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The Adventures Of Abraxis And Graymite 2020..the Monolithic Ones

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Dr. Fowler sat in her Office for a little while; her eyes were tired from crying. Her pain was real and yet, she did not understand why many of the people within the Mansion did not feel exactly the same way SHE did. Attack after attack, no matter what the situation, she was supposed to handle things like the professional that she had been forced into in just eight SHORT years.

Cotton knocked on the door gently, now letting herself in.

"Uhm....Dr. Fowler? It's me, Lady Cotton....might I come in and join you?" She asked very humbly.

"Huh....? Oh yeah...sure sweetheart...come on in...just an older lady having an episode right now."

Cotton was to take a chair next to the good Doctor, offering her some tissue for her tears.


"H-Hey!! What are you crying for Doctor? Oh man...don't cry...we NEED your expertise....Here......oh.....please don't cry Dr. Fowler...I'm sure we will fix this situation SOMEHOW!!!"

"Oh....I know we will...I'm just soo devastated about all of this in the first place. i had my mind set on trying to get Ben to settle down; maybe have kids or something...go on vacations...But I wasn't expecting all of this....being turned into a DAICHON, learning medicine in such a short time, trying to manage the History and the Tomes of the entire Kingdom...whatever THAT is going to turn out to be. He's such an idiot at times and starts arguments with just about ANYONE. And this is supposed to be about trying to cure poor Abraxis. He scares away almost everyone that we know, and yet, I'm such a fucking moron for sticking by his side!!! I LOVE him and he doesn't even reciprocate anything!!!!" She yelled out some, now plopping her head onto her Office desk, in tears again. Cotton turned her head to the side in just confusion. She then thought to herself,

"For someone that loves my father as much as she DOES, Doctor Fowler is a true drama queen. Why is this hurting her SOOO much? Oh Cotton, you cannot speak on anything like this young lady..Teacher is gone, and you haven't dealt with the fact that she is NOT coming back....."

She then took Stephanie's hand, placing them into hers, smirking some.

"Look, Doctor.......I'll always be here, if you need me. I might be young, but I am dealing with issues as well as you are. We can rely on one another as females....can't we Doctor?"


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Serenity and Gothra had gone out to survey a few things; she felt unsure about something, and wanted to verify it for herself. Gothra, however, did not approve of this; Tulpas were never to be seen in outright public; they could really draw attention to many people without even trying. Serenity's sheer size and the long hair was almost a terrific and yet horrible giveaway.

"I do not trust why you are DOING this? You are making people stop and stare at you sweetheart!!! Let us go back to the Mansion and investigate this with some stealth please..." Gothra demanded, as he tried to fake a smile and wave at people who simply stopped and stared at Serenity in awe.

"I do not care about the views of these lower life forms. Why are YOU so afraid of a life form WE are working so fiendishly for in order to protect them my dear? I do not care much about being gawked at. I am dressed appropriately, I am not showing my cleavage,. I am very tall and yet I have a beautiful persona. It is who I AM. I do not CHOOSE to be anyone else but whom YOU decided to court dear, understand?" She replied, now taking Gothra by the hand, walking down the street with  so me anger. The Blood Farmer sighed as he kept waving at people who were stopping and staring at the two. Gothra did not mind himself being looked upon; being a Blood Farmer had its perks as well; he was handsome, charming, but had that pale complexion underneath the Sunscreen though.

"Where are we going ANYWAYS.....If i might be so bold as to ASK?"

"We are going to investigate the House of Doldram dear Gothra....Something does not set right in my mind, and I WANT to satisfy my outrageous sense of curiosity...now COME Hither!!"

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Abraxis was sleeping soundly, along with her Conduit, Lord Graymite, who was still healing from when Ben cracked a few of his ribs for arrogant replies. He knew that he was only  interested in Abraxis welfare, but sometimes got out of hand with Ben. The result had him re-thinking is true purpose; was he JUST a Conduit to Lady Abraxis, or was there something else?

She suddenly stirred awake, feeling a bit sad, but curious.

"Gray my Love, wake up!!! I can feel something.....Gray...could you wake up please? i want to describe it TO you..." She said, as she shook her Conduit to get him to wake up. It was 2 am, and things were quiet, almost TOO quiet.

Graymite moaned a bit as he turned over to see his Charge sitting on top of him, looking a bit confused. He dared not make her ven more upset, so he kindly smiled, then reached for his Gray cloak, which was always nearby.

"Yes M'lady, I'm awake. Is something wrong? And why are you straddled on me like this?"

"It's HER!!!! I can feel it!!! My sister....."

"That AGAIN? Alright, alright M'lady....Let's get dressed and go see Master benaires to talk about it."


