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The Sovereign City - Building Hyperion City

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Moon’s Day, Month of the Heron, Year of the Raven


The Sovereign City

That was what was to become of the new capital of the Hyperion Empire. It would be the city that sat above the others, literally and figuratively. A notch above the others. She sent her children away to vacation in Stonehaven. A place there could frolic on the beach and explore with proper supervision and away from any harm. Raveena hadn’t forgotten what happened the last time the city was built, and the two.

It had already taken months of careful planning and budgeting. Much of the time was spent waiting—waiting for the right moment economically. It wasn’t until the Southern Schism happened and the dismissal of the Genesar government that the political aspect of the project was discussed among the council.

“And we’ve secured the site permits? Everything is in order?” Raveena inquired. She fidgeted anxiously in her seat, leaning forward as though if she was any closer, she might know sooner.

Council woman Feera Dhomi chuckled, finding her eagerness all too endearing, “Yes, your Majesty. Everything is in order. Site preparations for each city is nearing completion and we can begin laying down the foundation immediately, as early as tomorrow morning.” The elderly woman unfurled her hands from her robe and pushed the dossier that rest on the desk between them towards the Queen.

Raveena reached for them and sifted through the papers. They sat in comfortable silence as she scanned and reviewed each one, with only the sound of rustling papers being shuffled in order.

“Will you be touring again, your Majesty?” Feera asked. She knew the answer, but she wanted to hear it for herself. Raveena murmured in reply before tearing her gaze away from paperwork and responding, “Yes. My people know how I operate. I want to make sure everyone we’ve hired has exactly what they need. The world is changing and—with hope, and any luck, my divine siblings won’t make trouble for us. No promises.” The Queen winked at the elder, who smiled in return.

Raveena reached over and pulled the lid off an ink pad. She produced an imperial seal and pressed it firmly to the pad before inking the last page with her seal of approval.

“That should set things into motion, don’t you think?” Her shoulders relaxed with a slump. She hardly realized she had been tensing at all until that moment.

And so it began...

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...as a parade of vehicles, including heavy equipment trundle into the spot that was marked as mile/kilometer zero for what will likely be all of Hyperion's roads.

After all, Thurgood Singlance had quite a bit of experience building roads, and if anything will get Hyperion City built, it's a good way to get supplies from Port Kyros here.

The first in this parade is Thurgood's blood red Kenworth W900, hauling a large steam shovel on a low flatbed trailer.

The second is a steam traction engine hauling the smaller steam shovel.

The third is a steam roller hauling a rock crusher that will be crucial to building the roads.

The fourth is Aveline's two-tone blue Ford F-350, hauling coal, safety equipment, tools, chainsaws, and some other necessary things.

The rest of the parade consists of ox-drawn carts full of sand.

All Thurgood needs is a confirmation of the road layout, and the rest of the workforce.

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___Site 001

Thunder’s Day, Month of the Corvid, Year of the Raven


What would normally takes years, was taking months. Raveena was more than impressed with schedule they maintained. The five districts were already shaping, worked around the nearby water source (and part of why she chose to build there). The river would be more than capable of supplying water to the five cities. Mages moved earth and rock—both natural and supplied—and were fleshing out the new Leocadia palace. It sprawled out, grander than it had before. Masons and architects from around the region came to work tirelessly.

Section by Section the foundations for the districts were being laid. The plumbing system and aqueducts were coming along. Many of the citizens were already beginning to build their own houses and businesses, made from stone and wood.

Raveena was leaning over a blueprint for the new Sadira Amar. There were samples of stone, wood and their color splashes. There were many aesthetic details to go over. This time, she decided, the roof would be tiled and slightly more elevated against flooding. She chose warm wooden tones that would accentuate the light of the day but feel inviting in the evening when the teahouse converted to a tavern. There would be a porch to wrap around so that others could enjoy sitting outside and admire the garden she would build there with its foundation. Raveena was taking artistic liberties from her time spent in Weland, since their cultures were so closely related. Lady Chizuru had always had impeccable tastes when it came to the city’s infrastructure.

She nodded, satisfied with her choices and spoke with the architect before departing to head back to the infirmary. Most of her time was spent approving or rejecting plans, resolving setbacks—some were major and some were small—and assisting with workers who suffered from fatigue or injury.

Hyperion was shaping into a skeleton, one they would soon fill to the brim with their celebrated culture.

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Thurgood dug every single inch of road laid so far; the bottom was then rolled and compacted, before the 1.5-2 inch gravel and sand was laid, in two layers, then the .5-1 inch gravel and sand, then the small gravel and sand (crowned), rolled flat between each layer, then the slate pavers were set on top of a thin layer of sand, with sand between each paver, rolled and compacted into place. Of course, he will dig highways between cities as well.

After digging the local roads, Thurgood and Aveline put their steam-powered equipment and motor vehicles to work wherever it would be useful; digging foundations, drilling rock, dragging items, pulling stumps, hauling all sorts of cargo, whatever is needed within their capabilities.

Of course, Thurgood and Aveline would float the idea with Raveena of opening a Mil Dot location here...

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