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・・・】 God: Gemini
・・・】 God Slayer: Me (Ataraxy)
・・・】 OOC: Thread

Gemini, though having lost the strength that made him a god above mortals due to the Grand Kommadant, nonetheless attempts to serve his duty as a God. A protector. Having seen the effects of Paragons in Nu Martyr, Gemini comes crashing into the province. He might not be able to grow into indefinite portions within this new, limited body but that doesn't mean he won't still make giants look like ants. With his absurd strength, Gemini summons enormous boulders from the divine realm and hurls them down toward his enemies. In a rage for all the good Renovations that died in the invasion of outsiders, Gemini attempts to vanquish all before him. 

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Guest TheShadow


“My Lord pardon the interruption, But one of the scholars is here to speak to you about his discovery “ a servant said softly as Viktor was getting dressed having luckly just pulled on some pants and his long but worn out robe, after having spent the night with a local woman. Who had become regular over the past few weeks ever since he returned from his trip that saw him ascend into one of the lords of shadow thanks to the mistress only known as Lilith who gave him a lunar mark in exchange for his loyalty to her. With that he had become one of her paragons and was told to do as he pleased until he was called. In this case he was following up on a rumor he had heard about a god. Viktor honestly expected nothing to come of it as it was just a rumor. But it would seem his scholars had indeed found something about the god Called “ Gemini “

It was not long until an older man in his sixties entered his room and bowed. The man;s name was Martinus Gluvias, a well known scholar in the kingdom of Reaveth and one the most respected when it came to finding information. As the man walked into the room on his cane he looked at viktor and smiled before moving to take a seat that was near a window. Viktor would follow suit and sit next to the scholar. “ So what news do you bring  Martinus?What have you found out about this god? “ He asked the older man as he snapped his fingers to indicate to a servant he wanted a glass of wine for both him and his guest. The older man nodded his head  “ Well it will seem the rumor of such a god is true, according to some locals there is one terrorizing a province by throwing boulders and goes by the name of Gemini, But that is all we really know besides some stories of him fathering children. Regardless my lord this could be a good way for you to get established “

The servant arrived with the wine and handed it to the two men in golden cups before bowing and leaving just as quickly. Viktor would take a sip of the wine and lean back in the chair. Killing a god would indeed be a way to establish oneself with the province people and it be a way to show off his new powers that he had learned. Ever since he joined the cult of power his family has turned their back on him, not because he lost faith in the shadow god and what he preaches but because he swore an oath to someone else. If only they could understand why he did what he did. He will deal with that later, for now there was a god on the loose that needed to be stopped.

“ I will go and see this so called god for myself and deal with him. I will give those people a reason to believe in the shadow god afterwards and not some false god that reigns destruction down on them. “ standing up and walking over to a room designed by him for his portals. He was stopped by the scholar Martinus “ This fight will not be easy my lord. I pray to the shadow god that he gives you strength to defeat the god. And who knows maybe he will reward you for your efforts “ The elderly man said in a soft voice before standing up and making his way out of the room. Once he left viktor went into the portal room and focused on the location of the god in the province. Once he found it he stepped through the portal

It did not take long before he arrived at the alleged location of the so called god Gemini. Looking around he could see what appeared to be buildings on fire and people screaming. The god was close but now he just needed to find him. Hopefully it would not be too long. Who knows maybe this so called god would be easy, But a part of him hoped for a fight so that he could test out his new powers. Powers that he would also unleash on the province in due time once he dealt with this so called Gemini god.



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안녕하세요 카델입니다시험기간은 정말 느리게 가는데 노는 날은 왜이렇게 빨리 지나갈까요....시험기간이 ...There were many different types of beings who walked the land of Valucre. One of those archetypal beings would be "human." However, was there ever something "human" that was just that but also more? There are high elves and arch demons. An evolved species within the archetype itself. 

Such an existence was introduced to the world over a decade ago when Lilith's powers imbued in Aedos an evolution. He had become a High Human. 

Aedos Chanaril, or as he was known within the Cult of Power, Titan. As the first being ever to be brought back from the brink of death by Lilith, the moon-witch had given him control over the politics and economics of Nu Martyr. It would be a long and arduous road to fix the shit caused by the Commander's Paragons. But he would do it. If not for Lilith, then for his heritage and ancestry which had long sense staked its prosper and ruin to Nu Martyr. He had never acquired the power necessary to take over Nu Martyr on his own and had been locked up for nearly a year prior to Lilith's invasion of the province. 