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"Well, isnt' THIS a treat?" Said one of the Guards as he opened the front door. A young woman, around in her twenties was standing in the doorway. She had Purple Hair and Seaweed Green eyes. She stood about six feet or so, with a very slim figure.

"Uhm, Hello there......My name is..." She began, only to be cut off by the guard himself, "I know who you are. Experiment Number PCJ04X-418. Number 418: Quitzikota Jenee DAICHON. You're aged somewhere between twenty and twenty-four. You were created and time-stamped in a secluded laboratory some three years ago. You are the Proctor and Guardian of Benaires. You stand about six feet and some change and are trained in Gorre`; The Secret Art of Dismemberment, Judo, Advanced Targeting Combat from ASCAB Laboratories, Kempo, and a few other styles that need no mention. You are only to consume large amounts of Strawberries, Water and Bird Seed in some instances, as your DNA mixture consists of Invectium DNA as well. Is that about right?"

Kota's eyes were blinking a few times in utter surprise; she hadn't even introduced herself yet and this man was spouting on about her numbers and her diet already!!!

"I know that it's rather late..uh...But I followed an energy signature of The Master to here. I can smell the scents of many other life forms in this place as well. May I come in please? I can explain more in detail."

"But of course Lady Kota; come on in; things are gong to get more interesting as time goes on anyways. I'll get your belongings for you; just follow me."

She let off a hint of smile, then began to follow the guard as he closed the large door. Kota stared at the intricate workings of the wood in the halls; the ceramic flooring and the shine it gave off.

"This is a very lovely place; I wonder who..." Kota began, only to be cut off again by the Guard. "Admire all that you want lady. Benaires is around here somewhere by the way, and I'm sure that you want to speak with him about what's going on by now. You can stop by the main lounging area to read up on things, use the computers in there, have something to drink, or use of the personal showers in the main bathing areas. There are 29+ rooms in this place, along with a few sub-libraries for research. I'm sure that you will meet everyone and get adjusted to this life. It's not like ya got a choice in the matter anyways. Follow me please...."

She looked around at the huge ceilings!! the acoustics were simply incredible!! There was so much ROOM to move around in. Cotton was walking out into the main hall when she saw Kota and the guard heading into her direction. 

"Oh!! We have another guest then!!!" Cotton exclaimed, all while trying to smile, which always turned into a smirk.

"Yes, the same........I present to you Experiment Number 418: Quitzikota Project...or simply Lady Kota for short. She's one of Benaires' creations..."

"Really? Father CREATED you? How wonderful!! My name is Cotton....I'm the daughter of your creator...It's a pleasure, surely!!"

Kota glared strangely at Cotton; this was Ben's DAUGHTER????

"Why...Master never even TOLD me that he had biological children. This is a very odd set of events thus far. Might I look you over then Miss Cotton?" Kota asked, now walking over to her face to face. Cotton only blushed, but took a deep breath; she did not know just how powerful this woman was if her father CREATED her!! Cotton nodded, as she stood completely still while Kota began walking around her slowly.

"Hmm.....You do not wear much perfume. You give off a light, pleasant scent. You have very long hair; it is naturally this color? I can sense the beast within you; it's not fully-trained as of yet; as if someone had began the task of molding you, and yet you feel incomplete. You have two sides to yourself and yet....Hmm....Who was this person that you admire so much then young lady?"

Cotton swallowed again, now pursing her lips to reply, "Miss Ami.....she was my Teacher....but she is gone away. She and Father had a falling out. Father is always yelling at people....A-hem." She replied, clearing her throat as silence enveloped them again.

"Yes; he always has a very bad way of communicating with PEOPLE, let alone DAICHONS. Can you take me to greet him then young Cotton? I am sure he will be elated to see me then."

They started walking into the opposite direction, through the right hallway, up a short flight of stairs, and onto a carpeted stretch of another hallway that led to sets of rooms, each one with a door number. The Guard was busily carrying Kota's bags, not saying much at all. cotton then stopped at a room number on a very large door made of Pecan Wood. It read; Benaires/Cotton/Abraxis room C-210. Cotton knocked very loudly, then placed her right hand upon the knob, turning it to open up the door. Abraxis and Graymite were sitting on the large couch, getting dressed as it seemed. Where was Ben?

"Uhm, hey you two........It's Cotton. I have a guest that I want you to meet." Graymite was just slipping into his cloak, putting his head through the top of it as he was to turn around, along with Abraxis, who was still a bit sleepy.

"Oh...another guest? Who is this one Miss Cotton?" Said Graymite.

