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"Oh, i wish to linger,
On the fringe of the reef.
Hearken to the crashing waves,
Breaking over Stone."

Melfina swayed in the water, surrounded by her brethren, still muzzled, even after three days. Her voice echoed past the contraption and rose into the waves as she began the song, and the others swayed with her, chiming in with hums, whistles, clicks and claps to give her a beat and a chorus. She extended her arms as she slowly drifted upwards in the little edge reef that was their prison, her long blonde lochs gracefully fanning out in the water as she spun gracefully. The beams of sunlight shot through the water here and there, making her sapphire scales gleam and shimmer in the varying degrees of light.

"Amidst broken ships,
And Siren song,
Merfolk once did roam,
Oh ocean,
Guide us home."

Te spectacle would have been breath taking, as the others tilted and twirled in slow motion, and none the wiser to what they and Melfina were actually doing. Much like most ocean life, Merfolk could utilize a very useful skill of marine animals; Sonar. And they were all sending signals in every direction, bouncing them back to Melfina, who could decipher the signals, and find what she was looking for. She found it alright, as one of the signals bounced off the siren alarm that was sounding inside the compound nearby. 

She stopped singing, and whipped around. "Dive, Dive!" She yelled as the nets dropped into the water. 

"But.." A pretty young maid with a crimson tail and hair said, to which Melfina interrupted.

"No. Dive, they're not here for you this time." She looked at them. "I will return for you all." She said, then turned and swam up to meet the nets before they fell onto the others. Her gaze softened as the nets closed around her and she let them haul her up. Looking down at the others, she whispered, "I swear to you, I will come back for you.."

She broke the surface, knowing that they were fetching her in relation to the horns that were going off much more loudly above water, reptilians hurrying to and fro down at the base of the dock. Her companion was up to something, and whatever it was, these idiots had lost control of him. She sat within the netting and waited. They were letting her dry, so they were taking her inside. Once she dried, her tail anf fins became legs once again and then they released her from the chains and the netting. They gave her a white, short, toga style garment to dress in, and once dressed, they sttached another chain to the collar, but left her hands free, did they think her harmless in this state just because she had a muzzle on? One of them jerked the chain, and she was led inside. They were none too kind with that chain either, jerking it hard every few seconds, and the troup that guarded her laughed.

"Poor mermaid." The one holding the chain sneered as she remained silent amidst their chuckles and amusement."What'sss the matter?" It hissed. "SSSo talkativve before. Sssshoww ussss that pretty voicccee!" It took a length of the chain and spun it around a few times before lashing her legs with it, taking both legs out and she dropped to the cold stone floor to their laughter. Pushing herself back up, she turned on to her hip and looked at her already bruising legs. Disgusting things. She wished she wasn't being forced to use her legs. Her hand on the floor slid on something and she wrapped her hand around it. It was a jagged piece of the floor that had broken loose when she fell.

Without even thinking about it, she gathered her legs underneath herself, and pushed off as hard as she could, leaping onto the reptilian that was holding onto the chain, driving the jagged sliver of stone down into his chest cavity where his throat met his collar bone. The stone in her palm, now covered in blood, shimmered and burst into light, sending a sudden searing pain up her left arm as she screamed out in surprise, her arm moving of it's own accord as she placed the gemstone against the reptilian's chest, and tendrils of red light shot out from her hand and encompassed the poor creature, gargling on his own blood as the tendrils pointed inwards, then impaled the bastard, causing him to spit more blood, as well as losing it from dripping off the tendrils of crimson. 

She could feel it...The stone was..sucking the reptilian of very bit of it's very essence and absorbing it. Making her stronger, and the pain in her arm suddenly ceased, but she was still not in control, as the stone hungered for more souls. A concept Melfina was not familiar with. She didn't know what a soul was, but the group of seven still staring at her in shock didn't stand a chance as the tendrils of red light dropped the first reptilian, and gathered around Melfina, before she held out her hand, aiming the gemstone at the group, and blood would spray in every direction as the letal energy pierved each of them, and began to drain them of their essences, absorbing them into the stone, giving Melfina different taste of the power she had haphazardly come into. 

Dropping the withered bodies of the serpentine victims, she continued on down the hallway, blood splattered and surrounded by the arms of energy eminating from the jewel. She wasn't getting burned anymore. So that was a discovery. If she let it devour her adversaries, it didn't hurt her. Fair enough. So she LET it lay waste to everything that came after her, until she walked past a spot in the shadows and the stone spoke to her for the first time.

-HE is there..-

She looked closely, and sure enough, he was there, standing still in the shadows, a bandana over his bloodstained face, his torso and chest a road map of stitched wounds, and his arm. She gasped, her hands covering her mouth for a moment.

"Pollux?" She asked, stepping closer. "What have they done to you...?" She asked, reaching up and touching his face. "Your eyes..." She looked him over, horrified. She wanted to cry for him, but now was not the time to be heartbroken over his mistreatment. They needed to get out of there, but she needed to help her people still too. She looked at the stone in her palm, and back to Pollux. "Will you help me?" She asked. "There are more merfolk, the reptilians have them chained out at the end of the dock. Please, help me save them, and then we'll take one of the boats. They've been loading the gems onto them all morning to send off to sell. Whatever that means."