His first duty as the new Lord of Nu Martyr would be to gain control of the Paragons and the thousands of little settlements they'd crated throughout the rather large provincial state. During one of his tours to a nearby Paragon town, he'd spotted craters. Large craters edged with a white fire. With a single touch, Aedos deduced the divinity of such a fire. He'd heard about the Grand Kommadant forcing the gods into the mortal plane of existence, even heard that the Commander had taken one out, but never thought he'd chance upon one. 

Though he sent a subordinate to alert the Commander of the appearance of an enormous god, there was no telling when she would arrive. Which meant it was up to him and whatever person was not only close, but strong enough to put up a fight. Even just a little.

Summoning bolts of lighting around his body, Titan launched both his arms forward. The streaks of light following his outstretched arms and shot out from them toward the giant god. Titan doubted the bolts would do more than tick off the giant god, but that's all he needed. 

So long as Titan could attract Gemini's attention, the town targeted by the god would be temporarily safe. "I'd heard that the gods came to the mortal plane," Titan shouted as loud as he could hoping the god would hear, "But I hadn't realized they'd also lost their sanity, attacking every which way!"

Slowly but surely, the giant head turned toward Titan. 

"Are...you.. one.. of them?" The god asked, his words slow and thundering. "One... of... the... murderers?"

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Guest TheShadow


Although the town was on fire all around him and there were pleas of help, Viktor would ignore them all as he made his way through the burning town searching for the so-called god named Gemini. People came up to him hoping he would save their loved ones but he ignored them all, brushing aside women and men and sometimes even children all looking for those that are trapped in the burning buildings of the town. In a way they were lucky he was not in the mood to kill them for daring to show weakness and who knows perhaps that will happen at a later time once he dealt with the god. He walked slowly with purpose drawing in the shadows around his body concealing it after some time, for most it would appear as if a storm cloud had come too close to the ground and was moving at a slow pace. Those around now stepped out of the way and some ran out of fear of the moving cloud of shadow, some would scream out of fear which was like music to his ears. But he must not relish in their screams, he must find the god.

After some time he realized that the buildings were no longer on fire which means the god must have stopped attacking the town for some reason, and it did not take long before he came upon an unusual sight. In the distance he could see what appeared to be a large being surely a god given its statue and height. It dawned on him then That must be the god that he was looking after!, and it would make sense the god was attacking from a distance throwing massive boulders towards the town hitting buildings. But he also saw another being much smaller and as he walked closer to the beings he noticed the smaller being had lighting around its body.  So it would appear someone else was here before him, folding his arms across his chest he would watch  the scene unfold for some time. But after a while he could not just stand and watch as much as he wanted too, No he was tasked with killing the god and he would be damned if he allowed someone else to take that credit from him.

He would clench his left hand as he closed his eyes focusing once again on the shadows that surrounded his body but only for a brief moment of time before the shadows themselves took on the form of tendrils that now surrounded him on all sides. Soon they began to pick up some decent size boulders and rocks  and began to hurl them at the god one at a time over and over again from some time. It may have looked pointless after all the god was rumored to be one of the earth.  After awhile he opened his eyes and the tendrils that were hurling rocks at the god now changed to hurling shadow like balls at the creature attempting to hit it. If they did hit the areas they hit would slowly corrupt the area and turn it black.

“ Well either you are a very large elemental or a god. Does not matter I come here to stop you. As I have been ordered by the mistress herself in fact for I am one of her paragons. “ He said softly, turning his attention to the large god-like creature and then back towards the smaller one, his hands folded as the tendrils did their work for. Part of him waiting to see if the smaller figure would state who they were and if the so-called god would respond. He suspected the  so-called god would respond in some way. Regardless he was ready for any response.


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The recent destruction of Nu Martyr had proven to be disastrous for its inhabitants. The riots that had occurred after the PRIME’s assassination had left entire towns in shambles. Children and adults alike were left injured and scarred. Beasts Lumina had only heard of in idle whispers ran rampant, mutilating anyone caught in their path. She caught wind of the invasion mere days ago, but decided that she could prove useful in helping the province and its residents. 