"And on THAT note, I'm sure that we can begin to get the construction finished by August........" Said a familiar voice in the hallway to the right of them. Kota instantly dropped her two bags and immediately bolted out of the room. Graymite and Abraxis began to follow her as well. Ben then lifted his head to see this older woman heading towards him at full speed!!!  


"Oooooff!!!! WHOA THERE!!!!!......uhm.......what the?" Ben yelled out, all while trying to gather his bearings for this so-called reunion. Ursula, however, folded her arms and pouted again; Ben and him having these strange women coming around him was starting to bother her!!

"Master!!! It's YOU....Master ...Master.....I've missed you sooo much...it's ME...Lady Kota!!! You left me and never came back!!!"

"Well, hey there to YOU too stranger!!!! Kota, what are you doing here.......oh come on......turn off the water works please!!!" Ben responded, while trying to get her OFF of him, so he could examine her.

"You said that you were going to come BACK to me to finish my training; that was three YEARS ago!!! You're always traveling to and fro, but you have never been away THIS long, so I came to find you to help out in whatever you were in need of help to finish. I'm tired of sitting in the lab watching television. All the lab workers do is check my vitals every few hours and give me something to eat. Noone comes in to talk to me but YOU. So I saw the newscast about strange things going on up here. I packed my things, told the researchers where I was going, and uhm, here I am, sort of."

"Wow.....the ability to follow Energy Signatures. Impressive Kota...well......uhm, let's all go back to my room and I'll introduce everyone alright?"

A short walk back to ben's room would place everyone comfortably on a few large beds and the large couch. Kota looked around for a few moments; Ben's room was HUGE!!! It had TWO walk-in bathrooms and four walk-in closets, as well as enough space for up to ten ROOM MATES!

"Well, let's begin with the pleasantries, shall we? I want everyone to meet my creation; Experiment number 418 Quitzikota Project. You can call her kota for short since no one thinks that the name I gave her makes any sense anyways. Kota, I want for you to meet Lord Graymite Anthine Jones IV, who is what's called a Conduit. The young lady sitting next TO him is lady Abraxis Jenee Invectium, aged somewhere between 17 and 22. She is Graymite's Charge. You've already met my beautiful daughter Cotton. I'm sure that everyone else around this place will take to you as well. And this other one that is pouting over there is my Childhood friend and the basis of all of the DAICHONS, Vonoxia-Urja DAICHON....,.just CALL her Ursula. Hey.....jealous friend, speak to the lady please...and stop being such a kid would you?"

Ursula turned towards everyone else, bowing in respect; she was always being moody, with Ben having sooo many female friends both human and other.

"So my Master, might I ask why this place is so spacious?" Kota asked, as she kicked off her shoes and took a deep breath of relief. Abraxis leaped playfully onto Ben, nuzzling him on the face. Ben only giggled though; he still had much work to do in order to save Abraxis and get her personalities in order.


"hehehehe...alright lady Abraxis...I love you too...Uhm, Kota Abraxis is the focus of our featured problem here. I'm just in the midst of all of it. She has some kind of a multiple personality disorder and it's really starting to bother everyone. Unfortunately, we don't really know where to start; I mean we DO, but crucial pieces of the Chess game somehow were removed. That leaves us with alternative means of solving all of this in the first place. Can you understand what I'm trying to convey to you dear?"

Kota nodded, her eyes flashing Gold, then back to Seaweed Green again.

"Thrax...........you spoke to me about this recently through a dream, so I can understand what's at stake here. Master, who in the hell is Rembrandt?"

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Miles away, deep in an underground Facility, men and women alike were all gathered at a very long table, now just seating themselves, helping  him/herself to Coffee and Sweet Rolls.

A man that was dressed in a white Lab Jacket quickly adjusted his tie and checked on his computer for data while sipping on Coffee as well.

"I'm glad that everyone could gather at such short notice. Please have something to nibble on and some Coffee while I gather this data for everyone to view please. We will begin in a few more minutes." Said the man.


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"ben!! Your grades finally came back!!!!! Do you want to see them?" Asked a fellow Staff person, who knocked on his door. Kota raised an eyebrow, then dropped her head; Her Master was absolutely TERRIBLE in School, even at a time like this!! Cotton then rose up to open the door, allowing for two small DAICHONS to pad on in, leaping onto Ben's bed in respect.

"Your Grades are here Benaires. I was told to personally deliver them TO you." Said one of the small DAICHONS. Ben petted both of them, now crossing his fingers.

"Okay, okay, calm down Benny boy. You can DO this. Cotton can you read this for me?" He asked, as his daughter lovingly took the envelop, opening it and then stared on in shame.

"Oh father....You have very low marks...You have an "A plus in Physical Education and and A plus in Art. Everything else are ALL F's!!!!"

