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The sun was high, it was hotter than it had been in days. The salt seemed to stain the oxygen that lingered above the stagnant waters that carried the iron craft through them ever so slowly. It was like the slow burn of a candle, as the boat floated through out the sea. It had been days, without food or water. Blonde locks dangled in front of his face, tangled and matted. He was slowly starving to death. A fishing pole with a line cast off the side of his boat remained off the starboard section of the vessel. His clothes were tattered and torn, and his mind was delusional. Lost and transfixed on a life that he had left behind, and not by choice.

A storm had ripped his boat to shreds, and here he floated on what remained of the thing. Looking around, he saw it was nothing more than a raft really. Just parts of the boat he had managed to swim and gather after he woke up. Floating there on a piece of wood. He had found ropes and bound the debris together. He was hoping that someone would come for him, but eventually he gave up hope. It had been three days without food, he hadn't caught one damn fish. Dehydration was starting to set in, and hunger was driving him mad. Looking toward the horizon, he sighed heavily, What he would do to see Asclepius again, but she had cursed him for leaving on this venture out to sea. She had caught him sleeping with her sister, and it had crushed her needless to say, that he thought this cruise was just what the doctors had ordered.

Until he heard the crew screaming. The night was still very vivid in his mind, yet he had no clue how he had survived the crash. A hurricane had ripped the sea apart and torn his boat asunder. He had hit his head in the initial impact of the first wave. By all rights he should have drown, but he didn't somehow. He could remember the feeling of arms around him but as he awakened There was no one in site, Just the piece of decking he had been floating on. Starving and dying, he began to hallucinate about a woman. A woman with the torso of a human and the bottom half of what seemed to be a dolphin, the mythology would call her a mermaid but to the mind of Pollux he didn't know if she was real or not. Was she just a hallucination and did he honestly save himself? Guess he would never know. Looking off to the right. he saw something sticking out of the water, at least at first it started off small. But his boat was drifting toward it.

At least that's what he thought, but in honesty he was being pulled toward it. Meanwhile something was starting to arise from the ocean, at first it looked like an iron spike. Yet made of gold, and as his boat began to pick up speed. So did this strange obelisk, within moments other pillars began to protrude. Pollux gasped, his heart leaped into his throat, eyes widening and now he could feel his heart pounding there were it was lodged. He was choking from the dehydration, what was this? Was he this delusional; Could he possibly be making this up? His need, his urge to have something to feast on, something to drink building something this vivid. This real. Even the sea beneath of his floating rickety craft began to rise, and the ground that was beneath of him was made of gold. Everything sparkled and would glow in the vivid sun light. He stumbled off the boat and began to walk around this amazing city.

"This cant be real...." He whispered to himself as he explored this magnificent spectacle. Every thing was so unreal, the craftsmen ship alone was so surreal. He couldn't believe his eyes as he saw the buildings, the statues and the designs that were carved into each building that he passed. Everything seemed to be made of gold or silver, and as he made his way through the city he realized he was heading toward the center of it. Within the center seemed to be some sort of pyramid. No one was coming to rescue him, they all must of thought he died in the boat crash with the others that were on the cruise, he didn't know.  He wasn't sure what had caused this strange place to rise from the abyss, his mind was gone. And as he stumbled through the city, he thought he heard commotion behind him, but as he looked behind him and over his shoulder. There was nothing there.

This place was quickly turning from warm embracing air, to something eerie and grim. Sighing heavily he continued on toward the strange pyramid like thing in the center of the city. At this moment he felt as though he was being watched, but from where? He kept his eyes peeled, on the buildings that surrounded him. This place felt as though it had ghosts everywhere. His clothing started to whip about as the winds began to pick up. Then he thought about it, what if this strange place was to sink as fast as it had arisen?

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***The Hurricane***

The currents were rough as the storm raged on over the water, the surface choppy and dangerous, but beneath the waves was even more dangerous. The lightening striking the water was definitely something to watch for, depending on the strength of the bolt, depended on how much water became electrified. She had been just minding her own business under water when a rip current came out of nowhere and snatched her right off her path, sending her hurdling through the water, at the ocean's mercy. When she managed to free herself from the current, she found herself in dark waters, and turned her gaze upwards to find the bottom of a ship bearing down on her, and that it was so dark because she was underneath the blasted thing! Moving quickly, she turned, and gave her long, glorious, finned tail a powerful stroke as she moved her arms back and dove, the powerful thrust sending her shooting downwards as the bottom of the craft descended upon her in the watery abyss. 

Then it was lifted away from her again, she could feel the pull of the wave as it gained height and she whipped her tail harder, trying not to get sucked into the wave with the ship. She saw it capsize, then shatter as the wave crashed it's enormousity down upon the exposed side. She rolled with the wreckage and the bodies, the cargo and the wood. Her tail became tangled in a rope and she began to sink. Doubling over, she had to work fast, as a large wooden crate was sinking down fast right above her and her aqua teal colored fins were pinned to her tail. Just as she was about to be caught and pushed by the crate, she got the rope loosed from her tail and shot out of the way, just in time. 

And just like that, the sea calmed, and the storm began to break apart. She swam amidst the floating wreckage, mostly just to see satisfy her curiosity of survivors. Not that she cared, they were humans. And she was not so very fond of the cruel bastards. She found one, he was floating on his back on the surface, his blonde hair floating around his head in the water. Looking around, she saw a large chink of the side of the ship, and for some reason she couldnt figure out, she grabbed him under the arms and pulled him over to the makeshift raft. He was too heavy for her to lift over the edge of the wood, and looking down at him, she smirked. He was unconcious anyway. Using one hand, she firmly pinched the man's nose shut and promptly dove, speeding down to a depth of about thirty feet, she would have to be fast, he couldn't breathe under water like she could, and with a few powerful stroked of her her tail, the two shot back up through the water like a torpedo, gaining more speed with each stroke of her magnificent tail, until they broke the surface with an explosion of water, and she held tightly to him as she leaped out of the water, angling the jump to take them over the platform of wood, where she would drop him as she continued to sail through the air and dive back into the water on the other side. 

Coming back up again, her head cleared the water, and the sun broke through the clouds to light up hair the color of pure gold, and eyes that were as blue as the ocean, and just as shifting in color.  Looking out across the surface, she floated with the raft for a moment, then swam away, looking for a few items in particular. The rop that had entangled her, it was a good long rope. All the food he could eat had been destroyed in the storm, as well as any fresh water. She wasn't sure what this pole thing was, but she took it too. Well, he would have to make do with this. But first she needed to get him away from the wreck before the sharks came. Going under again, she used the rope and tied it off in a couple places before she took it and began pulling the raft away. Once clear, she untied the rope, and threw it over the side of the raft to lay next to the man. Retreating to what she thought to be a safe distance, she watched.

And now, three days later the poor bastard was still alive. He didn't know it, but she had remained with the raft, keeping watch over him from a distance when he was awake, or swimming right underneath the raft. She knew where they were headed, but wondered why it called to this man. She watched as his raft beached and he began to stagger around, heading for the center of town. What was he doing? They weren't going to like that..

Moving into the shallows, she pulled herself out of the water and onto the sand, where, after a few moments, her lower half changed and her tail split into a pair of legs. She stood, totally naked now, except for the shells she wore on her chest as a sort of bra like garment. Seeing a white cloth fluttering in a nearby window, she ripped it off it's rod and used it to cover herself in sort of like a togs, and used a short piece of rope to tie it close to her waist and stay. A few more steps and she would fall, hissing softly at herself. It had been quite some time since she had walked on land last, this was going to take a minute.  Getting back up, she looked up and made sure to note the time. By the same time tomorrow, she would have to return to the water, or be stuck with legs. She hated legs. They were weird, and didn't look very powerful, or feel very strong, in comparison with the strength of her tail.

Slowly, she followed him, watching. Then she felt it too, the pull, and she came out of the alley where she was watching him, about the same time the wind picked up and began to whip around him. There was something different about this one, she couldn't quite put a finger on it, but he was definitely an oddity. Cocking her head to the side, she made a noise that, to him, would sound like a dolphins whistles and clicks. When in actuality she said, 'hey, you!' that was going to be a problem. How was it one spoke human again? She had been forced to learn, many many years ago when she was very young. But she had long since forgotten most of it, having been alone and under the sea for so long that her only friends were fish. 

As soon as she spoke, there were people! She jumped to her left as they began to emerge from the houses and buildings around them and she bared her sharp, tiny fangs, hissing at them as they emerged and she crouched down slightly,  bringing her hands up before her in a defencive sort of way. She had no idea what she was doing, thats why you don't take a fish out of the damn water, oh don't panic don't panic... One of them would wave a hand at her, and she would drop, suddenly unconcious, but otherwise fine.

