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LF: Business Owners in the Tailor Industry

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As the title states:

I’m looking for people who have characters owning tailor companies ideally in Genesaris, though elsewhere may suffice. The companies should be capable of mass producing uniforms, helmets, footwear, etc.

If your company specialises in only one of these areas, that is fine as well! I wouldn’t mind diversifying my sources ;>

In addition, I’m also looking for an arms maker who can mass produce some basic firearms.

Reply to thread to indicate interest, as well as what you’d like to provide!

I intend to canonize business between our two entities, and you can expect continual demand for additional uniforms, weapons, and equipment.

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@Phoebe My company does arms, armor and can do uniforms and tactical gear:

Technically speaking though, I plan on retailing through Notmuch's org, so you could still make the deal to buy from him, and it could still technically be me on the manufacturing end.

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9 hours ago, Phoebe said:


Heelo Carlos, do ya know if Dali Designs does mass produced simplistic military garb? :3 I’m looking along the lines of:






Historically it does not. It's more of a fashion house than a massive retailer. That said they have the resources to scale up to meet the demand of a single large client like yourself as a new arrangement kind of thing, horizontal expansion or something

That said I understand that the ideal form of this partner takes place in a canonized thread (which is great!). The owner of Dali Designs as Alexandrian mentioned is AFV, and I'm cooling my heels on all things Dali as I focus on other projects before coming back to them. So if you wanted something you could use in more NPC fashion as reference rooted in something canon we could fill that spot

Otherwise I'd double up on the recommendation to go with notmuch. They've built up a sizable enterprise with long standing canon activity and are a very reliable roleplayer. And it's a serious bonus that Tyler would be involved on the uniform piece, as his corp also has long standing canon activity and he's also an extremely reliable roleplayer

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15 minutes ago, Phoebe said:

@Tyler I’ve read the link, and I think this is perfect 🙂


Would the both of you like to discuss this over discord? 🙂

We can do that or PMs here on Val, either work. I don't know Notmuch's discord, but here's mine: Ty294#1397

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4 minutes ago, Twitterpated said:

I'm not sure I understand your question? Need who's needs what now? 😅

This is an interest check looking for clothing people. Your response was basically I’m a clothing person but I’m not selling any clothing. Just seemed counterintuitive to me to make the post unless maybe you thought it was a random free chat?

Hopefully that provides the necesaasy context 

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