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The Garden City - Building Brehill

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___Site 002

Friar’s Day, Month of the Heron, Year of the Raven


“Have you chosen, my Ladyship?”  A petite man was bent at the waist, bowing deeply to Raveena as he spoke. He dared not stand. The Queen rolled her eyes, so much pomp and circumstance wasn’t entirely necessary—just some common courtesy. “Yes, I think so.” She replied distantly.

Spread across the table were several schematics. They could have pieced together like a puzzle if they weren’t all different versions of the same vision. A city designed to house the best and brightest minds of agriculture and medicine in the Rising West.

The aim was to slowly modernize Hyperion without compromising what made Hyperion, Hyperion. To ease them back into a cultural identity. To teach them, let them grow and learn. Her hand hovered over each schematic one final time—one final look to be sure. It was an important decision to make—one that would change the future of Hyperion. They had more than before. More than ever, they were ready. So many People from various backgrounds had shown promise in various industries.

Brehill would be perfect for them.

Her finger hovered over the third schematic before tapping it, “This one.”

The petite man scurried to her right side, avoiding looking her in the face—as if she might blind him if they looked at one another.

“This one, my Ladyship? You are certain.” His hands hovered nervously, ready for the official order to deliver the plans. She paused, before titling her head thoughtfully, “This one,” She gestured to the next immediate schematic, “It’s simple. Too simple, really. It’s almost a mockery.” Raveena’s hand traveled down to the next blueprint, “This one is too elaborate for what we need. Nothing must outshine the capital city. In time, all of our cities will be great. This is too ambitious for my laborers.”

Then her hand swept right. His eyes followed her hand, his mouth hanging up as he gawped at the graceful flourish—is though he can hardly believe she spoke so casually and thoughtfully to a lowly runner like him. “This one almost gets it, but there are a few problematic areas. The materials aren’t readily available, the costs are stretched. The components look nice if only a little disorganized.”

Tapping the last schematic again, Raveena looked at the Runner, “This one shows the most promise. It’s far from perfect, but it is the most ideal. Send this to the crew at once.” Animated the runner bowed, nearly busting his head on the table with his jittery movement.

“Y-yes my Lady! At once!” He snatched the plans and ran off.

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Though he was a stranger, the men and women were eager for his help. Willing to overlook his different, sometimes odd mannerisms and habits, the carpenters, construction workers, engineers and gardeners had all offered him a decent amount of pay of he only did the work expected of them all, and he had accepted. Now his wiry strength and dexterity were well put to use. Throughout the day, he helped haul wood, stone, and brick to their proper placements. He held iron and steel steady for workers, sometimes even operating machinery used to form foundations or erect structures a man alone could not. He learned quickly and worked hard, and while the odd jobs he assisted with were heavy and demanding, he enjoyed it.

Today, he rested beside a cooking fire, watching the stew inside reach a low boil at the side of several other men. All were tired and hungry, but felt pleased as their eyes wandered over the beginning of Brehill. The framework of several buildings had already been erected, with a handful boasting the start of a few rooms. The ground for the planned hydroponic gardens was being laid out, as were the foundations for the greenhouses. A small hanging garden, made of elaborate stone and hung with flowers and vines, was already complete. It helped morale and boosted general overall mood and motivation.

“We’re starting on the hospital soon,” one worker said presently, stirring the stew with a wooden ladle. “State of the art. Gonna need a lot of help. You up to it, Kaige?”

“If you need me, I’m there,” Kaige said.

“Good man.”

The stew cooled quickly as the pot was removed from the fire, and generous portions served to those waiting for the meal. The workers treated each other as equals here, teasing each other in good nature about their eating habits and supposedly ugly faces. Even Kaige was drawn into the social aspect of the lunch, almost forced into talking in response to some clever witty insults thrown at him.

“Your mother must’ve sobbed a lot when you were born! Almost as much as when I bedded her last night.”

“Good one. Unfortunately, I refuse to a battle of wits with someone clearly unarmed.”