She looked down both ends of the hallways as the sound of several marching feet started to resound from both directions. And again they were cornered. Melfina's gaze darkened, and became cold and sharp. "We're surrounded again." She said, backing up to him as she lifted the hand with the stone. "They're coming from both directions and we need to go.." She looked down at her hands quickly and had to remember her left from her right. "Left. We need to go left." She could see that the bandana was bloody as well as his face, and guessed they had taken his eyes.

"That's a lot of lizards..." She said as the corridoor filled to capacity with reptilian soldiers ready to pounce. "Um..Any ideas?"

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Sulking in the shadows, he was focused on one thing and one thing only. Concealing himself was his only concern, he couldn't afford to be captured again. With what they had done to him the first time, who knew what they would do next. Things would go from bad to worse to a nightmare in no time. He had to be smarter, he focused on his breathing. All of his senses seemed to be much more intense since the lizards had tortured him. He could smell the horrible odors that their bodies produced as they ran past him, he was lucky that none of them were very good at hunting. Or at least so far he had yet to encounter any that were. If any of them were able to see heat signatures he would be totally screwed, and who knew. Some of them very likely would be able to. Focusing on his breathing, he needed to smell her scent. Following it, he listened cautiously. Oh so cautiously, because the alarms that were ringing off in the back ground sounded as if they were right above his head. He couldn't tell if he was in the shadows or not. Pollux was losing what was left of his mind. He could feel warm liquid running down the flesh of his stomach and his lungs worked twice as hard to suck in the oxygen and exhale the carbon monoxide.

He could hear a small squad of them running down the hall. Perfect he thought, surely they will catch me now. Their feet sounding like little click clacks as their toe nails clinked on the stone beneath of them. Getting louder and louder the closer they got to him. From the sounds, the numbers of clicks he assumed that their were three of them. He would have to be careful, oh so careful. Timing would be keen in this situation, staying low and hunched against the wall. Another exaggerated sigh released from his lips, the clicking of their feet was directly in front of him. It was as if he could sense their spiritual pressure enter the bubble of his personal space. Disrupting the aura that his own body naturally produced. As the final set began to march past, he launched out with his left arm. The spikes that protruded from his flesh at least six inches long would collide with scaly flesh; A splatter of blood flooded from the reptiles gaping jaw and as its friends skidded to a halt, Pollux reached down the reptiles arm to the weapon it was carrying. It felt as though it was a spear or something.

Kicking downward on the creatures knee with all his might. Pollux yanked his arm from being lodged within the creatures throat. Leaping forward he planted the butt of the spear's handle into the rocks. Flipping with it still in his grasp. He basically used the spear's handle for a hand on the ground so to speak as he cartwheeled and landed on one knee. Twisting the spear as the other two reptiles came charging at him. Lunging forward, he telegraphed the thrust with his right shoulder. The spear head would thrash straight through the first reptile and with all his might he threw the spear like a javelin. Catching the reptile behind him completely off guard, the trajectory of the spear now turned javelin had quite the kinetic energy behind it. Before long both reptiles were flying through the air only to become pinned to the cave wall. Quickly Pollux took off in the opposite direction, trying to no avail to hear where they were coming from. He felt like a rat caught in a maze.

So with this inescapable fear starting to devour his resolve. He backed up to the wall of the cave and leaned against it. Breathing heavily, he slowly knelt down. Lowering his head, he focused on his breathing. He had even lost touch with the pheromones and smells that her body left behind as they drug her through the cave. "Fuck..." He whispered to himself. Then he heard it, the sounds of combat. The snarls and moans of the reptiles dying, of flesh colliding with fist and then a sudden blast of sound erupted and he could hear more clicks, more snarls. The lizard men were coming in force now. He began to focus on his soul, on his mind. Everything he had done in his life was starting to accumulate within the back of his mind. Sitting in the dark, he couldn't forget all the things he done. It was while he was lost within his mind and his thoughts that he heard her calling to him.

Not speaking at first; No longer could he look at her beautiful face, or see her body or even see the light. Everything was darkness, all of his world was gone. "...I never did catch your name..." He spoke softly as he got to his feet. He could feel the reptiles getting closer and closer. He looked toward the wall, and continued to speak. Thinking maybe he was talking to her face. "I would help you with anything you wanted to do..." He then sighed and waited until he heard her speak again. It was in that moment that he realized that he was talking to the wall. Embarrassed, if there weren't bloody tears all over his cheeks she would have seen them flush.

"They are on either side of us?" He spoke so softly, yet predominately. He began to walk away from her. Taking his left hand and placing it against the wall. There was something else within Pollux, a sense of serenity began to resonate from his whole body. As if another consciousness had taken over. The spikes within his arm began to shrink back into his flesh. As they vanished if Merlina was paying attention, she would see something growing out of the wall. It was somewhat thin, and happening to both sides of the wall. It started to buzz. Looking over his shoulder to her, his voice sounded different. His body looked different too, at least his left arm. It resembled the color of the rocks, and that buzzing noise began to scream.