The building that had once been some type of gathering hall proved useful to be a makeshift hospital for the sick and the injured. Volunteers flew around with bandages and medicine to help combat the constant influx of patients. The building could only hold so many people; only those that had the chance of being saved were being treated. The elderly and those too far gone were being left on the streets to succumb to their injuries. Bandits and thieves broke into houses, stealing whatever they believed would aid them the most. 

Lumina placed herself beside a young boy with tear-stained cheeks and a large gash stretching across his stomach. The bandages that had been hastily applied to his wound were soaked with blood. He did not have much time left. Lumina placed a hand on his forehead. His eyes slowly slid open, barely able to focus on the girl's face.

“Hold on, little guy. Your end is not yet near.” She placed a meticulous hand on his stomach and closed her eyes. She said a silent prayer, and felt a warm sensation travel from her heart, down the length of her arm, and into the palm of her hand. The boy let out a gasp, but his breathing began to steady as his wound began to seal itself closed. Lumina felt something in her head calling for her stop. Dark thoughts tugged incessantly on the edges of her mind. She ignored them and pressed on. They cried and pleaded for her to stop, growing louder and louder. Eventually they overwhelmed her, snapping her out of her spell. Lumina shook her head and began to slowly remove the bandages. In place of the wound was a silver scar that stretched along the boy's stomach. 

The pounding in her head stopped, and she rose again to survey the situation. She could hear loud booms echoing outside. From the window, she could see towers of flame climbing buildings. She left the room for a moment and caught sight of what was causing the commotion.

Large craters with rims licked with fire surrounded the outskirts of the town. Bodies of the those old and young lined the streets, sending a chill up Lumina's spine. She swore there hadn't been so many when she arrived. What had caused such a massacre in such a small amount of time? Her eyes rose upwards to the skies.

“By the gods, what is that?” Lumina cried to herself. There, standing in the distance, was a large being Lumina had never seen. It reminded her of the gods her mother had spoken of in old tales. Those gods would come and seek retribution towards those who have done wrong. This wasn't right. A whole province of people didn't deserve this retribution. This was the work of something scorned, something so enraged that everything would be reduced to ash in its wake. It seemed the being was coming towards the town. If it managed to arrive, all the dying would surely meet their end.

With that in mind, Lumina raced towards the beast, saying a silent prayer and silencing the thoughts in her mind.

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안녕하세요 카델입니다시험기간은 정말 느리게 가는데 노는 날은 왜이렇게 빨리 지나갈까요....시험기간이 ...Wind assaulted Aedos as he attempted to approach the ex-God, waving his hands in what seemed like an increasingly futile attempt to get the being's attention. Though it had paid him enough heed to ask a question, Gemini hadn't bothered waiting to hear Aedos' answer. Assuming it could even understand common tongue or Renovation. 

His figure was like a mouse to a mountain compared to the god, his black and blue cloak whipping around crazily as if trying to wrap Aedos in a cocoon. Imbued in the gusts of wind were thin slivers of hardened frost that cut deeper into Aedos with each step he took toward Gemini. "There are no murderers there!" he shouted at the giant, waving his hands frantically again. "But I am one, I am; so come after me you dumb brute. Leave them out of it!" It was a lie and Aedos knew it, but hoped to whatever existences could help that Gemini could not tells lies. 

For a second the giant paused, glancing at Aedos with eyes of rage. But just as swiftly turned away and started stomping in a fit toward the town even faster. 

Shit. It was still heading toward the down but even angrier. Fuck me.

Though large, the ex-god was much slower than Aedos who was trained to cover large distances quickly. The wind became all the fiercer as Aedos rocketed around Gemini, passing him only moments before it would reach the city. Despite the short time he ran, the speed wore his legs out and soon enough perspiration swapped his hair and clothes like a bout of rain. Before he'd managed to make it to the neighboring town, however, he spotted a blonde elf in the distance. 

Growing larger. 


Why wasn't she running.

She was running. 

Fuck. No.

"NO," Aedos screamed waving the elf girl back. "You're running the wrong way. RU-" An enormous hand cut him off and swatted him into the air mid step. The duke of Nu Martyr felt his body spiral into the air and take flight by no making of his own. Gold and silver jewels and decorations littered his past trajectory as all the ornaments of nobility were torn from his clothes by the mere force of his path. Then there was only pain as every bone in his body seemed to break when he crashed haphazardly into an emptied house. "Ugh," he groaned, half thankful the people had evacuated so they hadn't died and half in blinding agony. 