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A word that describes how the man felt as he stumbled through this awkward city. The ghosts of the past seemed to haunt his every step. He could practically hear their voices, and feel their eyes staring at the one who still had his body. This strange invader, from another land. He had come here, without purpose. However things were evolving and changing to the city, he noticed that the golden hues that illuminated the buildings were starting to age rapidly. A strange phenomenon would over take his mind, as one of the ghouls that haunted the place passed through him. Letting its memories linger just a bit too long.

A prophecy engulfed his mind. Showing him of a time in the distant past, where Atlantis didn't hide its presence from the rest of the world, a time where the Atlanteans and the Humans actually shared Gaia. But you know how mankind is, anything they don't understand, They destroy. It was all out war, the Atlanteans using what seemed to be technology far more advanced than what the humans of modern day used. Against what seemed to be magic? He was watching men, carrying strange gems chanting holding their hands outward launching flames. Projectiles that worked similar to missiles into flying chariots. Atlanteans were falling by the hundreds to lightning barrages. Sure their weapons were very spectacular; Working similar to the guns of the current mankind.

Only they didn't fire iron bullets, more like energy based weaponry. But the mages of humanity had encountered these weapons before. Or so it would seem, they had constructed barriers that would deflect the trajectories. The explosions that rocked the place seemed to leave gigantic scars amongst the Atlantean country side. Was this their legacy? What the man was witnessing? As much as he wanted to turn his head away from the requiem of tragedy. He watched on, as what seemed to be the general of the Atlateans stood among a hill top. Powering up a strange machine, and in the field stood a circle of mages, and their chants seemed to boom above the rest of the carnage that ensued. Their language was one that was unfamiliar to the ears of Pollux.

Suddenly everyone on the battle field started pointing toward the sky, the blue tent of the sky was eclipsed with what looked like sudden and horrifying blackness. A blanket of darkness had shrouded the light, the sun was no longer casting its heat. No, something was falling from the sky. It was big enough to annihilate the entire continent that they stood on, and in this moment, he looked down and his feet were covered in water. Looking around, he watched as the humans began to scream in fear and the Atlanteans began to roar with laughter. As if they knew what was happening, and that their victory was eminent.

Suddenly, he heard strange clicking and other noises. His mind was pulled out of the vision, and as if he was in another reality. He fell to a knee and shook his head. "What the fuck was that..?" He could hear his own voice escaping his vocal cords. Breathing heavily, he could see his breath. The flesh that opened and closed over emerald orbs widened. Stretching as if he couldn't believe what he was seeing. Looking up, he saw them. The first signs of life, several odd creatures were starting to emerge from the buildings. The creatures were tall, taller than any man he had seen. Even the short ones. He could tell which were males and which were females, the females had similar qualities as human women. Just a lot bigger, and the men too. Their skin was a strange bluish purple color.

Pollux would get back to his feet. Tilting his head, he looked toward the giant building. Something inside of it was still pulling him, beckoning him. It was at this moment that one of the creatures in front of him would point. The mans gaze would follow the direction that the creature wanted him to look, just in time for him to watch as one of the creatures ran its hand in front of the a strange human looking girl. Pollux took a couple steps in that direction. It was in that moment, that an explosion of orange and green light emitted from the ground and blew him off his feet. Tumbling head over heals backward, he rolled a couple of times. Planting his hand on the ground, he thrusted himself back up. Landing on his feet and sliding a litle. He recognized the explosion. It was one, like in the vision. Glancing over his shoulder, their seemed to be a whole barracks of the creatures holding strange looking guns.

A smirk crippled his facial expressions. He began to move forward again. Speaking loudly this time, "Let her go! I don't know what you guys are, or where any of you came from...But she doesn't look like shes here to harm anyone!" He started moving forward again, and the creatures behind him roared. "Catrgar!" Pollux looked baffled, as he hit the brakes. "Do what?" He spoke again, and after a few moments. Two of the creatures arguing between each other. One pressed a button on the others armor. Their armor was weird, like a cross between the garbs of ancient Egyptian pharaohs and that of the knights of old England. "Halt!" This caught Pollux's attention. He hit the breaks, and turned his head so he could see the one that spoke in a language he could understand. "..What the fuck is going on here?" Pollux said once more. He didn't understand at all.

"General..What shall we do with them..." At this point, Pollux was getting ready to fight. He couldn't fight for shit, but hey. Why let them take me alive? Besides that girl over there, shes kind of cute. And he wasn't sure how they had knocked her out or killed her or whatever. But he wasn't about to let that happen to him. The one that stood next to her began to speak. "Boy...How did you find this sacred ground?" He asked, his voice was different then the others. It held more of a bass to it, and more of a commanding demeanor. It was clear that this was the one in charge around here. Pollux readjusting his gaze and his thoughts fast forwarded through most of the movies he had ever seen. If these guys had been here for millenniums, maybe they lived by a code of honor. If he could best the guy in combat. Maybe they would let him take the girl and leave. [Do not attempt it Pollux.] Another strange voice went off within his mind, but some how familiar.

It felt as though this was the voice of whatever had summoned him here. [You are not here to fight these creatures. But more so to learn what they can teach you, let them take you and the girl. All will work out for the best. Show these creatures that you are not like the other humans they have encountered. Surrender yourself to their mercy. Take a knee and bow your head.] To Pollux this seemed ridiculous, it was like asking these creatures to kill him. "General Adrastos....Why do you even bother with them?" One voice spoke, another began to billow from the crowds. "You know what happened the last time humans came to these sacred lands!" At this moment, he realized the wisdom in the words that he had heard. "Wow!" Pollux said, as he dropped to one knee and bowed his head. "I do not mean any harm, I didn't come here to start an incident...I was ship wrecked and I have no idea who she is..." He didn't point but knew they knew who he was talking about.

Adrastos spoke loudly once more. "As you all know, my word is law. Take them both to the gallows, were we will keep them for questioning. And after we have figured out what they know, why they are here. Than we will make our decision on what to do. If the boy's words ring true, than perhaps we can provide some sort of assistance. That is final and I will not take anyone harming either of them. He didn't resist, and she didn't have a chance." Adrastos lifted his left hand, and dangling from his wrist was a strange purple gem. Staring at it, Pollux knew that-that was part of the reason he was here. He could sense something within him changing. Something surrounded the gem. The guards would heave the woman over their shoulder.

Walking over to Pollux. He had watched, as the creature carried her with minimal resistance against his strength. These things were super strong. He wasn't winded at all, wasn't straining. If pollux didn't know better, to the atlantean, it was like carrying a bag of potatoes or something. "Stand boy, turn around and start walking..." Pollux did as he was told. After a few moments of following their orders, they were marching toward the temple. The place in the center of the city. He felt that strange urge again, as they entered into the Atlantean place of worship. They followed several corridors, went through so many twists and turns. Pollux lost count of how many door ways they went through. The Atlanteans behind him reminded him more of robots than creatures with any emotions.

They came to what resembled a jailers holding cells. The Atlantean shoved him inside. "Get your ass in there..." He then gripped her and held her for just a few seconds to long. Before throwing her inside of the cell with Pollux. Slamming the door shut, it would seem as though something had happened to the Atlantean, but it all happened way to fast for Pollux to comprehend or he just hadn't seen what happened. Looking down at the woman on the ground, who was wearing barely anything. Pollux took off his shirt and wrapped her torso in it. The cells were cold and dark and muggy. And judging by her tanned skin, he didn't think she spent much time inside. So this place had to be freezing as hell to her. Walking over to the wall, he leaned against it before settling in and closing his eyes. "At least i'm not floating in the middle of the ocean, wondering whats going to happen...This cant be real.." He spoke as he sat there trying to find his center.

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Her head and back now hurt, thanks to the roughness of the guard, but she deserved it, as she'd come to while he was holding onto her, and she just reacted, biting his forearm, hard. The atlantean shrieked and had thrown her into the cell, only to slam the door shut and she sat there, watching the guard as he stumbled over to the doorway they had originally come through, and then he collapsed, and began convulsing, rather rigoriously, then stilled, and Pollux could see the color drain from the guard as his life force left him, her poisoned bit doing it's work quickly. There was a panic as the body was lifted and carried away, talk about a Mermaid, the cursed demons of the sea they thought they had eradicated. 

Wiping the odd colored blood from her lips, she sat back to see him staring at her and stared right back at him. And then he gave her his shirt, even though she backed away and hissed a warning at him, but he was in there with her, so he couldn't be that bad, right? When he spoke she sat forward, and started a series of clicks and whistles, and motioning with her hands but stopped herself, realizing that even though she could understand him, there was no way he was understanding her. Then she had an idea. Getting in front of him, she used the sand on the floor to draw the shape of the piece of ship siding he used as a raft, the rope and the fishing pole, then pointed to herself, then her eyes and patted the representation of the raft, then pointed to herself and and then at him and back at the raft again. She didn't have one of those translator things like the atlanteans had.