The banter continued even when the stew was gone and they went back to work, with Kaige given the job of carrying portions of the wooden support beams to the hospital grounds. All were made of solid oak and heavy pine. Still, he worked his hardest and in time was due for another break. He sat by the fire again, wiping sweat from his brow and counting how many beams were left to carry.

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If Cinderella hadn't struck a heavy blow into each and every beam she'd picked up so far, one might mistake the noise for a gunshot, or a bolt of lightning, yet it was too easily lost in the din of hard work and earnest discussion to be either of those.

The minotaur hefted her hammer to one shoulder, and inspected her work carefully. The thick, heavy bore she'd struck into the beam was deep enough that the hilt, the round extrusion of metal that guarded the leather handle, was firmly indented into the soft wood again. There was a neat little pile of dirt on the other end of the beam, too, from the weight of the blow. The beam itself was intact, though, which was a win! Cinderella noted with great enthusiasm that she'd done nothing but win so far.

She set the hammer down, and the hulking cow-beast pressed one heavy hoof against the wood, while the other braced against the earth. She wrapped one hand around the grip on the bore, and pulled with all her might. Slowly at first, then rapidly, the bore came free, and where it used to be was a round, deep hole in the soft wood. All the wood that had been there prior was forced to the sides, packed into the rest of the wood. She examined the bore, checking for any damage. The bore was approximately ten centimeters long, nearly three centimeters wide, and was made of sturdy, but crude iron. About three quarters along the edge of the bullet-shaped prong of iron, was a small guard, and shortly after that was a leather handle, and another guard on the end of that. Cinderella checked that guard next; it was scratched up and scuffed, but totally intact so far. The Cinderella didn't really have enough large nails to build anything so this bore was meant to leave space for small, round wooden pegs that would hold her structures together, along with the help of some adhesive. She picked the beam up nigh effortlessly and moved it aside, before dumping it in a pile with the rest.

Cinderella originally hadn't come to Hyperion with the intention of settling there. In fact, the minotaur wasn't actually sure if she planned on staying. Originally, she'd come this way to see if Ifrit had come through there again. Her friend, her best pal, her favoritest person in the whole world, Ifrit, had unexpectedly vanished one day, without giving her any clue where to look for him. This had come off of their prior visit to Hyperion, where Ifrit had done...

She frowned, and tried to recall exactly what they'd done. It was strange, but she didn't actually remember what Ifrit had told her they were doing at the parade. During the ensuing chaos, her job had been to wrangle guards, and bat away would-be defenders, but she didn't actually know why they went there. Hot dogs? Something about a spider rabbit, definitely.

She put those thoughts on the back burner for now, and focused on striking another killing blow into another beam.


Pick it up, and shove it aside. By now, Cinderella wasn't really a 'valued' member of Hyperion, so much as she was an 'accepted' member of Hyperion, which she was quite pleased about. When she'd gone looking for Ifrit, people had quickly, and correctly, identfied her as one of the fugitives responsible for....whatever Ifrit had done, again. Originally confused, Cindy had fought back, and in the ensuing clash with guards, managed to knock them around like playthings. Even wounded, even harried, the minotaur was difficult to injure, and for good reason! She had to find Ifrit! Find him, and take him back to their home, where they could hang out again!

She paused, and reflected on that again. 

Did Ifrit leave her because she wasn't a good enough friend? Had she done something wrong?

She waited, still as stone. Around her, people continued to mill and mull around. The world kept moving, and in a town full of small campfires and torches, she couldn't smell smoke, or charcoal just then. She lived in a world without fire, if only for a moment.


The beam split asunder as if she'd swung an axe at it. The bore was dug so deep into the wood that it had split the plank in two, right down the middle. The minotaur, still clutching her hammer, noticed just barely at her knuckles were white and her hands were trembling, with an unspoken, quiet grief.

She remained still for a moment longer, than stood back up, and pulled the bore out again. She examined it, and noticed it was still intact. That was good, because it meant she didn't have to go look for a fourth replacement, just yet.