As a High Human he'd live and soon enough his bones would start to mend themselves thanks to an innate recovery magic, but probably not before Gemini would squash him to dust.

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Lumina continued her trek towards the giant. As she approached, it became clear just how large the figure actually was. It easily towered the mountains she had seen on her journey here, and the ground shook with each step it took. Just behind the beast Lumina could make out another, much smaller figure. Almost like a nat, the person seemingly pestered the giant in an attempt to gain its attention. 

It hadn’t hit her how much the temperature rose as the giant grew closer. Beads of sweat rolled down Lumina’s forehead, cooling her for the moment. Again, the commentary in her head began again. This time they warned her that getting closer would kill her. They told her getting closer would end with her guts being thrown across a scorched battlefield. One cried, one screamed. 


While she was distracted, the smaller figure in the sky had disappeared just as quickly as Lumina had spotted it. Beside her, a house seemingly blew up. Pieces of debris were sent soaring into the air, causing Lumina to let out a gasp. The giant’s attention was now fully turned back towards the town. The girl quickly made her way over to the now destroyed house out of fear that there was a family in it. Instead, she found a single, blonde haired man. He looked different from the other villagers she had encountered. Almost...noble? What was he doing in a place like this? 

“Are you alright?” She questioned, carefully stepping over the debris and kneeling by his side. It was an idiotic question, she had realized. The way his bones bent and twisted signal that he most certainly wasn’t alright. If she risked healing him here, then it was possible they both would end up as dirt underneath the Giant’s feet.

The ground shook again, signaling that they didn’t have much time. Lumina turned towards the sky and realized the severity of the situation. The time she had wished for was gone, and now the giant was looming over them. 

“Oh dear,” Lumina mumbled, rising from the ground. She clasped both her hands together and began to whisper silently to herself. She focused her energy into the prayer and felt herself begin to become lost in it.

Around them, the air would begin to seemingly twinkle and shine. Slowly, a spherical shaped dome grew around the two. The colors of the rainbow danced around them, but still allowed one to see outside of it. 

The shield solidified just as the giant’s foot came down. The shield wavered, but held strong against the impact. Lumina felt the air leave her lungs as the first impact occurred, but remained strong in her duty. 

Another impact, this time the shield began to slowly crack.

“I….I don’t think it will last much longer!”

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Sight blurred on and off as Aedos' consciousness started to fade. Black was quickly and not at all quietly creeping into the corner of his vision. He grunted before a spool of blood exited his mouth in a fit of coughs. 

"Are you alright?” someone asked from beyond his flickering vision. Although he couldn't see who spoke, simple deduction concluded it was the young elf girl from before. At her question, Aedos couldn't help the chuckle that inadvertently spilled out. He tried to respond at first but was met with only more coughs and more blood. 

"Just...spectacular," he said, closing his opened hand into a thumbs up. "Should see... the other guy." 

It was at that moment that Lumina did see the other guy and clasped her hands together; right before a giant BAM rocked even the earth beneath their feet. And, despite the fact he couldn't see her, Aedos imagined the air being knocked out of her. Then it happened again. BAM. From the blurred surroundings, he made out a sort of rainbow smudge where the elf girl should have been. He leaned his head back with a deflated sigh. Oh how the mighty have fallen. The great Duke of Nu Martyr defeated in but a single hit and saved by a passing elf - one not even native to Renovatio judging by her accent. 

His recovery magic was sweeping through his body, stitching skins, organs, and muscles back together while bones mended themselves. But it wasn't nearly fast enough to put him in full condition. It was, however, enough to save them from their unfortunate predicament. Aedos reached into his pocket with whatever strength he'd regained and pulled out two small disks. 

"Throw... the disk... as far as you can," Aedos ordered through labored breaths. His words had become steadier and less slurred. The slightness of his Nehalen accent beginning to peak through. He held up the second disk. "Hold on... to this one." 

Hopefully she'd trust him. The moment she threw the first disk, it would take off exponentially further than her strength would normally allow it to. Once it had reached its further point, the two disks would connect and switch places. Bringing both of them a momentary and much needed respite. 