Speaking of, several came filing into the room and the cell door opened. Melfina was back against the wall again, and two of the guards would attempt to restrain Pollux as the other five went after Melfina. She was quite easy to overpower, and they fitted her with some type of mask that slid over her head and covered her mouth like a muzzle, and locked into place with a thick collar around her neck. She struggled and fought against it, attempted to bite all five of her assailants as they struggled with her. They et her go and she grabbed the collar, the muzzle, every piece of the contraption she could get her fingers around and tried to pull it off but couldn't. 

"Take her to the salt pool." One of them said. "The king is going to want to see her. Maybe even run her through himself. Wretched creature."

They pushed her out the door and led her back outside. To the left as they exited the temple there was a shallow pool of water by the base of the steps, where they shoved her into the water. The transformation was almost instantaneous as she legs turned back into her glorious tail, the teal fins contrasting nicely with the sea blue and green scales of her tail. There wasn't enough water in the pool for her to do much besides sit there in the hot water under the direct sun. This was almost torture. It didn't take long for her skin and exposed scales to begin to dry out, despite trying to splash water over her tail. Screw the muzzle, she would figure that out later. The harsh sun's heat was starting to burn her delicate scales.

The other two guards would bring Pollux out to watch, keeping him at the top of the steps as they apparently waited for the king of atlantis, the people around the steps and pool shouting for them to break her fangs, cripple her tail, string her up to bake alive in the hot sun overhead. And all she could do was sit there, and take the kicks, the rocks, the prods with their harpoon ended spears. By the time the trumpets sounded for the arrival of royalty, she had several holes jabbed into her tail, cuts scrapes, bruises, they'd managed to rip one of her fins, it was bad, and the pool of salt water she lay in was slowly staining red. 

Helpless, she lay with her tail in the shallow pool, and her human half lay on the hot white marble of the edge of the pool. This was definitely cruelty at it's finest for this poor mermaid who was only defending herself.

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The Cell.

Inside of the cell was cold, dark and dank. He could smell the wretchedness of this place, who ever had been here before them. Had been here a long time, looking at the walls he could see designs of the prisoners life, of a happy family being torn asunder by someone else's actions. If he was reading the scribbles correctly, the prisoner had been framed for the murder of some sort of royalty. Shaking his head, he glanced toward the guard and watched his feet fumble a little as he collapsed into the door that led out into the corridor. His eyes widened as he sat there and watched. He could see the Atlantean convulsing and looking in rather bad shape. The foam that started exploding from his lips looked vile and the smell made his stomach turn. The man had been poisoned by something, looking toward the girl he witnessed her lips covered in some weird moisture.

It was about this time that she started clicking again, and now he realized that it was her that had tried to get his attention while they were on the surface. He followed her gestures and recognized the symbols of his ship, the rope and the fishing pole. Looking away from the drawing to her eyes. The heavy gaze that was once there had softened some. "That was you..." He spoke gently as he watched her point at her own eyes. About this time, he heard the door to the cell slam open, jolting to his feet. He threw his arms up in front of his body, almost as if surrendering as the Atlanteans charged him. Two of them, on either side of him. "Hey now I don't want any trouble here, why the hell do you think I surrendered!?" He spoke as they pushed him back against the wall. However Pollux had a history, and his history wasn't the brightest.

He was good with his hands, and lightning fast. He could hear the clinking of the chains that the Atlanteans held in their grasp. Sliding his right hand down the side of the guard on the left. He was searching for a key, or a sliver of metal or something that he could use to pick a lock. The Atlantean on the left back handed him, and when he got hit. It felt as though he was in a car crash. As if he had just went ten seconds on a bull and got bucked off only to get kicked in the ribs. It wasn't the initial impact of the strange creatures flesh that caught his attention as much as slamming against the brick wall of the cell. Coughing, he spit out a little blood and watched as they muzzled the girl with a strange device, seeing her try so desperately to get the thing off her face. He just looked down, his right hand clenched tightly. He had gotten a hold of a bolt, it looked as though it was just a sliver of metal. But somehow he knew this was part of the ammunition for their strange weapons.

The guard that hit him, reached down and wrapped his wrist in hand cuff like metal clasps. As soon as the metal touched his flesh he could feel it burning. Whatever the metal was, he was severely allergic to it. Growling and jumping to his feet. He tried valiantly to get around the guards and get closer to the girl. Something knocked the wind out of him, and now he was seeing stars. The whole world got bright for a second before he gasped for air. More blood spewing from his lips. The other guard and slammed his fist into Pollux's gut. Falling to one knee he watched as they pushed the girl out the door. He could hear their words, take her to the pool. What the hell did that mean? He would now wait and bide his time, as he noticed that they were going to escort him as well.

Slapping another hand cuff clasp around his free hand. He could feel the metal draining his soul, draining his energy. He was fighting to even be on his feet. As they pushed him down the corridor. While they were busy pushing him around, he was sliding the sliver of metal into the cuff's key hole, tweaking with the mechanisms inside very carefully. Because each step he slowed down another heavy fist hit him in the back and he would fall to one knee. Taking more and more time to get to his feet the next time. But finally he got the latch loose enough that he could slide his hand out of it. However he did not take his hand out. No, he turned the final corner and the Atlanteans pointed toward a ray of sunlight.

In this moment, Pollux was flabbergasted. Blown off his feet by what he had seen, he knew just knew he had to be dreaming. The girl he thought was so beautiful turned out to be a fish? Staring at her, his eyes went down her body from the top of her golden hair to her facial construction where his look lingered a little longer than perhaps it should have. To her upper body, where again. He found his gaze stuck in a daze. Awe stricken by the magnitude of her beauty. But it was when he saw the large fish bottom that he truly didn't know what to think, what was she? By now he had seen strange blue men, and a woman...Or was she a fish? Was this reality or just some messed up dream? He didn't know, but as he watched. He could see she was in pain, this pool was designed to hurt her and her kind.

The anguish on her face was unmistakable. He would know the looks of cruelty and torture anywhere, and it was then that he decided he had taken just about as much of these blue freaks as he was going to. Sliding his right hand out of the restraint, he glanced over his shoulder and seen that the guards had some space between each other and were laughing about what was happening to the girl, and his own anguish. Pivoting on his left foot, he lifted his left arm and swung the chain like a bull whip, aiming the other end of the loose chain at the guards throat. With a crack the chain would hit its mark, and collapse the atlantean's Adams apple. The other guard by now was reaching for his weapon. Pollux closed the distance with very little hesitation, leaping into the air.

Lifting his right knee upward, his left arm shot forward and bent at the elbow. The right knee would collide with the creatures shoulder. The shoulder to the arm that had by now grasped the gun at its side. With enough force to knock a normal man off of his feet. The left elbow shot passed the Creatures face, almost as if he had missed. Knocking the creature slightly off balance. He pulled his arm backward and swept it wide, as he did so the Atlantean had turned his face just enough to catch an elbow to the bridge of his nose. This collision had knocked him off balance. Landing on his feet Pollux began to twist the chain, swinging it and making it move so fast that all of the Atlanteans could hear the swooshing of the chain, see the windmill like motions. They all had their weapons drawn, and were starting to take aim. Getting their target into their sites. Pollux turned and counted them each, one by one.

In total their were four more gaurds in the room. All well out of reach of the chain, but his emotions were starting to reach a fatal peak. He could feel something within him boiling, his eyes felt like they were on fire. Growling lowly, he heard the guard behind him start to shuffle back to his feet, It was almost perfect symmetry. He knew where the chain was at all moments and timing this just seemed to make Pollux look even more masterful with the weapon than he would have led any of them on to believe. Donkey kicking backward, his heel collided with clasp of the hand cuff. This in return sent the chain hurtling backward with enough centripetal force to match a hundred mile an hour fast ball. He didn't have to look to see if it found its mark, he knew it would. Slamming into the Atlanteans jaw, he lunged forward. Tucking his head and rolling with the dive. His body moved across the ancient stone. Taking cover behind a ledge.

Now he glanced toward the two atlantean guards. Each were dead as dead could be. The first was still clutching its throat, where he had fallen to the ground and suffocated to death, the second looked as though his jaw was ripped off by the chain. Dark blue liquid covered the tip of the chain, it had ripped the bottom of the Atlanteans skull apart. Mutilating the corpse, the other guards could hear the chains being drug across the ground back to where Pollux was. "Open fire! Do not let up! Kill the human!" Their weapons were firing off shot after shot, and they had Pollux pinned down. Each shot taking more and more of the wall he hid behind out.

