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[GS] Pisces

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The energy that the Mistress gave Som instantly cooled his body down far below what a normal person would be able to survive. His skin gained a bluish hue, and a thin layer of frost covered his entire body. Mist blew from his mouth when he exhaled, and his body felt slightly tingly, the first sign of numbness. In all his life, he could not remember a time when he had been this cold. Soon though his body began to adjust as the newly acquired power reached equilibrium.

"Thank you for your gift," he managed to reply, "It's greatly appreciated."

Now he walked over to Sera and pulled her in close to him. He looked down at her with a hungry expression.

"Well, now that we've prevailed, I could use someone to... warm me up," he leaned in, "You did promise, after all."

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The white-haired woman known as the Mistress chuckled at her friend, Sera, who was dragging Som by the scruff of his upper garments only to vanish within another portal. Whatever the two were planning to do, it was no longer her business. Some things should be left alone especially for personal and private reasons. She was sitting on the ground now, her eyes shifting to the unconscious figure of Natalya. It seemed that Pisces wanted to give her a big fat 'fuck you' by giving Natalya the last remaining energy the god holds within its divine corpse. While the body alone was not enough to make one ascend to godhand if given a place within a pantheon but at the very least, it should give Natalya some interesting tools to play with. Even the white-haired woman, was still struggling with the changes of her body, with big thanks to Libra. Cialo's remains choosing Shishi as a host was a mistake that not even the Mistress could have prepared for. Sagittarius was faily obvious because Sera was the closest thing to it. And poor Khaki. No god would ever take her now.

A sad sigh escaped the Mistress' lips. "At least I got a few of them now." Her eyes lit up as six divine cores floated in front of her. Cialo. Libra. Rifornire. Montis Maximus. Sagittarius. Pisces. There are six of them now. Perhaps she could have one more. However, it would have to wait. There's another test she needed to try. Pulling out a chunk of black metal from her pocket dimension inventory, she held it atop her open palm. It was the Heaven's armor, that alien armament she found way back in the mountain regions of Taen.

"What happens if I bathe the metal in the essences of different god?" she chuckled while the divine cores all shot into the metal ore. Returning it to her pocket dimension inventory, she stood and collected the still sleeping Natalya. Her work here is almost over. The final funeral rites, mourning and erection of Pisces tomb was all carried out a few moments earlier by everyone. It was time to leave. "Well," she gestured at Khakina and Shishi, "Shall we?"

WIth that, the group managed to 'slay' another god and left behind only a memory and a grave that says.


Following their departure was the bitter cold brought about by their battle. The beach was turned into a tundra, mayhaps a frigid desert wasteland. If one does visit it, one would have to contend with the recurring snow and hail, the massive tides that crashes past the shoreline and swallowing the beach. A glacier formed around the grave, as if protecting it from outsiders. In time, someone else would be able to reach it and perhaps find out the events that lead to the deity's final moments.


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After a few days of reconaissance, the Mistress hatches a plan to take down Pisces who was turning the beach and coastal village into a . Using the same anti-god magical array they used on Sagittarius, she placed Khaki, Sera, Natalya and Shishi on seperate points around Pisces to simulate a massive spell configuration while she herself acts as the center and focus. Once everyone is in place, she casts the spell and throught the interaction of the god essences, manages to ground Pisces and shackling the god from floating to a higher alititude which would have been be harder for the godslayers to deal with. Som happened to be in the area and inadevertantly helped in fighting Pisces. The god retaliated by throwing chunks of ice at them, summoning ice/water/steam/cloud elementals, and even brought massive tsunamis. It was all futile as the Mistress managed to reach Pisces. Once within close proximity, the Mistress reasoned with the god and Pisces finally relented. Once more, the Mistress performed the rite of removing a god's essence by driving a fist through their chest and pulling the core out. Being a sore loser, Pisces gifted the remains of her body to Natalya instead. It was also at this moment that the remnants of Cialo's body makes an appearance and latches into Shishi as its new vessel. With Pisces' god essence in tow, the group departs from the site of battle leaving behind a grave for the slain god. A grave that sits in the middle of a recurring storm of snow and hail, and within a land of cold and ice that is occasionally visited by tsunamis.

Minor Summary: 
The Mistress and her companions hunts down Pisces. Through careful planning, extensive studies in arcane lore and a bloody battle; the group manages to slay Pisces and obtains its core.

Notable Consequences:
1. The Mistress and her group 'slays' Pisces and obtains its essence, powers, knowlege and experiences. Pisces's corpse merges with Natalya (while Cialo's corpse reappears and merges with Shishi) granting them abilities similar to said god but at a smaller scale. Som is given a blessing from Pisces which gives him knowledge on the use of Pisces' domain and abilites.
2. The coastal village is wiped out and the backlash from killing a god is plunging the region in a recurring winter and occasional tidal waves.

1. With the recent changes in the land, be the first to discover the cold region and its recurring winter and tsunami plagued coasts.
2. Within the center of the frigid tundra lies the grave of the god Pisces. Visit the grave and perhaps gain insight on how the god met its demise.


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