He'd throw it himself but other than the hand holding the disks, the other was still bent out of shape. Literally. As was the elbow bone sticking out. Aedos groaned again, half from the pain and half from the frustration of seeing his arm in such a distorted shape. 

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The shield reverberated again, the fissures growing larger and spreading above them. Lumina continued her spell, channeling her remaining energy into attempting to repair the cracks. The man behind her began to speak, drawing her attention from the spell. She dropped her hands for the moment and turned to look at him. He held out one small disk to her and ordered her to throw it as far as she could. 

Her attention turned back the shield. The timing on this would have to be extremely precise if they wanted to escape this. She wasn’t exactly sure what the disk would do, but their options were severely limited. 

Another boom.

The shield disappeared as the giant retracted its foot. Her connection to it was completely lost, and there was little time left to restore it. She glanced down at the disk in her hands and felt something strange about its aura. It was a queer feeling, neither evil nor good. For the moment, she would have to trust the man behind her.

Lumina eyed the large hole in the roof and tossed the disk through it. Despite her weak throw, the disk flew easily past the giant and somewhere out of view. For a moment, there was nothing between them and the giant but a destroyed house.

“What did that-” Lumina’s vision erupted into a bright light and she felt her veins run cold. In one brief moment, they were in the house. In the next, they were somewhere else entirely. Lumina tumbled down a small hill and landed roughly on her stomach. She let out a strain of coughs and breathed heavily, repaying the oxygen debt she had gained on her way here. Eventually, she managed to roll on to her back and look up at the sky. 

It was the color of fire.

Lumina quickly sat up, her eyes frantically searching for some type of familiarity in her surroundings. What had happened to the Giant? What became of the injured Villagers? If they had abandoned them, Lumina would never be able to forgive herself. Retreating and leaving the villagers to fend for themselves would weigh heavy on her heart. Her eyes fell upon a familiar sight, the noble man with crooked limbs.

“What….what just happened? Your injuries….how are you healing like that? My magic’s regenerative properties aren’t that efficient,” she inquired, rising to her feet. Had she said something in her own incantation to heal him? There was little chance she was strong enough to both construct the barrier and heal at the same time. Just who was this man?

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Thank Tellus Mater the elf girl chose to trust him. Aedos was loathe to think about the alternative results. An image of his knights stumbling upon a puddle of blood and flesh that belonged to a now dead and pancaked Aedos nearly made him gag. Whether from the despair of such a situation or the simply grotesque nature of the image, only his subconscious knew. 

When the discs displaced them from under the giant's foot to a few miles in the distance, there was an audible thump as the elf girl started to tumble away. Although he heard her predicament there was nothing he could do but bounce and roll in his own right. His vision was still blurred out but by the quality of sound her tumbling made, Aedos rightly assumed they were falling in the same direction. 

As his body stopped rolling he had to turn around and wretch whatever was left in his stomach. Disgusting. Aedos sat up and spat until the taste dimmed a little. He reached down to the dirt beside him and sketched out a small magic circle. Using the written magic Aedos conjured a small amount of water that he used to rise the taste of vomit and blood from his mouth. 

"Well that was quite the ride," Aedos half joked toward the elf girl now that his vision was nearly restored. For the first time, he noticed that she really was quite young. By human standards, anyways. Just like him, she had blonde hair and blue eyes but while his eyes were an ice blue her's mixed with a soft grey. 

“What….what just happened? Your injuries….how are you healing like that? My magic’s regenerative properties aren’t that efficient,” the elf girl said, seemingly to be grasping for something to say after the fast moving events. Aedos couldn't help but laugh at her flustered appearance. His smile dropped for a split second and winced as a soft crack echoed from his arm, signaling his elbow being forced back into place. 

"It is simply innate healing," he answered, shrugging it off. "Just... sped up, I suppose." The perks of being a High Human. His ribcage and spine snapped back into place with a final and rather painful crack. Aedos winced again but this time was able to maintain the trained smile. "As for what happened, it's called displacement. You switch positions with another object; sort of like teleportation but a much lesser version. Unfortunately this specific magic tool," he held up the crumbling silver disc, "only has a single use." Aedos paused, looking at the elf girl calmly. His gaze was as if he was trying to see into her very soul, though he was simply attempting to assess her potential in fighting the god. She'd already proven able to handle herself in her own right. 