She went for another beam.


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___Site 002

Moon’s Day, Month of the Corvid, Year of the Raven


“How is the arrangement coming along?” Raveena asked, focused on her paperwork.

“Better than we hoped, Your Majesty.” Replied one of the many heads of construction crew, “She does what we ask without even really questioning it. She’s mighty useful. She’s almost finished working off the rest of her sentence. All the hours being put it. It’s like you said it would be.” He was pleased with it, though only partly ashamed he questioned the Queen.

Raveena nodded thoughtfully, “Brehill will be good for her, I think.” She spoke about Cindy, the Minotaur that had been taken into custody following the assault on the Kaess Festival that resulted in Arundae’raa’s death at the hands of an agent who operated for Dema, the now-banished God of Cycles in Hyperion. The story of the two divine’s brother wager was often passed as a story among generations, but it centered squarely on Raveena’s reality as their wager is how she was born. Cindy was a gentle giant, though her temper was something to be feared. It wasn’t that Cindy wasn’t intelligent, only that she was simple. And it was easy enough to conclude through their investigation that she meant no true harm the way the entity Ifrit did.

Though Cindy had been captured, Ifrit remained at large, and it was not for lack of trying. It had been concluded he had escaped into another realm, and Raveena had neither the time nor the proper resources to launch a cross-planar man hunt to find him.

And so, Cindy spent most of her time in Hyperion working off her sentence through community service. It had been at least four years, but her term was almost up and she was actively working on her own citizenship. “She’s expressed an interesting in her own business. I told her I would leave that clearance of that to you, Your Majesty.” The worker state hurriedly.

“I need a break from this. Let’s take a walk so I can run an inspection.” Heaving a sigh, she stood, and the two of them walked through the city.

Much like Hyperion City, Brehill was importing large slabs of stone from Crystallo Stella, each being fleshed out. Raveena went over her expectations for the hydroponic gardens. There were four being built as a designated trial. They met with a group of Vine Mages who were studying abroad from the Devonshire Institute in Stonehaven. They brought with them their supersedes and gave Raveena a brief presentation on the science and magic behind it.

Next they toured the Biospheres, which fascinated Raveena the most. Each Biosphere housed different gardens that flourished in different living conditions. Weather Mages had spelled them to adjust to the appropriate weather needed for prime growing conditions. Raveena was impressed.

They came across the hospital and the Queen smiled, “Wonderful…if she’s not preoccupied, I’d like to see if Cindy can assist with this. Having this hospital open and operating before winter comes. This year, if all goes well, we can cut down on the number of sick we have.” A common problem among civilizations trying to make their mark on the world.

There was still disease, famine, poverty and crime in the world. Accidents happened. The world stopped for no one, not even Hyperion. “I’d like one in each city to start. We can evaluate the probability of building another one after this winter.” She watched a group of workers laughing as they worked, catching the eye of a stranger. He had just wiped his brow and had been clearly putting in his fair share of work.

He’s cute. She smirked and nodded to the worker, “Is he a volunteer, as well?” The manfollowed her eyes and nodded, “Kaige, Your Majesty. He’s been a jack of all trades thusfar.”

Raveena nodded curtly to Kaige in acknowledgement.

@The Hummingbird


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For a moment, Kaige could but stare blankly at the lady who nodded to him. So tired was he that he could see little of her but her fine attire, the smooth skin, her night-dark hair and her almond eyes. Yet as he took in her features, recognition and then surprise lit his eyes. He glanced around to see the reverence and dutifully bowed heads of his fellow laborers None of them had expected such a figure to make an appearance here, and she could be no one else. The visage was how he had envisioned her to be from the descriptions given by others.

The Queen of Hyperion, Empress of the West.


He did not leap or bound to his feet. Were not sudden movements and abrupt gestures rude amidst royalty such as she? Keeping his face neutral, he rose to his feet and bowed, one foot out with the other in. Laying one hand across his waist and folding the other behind his back, he made the bow customary in the Cold South. Black strands of hair feel across his face as he maintained the bow for three seconds. Only then did he dare straighten and approach her.