Looking down at his hands, he started to panic a little. "Great look at the mess you got us into this time!" He spoke to himself, as he felt that strange eruption within his guts once more. Something very different was happening within his body. He couldn't tell what it was, but his eyes felt as though they were on fire. Like they would explode at any second. The skin on his face started to itch and burn, it felt like a million needles piercing the flesh all around his eye sockets. The growling began to transform and sounded more like howling, he didn't know how they would escape this predicament.

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She heard the commotion, as panic ensued and the royals would retreat before ever even arriving on the scene as chaos broke out and the man took out at least six, maybe seven of the guards before being trapped by their weapons fire behind a stone slab that was quickly becoming a pile of rubble, thanks to their lasers. Her vision was blurry, and her body wracked with pain, her poor tail was nearly mangled, it was all she could do to even just move her head so that she could see him behind the wall that was getting smaller and smaller. Something was wrong with him, and they were about to get him. But what could she do, muzzled and helpless, she almost began to cry, her ocean-like eyes becoming even more watery, like looking at water, through water. 

She needed to get back into the ocean, the waters would heal her in a short amount of time, but that was a long way to move in the condition she was in. Two hundred years after her escape from them, was she to finally die at the hands of the atlanteans? The man began to howl in a very agonized way, almost echoing how she was feeling. She looked up, realizing that she was unattended in the shallow pool. She had to do something...Something... She fought to stay concious. Slowly, she mustered all her might and used her magic, what little strength she had left, and she began to sing, the sound muffled at first by the gunfire, and the muzzle, but her song slowly rose and fell in pitch, a gentle melody that was only notes. She went from humming, to singing, her voice lifting in a beautiful song. One by one, the guards began droping their weapoons, then leaned on each other, or fell over, as the mermaids siren song fell upon their ears and they fell into her trance, going to sleep as she wished it. She hoped that would give him enough time, as she drifted off into unconciousness again, her condition worsening the longer she stayed in that pool. 

But would he know to put her in the ocean? Within moments it was all over, and only a few of the guards had died. The silence that rang through the front of the temple was deafening. Not a body stirred for a long moment, alerting to Pollux that he was in the clear, for now, as alarms sounded in the surrounding city. 

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The Evil Within.

Silence, it beckoned to him as the laser fight had came to a halt, and the strange sounds that filled the chamber seemed to come to a bitter end. Slowly, he peaked around the corner only to realize that the Atlanteans were starting to fall asleep. Standing, Pollux flexed his muscles, popping his neck and walking over to the dead ones on the ground. Reaching down he picked up one of their side arms. It was almost as if he was caught in tunnel vision and he was seeing red, he didn't like being pinned down and he hated the way they had treated her. Slowly, he made his way over to the unconscious Atlanteans. Putting the laser gun to the head of the first one, he didn't hesitate or slow down at all. Click!

The creatures brains splattered all over the wall, this wasn't a hindrance at all. He followed this pattern, slowly walking to each of them. And efficiently turning each of their heads into something that resembled spaghetti. His world began to slow down, and he could hear the sound of feet marching on his position, spinning around, he saw at least ten or twenty of them coming down the hallway toward them. Instead of firing the gun, he fell to his knees. He dropped the gun and his jaw clenched, it felt like he had to vomit. Yet, his face was on fire. His eyes looked as if he had a bandana covering them, or something. The black dots that had started to appear looked deeper, more visible. He could feel his skin cracking at the edges of his eyes. And he shut them so tightly it hurt, his teeth were starting to grind as he wrapped both of his arms around his stomach. He was kneeling puddles of atlantean blood, when he opened his eyes.....

It was repulsing, it was synthesizing, the whole room quaked and boomed. As a ray of sheer power emanated from his eyes. His entire upper body recoiled, but his head most of all, the beam was off target at first, blasting the roof. The explosion resonating through out the entire chamber. He could feel the room trembling as he lowered his gaze toward the now running atlanteans. As the beam reached them, it was as if hey were incinerated upon impact. Screaming now revolted from his throat. As he let go of his stomach and slowly rose to his feet. Smoke rolling off of his head and through his hair.

Only now did he hear the sirens, the alarms that had altered the platoon that he had just eviscerated. Stumbling back and forth, he felt kind of dizzy and it was only within this weakness that he thought of the woman that was in the pool. Slowly he walked down the stairs to where she was. Looking down at her, his eyes were almost pure white. To her, it would seem that he had lost all pigment within them. Reaching down for her, he spoke once more in hopes that she could understand him. "I hope your ok, but we are not done here yet...There's something here that is beckoning me, now I can help you get out of that pool, but escape isn't in the cards for me...Not yet. I can sit you here with a few of their weapons and you can fight to hold them off, or you can take the other form and move along with me. I have to find him...." And his words were cut short by a dominative voice.

Adrastos was staring down at them from the hole that Pollux had blasted in the roof. "There is no escape human! You will be buried down here with that mermaid. Fire men!" Looking up at him, he realized that there was a firing squad all around Adrastos. Their lasers began a downward onslaught. Shaking his head, pollux turned toward them, smiling so wickedly. All he could imagine was sunshine, and how well it felt upon his skin. Within his mind, everything was so vivid and clear. That spark began to fill his eyes once more. Kneeling, he spoke. "Behind me...IF you can move get behind me." Within that moment, another burst began to fill his eyes. He felt it, as if the very particles of his chakra were being focused into his eyes and split. Split like the atom in nuclear fusion.

Adrastos could see it, or maybe he could sense the change in the atmosphere. Whatever the case was, in the few moments before the blast escaped Pollux's eyes, he dove down from the hole. Escaping his impending doom, he could hear the sizzle of his men's flesh. And he knew just by watching the beam of energy escape from the humans face. That this was no human he was facing down, whatever the guy was. It damn sure wasn't human. Landing the Atlantean general took off running toward the two of them, Once the distance between him and the intruders was succumbed, he reached to his back and drew his sword, and during this movement, he wasted no time or energy at all. Bringing it viciously down toward the right side of pollux's neck. Sliding to the left, Pollux evaded the slice from the sword. At the same time as he dodged, he used his left foot to catch onto the shoulder of the mermaid and move her out of the way of the slash. The sword collided with the stones that made up the brim of the pool. In this instance Pollux lashed out at the general.

If one was to be watching from the outside in, they wouldn't be able to catch the movements of Pollux's arms. All that could be heard would be the chains jingling as he swung for the fences and lit the Atlantean's abdomen and chest up with precise well timed punches. Aiming for points that would normally be chakra points in a human being. Luckily the anatomy of the Atlanteans wasn't far off. After the last punch landed, Pollux lifted his right leg and planted it into the brutes stomach and kicked him backward. Breathing a little heavy, Pollux took a step forward and swung his arm. Making the chain unfurl from his wrist to about three feet. "You lack the compassion to follow your convictions to their final conclusion." The words spit from his lips like fireballs leaping from a camp fire.

The general lunged forward and swung his blade horizontally, Pollux had anticipated this counter attack from the General. Leaning backward and pulling his neck and head away from the crescent slash of the blade. Throwing his left hand upward and letting go of the chain. The chain unwound once more, however it missed the Atlantean's head, and as his slash continued to its apex. Pollux lips twisted into a sinister snarl. The blades point hit the chain, and he watched as it spun around Adrastos neck and caught the blade as well. It made three loops as Pollux leaped upward and planted one foot on the atlanteans knee. Rising his right hand upward. He drove his elbow downward into the atlanteans face. Several times did his arm strike the Atlantean. The booms were ringing out, but they didn't seem to have much effect on the brute. The atlanteans free hand smashed into Pollux's gut. A loud exhalation of whatever air was left within him, escaped his lips as he was sent flipping backward, his chained hand ran across the chest of the Atlantean, rolling across the ground, his head was lowered toward stone.

Spitting, crimson liqiuds dripped from his lips as he looked up. Tilting his head, he spoke. "Missing something?" The atlanteans eyes widened as he desperately reached to where he had originally been keeping the gem. Patting his chest heavily it was in this moment that the general looked like a demon. His face contorted. "I know not what you are, you freak...But you are a skilled warrior, and clearly a pick pocket and a thief!" His words spat out like venom. As Pollux reached upward and closed his eyes. Breathing heavily, the atlantean general dived behind a boulder that had fallen their from the first blast of Pollux's explosive laser vision. Glancing toward the mermaid, he tossed the gem to her.

Breathing heavily, he hoped that she would know what to do with it. Because he hadn't a clue.....