Twas as if two saw blades had came shooting out of the rocks and they gave no warning or hesitation. She wouldn't have much time, because as he spoke the words to duck. Pollux had already started to lower himself, the blades found scaled torsos and upper thighs the surprise of the uncanny attack caught the group to the right off guard. But it was the speed in which the blades zipped down the hall toward the two of them that caught the other group of lizards off guard. The blades would make mince lizard meat out of them. If she wasn't fast about it, she would have been caught by the blades. However the lizards to the left didn't realize what had even happened to them. For they were still running toward the two prisoners.

With each step, more and more of them began to fall to pieces. "Take me with you to the other mermaids...Please don't leave me here..." He could hardly stand, and he sounded almost like a child. He was damn near drained entirely, but every lizard in the hall were now nothing more than a puddle of gore and torso. Staggering even on one knee. He felt as though he was going to pass out again. If she didn't get him out of this cave soon, he would die here.

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 She ducked, just in time for one of the blades to pass over her head as she dropped and lay flat on the floor. When it was over, she and everything else was covered in lizard pieces. Pollux was down on one knee, looking like he was about to pass out. Quickly, she got up and caught him by the shoulders. 

"Come on, on your feet, I'm not leaving you here." She said, getting under one of his arms, and pushing him up. He was a lot heavier than she remembered him being in the ocean. She could barely hold him up, but she grit her teeth and dug her bare feet into the stone for traction and pushed him up. She would then lead him out of the dark caves, where the sunlight outside would illuminate more the damage the reptilians had done to him. Anger then welled up inside her. How dare they?! It was just as much her fault he was in this predicament, as it was his fault she was in the same predicament. It wasn't fair, to either of them.

She moved as quickly as she could out onto the nearly deserted dock, and picked a boat, where she led Pollux and dropped him inside. She looked at the group of reptiles that were coming from the end of the doc and looked at her hand, she needed blood..And still muzzled couldnt bit herself, not that she would, she was not immune to the effects of her own venom. Shit. Plan B time! She dove off the dock, and down into the water, swiftly flipping and shooting back up again to leap out of the water and grab the reptilians one by one with each pass. They went from four to two in a matter of seconds. The second one she had taken had the keys to the merfolk's chains, and as the lizard sank, they didnt know how to swim, she took his key ring and with one powerful stroke of her tail she rocketed through the water to where the others were.

She still needed to act quickly, handing off the keys she sped back to the dock. Pollux was still up there, with two reptilians. Surfacing, she aimed for the dock, and by the time she landed, she lad legs again! No time to stop as she twirled and landed a perfect roundhouse kick to one lizards jaw, grabbing his weapon as he fell back, stunned, into the water and fired the weapon, blasting a big hole through the chest of the other one. She threw the weapon. It was disgusting, but not much better than the stone in her hand. Moving fast, she untied the anchor ropes and looked up as more reptilians came pouring out of the cave entrance. They had to go, and they had to go now. Leaving one rope attached, she ran and dove as they began to fire. She was struck between the shoulders, and lucky thats the only place, but ignored it and once in the water, her tail returned and she pulled hard at the boat, but the current was against her.

Just then, she left the rope go slack and whipped around, fearing the worst, but it was quie the opposite, the merfolk had come to help them! They grabbed the enderside and back of the little craft, and then rope with her, and poolux would feel the fron of the boat lift off the water as they took off towards the open ocean. Once they were safely away, Melfina bid farewell to her kin, promising to find them again some day. She watched them swim away, her heart feeling much lighter.

Looking up at the bottom of the boat, she swam up and surfaced, reaching up as high as she could to reach the edge of the side and tilt it just enough for her to get in. Her Tail returned to legs, yet again. She'd never been able to change that fast, much less that many times in a row. Pushing a few of the bags of gems out of the way, she stepped over to Pollux and sat, pulling his head onto her lap and smoothing his hair back. 

"My name is Melfina." She told him after a moment's silence. She ripped the cloth of one of the bags of gems, and stuck it in the salt water, before begining to clean his woulds with it and wipe away the dried blood. "And you'll be ok. We're out on the open ocean now."

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Collapsing, he felt her arms help him to his feet. Leaning against her he was a bloody mess. She felt soft to his touch, he could smell her every scent so vividly from this distance. She smelled lovely, but then another smell over powered it. The reptiles blood stank, it smelt like rotten fish or something and it was making him feel sick to his stomach. Luckily they weren't in that corridor much longer, he let her lead the way. After all he couldn't see anything, his left arm wrapped around her shoulder he tried his best to support his own weight. After all he didn't wanna hurt her. Her words were like a symphony of compassion and relief, he was so glad that they had met. That she was the type of person she was. It was so wonderful to find someone like her in a world that's often way to hard, way to dark and filled with hate.

Feeling the warmth of the rays of sunlight beaming down on his skin was something he never thought he would feel again. Every step they took, every move that they made sent pain reverberating from the tip of his head to the bottoms of his feet. He was defeated, exhausted and felt like he was going to die. He had lost so much blood, how he was still breathing and clinging to life was any ones guess at this point. He could almost feel her eyes examining him, and the toll that the reptiles had taken out of his hide. Lowering his head, he took a deep breath and listened to the world around him. He could hear the waves of the ocean crashing against the shore. In the distance he could hear birds chirping and the smells exhilarated his tortured mind.