Aedos sighed and struggled to his feet, stretching as a couple of his joints clicked. "What do you say about a round two? We'll probably die, but I can't let my peo- the people be massacred by higher beings for no reason. Not again." His hands clenched as an internal struggle warred within him. 

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Lumina winced at the sound of the man’s bones cracking back into place. She thanked the Gods her landing had been relatively smooth. One wrong tumble could have sent her into a spire of jagged rocks, forcing her journey to come to a sickening end. She pushed the thought aside and looked inquisitively at the disks the man was holding. Such technology was still foreign to Lumina, and it amazed her to see how far the world was advancing.

“Innate? How fascinating! I’ve never meant someone with the ability to passively heal. It makes my power seem quite useless in comparison,” she laughed, wiping her hands on her knees. “I specialize in light magic, more specifically its protective properties. I heard of the invasion and rushed to help the villagers that were injured due to it. I hadn’t quite expected this, however. This is unlike anything I have seen before,” she continued, gesturing to the area around them.

“I do believe introductions are in order! I’m Lumina. A shame we had to meet under such...uncertain circumstances, but a friend is a friend nonetheless!” She gushed, tilting her head and smiling. The man then suggested that they head back for round two against the higher being. Lumina was caught off guard by the wording of his last statement. His people? Just who exactly was this man? He also said that the giant was some type of higher being, which confused Lumina even further. What would cause such a being to resent these mortals so horribly?

Lumina nodded and began to climb back up the hill the two had just fallen down. If they could get some type of vantage point, it may be easier to determine exactly where they were. Once she reached the top, Lumina realized just how horrible the destruction of the invasion was. In front of them, miles of land sat scorched and destroyed. Villages once booming with life were reduced to empty ruins. The voices came back then, taunting her.

“You could have saved them. You could have saved all of them, but you ran. You ran and left them to fight it on their own,” The voice remarked, it’s voice raspy and threatening. Lumina froze for a moment, the wind blowing her hair behind her. She thought back to her own village, her own family. They had succumbed to a force that still tainted Lumina to this day.

She would not let another village fall from grace like hers.

“I apologize, I was distracted by something. I believe our foe is just past those trees,” she suggested. Pointing a finger toward an area of dead trees. Behind them, pillars of flame licked the sky, followed by what sounded like thunder. She prayed that the beast had lost interest in the village after she and the man escaped. 

“If we move quickly, there may yet be time to distract it,” she affirmed, moving to begin the walk back down the hill. It was uncertain to her just how long it would take to reach the beast, but a second gone by is a second an innocent life loses. They would need to make haste if they wanted any chance of stopping the rest of the assault.

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"It's a pleasure to meet you, Lumina," Aedos answered giving her a short bow of thanks, his accent putting emphasis on the first syllable. If anyone who knew his identity had seen him lower his head, especially to a passing stranger, they would have been aghast at the disrespect it showed Renovation hierarchy. But she'd saved his life and no amount of social expectations or training could prevent Aedos from showing his thanks. "And thank you for saving my life." He chuckled at her interest toward innate healing and her instant introduction, but shook his head when she compared their magics. "You have the power to help and heal others. That is something much more powerful and valuable than my paltry recovery skills." 

 In fact if he had the power to heal, his life would have likely been vastly different. Vastly less... complicated. The image of a young girl being attacked by assassins, a sword driving itself through his chest, and fire swam before his eyes for a split motion before he brushed it aside. 

Distractions are death. 

“I apologize, I was distracted by something. I believe our foe is just past those trees,” Lumina suggested. “If we move quickly, there may yet be time to distract it." With those words, Lumina didn't seem to waste another second started heading toward the village he knew Gemini was heading toward. if not already there. 

It was fortunate Lumina had been lost in her own thoughts as well, or she may have seen that momentary flash of pain his memories brought to his eyes. "Worry about it no more," Aedos said with a wave as he followed her down the hill. "It is stressful times and we all have our secrets." After a moment of silence between them, it occurred to Aedos that he'd never introduced himself in the commotion and their desire to head back toward the village. He glanced at her with a soft smile and decided he wouldn't tell her the full truth of who he was. If he did, well, it was likely Lumina would end up getting pulled into his world. And that was not something he'd wish on anyone. "I am Aedos," he said, patting his chest where is heart beat slowly and steadily. I'm fairly adept at using pyrokinesis for true flames and lightning." Not that it'd proved at all useful against the giant god. 