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 She managed to drag herself into position behind him, as he attempted to help her. was so weak she couldn't do much, and these land walker's weapons were foreign to her, she had no idea how to use one. And he wanted her to walk? Did he see her tail at all? It was mutilated! There was no way a pair of legs would work with that kind of damage done. She didn't heal when she transformed, although it would be very nice if she did. 

Chaos erupted again as the man before her leaped into action and took from the general a dark colored gemstone, a shard of ruby so crimson it looked like a stone made of blood. And he threw it to her, the horrified faces of the atlanteans watching went from fear, to dread as she dropped her hand on the stone. She knew exactly what this stone was. She had seen it, once, three hundred years ago, when she was born, and the mer-folk and atlanteans lived along side each other in peace. She was blessed by this stone. 

As Pollux and the atlanteans watched, her fingers curled around the stone, and a bright red light spilled out between her fingers, first engulfing her mutilated form in it's warm embrace, and she began to heal as the crimson brightness lifted her from where she had lay in the shallow pool, water and blood dripping from her mangled form for a moment before her eyes snapped open, no longer the calm blue of the ocean, but instead, they were stormy, traces of red here and there amidst the grey, like the bloodstained waters she was lifted out of. The ground beneath them began to rumble, then shake, then quake as she released to power of the stone in her hands, cupping her palms around it as she floated in the air, much like she would have in the water, and as her wounds finished closing, she turned and swung the gem as a beam of light shot out of it and engulfed her yet again, the muzzled collar she wore shredding apart as a shrill shreik the likes of which would make a banshee run erupted from her throat. The beam then reversed itself, shooting out across the entire city, burning holes through everything that it collided with, and traveling down as she lowered her arms and descended, her tail turning into legs again as she lightly touched down.

It was almost as if the stone were controlling her, as she walked in her naked glory past Pollux and out of the temple complex, turning her ray of destruction downward, the rift that was was then cut through the ground of the city would begin to fill with water as the island began to quake more, and shake violently. The wind picked up and the island began to MOVE! The channel that filled with water, soone was filled with a much thicker, red gooey substance. Blood. But where was it coming from? Out in the open water, there was a massive jettison of water as the head of a giant turtle broke the surface, its cave-like maw open in an agonized scream that Melfina echoed as the stone in her hands began to burn her skin, starting with her fingers and traveling up her arms slowly as the beam reached the heart of the great turtle and seared a hole right through it. 

She could see what she was doing, but was powerless to stop herself now, she was not in control of the stone at all. Tears welled up in her eyes and began to spill down her cheeks as she lay waste to Atlantis, and the last Great Turtle to ever roam the seas.  The gargatuan beast did not deserve the fate she had just laid upon it.  The city shuddered as the beast beneath it's base exhaled it's last breath and came to a shaky halt, everything in the city shifting foreward, buildings tumbled and crashed, pillars broke, the Atlanteans were thrown off their feet and perches, agonized screams raising from the rubble as the men, woman and children were engulfed in the toppling stones, none of them were exempt from the stone's fury. 

-Stop! Stop...please....- Melfina cried in her thoughts, unable to speak for the sadness welling up from what she had just done. And just like that, the light was gone and she fell to her knees, her skin burned nearly to the elbows and steaming still as she stared bankly out to sea, at the barely emerged top of the dead turtle's head. Then, the entire thing began to sink, the water unable to keep the massive weight of the turtle on the surface. The water began to encroach upon the city ever so slowly as the turtle sank. She stayed where she was, blankly watching the water coming. She'd be fine, being a mermaid, when she contacted the water again she would revert back to her natural form and be able to breathe. 

But that man wouldn't. The thought sprang to her mind. Standing, she ever so slowly began walking through the city, the crashes and screams falling on deaf ears as she went, her once agai blue eyes searching for the blonde man she had brought here. The center of the city. He said he was going to the center of the city. Looking down, she realized she was naked still, and as she went grabbed a tattered cloth that blew past her and wrapped it around her waist like a skirt, the shells she wore for a top covering her breasts, and continued on her search for him, hoping that she would be able to find him before the entire place was under the waves and she would be searching for a dead body.

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Immeasurable power!

Blood trickled down his lip, as he looked over at her. Watched her catch the strange gem, and as her fingers clamped down upon the beautiful mineral. The sparks that jolted around her hands, how her wounds were healed. It was all awe-inspiring. Pollux had no idea just what he had done, Not at first however. Adrastos spoke swiftly as he glared at Pollux. "You know not what you have done...Mark my words boy, you will grow to regret this!" As she levitated, Pollux was stunned; He had no idea the power he had held in his finger tips just mere moments ago. Gasping a little, he lifted himself back to his feet and took a couple of steps back.

This new found power was magnificent, it was mind-blowing. Until he saw her eyes, and realized that the blue hue saturation had all but vanished. Her eyes were dull, almost a grayish color. At least to Pollux. But he seen the world in a different way than most people ever did. He saw things for what they truly were. For what they were within their souls, and this right here. This was Melfina at all. Within moments of being lost within his thoughts a beam raced from her hand and the entire temple began to quake.

Adrastos used this moment of clarity within Pollux to flee. Making his way out of the main chamber to another corridor while the man was distracted with the mermaid. "Hey!" At this moment, he realized he didn't even know her name. He followed her, as she made her way through the chamber. His mind kept going back to what the gem had done for her, the blood stained pool and how her flesh seemed to heal almost instantly just by tapping into the powers of the gem. He was keeping his distance, he had only just met this woman and really didn't feel like testing his luck to much. Clearly she wasn't herself right now, and if the beam she fired from her hands was strong enough to make the temple shake, to make it tremble and to make blocks fall from the roof.

As he watched her, it was as if she was on fire to the eyes of Pollux. He had never seen anything like this, he had cuts and scrapes all over his chest. A couple of bruises on his face. Blood dripping from his nose, from the battles he had been in. He felt drained, whatever the chain was made of. It weakened him, it was as if it was sapping his strength. Leaning against a wall, he watched as she began to gain more power. He could almost feel the sorrow within her growing. The wall was trembling and shaking viciously and he didn't know what to do. There really was nothing he could do. If he tried to stop her, surely this new found power would be turned on him. At the moment, he had no real way of combating it.

At this moment, he realized that they were pretty much outside of the temple. And in this moment she fired off another beam, but this time toward the ground. Then came the ear piercing screeching from something. It was in this moment that he realized that this island was alive. He felt the ground moving more and more, and then came the flash flooding. "Oh fuck...Back to being lost at sea?! Not cool, not cool dude!" He glanced up at her. "Wake up! What are you doing!? I don't have a fish tail thingy, I cant survive at sea like you!" He was now starting to panic a little. What was he gonna do? He was sure these people didn't have boats.

He could hear the screams of the Atlanteans as their homes were being sunk to the bottom of the ocean for the last time. Such a climatic finale, it seemed cruel to the mind of Pollux. Yet at the same time, something told him that what they had done to her was just as cruel. He started running, Their had to be docks, their had to be some sort of boat, or something he could use. Something he could surf with, he wasn't going to die here in the middle of the ocean. He ran right past her, looking up at her as he did. He was heading for the outer part of the island. Keeping his eyes pealed, he watched as some of the Atlanteans started pulling this strange mesh stuff off of vehicles on the side of the road. Vehicles that he hadn't seen before.

They were strange devices; The Atlanteans were mounting them like horses or motor cycles. Planting his feet and sliding for about six feet. He watched as one of them started the thing up. After observing the atlantean that did this. He realized that it had something to do with the bracelet around the creatures wrist. It looked a lot like the chain around his own wrist. Within that moment, he decided. He was going to steal that craft from that creature. Moving like the wind once more, he leapt into the air and thrust both of his feet outward, so they would connect with the Atlantean in the chest and twisting his body so that his arms were downward, he grabbed hold of what would seem like handle bars.

The kick connected and knocked the unsuspecting rider off of it. However he didn't think this through very well. He tried twisting the handle and it did nothing. Quickly he analyzed the craft. A hole on each side remained; A strange design underneath the right one. Slapping his hands into it. The vehicle started up. It hummed at first, and then he could feel the vibrations beneath of him. Before long it was levitating. once it got to a certain altitude, the thing blasted off like a rocket. Flowing straight at first, leaving behind a rip tide of a wake behind him, he leaned one way and the bike like thing went to the left. He leaned the other and it went right, sitting back it went upward and pushing down it went toward the water. Smirking and laughing a little. "These guys really were something else, its a shame they had to be bat shit crazy...Now where is she?" He scanned the sinking city, weaving between buildings and obelisks, til he saw her floating down to the ground, he had hoped she got control back.