Before long he could feel the wood of the docks beneath of his feet and he was lost. His mind was so foggy, he was doing all he could to not focus on the pain he had endured. They were moving faster than he could honestly handle in his current condition yet he held onto consciousness, call it fear or bravery or just down right stubbornness. He was afraid that she would need his assistance again, and he was ready to give his life for a total stranger and the stubbornness was the will to not give up no matter what. Here he was with bloody tears dripping off of his cheeks and his body was literally torn asunder.

He could feel her arms leave him as they had crossed the threshold of the boat and she sat him down on the stern. He reached out for her, but by then she was gone. Listening he could hear her foot steps moving away from the boat. She must have been heading to free the mermaids, a small smile fell upon his lips as he lost consciousness for a few seconds. He heard a loud splash of water jolting back awake. He listened and he could hear he reptiles moving down the docks toward him. Slightly filled with panic he tried to get to his feet but this was fruitless. A second splash occurred and he heard bodies thudding against the wood of the docks and the sound of a gun shot, he looked in that direction. He hoped she hadn't just been shot.

Holding his breath for a second, he didn't know what to do other than have faith in her. Trust in her that she could handle the situation. Because he was able to provide no help, no assistance. Once more he lost consciousness, he just laid there and breathed. Slowly a puddle of blood began to pool beneath of his body. He didn't know if this was all that he had left inside of his veins or not. But in this moment it didn't matter. He had no idea how much time passed while she was untying the boat and getting ready to set sail. It was after awhile, that he felt her hands pull him into her lap, and she began to move his hair back and the rag touching his skin with the salt water kind of made him a little jumpy. But she said that they were going to be ok, that they were out in the open ocean and he had never felt such relief. Letting out a long sigh, he smiled a little and repeated the name she had spoken. "Melfina..." He was out cold again, and only god knew for how long it would be.


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She had cleaned his wounds as best as she could, then she'd set about getting enough of the bags emptied into each other until she had enough bags and after ripping them apart, she had tied the ends together and made a canvas to shade him, tying it off to the sides of the boat so that it would be secure and waited, watching him for several hours before she realized it was starting to get dark. There were no provisions on the small craft, only the two of them, and the jewels. Her stomach had been gnawing at her for days now, but she had no way of getting that damned muzzled collar off. Sighing, she carefully dove over the side of their craft, her legs becoming her glorious tail. Oh how wonderful the water felt! Water, that's what she needed. What Pollux needed. She had to find him fresh water and some sort of food out here that he could eat.

Once underwater, she dove, and it seemed like she swam forever down into the blackness of the water. A few moments later she would come jettisoning back up out of the dark, something in her hands. She'd found exactly what she had needed, but there had been a slight problem. The moss was the bed of an octopus den, and it had been home. Tentacles shot out of the black water below her, and she swished her fin, dodging left and right as she sped away with a few strokes of her powerful tail. She loved it, she thought that swimming at high speeds was what it must feel like when the birds fly. She would have to ask Pollux if he knew how birds felt when they fly. Granted that was if she could keep him alive long enough to get them help.

The sat water stung between her shoulders as the thin scab covering the burn mark where she'd been shot soaked through with salt water, cleaning the wound. Nearing the surface, she was relieved to see that the boat had not drifted far in her absence. Pulling herself back on board again, she looked at her fin, and it returned to a pair of legs, again, almost instantly. Was this a power of the gem as well? Donning again the toga-like garment she had been wearing, she nestled into the bottom of the boat under the canopy where Pollux lay and gently put his head back onto her lap. 

"Can you hear me?" She asked, smoothing his hair back. She tilted his head slightly, pressing the wet moss to his lips. "Drink. It will taste a little funny, but that's just the moss." She continued. "It's a special kind of sea moss, it makes fresh water if you pour salt water over it. They eat the salt."  

The long hours would stretch away into the night as they continued to drift, the current taking them wherever the ocean willed that they go. It grew cold, and in an attempt to get warm she curled up next to him for warmth in the bottom of the little boat, and she would drift off to sleep.

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Trapped in the wake.

In his dreams he was reliving the event's of the last couple of days. The horrifying travesties that he had endured since he got on that god awful cruise ship. He had left a woman behind, but was she truly his? He had been cheating on her with her sister. Some megalomaniac drama ensued once they had found out about it. He had crushed that woman, was this gods way of punishing him? To have some ancient race of lizards take his eyes? To have him be part of killing an ancient being that was probably older than most countries. Rolling over, he awakened. Cold sweat dripping off of his forehead and in a puddle beneath of where he was firmly planted. Resting, he ran his hand across his stomach and felt cloth or something wrapped around him.

"Merlina?" He tried to speak, but it came out more like a whisper than anything. She wasn't on the boat at this point anyway. She had dove into the deep crystal clear ocean, an ocean that he would never see again. But he knew that they were on it, he could feel every little wave crash against the side of the boat. He could hear the waters, and how serene and peaceful they truly were. It was nice to have a little relaxation time, a little recuperation period. Sitting up, he groaned. Raising his right hand to his face, he touched his cheek and realized that their was even something wrapped around his eyes. He didn't mind the woman dressing his wounds, he didn't mind the blind fold either. In fact, he kind of preferred it.