Kiage was not aware how he moved, but others were. He walked graceful and silent, almost a surefooted dance, and his long stride nearly that of a stalking predator. Neither protruding rock or jutting root cut or marred his carefully measured steps, and his burnished green eyes were steady on hers. They were respectful, but not fearful, not embarrassed, not abashed.

Here was a man who feared nothing.

He was tall, surpassing six feet, with lean muscles, and dressed in a plain linen tunic and slacks for the hard work expected of him. She outshone him by several degrees. But as he stopped a respectful distance from her and bowed one more time, his face glowed with a smile that would have made swoon many ladies.

“Your Majesty,” he said softly, clearly. “I, Kaige Severos, am honored to greet thee.” He straightened again, smoothing down the wrinkles in his shirt. His smile widened, almost a grin. “They call you the Glory of the Dawn, and it easy to see why. Ah, but forgive me. T'was my humble wish to speak with you, your Excellency.”

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Grass. Water. Rest

The beast’s mind fixated on items of pleasure.. Well, Item. His mind was not full of deep desire.. shade, sustenance, rest. These were things he looked forward to. 


Khaidu, Minotaur and ascetic wanderer, worked to bend and mold and build frames with hand and tool alike. Not stupid — Simple. He was a man(nish thing) of action! He preferred to earn his keep and indulged in laborious affairs. 

Adjusting the peeled down tunic and the belt that kept it above his waist, he exhaled sharply. In his labors, a fine sweat began building up on his fur. The sun was soothing once you got past the point of starting to sweat.

He, along with others more suited for long arduous work, had been tasked with helping establish the Foundations of the Hospital. Since the week prior, he had been here. Khaidu had been bashing and bending resources to fit properly and even using tools that could accommodate his hand size; it was nice to work toward something beneficial for once, rather than stomping people and beast alike. Simple times..


As the mid day heat peaked, he took time for himself and spent a few minutes by a watering space.  Civilization was coming to bear fruit from their labors in this vast forest.. always something interesting.  A burst of air was exhaled, delivering a fine mist upon another tired worker who stood at full height below the Minotaur’s pectoral line. The man, of course, did naught but kick rocks on his way away, running hands in his sweaty hair to ensure there was no saliva or mucus.  The manbeastcowthing frowned at first, but laughed to himself, popping a sun pearl into his mouth and letting it burst with vibrant flavor. A slow murr left his lips as he grazed on it and a pinch of grass he had harvested before dawn. The berry was indescribably full of flavor, tasting like many kinds and no other kind of fruit at once. The local Vine Mages did a good job with cultivating appropriate rations to compensate the foreign workforce that came to aid with everything. Khaidu has not been made to feel lesser than the humans and other races that populated the area. Older generations cling to ideas of Raz-Nogore, May he lie restlessly in the Barrens.. Khaidu has many thoughts and yet lived simply as to not pervert the life Given. Most saw this in him. His intellect was a gift in its own, though his nature denied it to rot his ego. It served to be beneficial in times of conversation or persuasion. Most did not disagree with him, though — not to his face. 

The heat drew the Stud out of his flavorful appreciations, which goaded him to pour water on his head and in his mouth before stepping off once again to return to work, unless distracted. 

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Once each and every beam was punched through and set aside, Cindy had immediately set upon putting them all upright. Without concrete, or anything to help form a foundation, the minotaur's strength became pivotal again. 

Cindy grasped the next beam and hefted it over her shoulder again, then trotted back towards her building sight. Overhead, the sun beat down on her as it moved slowly across the sky. Sweat glistened in her thin, water-repellent fur; her chest heaved as she exerted herself. She checked the target once, then twice before with a grunt of exertion drove the beam deep into the soil, only to recoil with a shout immediately.