Kota shook her head in shame..."Oh Master.....so you CAN'T Read? The lab workers were right then!!"

Abraxis then took the envelope and stared at it. She turned to her Master and then said, "Master.....if you cannot read, then I can fix that FOR you. I AM your relative, and I have powers that I can't even GET you to NAME M'lord. You promised to fix me and I will do something for YOU then...please...just sit still for a few  minutes. Lady Cotton, I will NEED your powers as well. We can FIX him....like he is going to fix ME!!!"

Cotton then stared at lady Abraxis;  "I don't see that as a problem M'lady. You're creepy, but I can't help but to think of it as funny...oh, alright...what do you need for me to do lady Abraxis? I have a very, very bad feeling about volunteering for your services..heheh."

"Oh no-No-NO Lady Cotton; I'm sorry that I come off as brash, but I'm JUST so interested in being your friend is all. I'm sorry that I offended you in the bath...Please help me out okay? I'll have the Master get some Ice Cream!!!"

Abraxis then stood up firmly. She reached out to Cotton and placed her left hand on her shoulder. A glow of Pink, Purple and black then began to leak from her body, slowly spreading over to Cotton. Ben's eyes bucked wide open!! Abraxis could USE Dark Terror THIS easily?

Ben: "I didn't teach her THAT....Geez, what in the HELL did they DO to her in that FUCKING asylum...?"

His mind was SCREAMING for Ami on a HIDDEN Signal, via The Piggy back System, but he KNEW that she would NOT answer.....


He was getting depressed, and NEEDED his Ace: Like Neo: THE  "ONE."



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The lights flashed by in streaks of vivid colors; oranges, pinks, crimsons, purple white and blue, as Ami moved swiftly through the Continuum, thick muscles rippling beneath her silken crimson topcoat, a regiment of Tulpas hot on her heels as she pulled them along with her through the slipstream. When she had been ordered to leave, she had done so, but in doing so, she had begun to gain control over the crest that adorned the pad of her front right paw. A Time Eater crest. Thus being able to tow an entire regiment of Tulpas through the Continuum Slipstream. She'd been in Serenity's stomping grounds for quite some time. She'd always gotten along with the violent brutes, and they followed Ami almost as they followed Serenity. Ah, Ami couldn't wait to see her psychologically challenged Tulpa again. 

She'd been hearing the signal scream in her head for days now, the beacon crest on her shoulder blinking pink and purple as the signal came through via the piggyback system, an older version of what the younger Broodlings were using, it Alerted Ami to when Ben was in trouble. She roared, and the Tulpas behind her lifted their vicious gnarled voices to roar with her, the sound amplifying the ferocity of the troupe as Ami made a sharp right into the wall of colors, a split opening to allow for her and the Tulpa to pass through, as Ami's signature howl echoed after the roar, everyone on the grounds hearing it as the rift opened in the courtyard, and Ami shot out of it in all her Blazing glory, the sun striking the crimson and white of her fur and making it look like living flame as she sped across the wide yard, doubled back and skid to a halt next to the portal she'd ripped open, and stood with her head held high, poised and alert as the regiment of Tulpas filed out of the fissure, and she would lift her right paw, and swipe it swiftly across the portal, closing it. 

Turning to one of the larger Tulpa, and ignoring the others,, she spoke to him in their guttural language, including a few exchanged fang snaps in the air, a violent dive by the male, and Ami bit his tail, to which he yelped, and she snarled. He hung his head and backed off. They didn't speak very well, and their native language was very violent. She'd basically just told them to chill out, and keep their eyes and ears open, and report to Serenity, or herself, she had business to attend to.

Reality warped before her as her dusky red eyes glowed brightly, and she Planes Walked, stepping from physical, to astral, through spiritual and demonic, and three or four dimensions between that, and she was in the room with Ben, Kota, Cotton and Ursula, the light in the room suddenly amplifying as it caught in her fur and reflected off in a blaze of light as she held her head high and looked directly at Benaires, the pink and purple flashing crest visible to everyone present. She'd returned.

"Your lucky it's my job to disobey you." She said, huffing slightly as she snorted air out through her nose, her ears laying back as her eyes narrowed some. "I've returned with a regiment of Tulpa, they are prepare to defend the manse and it's inhabitants from the contaminants, and ASCAB, should they decide to attack again." She continued, seating herself, and folding her twin tails neatly over her paws as she glanced around at the other three. Kota was new, Ami hadn't seen her yet, but there was something....That smell..She dismissed it for now, looking to Cotton.

"Young one." She said. "Still keeping the beast locked within, I see." She continued. "Your studies pick up again on the morrow. After your supper tonight, I expect to find you in the grande library, studying the holy tomes, young lady." Ami smirked inwardly, expecting the brash young Broodling to be erratic. 