He had no idea how to stop the dang thing, so he began to scream out in hopes she would hear him. "HEY Mermaid girl, take my hand and lets get the hell off of this turtle. We have way over stayed our welcome." He held his arm out and hoped she would take it, but only time would tell. He had no idea how far this thing would take him. Or even where they were. All He knew is he had to get the hell away from this island. He needed dry land, he wanted some tacos and he wanted some nicotine. This whole experience seemed really crazy and he was just done with it in general. The bike was fast and it would glow with brilliant blue electricity that illuminated every crack and every separate part that was among the machine.

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The man's voice above her snapped her out of her near trance-like state and she stopped, looking up at him for a few seconds, her gaze blank, tears still brimming, and then she reached out and grabbed his outstretched hand with the one that wasn't clutching the red gemstone still. She winced as his grip tightened on her burned skin and she was pulled up onto the craft to sit behind him.  Reaching around him, she stuck both hands into the control slots, the red gem in her left fist glowing brightly again and she whimpered painfully as the lights on the craft turned a bright red and it shot up into the sky, Melfina looking down onto the great turtle as it sank and could feel the ocean's sorrowful cry as the gentle beast was swallowed by the depths. 

The craft angled downward and right before it hit the water, she pulled up and it shot off across the top of the waves, leaving a deep wake behind it as it sped across the water, going faster and faster. She tried to pull her hands out, but it was like the vehicle had a grip on her; but it was the crystal and it was out of control. She bowed her head, her forhead resting on Pollux's back. 

After what seemed like forever, they finally began to slow, the red glow fading, turning purple before it returned to the blue it had been previously. Then they were crashing on more sand, the node of the craft plating firmly in the ground and launching her and Pollux across the beach. She landed and rolled to a stop, coughing as she slowly got up to her knees, and stared at her hands, her tanned skin burned a deep red partially up to the elbows. Her hands shook from the pain in her extremeties, and still unable to open her hand that clutched the gem so tight that it was cutting into the burned flesh of her palm around it. Gasping, she used her free hand to try and pry her fingers open, which only caused her to tear the damaged skin across her hands and make it crack and bleed more. 

"Why..Won't...you OPEN?!" She yelled, slamming her bloody fist into the sand, only this time it wasn't clicks and whistles, and Pollux could understand her. "GGGAAAHHHHHHHH OOPPEENNN!!!!!" She slammed her fist into the sand again and again only causing more damage, and then stopped, overwhelmed by what had led to this point. She stared blankly out to sea again, as if she had just....turned off. Looking down at her hand, she saw that it had opened, and the gem had embedded itself into the flesh of her palm, looking like it had grown into her skin. 

Looking up again, her gaze rose to Pollux. She stared at him. She was way out of her element here, and anyone that saw her like this, would think she was insane, and no one would believe her story of being a mermaid, atlantis, or a giant turtle that she killed with a magic gemstone she had in her hand. That was real believable. Not having realized yet that she wasn't speaking dophin, she would merely stare at him, not knowing what to do. Especiall with her bloodied and burned appendages. She'd not had burn wounds in a very long time, having moved into deeper waters for the most part, and she was on land? 

"Ooohhh if I hadn't saved you, I wouldn't be in this mess!" She snipped at him, not knowing he could understand her. "Now what, sit here until someone comes along and decides I'm a crazy person?" 

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As she was pulled onto the craft and she took over the controls. He could feel the difference in the performance of the machine. It was as if it was possessed by another being entirely. As if this crystal was alive and a full blown power source. It made him think of an atomic reactor within her grasp. Higher and higher into the sky they rose, and he felt his guts building up within him. This was about to be one crazy ride. He felt her lean her head against him, he could feel the sorrow radiating off of her, it was truly overwhelming yet at the same time. He couldn't succumb to it, and about the time he decided that this was indeed a bad idea.

The bottom fell out, and they were practically crash diving toward the ocean. He took a deep breath, positive that they were going for another swim. He was really starting to hate water. Within the second that they would crash land into the ocean, he felt her pull up and the bike like craft was now sailing across the open ocean. Cutting through any wave that would come in contact with the nose of the vessel. The wake it left behind this time was roostering behind them, flailing water into the air at least twenty five feet high. At this point it was a miracle he didn't go flying off the damn thing.

Before he knew it they were heading straight for an island. "Hey...Hey...HEY LADY! Slow this thing do.." But before he could get the final word muttered from his lips. He felt the sensation of the craft smashing into the soft beach sand. Launching him off of the vehicle he sucked in his fear, his adrenaline pumping. He went limp, knowing from experience that. The world went black as he hit the supposedly soft dirt. At this speed, it was anything but soft. This must have been what it felt like to be a comet plummeting from the sky and shattering the crust of the earth as it impacted with extreme prejudice. Slowly he peeled his carcass up from his sandy tomb. Breathing heavily, his left side felt like it was turned into pepperoni pizza the sand was stained a crimson shade.

Shaking his head, his vision was double and everything seemed to be fading in and out. Dizzy, he swayed back and forth before slowly getting to his feet. Coughing up more blood spewed from his lips. Glancing to his side, he could see the visage of his passenger. Slamming her fists into the ground, and he heard yelling. It was almost legible, this sent a feeling of anxiety coursing through his veins. He couldn't understand the woman back on Atlantis, does this mean that there were people here? Are they good people or bad and what really happened. Finally his eyes started to recognize the world around him. He didn't feel drunk from the collision, and all he seen was metal fragments all over the place. Sticking up from the dirt of the beach like thorns and splinters.

Scanning the wreckage for the person he had seen, he finally realized it was her. Slowly walking toward her, he heard her speaking now. After watching her bash her fist into the dirt several times. Gasping he watched as the gem began to fuse with her skin; Becoming one with the woman, he stopped walking. No one would ever believe this story, they would all think it was the delusions of a man who had went truly bonkers at sea. Sea monsters? Mermaids, laser beams that shot from his eyes? Yeah not a soul would believe any of it. Yet still as his mind wondered, he knew he had to get closer to the woman to check on her.

He heard her words, and then everything clicked. There wasn't anyone else here, it was her speaking. Coming to a halt, he looked down at the sands and spoke. "Thank you for saving my life...I am sorry that it cost you so much..." He stood there in disbelief of what had just happened. "You didn't know me, you had no reason to save me. Hell if it wouldn't have been for you, death surely would have claimed its prize. Taking a deep breath he looked toward the sea. "Thank you for making sure I made it through that nightmare. I have no clue who or what those things were, and the entire island was a turtle? How wild.." His voice trailed. Yeah, she was pretty thrashed from the use of the crystal, the wreck and all.

Pollux swayed back and forth a little. Fighting to keep his consciousness, he turned his gaze toward the island. Watching the birds flying away from their position. He realized that the crash was most likely loud and would soon attract some unwanted attention from whatever inhabited the lands. His shoulders were heavy, and he was bleeding pretty badly. Sure his pants were soaked, soaked from the waters. But every step he took seemed to pool behind him, he was in critical condition. Taking a few steps toward the inviting jungle, he spoke once more. "I am going to go find some shelter, there's something not right here on this island...." He spoke slowly as he walked past a pile of bones, they looked like femurs and rib cages, spines and skulls. Each of them, seemed to have grooves carved into them.

He felt like a bastard, he had drug this creature into his own personal nightmare. Now she seemed to be cursed with something she couldn't control. Going from mal nourishment and dehydration to all out combat, and then wrecking the way they did. It was a wonder the man could even stand, let alone come up with half witted strategies. But he knew if he didn't get off of this beach, he was going to die here. He felt guilty as hell, turning his head so that his left eye could see her out of the corner. A solemn and serene sound echoed in his voice. "I am sorry...But we cant stay here.." He stood there for a few moments waiting to see if she would indeed follow him or go back into the ocean where she had came from. 


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Her mind raced. He could suddenly understand her? How? She looked down at the gem embedded in her palm and barely heard his apologetic speech about dragging her into all of this...Whatever it was. She looked back up at him. If she had just let him drown, none of this would be happening. But why did she save him? She had no clue herself. Dragging up to her feet, she noticed he was just as bad off as she was, and she staggered over to where he stood looking at the piles of bones. She went to her knees again, running her other hand over the bones, feeling the grooves carved into them.

"It's a warning.." She said, looking up at him, then standing and looking around frantically. "It's too late.." She said, as twilight set in and the sun began to set. The sand all around them began to shift and whisper as it moved and large repltile looking creatures shook themselves free of their sandy tombs and rose all around the two of them. Vastly outnumbered, Melfina put her back to his and hissed at the creatures as they lowered sharp spear tips towards the two of them.