Her bellows thundered over the din of the work around her, and more than a few heads turned. The minotaur's furious roar dimmed down quickly, and she, totally oblivious to the world surrounding her, pinched her palm. The heifer pouted, and looked unhappily at her palm, before saying, much more quietly:

"I have a splinter." Her voice dripped with hushed sorrow, as if her life were over. She tried, repeatedly and unsuccessfully, to pull it out with her teeth, but failed to clench it. She sucked at it, plopping down on her rump as she attempted to reef it out, to no avail.

Around her, everyone else appeared to get back to work, leaving her to tend to herself, and Cindy, oblivious to their reactions in the first place, remained dedicated to the splinter.

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Khaidu had returned to work promptly after his water break, wasting no time in laboring away. 

That is.. until the cry of a heifer found his ears. Compelled by curiosity and the ever-growing interest of encountering his own kind on the Path, he stopped his work to investigate. The beastmanthing proceeded to sniff and listen for any further vocalizations as he moused his way through the construction sites. Soon enough, he came upon Cinderella, who seemed to be in some form of suffering. 

A hooved dig into the earth announced his presence as he looked at her.  A splinter? His hands were no good, and he bore no equipment pack on his person. His immediate thought was to find a nearby worker and hassle them into helping the female. Which he did. In minutes, he had wrangled a reluctantly willing woman to follow him to Cindy with the means to remove splinters; a needle, a knife, and a bandage in case. The woman could not tell if it was going to be her version of a splinter or some monstrous version a minotaur might encounter.

Khaidu gestured toward the woman he brought, looking Cindy at eye level as he nodded. "Heard you've got a Splinter."

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Cindy, big as she was, lacked the ability to deal with the splinter herself. After a few tense moments of trying to pry the splinter out with her thick, heavy fingers, then her teeth, she'd quickly realized that she couldn't do it herself.

The minotaur, then, had gotten to her feet again and got back to work. With a heavy grunt, she pulled herself to her feet, and picked up the next post. More than once, she grazed the splinter, and threatened to push it in deeper. Yet, as much as it hurt, Cindy got over it. With a growl befitting a warrior more than a carpenter (and baker!) she slammed the next beam into the earth, punching a hole through the soil with ease. Then, she thumped it down harder with her off hand.

This process was easy to continue with, and she did so for more than a few minutes until her work was interrupted. The heifer hefted another beam onto her shoulder, and when she rose to her height notices she wasn't alone. She caught the eye of the taller of the two, and blinked in surprise. Another minotaur had found her! 

He was about as tall as her--or maybe even taller! His body was shaggy and muscled. His horns were pointy and polished. Cindy didn't think she'd ever seen such a well-kept bull, even back home.

He wasn't alone, and another lady had followed him over. Cindy glanced down at her for a second, and shifted her weight on the beam so that staring downward didn't cause her to fumble and drop it.

On 4/6/2020 at 12:26 PM, L E V I A T H A N said:

"Heard you've got a Splinter."

Cindy glanced up at the bull again, and the woman he'd brought over. Then she glanced at the log she was carrying, and said, very matter-of-factly.

"Actually, this is a beam!" She explained to him, setting it down. She gave it a pat with the hand that had a splinter in it. "I know it's a bit smallish, but I'm just using these ones for the foundation." The bull, and the woman both seemed somewhat confused by this explanation, so she did her best to be a little more helpful. 

"See, a splinter is like a smaller piece of wood that gets stuck in your---oh!" She glanced at her hand, and noticed in her calloused palms the little bit of wood there. 

"That's right! I do have a splinter!"

A few moments passed, while the minotaur sat there, clearly pleased she remembered something, without her reacting further. Then, she offered, very helpfully:

"My name is Cindy. If you want, I can lend you some of these beams!" She gestured at her pile of lumber close by. "I can always make more!"

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"Khaidu -- You talk a lot." He smiled as he teased, inwardly caught offguard by the talkative mentality she bore. Taking her hand and holding it in place, the woman went to work. Khaidu's grip was firm, likely firmer than one would anticipate, but he would not dare apply enough pressure to hurt her. The woman was done in no time, and put a touch of salve on it before rushing off from the giant beastfolk. 

