the area of flight. Rumour has it that she developed the world’s first working aircraft.

Played by: @kriistiinii


Zale Tarkin

Zale Prometheus Tarkin: Gallian Engineer, Owner Of the Northern Isle trading company. Zale Tarkin A former leader of what was considered to be a terrorist nation soon was turned against by his own officers after seeming to be softened up by a woman by the name of Wren Locke. Although at first his conversation with her were purely a mans flirts Zale soon came to respect and be intrigued by the woman's intelligence. Quickly Zale fell head over heels for her, not wanting to spend time apart. This is what lead to his soon promising career with Gallia where he began to work on a new project of his titled T.I.T.A.N.

Played by: @TooColeForYou616


Olivia Knight

Miss Olivia was a famous Gallian/Gallican businesswoman. She owns wineries, tapestry companies, taverns and restaurants all over the world. She is arguably one of the most wealthy women in the world, and is the Godmother of Esstevan Montoya’s son, Grayson Montoya. She is also close friends with Kommandant Koralee Clause and Erenian Master Knight Addison. With her vast network of contacts, huge pools of resources, Olivia is a major influencers of the world economy.

Played by: @DistantArrow


Jayden Knight

Kidnapped and raised into a life of piracy, Jayden and his older sister Olivia learned to fend for themselves from a young age. When he turned 18, he broke away from the pirate crew and became a Marine in the Atlesian Marine Corps. Following the murder of his sister by the terrorist Soloman, he went into hiding and was never heard of again until Doctor Brighton resurrected his sister by means of sacrificing his own immorality, in which Jayden finally resurfaced to greet his sister and spend time with his nieces.

Played by: @DaiPie



A mild-mannered man, Brighton serves Rheya’s guard as Archcleric. He is equal parts mystic and physician, as his work has come to blend both supernatural and practical methods. Brighton’s research into medicinal spellbinding has afforded him a weighty position among his peers, eventually growing to spearhead medical operations in Gallia’s capital.

Born to vampiric lineage, Brighton once rejected the magick arts from which his blood was brewed. Following his brief alignment with a necromantic cult, he renounced the dark arts entirely, and pledged his life to healing and medicine. 

However, since the resurrection of his lover, Olivia Knight, through uncanny means, Brighton has come to better realize the nature of mystic arts. No longer viewing it through binary readings of good and evil, Brighton has concluded that sorcery, just as any other tool, is little more than a means to an end. 

“Think it light or dark, all magick is suffering; only its use is absolute.”

Played by: @Shanty



The Librarian of the Palace Library and the Public Library - one of which being one of the largest libraries in the world. She is a cheery and easily irritable woman, honest and often speaking her mind. Her past is unknown and not spoken of. She is a very powerful woman in the terms of her profitable research and control over the black market.

Played by: @Elle

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