They charged Melfina and Pollux, and injured as they were, they didn't stand a chance as she was grabbed away from him, and they attemped to take him. Feeling the fury well up inside her again, she tried to bite one of the reptilian creatures, barely nicking him with her fangs. He got a mild dose of her venom, which sent him reeling almost immediately into a hallucinated daze, smashing its head into the ground to make it stop. That was definitely one bad trip. Then she took the shaft of a spear across her face and dropped, unconcious, the hand with the jewel in it falling to lay open and several of them around her leaped back and looked at each other, hissing to each other as they looked to her and back to each other again, then at Pollux and the hissing continued for a moment before they shouldered melfina and began walking, taking her into a nearby cave entrance that would lead them down into the dark, damp cool underground of the island.

As for Pollux, he could either follow or likely be killed on the spot. Their intrest at that point was in Melfina and the gem embedded in her hand. They would treat her wounds, and as if every magical or mythical being somehow knew she was a mermaid, dropped her into a large cyllindrical tank of ocean water that filtered out to the ocean so the water was always fresh. Once again, her legs would fuse together and become the glorious teal and blue tail once again as she floated in the water unconcious for a time, her burns and sand rash slowly healing with the magic of the ocean. 

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He looked down at her as she knelt and touched the bones, his vision was fractured at best. He could hardly even recognize the details of her face at this moment. He had lost a lot of blood. Swaggering back and forth, he knew for a fact if they were to be attacked. There wasn't a thing he would be able to do about it. They would probably die, the battle to escape Atlantis had done a number on him. It was at this moment, that they would leap up from under ground. Melfina and Pollux had efficiently stepped into their trap. Glancing around at them, he was seeing double. So what was like twenty of the creatures really seemed more like forty or fifty. He took a step back ward, but felt her standing behind him, her back against his.

He went to lift his arms, but by then they were already charging. Effectively kicking them while they were down. Within moments, he heard a loud crack and felt her back sliding down as she fell. Two of the reptiles in front of him were raring back. Each held what looked like battle axes. One seemed to be much larger than the other two. The one to his left held two hand axes, and swinging them. It twisted the one it swung so that the blunt side would be what collided with Pollux's ribs. Knocking him side ways, the other Reptile had swiftly swung the bottom half of its weapon into his initial course. The inertia of his fall caught suddenly and rapidly by the steel of the handle. Lifting him upward the reptile pivoted and its shoulder muscles tightened as it swung the weapon like a hammer. Smashing the human into the sands. Planting its foot firmly upon his chest.

He gasped and scream a little as more blood revolted from his mouth. Pollux felt as though he was going to die here in this sandy version of hell. As he lost consciousness he could hear the hissing from the creatures, he didn't even see what had happened to Melfina, one of the reptiles from the back of the crowd walked forward and knelt next to him. Grabbing his left arm and lifting it into the air. It then spoke. "This one was a prisoner of Atlantis!" It hissed and its long snake like tongue jetted between what sorta resembled lips. "This one is dangerous!" It held onto the chain as it stood. "We should just eat's it. The hive would be better off using his meat to sustain our bodies rather than helping it. Its a human and humans cant be trusted!"

The largest of the Reptiles, it resembled a brute with a cobra's head. They all seemed humaniod, "No, Cyrax. We bring him along as well, something tells me that creature is much more than human. After all, he is wearing the chains of Atlantis and was able to stand and even walk. Considering the pool of blood beneath of the creature, his endurance for pain is unprecedented. We will test this thresh hold." He sneered, as he walked over and snatched the chain from Cyrax. Back handing the lower reptilian. He turned and started dragging Pollux as he followed the other Reptiles toward what looked like cave. "Now, we take them down the eye of the world, and we introduce them to the queen. See what she wants to do with them."

Wicked dreams plagued his mind, he could feel something inside of his body changing. As he laid there, alone in total darkness. Floating in what seemed to be a puddle of oil, of black muck. He felt so low at the moment, his body was hanging on by a thread. It felt like every molecule in his body was screaming at him to wake up, to fight back. To do something, they were going to hurt her. They were going to hurt him! But there wasn't a damn thing he could do, unconscious he was slowly loosing his grip on reality. Hell, on life in general. Practically knocking on deaths door. That's when the voice started speaking to him once again. "You will survive this child, you are not done with your quest. However, these creatures have something you must take. You will find it, within the eye of the world. I can not tell you what it is, and getting it. Will require a sacrifice if you understand what I mean. You will have to give up something you treasure, something of value to your soul..." The sand split around his shoulders as they drug him, head bouncing off of rocks and the sands almost felt like salt in his already scabbing up wounds. It stung, and yet he felt completely powerless.

As they got within the chambers of the eye of the world. The one dragging him, stretched its arm toward the heavens, holding on to the chain. He lifted him with no resistance. As if he was picking up a toddler. Staring into the face of Pollux it hissed, showing its long fangs, leaning forward it bit his shoulder. Crimson fluids flowed from his body. Groaning and letting out another scream. The snake lifted its head and licked his cheek. "So you didn't die, good. We are going to pay you back for the crimes of your species." Swinging his arm, Pollux looked like a rag doll as he was slammed down harshly onto what looked like a table top made from stone. Using the chain that the Atlantean's had imprisoned him with. The lizard wrapped his body up tight to the stone. "We are gonna see what it takes to make you break..." Glancing around the room, Pollux was looking for Melfina, he felt as though they went from frying pan into the fire. She was no where in his line of sight but then again. He couldn't see the whole room either. Panicking slightly, his chest was heaving and his muscles kept flexing. After that bite, he didn't feel right at all, as if his muscles were slowly becoming clouds. The reptile had some sort of Venom himself.


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She could feel it, the ocean, she was floating again and the gentle lull of the water soothed her burning skin, the salt water cleansing her of her wounds and injuries as she reconnected with her 'mother' so to speak. Over the hum of the water in her ears, she could hear Pollux's agonized screams and it slowly brought her back to conciousness. Everything was blurry, and bubbly and for a few moments refracted through many angles of the water as the glass of the pod she was in caught and reflected the low yellow lighting. When everything came into focus, she realized she had healed, for one thing, and for another she had been captured, yet again. This was definitely not her day. And by reptilians, no less! 

She found herself muzzled again, she really needed to stop biting people. Her dangerous venom was getting her into a lot of trouble. This one was made of metal, and covered her nose, mouth and chin, strapped around the back and top of her head, and chained to a thick collar around her neck with several large metal rings attached to it. She tried for a moment to get it off, before Pollux's yells drew her attention back to outside the tank. They were torturing him! She swam up against the glass. Too thick, up to the top, it had a heavy metal lid on it that opened from the outside. And the bottom? flat and sealed. She swam to and fro frantically, watching as they tortured the poor man, beating on the glass, trying to get them to stop, to no avail. 

She looked at her hand, where the jewel had fused into her palm, and shook her hand, then beat the gem against the glass, but nothing happened. Why wasn't anything happening?! Then there were two of the reptilians before the tank, pointing at her and hissing to each other, then nodding. Before she could figure out what was going on, black squid ink was squirted into the tank, making it inpossible for her to see, and the stuff tasted awful. Instinct took over and she moved to the bottom of the tank, but it was useless as she felt a sharp jab in her tail and the world faded out again.

She would wake again a couple of hours later, floating in a much brighter space, with more natural lighting than had been inside the cave. Heavy chains hung from the rings on her collar, and were lodged firmly into the sea floor. Looking around, she noticed that she was in an actually very pretty underwater coral cove, smooth sands, open waters out ahead, she could escape if she could get out of those heavy chains. Then she noticed something else, and floated there, dumb struck by what she saw. There was at least ten of them, mermen and mermaids alike, most of them were old, but still in their primes, three of them were her age, only a couple hundred years old. They, too, were chained to the sea floor, but they weren't wearing a muzzle like she was.

"Ah, your awake." One old merman said, coming forward, the scales on his tail having long ago turned grey. "Here's the rules. We work when they take us to the mines, we stay here when we're not in those tunnels. Dont bite, and we'll take your muzzle off. If you can't keep your word, we'll leave it on."

She was stunned. Slaves..They were slaves? She had thought for so long that she was the last of her kind, and they had been forced to endure being slaves for those filthy land lizards? 

"I can promise I won't bite any of you.." She said. "The reptiles on the other hand, I'll not guaruntee."

"Then we'd better just leave that on." He said. "You could get us all in trouble with your actions. We all pay when one of us screws up."

"How many of you are here?" She asked, flipping her tails gently to move closer to them. They backed away. "What.." She turned in time to see the net, but not to dodge it. "What the hell?!"