About this time she was back to the surface and in the boat, pulling his head back into her lap. He didn't know why but her touch seemed to take away all of the shame, all of misery that was welling up inside of him. The body heat that radiated off of her was so comforting, and her aura helped him drift into a world of safety and security. Opening his mouth, he put his lips on the moss and began to suck the water out of it. She was right, it tasted funny. Never had he tasted something so slimy in his life, but he continued to drink it. Listening to the harmony of her vocal cords as they produced sounds that he could understand and respond to. "....Thank you..." His voice wasn't anywhere near as harsh, the liquids helped soothe his throat a little, How long was anyone's guess.

"Its starting to get chilly, and my stomach hurts..." Using his left hand he started trying to take the bandages off. "Somethings wrong..." He sounded distraught, small little groans and growls were coming from him as his eye brows tightened and arced. The rocking of the boat was starting to get to him a little. He was starving and he was sure that the sun was starting to go down by now.

Self conscious; How would he ever survive in a world this cruel without being able to see the way? He tried not to dwell on it to much. Escaping the vulnerable feelings that were sinking in to his skin felt over bearing. Virtually impossible, he was lost within this cycle and he just couldn't find a way to power through it. To survive it and over come it. This was all too much to take in, he felt the world starting to spin, rolling onto his hands and knee's he crawled to the edge of the boat and started blowing chunks. Sea sick, with his sight gone, his other senses were heightened. Lifting his head a little, letting the bile hang from his lips. Not intentionally, he just didn't know it was there. He heard a thud, a few seconds later another one. Tilting his head, he took a deep breath within his breast his heart started to pound.


The waters were choppy to say the least as the black boat sailed through the sea. It's sails were painted a golden hue and it was a rather large ship. It was manned by twelve men and two women. They all wore dingy clothing, and some of them were clearly slaves. They were the ones working the boat. Using the sails and moving the ropes. They were pirates, they sailed these waters collecting other people, their goods and anything that they could eat, sell or have sex with. The captain was a female, and she was hard as iron. Long silver hair blew bodaciously in the night wind. "Ahoy! Cappin!" The little bugger in the crow's nest scream down. "Der's another one ahead! This must be our lucky night, three ship's and it looks like it might be abandoned!" The captain took out what looked like a telescope and gazed through it. Smirking, she commanded her men to head directly toward the smaller vessel.

"Listen up men, we approach this like any other random ship that we encounter out here. With caution and fury. IF there is anyone on that ship, we take them with us if they will join our cause. Other wise, we kill them and take the boat. It looks like a piece of shit raft but we can still sell it." She grinned and put the telescope back in her jacket. Reaching to her side, she pulled out what would be an ancient flintlock pistol, a leather bag and some silver balls. Combining them all within the barrel. She just smiled inward, if the stories were true. Their target was out on these waters somewhere, and she hoped to hell it was this vessel that they were approaching now. The hunt was on, and it was an odd thing to find Vampires at sea. But the bounty was just to high to pass up.

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Melfina woke when Pollux began to stumble about the boat in a panic, throwing up over the side, and when she moved to help him, she froze, seeing it. The black ship emerged from the night like a blot of ink staining the ocean's surface, it's black sails blotting out the stars, and the hull took on a ghastly sheen as it slowed and came to a halt, drifting long with their tiny craft.  Ropes dropped down the side, and at first two men slid down onto the boat. She was too weak. That damned muzzle, she was slowly starving, but she was still trying to keep him alive. 

"Pollux..." She said, as one of the pirates lifted her from the bottom of the boat. She never should have fallen asleep, now she was too weak to fight back. Her muscles burned, and moving made her feel like an octopi tossed around in a rip current. She tried to push away from the pirate, but it was useless, and then she wasn't sure what happened as she suddenly felt extremely dizzy and fainted, losing consciousness as the pirates hauled her ab Pollux on board, as well as their multiple bags of jewels.

"They 'ad dese wif 'em, Cap'n." Said the one with Melfina hanging limply over his shoulder. "Bags n bags o jewels. This'n's got a weird collar, da other one looks like 'e's been run tru da meat grinder."

"Turn around, let me see the girl." The woman who answered to Captain stepped forward, her outfit much cleaner than the crews, and a pretty velvet short skirted bodice styled dress, high boots, and a feathered hat over her thick black curls. "Gimme the Snips." She said, pulling melfina's head up by the hair and inspecting the collar and chains that held it to her neck and head. She held a hand out, and a rather bulky looking pair of tin snips were placed into her palm. "One of ye, 'Old her head." She said, wrapping melfina's hair into a twist an handing it to another pirate, who jerked her head up not so gently. "Easy, ye lout!" The captain snipped at him. "'Old her there...there we go!" She said, snipping the chains that held the muzzle to her face, and then set to work using the powerful snips to tear through the wood of the collar around her neck. 

"Much better." She said, handing back the snips to one of the sailors and turning to give her attention to Pollux. "These two are not who we seek!" She said, looking at the shredded puppet looking man before her. "But them below, tell the doctor to see them." She said. "Let her stay with him, she may be his eyes, seeing as he has none."