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This roleplay is ongoing....please hang with us!!!!






"Teacher?" Cotton looked at Ami and started crying. Everyone stood up in respect. Ben was trying to calm himself about his grades!!!

"It's okay Cotton...go talk to her..." Ben replied, now WINKING at his Ace. Cotton ran over to Ami to embrace her!!! She was spilling tears by the buckets so it seemed.

"Teacher!! Teacher!!! Teacher!!!.....Oh my goodness......you're BACK my Teacher!!!!! I missed you SOo much........we have alot of studying to do!!! TEACHER....thank you for coming back!!!"





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Her massive head ducked down as a paw came up and across Cotton's shoulders, hugging the poor girl tightly for a moment before lifting her head again and tilting it slightly to look down at the girl crying into her mane. She chuckled, a deep chortling sound in her chest as she shifted her weight slightly.

"Come now, Cotton, you didn't really think I'd stay gone, did you?" She asked. "And I have returned with reinforcements to protect the Manse whilst we venture into the catacombs. Here, I brought you something, young one." She said, and one of her tails snaked up, then ran across her fur in a swift motion, coming to a stop by Cotton's face. Draped across her tail was a new ribbon for Cotton's hair. Ami knew how she liked to sport ribbons. It was a pretty fuchsia color, to offset the pink and purple of her hair.

"Now, what have I told you, hmm?" She asked her, using her other tail to lift the girl's face out of her now tear soaked white undercoat on her chest. "Chin up, no tears." She straightened then herself. "We are proud, we are strong, and now is no time for tears, Dear One." She turned her gaze around the room. Abraxis and Graymite were present as well. She nodded to the two of them, then laughed a little.

"Did I hear you say you were going to 'fix' the prince? Good luck with that. Many have tried, many have failed." She said. "I'm only kidding, my prince." She continued. "However they are right, and what are these grades for? Aren't you a tad bit old for school, my prince?" She asked, her eyes narrowing suspiciously at him. "Or is that just an excuse to get out of the manse?" She laughed again. It felt good to be back home again. She'd been gone for weeks now, in the realm of the Tulpas, gathering a regiment of two hundred and thirty-six Tulpas. In order to do such a thing, as she most definitely was not Serenity, she had to defeat each one in combat before they would join her. She had been fine with that, it had been a while since she'd had a workout like that. They had just kept coming, one after the other after the other, until they got the idea that this crimson beast was not going down. 

Then, once everything had been ready, and all the troops gathered, Ami had called forth an entrance into the Continuum Slipstream and returned home with the small army. She'd like to see ASCAB attack now. 

A stench filled her nostrils then, and she shook her head, teeth bared in a disgusted snarl as she growled softly, her head turning as Inceptia, former commander of the Broken Brood that Ami now presided over, came in with her limping gait. "Back home, Welcome." The thing said. "Good This Broken Brood was. Gone long." She continued in her very broken speech. "Report, later yes?"

"Indeed, Inceptia." She said. "Return to Lott, inform him I have returned, then I want you to see to it that the top of the wall is guarded." She said. 

"This brood good! this brood protect!" Inceptia lumbered off to do as she was bid, elated that Ami had given her a job to do.

"Now, where was I...?" She trailed off for a moment, then snapped back to reality. "Oh yeah, Hello everyone."

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Cotton wiped her tears, giggling some. Ben pointed to Argon, and then to Kota..clearing his throat.

"Ace, this is Experiment Number 418, QuitziKota; a Broodling of my own creation after years of tampering with my own DNA. Kota, this is Head Guard of the Defence Team, Acting Guardian of Lady Cotton, Grande Librarian and Guardian of the Holy Tomes, Lady Ami. She's got tooo many titles to name and we will be up all night...heheh.. Great...Broken Broods are working for Ami......I've GOT to get my Grades together or I'm going to flunk out of school. Dad will find yet another reason to make fun of me....oh man!!!"


Cotton smiled at the new Ribbon; she LOVED Ribbons from people to add to her collection!!!!

"And it is Fuschia!!! Thanks Teach!!! My favorite Color!!! And yes, Mother says that Father is clueless when it comes to learning in Earthian Educational Systems. he is either too stubborn or too lazy.....I told him about that over and over again, but he never listens...he just blows it off...RIGHT dear old dad?" Cotton said, now passing the grades over for Ami to glance over; they were terrible marks, save for Art and Physical Education. "Father, what are we going to do with you? Honestly heheheh."

Cotton said, now planting a kiss on his cheek. Kota then rose to her feet, yelping something out loud for Ami to hear that would translate into, "It's a n honor."