"Don't fight it, they're taking us to the mines!" She heard one of them say, and only for their sakes did she calm down and let the net drag her up, where several reptilians awated to detach the chains and hang the ends on a set of several hooks to await her return. Each of them was bound in the netting in the same manner, then tossed onto the deck of a small boat on top of each other where they were ferried a short distance away and dropped one by one into a muddy cave entrance. She was dropped in third, and followed the tail of the Mer in front of her. It wasn't long before the water cleared and grew colder. Soon the tunnel was lit with a soft blue light and opened out into a wide underwater cavern with large crystals and gemstones, many of them glowing in various colors. They had been given tools and satchels before they had entered into the cave, and told to return in four hours, their satchels full of gems.

Looking around, she wondered what they used these for, she hadn't seen anything inside the eye of the world chamber that looked like it ran off anything even remotely like these.

"Try to get big ones." Said one of the younglings. "They like the bigger ones, and then you don't have to work as hard to fill up your bag." He explanined, then swam away to find himself an area where he could work. The rest of the group split up, and she found an area with some pretty purple crystals, and used the pick she was given to begin prying them loose. As she worked, her thought's went to Pollux, and she hoped he was okay, which was likely a not, considering they were torturing him, she wasn't sure how long ago it was, she lost track of time when she woke up on the reef with other Mers.

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The mutation.

They had sharp tools, that they were using to practically dissect him. He faded in and out of consciousness a lot during the first tad bits of this. Blood dripped from the sides of the table, he was soaking the ground beneath of it. The blood was so thick it was beginning to become stringy as it dripped. Each drop echoed within his mind, the pain was starting to awaken heightened senses for Pollux. He could smell the iron in the air, the dripping blood sounded like thunderous beats upon a drum. Each and every insertion of their wicked blades into his abdomen sent fire coursing through out his body, through his pain receptors and flooded his mind. He could feel his eyes burning again. In this moment, the Reptilian recognized the strange mutations. Within seconds, Cyrax, the smaller of the lizards took what initially looked like an ice pick from another table which held the tools to their sinister craft. "I wants his eyes...May I eats them?" The words slithered from the snakes mouth as he looked up at the larger Reptile. He leaned in closer watching as Pollux eyes began to turn red. "This is so fascina..." Before the Lizard could even finish that thought, a blast ripped out of Pollux's eyes. Incinerating the top half of Cyrax's torso.

Green ooze filled the air and splattered all over the cavern walls. It had even redecorated what the large brutes scales looked like, puddling up on Pollux a little. He smirked and blood dripped down his lips, laughing hysterically. It also bubbled up and spilled out into the atmosphere. "What a dumb ass!" The laughter continued til the reptilian took out what looked like a meat cleaver, spun it around to the blunt side and brought it down like he was chopping fire wood onto Pollux's forearm. Bursting for with a gut churning scream. The reptilian called for back up. As they started to come in the room he spoke. "Bring me something to use as a blind fold, we were right about this one. He is not a human, what he is yet to be determined, but no human being can do what he just did..." It sounded like the creature was yelling, and in that moment, he fainted from the sheer agony of the blow.

He had no idea how long he was out for this time. When he awoke, he couldn't see anything. It took a few moment's to realize it, but they had blindfolded him. His stomach felt very awkward. It felt like something was attached to it, turning his head to the left. He listened intently to see if he was still alone or not. But there was no movement or sound in the chamber. Letting out an exaggerated breath of air. It was almost like one of relief but right at its apex. Was when it happened, the Lizard reached out and grabbed his arm. The one that he had efficiently shattered. Squeezing, Pollux thrashed against the chains, trying desperately to get free. "Why are you doing this to me?!" He didn't understand at all, but even as all of this was happening. He could feel something within him changing, transforming. It was happening on the molecular level. The chemical make up of his physical body was starting to change.

"Let me go...Let me go..." The blood was crusted to his face, and it felt so heavy. The reptile leaned down closer to Pollux's face, and licked it again. "Your life force tastes so sweet child." It felt like fire was building within his lungs, within his stomach. But even stranger, was what the mutations were doing to his arm. Underneath of the skin, it felt like the hyper tension on his bone, the fracture and all of this pain. It was causing his body to adapt, to transform. The fracture was beginning to adapt to the environment, rapid cell reproduction was happening beneath of the skin. The bones were reforming around the fracture and becoming stronger and stronger, layer after layer. It was as if the calcium and marrow was beginning to harden into diamond, replacing his muscles. The sinew its self was starting to be re spun like a spiders web made of a diamond twine. He could feel that the snakes hand was still among his arm. It clearly hadn't noticed the changes within Pollux's body, he didn't even know he was changing entirely. Within moments, six inch spikes began to shoot from his forearm. Piercing through the snake's hand.

The reptilian's eyes widened, as did its jaws. Fangs protruding it snarled as it launched forward with a strike like a classic Viper would. Pollux moved his head to the left as if he had anticipated this reaction. As the creature head butted the table he was chained to. Pollux reached down along the snakes belt. Feeling for anything that resembled a key. He felt a long metallic cylinder among the creatures tunic. Yanking on it, But within that same instant, Pollux twisted his head and bit into the neck of the creature that was stunned from kissing the table. Biting down as hard as he could, he twisted with all of his might. Savagely, yanking a giant chunk of scales and flesh from the creatures neck. He spit it out as the snake staggered back and fell on its behind. Yanking up with both of his arms, he felt the table rock, he heard it crack. He knew he didn't have much time, this next one better do it, or he was going to die. He could hear the reptile trying valiantly to get to its feet. This time, Pollux dug deep and put everything he could muster into the thrashing against the chain.

It was when the chains buckled against the stone tablet, that the tablet gave way and cracked in half. By now the snake had gotten to its feet, and grabbed its battle axe. He could hear the scales of the creatures arms rubbing against its arm pits. He could feel the molecules in the air being split by the swinging axe. But the stone was broken now, and rolling toward his left. He could feel the chains rip through the stone, turning it to dust. Leaping with the roll, he shoulder thrust-ed the Giant snake. Knocking it backward, quickly he ran his hand along the chain. Finding the locking mechanism. Once again, he picked his way out of the chains. The chain dropped from his body but remained attached to his arm. It was almost as if, as he mutated the spikes that grew from his arm looked so familiar to the material of that chain. That chain was becoming a part of his visage.

Unbound, Pollux let his head drop forward. He knew he had seconds before the reptilians next attack would come. This time it was a horizontal slash that was heading for the man's chest. Taking a step backward and reaching out with his right and left hand. The left above the right. He caught the chain with his free hand. Wrapping it around the head of the Axe. He let the Wild swing of the reptile take his weapon with it. Waiting for the perfect opportunity. He could hear the creatures grasp loosen on the handle. It was then that Pollux jumped backward, yanking with all of his might. At first it pulled the Axe from the Reptiles hands. But it didn't get fair, lunging forward the creature caught back onto the handle but it was so worried about catching its weapon, it had lost track of its opponent.

Pollux jumped forward and extended his foot. Placing it firmly against the handle of the Axe. He kicked off of it. Letting his foot hit not only the handle of the axe, but also kick the dangling part of the chain, so it would spiral and unwind itself from the handle. The Axe was hurled backward into the face of the brutish reptile. The thud of the Axe smashing into the creatures skull was muffled by the splattering of its brain among the cavern walls. The Axe was lodged firmly among the rocks, the reptiles body was sliding down the wall, and it was within this moment. He heard others coming. Quickly he moved over to the tank where Melfina's scent was. He wasn't entirely sure it was hers or not, but it was different from the stench of the snakes. Kneeling in the shadows behind the tank, he waited as he heard their feet trampling past. "What the fuck happened in here?!" One of them said, as it stood there dumb founded by the macabre scene.

It was truly a gruesome sight to behold. While they were taking it in, Pollux reached down and grabbed a handful of rocks, before moving like a cat. Sticking to the shadows, while he followed her scent. Reaching up to his face, he touched his cheek bones and felt moisture. But didn't know what it was from. He couldn't hear any more movement, at least in his general area. Taking the blind fold off, he realized that the creatures had done something to his eyes. He could no longer see at all. Everything was black, and his heart shattered. Using his hands, he ran them along his abdomen. He noticed cross stitching, he had been sewn shut. What the fuck had they done to him? "There's no time Pollux, find Melfina..." He spoke to himself, wrapping the bandana back around his eyes and wrapping the chain around his forearm. Entwining it with the spikes that still stood erect among his fore-arm. He used his heightened senses to stick to the shadows. He could feel the difference in temperatures, he could smell the excessive moisture. Any time one of the creatures got to close, it was like he vanished into the shadows. As if his body became translucent. Because somehow he was just lucky enough not to get caught. The reptiles were on high alert, and sounding off hunting horns. To alert the others, that one of the prisoners had escaped.

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