The pair encountered quite a bit of luck as they made their way back to the village. In his rampage, Gemini had detoured temporarily from the village. Even from the distance, Aedos could hear the giant roaring "WHEEEERE" over and over again. It was no mystery to him, nor was it likely a mystery to Lumina, whom exactly it was searching for. 

As they entered the village, most of it torn and destroyed from the boulders, Aedos glanced at Lumina and nodded. "While Gemini is off searching for us, we should try to evacuate as many people as we can. Eventually he'll eventually get bored and head back here, or he'll pick up our scent. Either way, I don't think it'll be a pleasant experience if the village isn't evacuated by then."

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“Aedos, it is nice to meet you!” Lumina responded, a faint itch tugging at her mind. The name rang familiar in her head, but she couldn’t quite place it. Her eyes ran over his noble clothes again. The solution was somewhere in her mind, but it was neither the time nor place to think about idle gossip she had heard. Her mother had always told her to never believe anything about a person unless you obtained the information directly from that person yourself. So, it didn’t matter who Aedos was. The main focus right now was evacuating the villagers.

“I think I have to warn you, my powers aren’t very….aggressive. I’ve tried more impactful incantations but they always bring about these horrendous headaches. I hope to study more into the matter to help solve the issue. I may have to rely on you for most of the fighting, I’m afraid,” Lumina said, seemingly ashamed of her abilities. It had always been that way for her. Even when she was a little girl, shining small rays of light on grass almost knocked her out for the day. Her more helpful spells, like the healing or the shielding, always came much easier to her. 

The village was eerily silent when the two finally returned to it. Lumina searched for any signs of life, but the bodies of those caught in the disaster’s line of fire still laid in the streets. 

“When I left, that building was full of survivors. They were using it as a makeshift hospital, I believe,” Lumina commented.  

She slowly pushed open the door to the Gathering Hall, praying the villagers had managed to stay safe after she had left. Much to her surprise, things seemed to be a lot calmer than before. Many of the makeshift beds were still filled with the sick, but no one seemed to be rushing around anymore. The little boy Lumina had healed earlier sat in the corner of the room, silently eating what could have been his first meal of the day.

“Thank the gods. They’re safe!” Lumina spoke, a smile forming on her face, “I’m going to go around and see if there’s anyone who’s in critical condition,” Lumina concluded, leaving Aedos and moving towards the boy in the corner of the room.

“Hello, how are you feeling?” She asked, crouching down to sit in front of him. He looked up at her and continued to eat, “May I see your stomach?” She asked. He hesitantly nodded and lifted the hem of his shirt up, revealing a silver scar where the once deadly wound had been.

“It is healing. Excellent. I would tell you to rest, but I’m afraid we need to get you out of here. It isn’t safe with that beast around,” she warned him, standing up. She proceeded to ask if there was any family with him, to which he nodded. 

Lumina then went around and checked on the rest of the people in the beds. No one seemed to be completely unable to move, which was a much better outcome than she had expected. 

“I do not know the area as well as you do, so it is probably best if you lead the evacuation attempt,” She suggested to Aedos when she returned to him.

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When Lumina split from him to check up on a young boy, Aedos smiled softly. Very interesting girl. Even in dire times she went out of her way to help on an individual level, even going so far as to check on past work. Or so he assumed the healed silver scar was her work, based on what he'd seen. 

While she continued from civilian to civilian, Aedos went to focus on aiding the group unit by tracking down the local Lord. At the sight of Aedos, the man's eyes widened and body stiffened. Whether the lord's reaction was out of fear or respect or any other range of emotions, Aedos couldn't have been less interested in determining. Wherever he went it was the same reaction the moment someone recognized him. He placed a firm hand on the lord's shoulder before the man could make a seen and grovel or beg or whatever he was going to do. Such actions would be, while proper for the hierarchy, vastly inappropriate for the situation. 

"Stop," Aedos ordered quietly, tapping the man's shoulder. "What is your name, friend?"