"I came pre-set with yelping and other quirks to communicate with my Brethren and Sister Miss Ami. It's indeed an honor to meet you finally...Master speaks of you like the tales of the bogeyman non-stop. God...i got so fucking SICK of hearing him whine about you and how he missed you and how you two used to battle hordes of Zombies and the like in some other time line. How does he even remember being somewhere else? I would guess his split forms or something to that degree. Lady Cotton, Abraxis was about to do something to fix Master's stupidity then?" 


H-Hey!!!.....I'm NOT STUPID you know................." ben replied in his defense, but he was only cut off by almost everyone in the room at once.

"YES you ARE ben!!!!"


Abraxis then stood up again, standing in front of her Master!! "I will NOT have any of you speaking badly of him!!! i may not be able to fight because of his orders, but i shall not have anyone speaking Ill of my Master!!! That goes for you TOO Cotton!! How DARE you purse your lips to say something like that!!!"

ben then looked at Abraxis, shifting closer off of the large bed, holding his hand out, "Okay Abraxis...I get it......it was just a joke dear...now stand down okay?"

"But they.....they are making FUN of you....I WILL NOT HAVE IT!!!! EVER!!" She retorted, now beginning to glow a hue of Black and Purple....Ben knew what this meant; Thrax, who still lived inside of her, was now making a defense in Abraxis' honor. Ben then walked over to Abraxis even closer, holding his arms stretched out to the left and right.

"Abraxis sweetie....STAND down; that's a DIRECT order, understand? It was just a JOKE.....it's nothing personal. I'm not the brightest bulb in the pack...I get it.....I already TOLD you...no fighting until we figure out how to fix your personality disorder. It's too dangerous, even in the mansion. Now STAND down...it's okay.....I get it....You're upset, but it's just a joke, get it? You do anything here and you will seriously injure everyone......"

"I'm T-Tired of this....I'm Sooooooooooooooooooooo Tired of this Master.........I don't know if I'm coming or going anymore......."  She then spilled more tears, bolting of the room!! Graymite and Argon immediately gave chase to her, as well as Avus.

"Abraxis!!! Come back sweetie....oh man...someone go after her please....... She still is dealing with this as best that she can. We need to rest up and head out for the  Catacombs to get more answers...."

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Ami would lower her massive head in a nod to Kota, and then twitched an ear at Ben. "Yes, Inceptia and the Broken Broods work for me now." She said. "And as for your grades...." She looked at the paper cotton held out to her. "Thats a simple fix, it's not fun, he's not interested in it." She said. "Your welcome for the bow, darling. And he blows it off because we have much more important things than earth school to worry about."

She turned her attention back to Kota, and grinned her wolfish grin. "That's because to many, I am the boogey man." She said, then laughed. "We've faced all manner of creatures, large and small, powerful, and omnipotent. And be nice,everyone." She said, standing as Abraxis started to get flustered. Ami saw this and inwardly grinned. The poor girl was no longer pissing herself every five minutes. 

Once she was gone, a few of the others taking off after the poor girl, she looked back to Ben. "She's only so confused, my Prince, because she doesn't understand what's going on." She noticed Ursula sitting rather poutily on the couch. 

She held her head high and slanted her gaze down at the small woman. "Ursula." She said, rather stiffly. "Your looking awfully pouty for someone that's supposed to be a Blueprint DAICHON." She looked herself over. "The way your acting, I'd make a better blueprint for our species than you do." She looked at Ben. "We are a proud race, and her acting like a scorned child isn't doing anyone any favors, my prince. We need to be on point when we go into the Catacombs. Some of us may not return from this venture, we all need to be on top of our game here, not pouting sots."

She shook her head and then stood to leave herself. "I've got some checking to do around the grounds, My prince." She said. "Call for me when you are ready to head into the Catacombs. And think about this, Abraxis and graymite should stay here when we do go. I know I'm a loose cannon, but she's an even more unstable one."

Yep, Ami was back alright. And she bid her company good day and headed out to check out things around the manse, getting a lot of joyful hello's and excited greetings from the others, elated she had returned.

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Ben giggled, then looked to Ursula..................


"Oh.......................I HATE it when Lady Ami is right...okay, okay...I'll cool down....!!! We should get some rest and head out in the morning....There is much to do.."


"I told you Ursula; everything is going to work out alright? Cheer up will you?" ben replied, now placing his index finger under her chin to lift her head up to him. Ursula wanted to simply MELT from Ben's touch, but she really had to get her emotions in check if everyone was going to try to put all of this together. She then sighed and winked at Ben. 

"You have GOT to work on your people skills Benaires..."


Dr. Fowler and Dr. Stevenson were snacking on some food while they continued to examine the Broken Broods in the exam room. Stevenson had taken some blood samples and was ready to further analyze them.