A few of the crewmen would laugh at the joke, and then the two would be escorted below decks, and melfina haphazardly and unceremoniously dumped into a heap on the floor and would push Pollux in after her, slamming the cell door closed behind him. Then it was just the two of them again, but not for long, as the doctor came to call. He would be a big burly man, but he radiated calm and was quiet. He checked Melfina from outside the cage, but had to go in to look Pollux over.

"Easy there, blindness." He said, his voice like a thunderous boom. "I'm a doctor. Let me have a look at you." He shook his head. "Looks like you've had a run in with the Reptiles." He said. "And your traveling with a mermaid. Oh yes, I know. So does the Cap'n. She wont come to harm here, the cap'n is a very fair lady, an' she takes a fancy to young pretty things."

Wait, what the hell did that mean?! Didn't matter, he was already gone again. Not long after, Melfina would wake again, and groan, very slowly sitting up. Feeling weak, and unsteady, she remained seated. "Where am i?" She asked, not remembering the ship at first, and then spotted Pollux. "Hey, hey, can you hear me, Pollux?" She said, carefully crawling over to him, to sit with her back against the bars and lean on him slightly. "I'm here.."

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The check up.

So, they had been taken by the pirates. Upon the boat, they had moved them to the cells underneath of the deck. He hated not being able to see, it made life hard to bare. But for some reason, these people were nice to them. He let the doctor look him over, he was careful not to struggle much against these people. For once, he wanted to have a relaxing stay somewhere. Even if they were in a cage. The doctor knew more than he probably should have. Listening to his words, Pollux twisted his head.."How do you know what did this to me? And how in the world do you all know what she is..." His questions weren't farfetched. Neither of them had given off any signs of answers about his questions.

Still, something was wrong with his stomach. He needed to know what it was, waiting til the doctor left the cell. He listened to Merlina and waited till she got next to him. "Something's not right..." He said again, his voice trembling as he spoke. Both of his hand's went to his stomach again. This time he used his finger nails and scratched at the spot where they had stitched him together. There was a doctor here, so in essence. Maybe he wouldn't bleed to death. It didn't take him very long to scratch the stitches out and then, as he groaned and slid his hand inside of his stomach, he felt it. It stabbed his finger, it was virtually a land mine inside of his body. Or the ball part of a morning star mace.

It had been ripping apart his intestines. Screaming as he yanked it out, he threw it across the room. Before passing out, green goo started to ooze from the wound. They had poisoned the strange object that he had pulled out of his stomach. His head fell forward and blood seemed to be gaining thickness as it rolled off of his body. The morning star mace thing, started to transform. It was at first looking like a snake skull, but as time ticked on, it seemed to be growing a body. Inside of the cell with the two of them, it was gaining size and structure.

Before long it was over seven feet tall and huge, weighing every bit of four hundred pounds. It started stomping over toward Pollux. "I wasn't done draining your mutated blood and inner chi boy!" The reptilian creatures words slithered through its lip less mouth. As it reared back and swung forth a fist wrapping its fingers around pollux neck. It lifted him from the floor, the blood still dripping down his clothing and onto the floor. He was still unconscious, so close to death's door that they could tongue kiss before death pushed him through to either heaven or hell.

This reptilian creature was a shape shifter, he was one of their leaders and they had killed the majority of its nest. It wanted Vengeance, and as it stared into pollux's face it tilted its head and its eyes began to glow a bright red color. It had absorbed his mutated eyes. Now, using his own ability against him. It was going to incinerate Pollux and blast a hole straight through the boat.

By this time, the Captain and the doctor were on their way back down to where the new prisoners were. The captain pulled out her pistol and fired off the shot of Silver into the back of the creature. It didn't seem to phase him at all. As it stood there, still charging that blast. "Hurry, get that damn Cell open, how did that thing get in there with them?" She barked orders and the doctor scrambled to get the cell open. The reptilian looked over his shoulder at them and laughter rose from his form. "Stay where you are, or ill snap his neck and blow a hole in your precious ship..." The captain and the doctor stood still.

Pollux began to come to, while in the creatures hand. Groaning at first, his left arm mutated some, it would look like the bones in the arm became a blade, as if his left arm had became the head of a battle axe. Swinging it swiftly, harshly with as much strength as his weakened body could muster. He cut the things arm off, Its fingers still grasped around his throat. He fell backward, landing on his feet. He took a lunging step forward, before kicking out with the opposite foot. Putting at his body weight behind it. Collapsing after the kick, he fell to the ground, laying in the puddle of blood. He could only hope that the others would be able to do something about that strange thing.

Listening intently, he realized that the arm was already starting to grow back. Something just wasn't right, he could tell by the shallow sounds of breaking and snapping followed by what sounded like bubbles popping and scratching. He had never heard something like this in all his life. What was this creature? When did they put it inside of him? Does it even matter...? It was here now, and trying to terminate them.

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Melfina was the only one the creature was ignoring, it's attention on Pollux and the ships crew. It had Pollux..The thought slowly registered as she rose from the floor of the cell, anger bursting inside her that this reptilian had him. Lunging, she caught the beast's other arm, and held on as she bit down, hard, into it's disgusting flesh. Her sharp fangs tore into his flesh as her venom streaked into it's bloodstream. It screeched and flailed it's arm and stub, trying to get her off. 

