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[GS] Gemini

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Lumina smiled at Delphina. So that’s where the resemblance came from! It was hard to disregard the similarities between the two, even before knowing they were siblings. It was very probable that the older woman that had been with Delphina earlier was the grandmother of the two, but that assumption was much more out there. It was obvious the woman was close with Delphina, so offending her would no doubt put Lumina in an awkward position.

“Aedos - pardon me, the duke - was fearless. I tried my best to support and heal him whenever he was knocked down, but his drive was evident. It was an honor to help him,” Lumina explained to Delphina. Before their conversation could continue further, a worker came to speak with Delphina. Lumina turned to survey the area around her, not wanting to eavesdrop on the conversation. The airship seemed to be extremely vast, and the medbay was only one small part of it.

"I have to head over to him right now and start his surgery, but feel free to wander around and get used to the airship. We'll be arriving at the Chanaril Mansion in a few hours; once we get there we can of course sort out the logistics and decide on how to best fit you into the House."

Lumina nodded at Delphina as she left. Chanaril Mansion? It certainly sounded lavish. It was hard for her to imagine fitting in with these nobles. Lumina had little experience with politics, not even recognizing the Duke of Nu Martyr when he was standing right in front of her. The girl pushed the thoughts aside and moved to climb out of her bed. Her right leg still ached, but the rest of her body appeared to be healing relatively quickly. She turned to make the bed before leaving the room.

The airship was extremely difficult for Lumina to navigate. She didn’t want to accidentally stumble into a place she wasn’t allowed, so she made it a point not to rush into any rooms where people were working. Eventually, she came upon a large window in one of the hallways. The scorched land below them was quickly falling behind. Her mind wandered, then, to the family she had met earlier. They had come so close to losing their child, and Lumina didn’t want to think what would have happened had she not been there. Her own village intruded her thoughts. Lumina hadn’t been there when the reckoning had been set upon her village, but would things have changed if she had been? Would she have been able to shift the course of the village on her own? Would she be able to change the course of the fate she was heading towards?

Her eyes moved to stare at her reflection. Despite all the injuries, she still recognized the girl staring back at her. Her grip on the railing loosened ever so slightly. For the first time in a while, all the whispers in her head ceased. Her breathing slowed, and she felt herself relax. 

Just because her fate was decided didn’t mean her story was too.

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Short Summary: Aedos Chanaril and Lumina encounter each other before teaming up to save a village about to be destroyed by the giant-god Gemini. After a harsh battle that leaves both of them unable to move and near unconscious, they wound Gemini to where the god is barely able to stand. It is then that the Commander, Lilith Reiter, arrives on the scene and punches a hole through the God's head, killing and absorbing it.

Full Summary: In the absence of any Paragons on the scene to defeat the banished Renovation Giant-God, Gemini, Aedos Chanaril, Duke of Nu Martyr, steps in and face off against the descended god. The Duke became distracted for half a second, resulting in him being hit by Gemini and every bone in his body broken. Lumina, an elf, sees his broken body and heals him. Combined with his own self regenerating abilities, Lumina heals Aedos to near full strength. During her healing, Lumina protected Aedos and herself through a barrier. Once healed, Aedos asked her to drop the barrier and he used an old magic tool to transport them to safety in order to regroup. 

After regrouping they rush ahead of Gemini to a nearby village in its path. There they evacuate the people and lead them to a hidden ridge in the nearby mountain range. They set up a beacon to call and beckon the nearby Chanaril Knights. 

The Knights, however, aren't quick enough. This forced Lumina and Aedos to take action by themselves. A steady fight goes on until they both begin to run out of power. Aedos uses all of his power to attack Gemini and then Lumina does the same, both end up on the verge of unconsciousness. Unfortunately, Gemini is still standing. Heavily, maybe even fatally, wounded but nonetheless alive and storming toward them. 

Lilith Reiter, the Commander, bursts from the sky and at Gemini, where she forced her entire body through the back of Gemini's head. Although the body crumbles, Lilith absorbs the soul energy of the God, storing it into her consciousness with E'na. 

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