"So I hear that Ami has returned to help out then? Wonderful. Well, I'm off to take these samples in for blood work. These Broods don't have much intelligence, but their body strength is unreal. I am beginning to wonder about all of this in detail."

"Yep; trust me; she isn't going anywhere if she wants to get some answers as well. You know what i was thinking? How in the hell could ASCAB make a clone of Ami in a perfect state in her twin brother Borron, and yet when they tried to copy Ben's DNA, they end up with these imperfect creatures. What gives Doc? Any ideas?" Dr. Fowler asked, as she she took some blood from one of the Broods on the exam table.

"Huh? Oh, that's easy to answer. You see...Ami's DNA is an exception to the rule. Would you think it to be snide that someone kept gathering samples of her blood and fur all of those times she was on the battle fields trying to protect the DAICHONS all of those years ago? You see...Ben's DNA is different; he's Royalty, along with his Father and Mother, as well as his meddling sister Psyvariar. Only problem is this: why does ASCAB have such a keen interest in Ami and Ben's genetic configuration? You'd figure that they would get sick and tired of repeated attempts of trying to copy the same gene pool over and over again, only to get THESE things time after time.  Further than that dear...Who ELSE is behind all of this in the first place? Could it be something that has decided to bite the company in the ass for something that they did a long time ago? All of this ties into something. Or else we wouldn't have to work this hard to get answers overall. Whatever the case may be, someone wants us to keep our mouths shut and is going through much trouble to do so. Once the big problem rears it's ugly head, the real TEST is being prepared for whatever happens."


"Yeah, I get it Dr. Stevenson. I just don't like it is all."

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She had a lot to do before dawn, checking in first with Lott and the Defense Team. They were doing well, not much to have reported in her absence. She was, however, mortified at the condition of the temporary barracks. 

"What the hell is this?" She asked, the disgust in her voice plain as her crimson fur. 

"This is what happens when you leave the Broken Brood in charge of their own filth." Aanai said, entering. "Good to see you again, Ames. I see they can't run you off for good at all can they?"

"Of course not. Wouldn't be who I am if I was that flaky. " She said. "You three!" She snapped at three random Brokens as they lumbered by. They slinked up to her.

"Y-yes M-Miss Ami.." One of them spoke in badly broken english.

She'd reach out with her tails and pull him close to her face, her fangs barely bared in a slight snarl. "I will only say this once." She said. "Clean!" She roared in his face, driving the point home, the other two cowering back. "This is unacceptable! Tell the others, keep this place clean, or you can go back to your filthy cages at ASCAB and the Military base!" She snapped. She looked at the other two. "Stop cowering, get to cleaning this mess up."

She turned and walked back out of the temporary garrison and shook her head. "Aanai...That was..Disgusting."

"Your the one who left without giving them any orders. And they wont listen to Ben." Aanai held her hands up, shrugging.

"Not my fault, and you know it." She said. "Now, did you find it."

"Of course I found it." She replied, flipping her long dark hair over her shoulder before handing over a small piece of paper with some quick scribbling on it, stashing it in the fur of Ami's mane, using one of the clips holding her feathers in to secure the note so it didn't fall off. "It's not like it's a big secret or anything, Ames." She continued. "It's mostly unguarded, but be careful."

"When am I ever?" Ami asked in return, laughing. 

Aanai looked at her sternly. "We shared a body for nearly four hundred years, Ames. Don't give me that." She snipped at her. 

"Time and place, Aanai." Was the reply. "Time and place." 

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever." She waved a hand at Ami, who huffed back at her. "Lowest level. Can't miss it."

Ami nodded and was off again, going back into the manse, she nodded to a few of the others before sneaking off and descending into the lower levels of the mansion. She had forgotten how many levels Ben had said there were underground, but it seemed to take forever to get down all those steps. And it was dark, which was probably why it felt like forever. Reaching her destination, she activated her crests so their glow would cast some light around her, and as she looked up, her ears lay back at the massiveness of the stone doorway, it was indeed impressive; the carved stones reaching high up into a cavernous ceiling, lined with statues and embossments of the Monoliths. 

Shaking her head, she began to sniff around, making sure nothing was amiss before Ben and Cotton came down here. She would be with them, of course, as their guardian she wasn't staying behind, but she could make sure it was safe ahead of departure. Finding nothing, she sat and stared at the gates before her again. After a while, she left, returning to the upper levels to find somewhere to sleep for a few hours before they set out.