It dislodged her, and she took the chunk of it's flesh with her as it threw her to the floor. She came back again, diving under it's swinging grasp and bit him again, this time in the calf. By now, her venom was already taking hold of the Reptilian and he fell to his knees.

"Mermaid!" It hissed at her. "Sirened wench! I'll sink this ship! I'll.." He didn't get the chance to finish as the Captain's skirt twirled around the reptilian and a pair of knives found themselves buried in it's eye sockets to the hilts.

"That's about enough o' that." She said, clapping her hands together. "Doc, set 'im up." She said, Pollux wounds were more serious. "Tend to him." She said, then she turned and knelt next to Melfina. "Yer brave, lass." She continued. "Come along, let's get you cleaned up and fed."

Melfina would then find herself lifted by the arm, the captain supporting her to walk. "Bring him when you get him cleaned up." She told the doctor. "She just took that thing down a few pegs fer touchin' him." The big man would nod, and she would go topside with Melfina in tow, taking her to the captains quarters. Once inside, she would set Melfina at a large polished wooden table, and readied a bath, pouring the boiling water out of cauldron over the fire into a large brass tub. She then proceeded to undress the poor girl as the water cooled.

"Alright, you, in ye go." She said, and smiled as Melfina sank into the water. "Ye didn't change..." She said, confused. 

Melfina showed her the palm of her hand. "It's this.. whatever it is, is responsible." She said. She'd never been in hot water before. It was kind of nice, but not something she'd want to stay in forever. 

"I see." She said, turning away to find her something far more appropriate to wear than that horrid toga thing she had promptly thrown onto the fire. "Shame your friend can't see." She said, picking a short skirted dress much like her own, but blue instead. "Your goin' t' look lovely in this."

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The creature roared as his arm was taken, and Pollux fell backward, laying against the cabin wall of the boat. He could hear the captain and the doctor were back. But again, he could hear that strange bubbling noise coming from the reptilian. There was definitely something different about this one than the others, for one. It had grown out of what had originally been a thorn inside of him. He was the target for some god awful reason. Even as Merlina latched herself onto the snakes other arm and bit down as hard as she could and began to fill it with her toxic venom. The creature seemed to be nearly unfazed by it.

Shaking the arm, the creature looked down at her. The arm that Pollux had taken was pretty much regrown as the snake shook Merlina from its flesh, she took a huge chunk with her. Glancing over at her, it was just in time to see the captains skirt rise and spiral and her throw the blades into its eyes. Officially blackening out the world for the reptile for the time being at least. Its roars and screams seemed to vanish as it took its new arm upward and yanked the blades from its skull. Still standing, still stalking toward Pollux. "I am here to gain your power, your different than the others of your kind. Your special, your unique, your a freak, a mutation. I was sent by the queen to absorb these qualities out of you and I will be damned if your little rag tag team will stop me from doing so." By this time, the blood that filled the orifices that were once his eyes had began to construct into balls. Eyes were already starting to grow back, this reptile was a freak of nature in its own right.

At least it would seem this way, til the venom from her bite started to kick in. The creature began to stumble back and forth, and then it hit the ground. Something about the mermaids venom. It made the reptile feel drunk at first. The whole world was spinning as it hit the ground. Pollux knew something wasn't right, but Merlina went with the captain and the doctor with Pollux. He was stitching him back together. The doc looked at the man up and down. "What did it mean, your special? A mutation?" Pollux didn't speak much. He had no idea why all of this had been happening. They took his eyes for it. He had lost everything, his whole world. Witnessed the death of an ancient being and the fall of an entire civilization. Then tortured and they took his eyes. He didn't say much, the sorrow was over whelming.

The doctor pulled out a strange elixir and poured it down Pollux's throat. "This will help speed your healing process up." Pollux guzzled it down. It was disgusting, tasted like ginger and wax. "....Thank you..." He spoke, he was listening to the labored breathing of the reptile. "Can we please throw that thing over board doc..?" He pointed to the snake. "Or in the very least get away from it...Its not dead, I can hear it...Its rebuilding. Its transforming again..." Pollux looked horrified. Pale white, as if he was going to get sick. He was tired of all of this, all of this constant fear. The torture had done a number to him. "Where's Merlina..." His left hand began to cover in spikes. "I want Merlina..." He pushed to his feet. "Doc...Take me to her now..."

Inside Pollux could feel something changing again. His body was mutating again, he didn't understand what was going on. But the spikes were starting to get longer and longer, smoke was starting to escape his nostrils. He could feel the anger rising. The fear growing, the doctor reached out and took his right hand. "Do not worry Kiddo, ill take you up there. And ill have the crew grab this thing, and throw it over board...You say its still alive?" Walking over to it, dragging Pollux with him. He took out his pistol aimed for the snakes skull and fired off another round into it. "That will at least slow it down.." Before long the doc was dragging him up the stairs. As they reached the deck. Pollux stopped walking. Shaking his head he spoke again. "All you did was piss it off..."