The local lord gulped before almost silently answering. "B-brock Dramiel, Your Grace." Aedos took a moment to size the lord up: around 6 foot, broad shouldered, native Renovation, probably around fifty years of age. 

"There's no time or need for formalities, Brock," Aedos said, leading by example as he refrained from calling the local lord Lord Brock. "I'm going to need your help evacuating the civilians. There should be half a dozen medium sized airships on their way here, but they are unlikely to reach here before the... giant does. So everyone needs to be moved south. Is there another village nearby you can retreat to?" For the hundredth time that week Aedos wished he'd bothered to learn more about the outskirt villages. His focus lately had been so high seated that it had overlooked the smaller ones. 

Guilt and pain for the death of hundreds of thousands of Nu Martyians would be his eternal punishment. 

He was knocked from his thoughts at the gentle voice he'd since become accustomed to, despite only having known her for a short time. 

“I do not know the area as well as you do, so it is probably best if you lead the evacuation attempt,” Lumina suggested as she approached him. Aedos responded by nodding glancing at the local lord who responded to Lumina, albeit clearly confused as to why the Duke of Nu Martyr seemed to be behaving almost differential toward the young elf. 

Brock cleared his throat. "There's a village a few miles south of here called Darling's Point. It's much larger than our little outpost." 

Aedos nodded and looked at Lumini. "That is probably as good an option as we're going to get. However, whether we will be able to muster up the strength needed to buy the time to evacuate people over a mile is a different issue altogether." Despite his statement, the intonation of his words suggested it was more of a question he posed to the elf girl. 

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Lumina nodded as one of the men in the Gathering Hall spoke to her. He told her of a village down South that would be an optimal place for the injured villagers to retreat to. The man seemed to struggle with keeping eye contact with Lumina, and instead kept glancing between her and Aedos. She chalked it up to be pure nervousness due to the current situation and ignored it. There was no sense digging into smaller details when the task at hand was much dire.

“I don’t know if we have the choice not to, sadly,” Lumina responded to Aedos, shaking her head. If the villagers stay here, the giant would no doubt return and lay waste to the entire town in an instant. The only chance they had at survival was making it to Darling’s point. It would be up to her and Aedos to distract the Giant long enough for them to make it, but she knew the villagers wouldn’t be as fast as they needed to be with the injuries they had.

“We will have to find a way to distract it. Even if we can’t physically harm it, there must be some way to stave off an attack even for a little bit. By the time it loses interest in us, the villagers should be far enough away that it won’t matter,” Lumina reasoned, glancing between the man and Aedos. She looked around again, her eyes taking in all the people around her. They watched her warily, fearing for the choices being made for them. It reminded Lumina of her own village, in a way. The fear that the choices being made for you would ultimately lead to your undoing. It was a blessing Lumina had been able to realize the truth before it claimed her, but these people didn’t have that decision.

Do not worry, darling. It will all be over soon.

“Excuse me! Excuse me, sorry!” Lumina suddenly called out, her voice becoming much louder than she was used to. The quiet murmurs fell silent, and the people in the room looked towards Lumina.

“I am Lumina. I know many of you do not know me, and I do not know many of you. However, I do know of the fear in your hearts right now. It’s a wretched thing, that fear. You cannot allow it to consume you. I do not mean to scare you even further, but death is eclipsing us. You must stay strong, for your ends will not come as long as I am here. I am here to protect you, and I will not let that beast destroy it all. Please, stay strong. There is another outpost just South of here: Darling’s Point. That is the end goal. Do not lose hope, because that is exactly what it wants,” Lumina spoke, her gentle voice carrying through the room. Her mother’s speeches came to her then. The way she would speak and make people fall in love with her. It was impressive, the way her mother was able to switch the mood of a whole room.

“Sorry, I couldn’t stand seeing them so upset. They all look so scared. We have to help them, Aedos,” Lumina said, her voice growing serious as she turned back to Aedos. Seeing the villagers begin to lose hope was the tipping point for Lumina. That hopelessness would lead to ruin, which Lumina wouldn’t allow to happen.

“Sir, I believe it is best that we begin the evacuation now. I’m sorry if that speech wasted precious time, but I wanted to speak with them all directly,” she finished, her eyes moving from the man to Aedos. Outside, the thunder roared on, becoming just a bit louder.

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