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Cotton was busily tending to Abraxis and Argon's hair, as she was very skilled in grooming. She helped Myta groom countless Research Subjects back at the laboratory, even before she had met her own father. Argon kept sneezing though; something in the air was bothering her and she did not like it!!! Ursula then got up for self, wiping her eyes continuously. She was exhausted, but had to stay alert when they were to descend into the Catacombs. She walked over to Cotton, clearing her throat loudly. Cotton raised her head up quickly, letting off a smirk of some kind since she had trouble smiling sometimes.

"You look exhausted Lady Vonoxia; you really should rest." Cotton said to her initially, only to be cut off by Ursula.

"Yeah...I know........Can I talk to you for a few minutes Lady Cotton? I  have to get this out of my system...."

Argon sighed, then giggled......."I know what THIS is about already, and I'm still sneezing...ACHOO!!! Oh my goodness...what is in the AIR tonight? "

Cotton sighed, but patted on the bed next to her gently. "Seems that lately I've been the voice of reason around this place. The Broods had better clean up that mess in that back before LOTT breaks them in HALF. You all know how strong LOTT can be when he is SERIOUS. So.....what's on your mind Great One?" Cotton began, as she began placing hair lotion into Argon's hair. Argon sat happily; it felt GOOD to see a teenager that could groom someone's hair without much struggle.

"Your Father.........I'm not really sure how he feels about me. I mean, I'm so swooned over him that I am really starting to lose my control with my emotions. I don't know what to do anymore. This is just so heavy on my heart right now...." Ursula said, now spilling a tear or two, but trying not to break down completely since she would be needed to speak with the Monolithic Ones soon.

"I understand how you feel Lady Vonoxia, but you HAVE to TELL Him sooner or later; I'm sure that will NOT spurn your feelings. Father is a bit brash and speaks in crazed undertones, but he MEANS well. Sit down and have a talk with him and I'm sure he will understand everything, alright?" She responded, now signaling for Argon to get up and for Abraxis to slide over next.

She nodded, now wiping the tears from her face. Argon giggled, but waltzed over to the large bathroom to change into something to sleep in. it was almost 3:45 am and the Staff was still busily keeping things clean. LOTT rested easily in his own chambers, assuming that the Broods would not allow for things to go to waste.

Serenity and Gothra had finally returned, each one carrying a briefcase in their opposite hand.

"This is much information to absorb dear, but we HAVE to alert the Master quickly. Why do I sense more of my KIND in here? Ami, you DIDN'T......"

Gothra only shook his head:

"Lady Ami.......what did you DO this TIME?"

Ben walked down the halls with hundreds of Tulpa behind him; they would not disobey him; they were only interested in just why they had been called or summed to a service.

Ben then stopped, shaking his head.....

"SHUT UP!!! ALL OF YOU!!! Look...............I know that most of you were not created by human imagination as of YET....I need the following Tulpas to step forwards and get a DAICHON TATTOO....please...........Monger.......Isotope....Miss Strings.....and I hate to say her name, but Reality Cutter More Than What You See......... please...JUST come forth and OBEY me....."

R.C.M.T.W.Y.S. then stepped forward, blushing. She had never seen benaires before, so it was a bit embarrassing. She was seven feet and two inches, but had long hair that dropped to the floor and was wet, like ALL Tuplas. She stepped forward and began to speak.

"M-M-Master.....I've never seen you before, as have all of the Tulpas that you have summoned here. What can I do for you mighty one?"

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet one of the stronger Tulpas of your species then. The Princess speaks highly of you and your war tactics. Now listen up, I want for you to go and investigate what happened at the Back Foyer.......Something's up...." Ben replied, only to see two smaller daichons running down the hall at full speed, a bit bloody, but they were alright. Ben knelt down to check on the both of them, as they slid to a mind-numbing stop, still panting heavily.

"Master, we have a BIG Problem!!" said both of the much smaller daichons. Ben knelt down to examine the blood on them, now replying sarcastically, "Yes; this floor was just buffed and polished and now it's ruined. Why so serious? What's wrong?"

"LOTT got injured!!! he was fighting again four very LARGE Contaminants; they were almost twelve feet tall and were reeking of death!!! We have to do something fast!!"

"Hold on.....YOU two aren't doing ANYTHING. Monger, Isotope...take these two to the Public Baths and bathe them very well, then groom them properly. Take them to the Lounge and get them something to sip on, understand?"

Monger nodded quickly in agreement. "I understand Sire, but should we be moving around with contaminants THAT large in the Mansion?" He responded. 

"Well, take Sandkrete, Molar, Pipe-burst and Lossless WITH you then Monger; I have to go and check o n LOTT and assess the situation; I can't BE in two places at ONE time. The REST of you Tulpas are to follow ME, got it? And someone please find Serenity; she's somewhere making googly-eyes with my cousin again...... Let's go...."



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