About that time, the deck exploded out ward. The snake was now air borne, screaming Pollux's name. Its skull a mutilated mess. Blood dripping from the wound in the side of its head. As it leaped upward it had caught a hold of one of the crew members and was squeezing the man's torso. Snapping his spine like a twig. As the creature came back down, it used its other hand to grab the bottom half of the man, the hand that had squeezed him moved to his head. Yanking in opposite directions. He pulled the crew men in half. Using his head as a make shift handle, and his spine as a whip like weapon. It lashed out at the doctor. "I will have his power, I will have his soul!" The screaming monstrosity wasn't about to give up.

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-Get up...- The whisper in the back of her mind made her jolt upright in the bath tub the captain had her in, blue eyes wide. She looked at her hand, the gemstone embedded in her palm pulsating. She could feel it, see the color brighten and dim and the next time, she felt it rather than heard it. -He needs you...IT COMES!-

As the words screeched in her ears, the entire ship was rocked as the deck outside the cabin exploded from the force with which the lizard had come up through it, all she and the captain heard was wood rending, splitting, splintering. Melfina was out of the tub before the captain could stop her, and out onto the deck in all her wondrous naked glory as dawn came, the sky staining red as the sunlight skipped off the clouds and reflected off the slight fog bank, illuminating her blonde hair, with sparks of red and gold light as she emerged from the captains quarters in the crimson reflected mist. 

It was all happening so fast. The wind picked up and in the silence that followed her catching that beast's attention, she pulled out a punch line. "Red dawn at morning," She grinned wickedly. "Don't you know, sailors take warning!" She grabbed hold of Pollux with the hand that held the jewel, and then quickly let him go again after she got his blood on the stone. She knew this was one way to activate it, but didn't want to drain his soul out like she had the reptilians on the island. And activate it did, and she almost lost it for the sheer number of voices that clamored in her head of a sudden. 

"Sssirened WENCH!" The reptile brought it's arm back and lashed the spinal whip at her now, lashing the tip of it at her feet. "I'll make you watch asss I devour him!"

Melfina would lift her hand, so the serpent could see the stone that was now glowing in her palm as her anger came forth again. This beast was trying her patience, very much so, But she would need another way to defeat it, as killing it didn't work, her venom didn't do much but get the creature high and send it on a wild trip that ended with a bullet in it's skull. Which was trying to reform and solidify to regenerate back into the the correct cranial structure. 

It hissed at her, and flung the whip out again, the end of the spine wrapping around her hand grotesquely, and she grabbed it, pulling the lizard forward as it jerked back on the whip to try and free it. It was much bigger than she, so she would have to have to keep it off balance, as she collided with the monster and bit him again. The reptile screeched and grabbed her by the hair, pulling hard and then throwing her when she released her fangs.

-Let me out..- The voice rang in her head as she landed and the hulking lizard turned towards Pollux again, it's forked tongue zipping in and out of it's scaled maw as it drooled. "No.." She muttered. Last time she had let the stone be in control, it had been disastrous. This time, she was focused, and needed to get this thing under control. 

-He will die...- Her eyes widened. She steeled herself. No, she could do this. Could she do this...? The stone seized it's opportunity in her moment of doubt as the captain and the doctor, followed by the rest of the crew, began to unload their weapons into this abomination, and it merely laughed and continued it's staggering gait as her venom sent it on another wild ride. 

-Yesss, YES!- The voice became much louder in her head as she rose from the deck, her eyes once again taking on that grayish hue as whatever power resided within the stone took over once more, and she moved more fluidly than water, the captain and crew dropping their weapons and staring, slack-jawed at this naked blonde little thing that looked so fragile, streaked across the destroyed deck, the gemstone in her hand pulsating a red light as a symbol etched itself across her palm, burning horrendously as she leaped up onto the reptilian's shoulders wrapped one arm around it's neck, making the thing tilt it's head back as she pulled up under it's jaw, and slammed her palm down on it's brow, right above it's eyes.

It screamed, clawing at her, it's talons tearing into her flesh as she still refused to let go, the burning sensation worsening in her palm as the symbol burned itself deep into the lizards scaly head, and then the burns returned, starting at her fingertips and spreading slowly up her arm towards her elbow. It finally threw her off, and it fell to the deck, writhing in pain and screeching in an ear-splitting octave as it tore at it's head, trying to remove the mark. 

Melfina rose again, her eyes sill blank and grey, the hand with the jewel raising once again as she approached the reptilian, muttering in a language that was long dead, the symbol seared into her palm glowing brightly again, as well as the one one the reptile's brow. Within a few moment's, it would quit struggling, and Melfina would relax, her eyes returning to blue as she fell to her knees.

"What did you do to me?" The large lizard hissed at her. "What iss thissss?"

"Quiet, you." Melfina said, as the captain threw a cloak over her bare skin, the wounds already starting to close thanks to the gem. It wouldn't let it's host perish. The large reptile snapped its mouth shut and remained silent. "You'll do as your bid or the Stone will have you." She said, pulling the captains cloak tighter around her. "Now, get this mess you've made cleaned up. Find something to repair the decking with.And leave Pollux alone!"

"Of coursssee..." He hissed, and set himself to work repairing the torn planking of his exit through it. 

"That was...Quite th' show." The captain said, helping her up again. "You must be fond of this man, then?"

"I uhm..."Melfina was blushing now. She didn't know what to say to that. And the captain merely laughed. "Come long, now that the show's over, lets get you cleaned up again, and put into something nice."

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