"There you go.." He spoke softly, bowing his head a bit before addressing the beams. 

"We have a good amount going, but the hospital project could use as many beams and hands as possible.. Perhaps you'd like to help? I could return the favor by helping with your work soon? These men are strong, but.." he trailed off, rubbing into his tresses as he eyed the female rather openly. On top of not wishing to offend the men nearby, he had also run off track for thought as he assessed his company. Mild admiration showed, but ultimately he retained an air of aloofness. 


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On 4/16/2020 at 1:52 PM, L E V I A T H A N said:

"Khaidu -- You talk a lot."

Her mouth quirked upwards only a bit. Ifrit used to tell her that, too. Later on, he would stop entirely, in favor of muzzling her with one hand so that he could speak. While Khaidu--she wasn't familiar with the name, but it suited the bull--talked with her, the other woman took her hand. Cindy thought it was cute how she wanted to hold hands, but she was doing it all wrong. Then, she remembered the tools she brought with her. 

Oh yeah. The beam. Or, the splinter, rather.

Cindy did her best to sit still, though she did squirm just a bit. Before long, the splinter was gone, and she even dabbled a bit of cream on her hand.

The minotaur lifted her hand to her snout and inspected it curiously. She gave the salve a lick, then immediately cringed. It had a strong menthol taste to it, like those mints Ifrit used to buy for the toilets at their little club. The big, blue, puck-shaped ones that people carelessly discarded in the toilet. Cindy, being something of a mature grownup in her own opinion, only ever ate the mints from the wrapping, and always finished them. 

"Thanks! Splinters really hurt," she told him seriously as he bowed his head in acknowledgement. 

On 4/16/2020 at 1:52 PM, L E V I A T H A N said:

"We have a good amount going, but the hospital project could use as many beams and hands as possible.. Perhaps you'd like to help? I could return the favor by helping with your work soon? These men are strong, but.."

He looked at her--or was he looking at her work? Cindy glanced backwards, at the beams she'd forced into the earth for her bakery, the way she'd managed to drive them so deep into the ground it wasn't likely they'd ever move, once she got some concrete or clay or something down there. The beams looked a little silly--they cast slim shadows across the ground with the sun high overhead. The sweat clinging to her hair baked in the heat; Cindy absentmindedly lifted up her tabard to wipe her brow. By doing so, she had to heft it clear above her legs, above her waist as well. A wide, and at least mostly appropriately-long loincloth was draped over her exposed body, but not her hips, which her only really adorned with some colorful beads. The tabard did a poor job of hiding her core, too. In order to lift it high enough to wipe her face dry, the entirety of her abdominal region was exposed, the soft, brighter fur of her underbelly interrupted by powerful muscles. A bright red band of thick cloth was tied against her chest, barely visible beneath the cloth she'd lifted up.

She wiped her face clean, then let it drop again, rumpled and damp with sweat.

"The hospital isn't up yet?" She asked. "That would have been the first thing I woulda done, if I was trying to build a town. Construction is dangerous; you put down a few beams, and get a splinter!"

Silence reigned for a few seconds, then, she remembered she didn't answer his question.

"Okay, okay, sure! Yeah! I'd love to help!" She waved a hand at her own construction dismissively. "This is just my bakery. It's gonna be, like, this big, with big ol' barn doors on both sides, so that you can pass through it from either direction!" She grabbed his hand and pointed upwards a bit, near the top of a few of the beams. "I'm gonna have this big loft up there, and I'm gonna put a buncha pillows and stuff there, so when I'm not working, I can take a nap!" 

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___Site 002

Moon’s Day, Month of the Corvid, Year of the Raven


 It was beautiful. It was unlike anything she had ever laid eyes on before.

Deep into the forests of the Rising West, a scout happened upon it, reporting back the phenomenon. It was a rare thing indeed to find the heart of a forest. And so, Raveena commissioned the expedition to seek it out. A retinue gathered and set off.

They had traveled for nearly a week before it had been found. Burrowed into an impossibly large, impossibly old tree. A stone that was very much like a heart. It throbbed with power, a power that stretched out as far as the forest could reach from limb to root, from the western coasts to the edges of Bloodstone Marsh. A leyline was here, and from it was birthed the heart of the forest.

Raveena dismounted her Braix, her Daemon Jesta’ curled around her right shoulder. The feline’s curiously bright eyes peered from the veil of the Empresses’ hair. This is unsettling, Mistress. The gentle, motherly tone of her Daemon rippled into her thoughts like a skipped stone on a pond. You would be wise to send someone else. There’s no guarantee of your safety, otherwise. “Am I not a god?” Raveena replied foolishly. She gave the guard the order to remain where they were as she approached the fantastic tree. Even gods die, Mistress. What you think may happen is no guarantee that it will. You cannot rewrite if something terrible should happen.

Closer Raveena crept, distracted and in awe of the three and its emerald heart. It was a raw stone, deeply embedded as though it were a seed from which the tree grew from—and perhaps it was. Her head was canted, the pulsing glow of the stone like a heartbeat reflected in her eyes. The onlookers of her team felt utter dread. What if it hurt her? What if it killed her? Every fiber in their being wanted to oppose her, yet they were duty bound by the Imperial Call to heed her command. They waited with bated breath—as did Raveena—who reached out and ever so gently, brushed her fingers against the stone. Jesta' fell to the ground with a start.

Raveena was gone.

She did not fade. There was no bright flash. She simply vanished.

Chaos ensued.

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"That sounds beautiful.. With everything in this forest, we have plenty to look forward to from your bakery. We will complete it in no time." Khaidu smiled as best a bull could; his big cheesing mug caused his eyes to squeeze shut a wee bit. Her form was that of an immaculate bovine goddess. He could not keep himself from peering at her garments. It reminded him of the bare essentials he bore; a tunic, a belt... Hm. A tunic and a belt. Not much to his makeshift man skirt. It did great alright at keeping his nethers put away while he worked, and thankfully he had only been working on the horizontal expansion of the building and was not working above others!

Khaidu would gesture for her to follow him. A few beams were taken, as not to be rude and ignore her offer. The bull led her to the hospital work zone, where he would proceed to put the beams in their respective places of need. He needed no driving tools - he simply shunted them into the earth with explosive force. 

Simplicity. It was Khaidu's foundation, next to maintaining his integrity. While he lived simply, he thought deeply and was no way in the slightest bit shallow about how he operated. 

"Good wood.. Firm. Nice trees around here.. Are you from here?" He beckoned, his big head tilting with the jingle of adornments. He had not stopped working while talking, preferring to force the beams and apply the mixes and fastenings as necessary. 


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Cindy walked alongside Khaidu about as best as she could. With a few beams slung over her shoulder, and blocking much of her view to her right, she wasn't completely sure he was actually there, save for the sound of his hooves on the soft dirt and the hard stone paths, and the occasional horn peeking out ahead of the beams she carried. Her height made it a little easier to avoid bonking into other workers as she moved around, and given that they didn't have to do too much navigating, she didn't bonk into Khaidu either. 

This didn't necessarily mean their journey was silent. Cinderella passed all matter of little men in armor, and people hard at work doing whatever they were assigned to. Cindy lingered long enough to watch a few men work to lift up a wall, and judged their work politely.

"You know you can just lift the wall up, right?" She asked. Her beams were getting a bit off-balance. She rolled her shoulder to adjust that, then waved goodbye to the men. Quite rudely, they didn't acknowledge or take her advice, only stared at her and her beams in confusion. Perhaps if they'd thanked her for the advice, she would've stopped to help them, too. But not this time.

Khaidu lead her back to where the hospital would be built, and she took in the construction sights at the construction site. It seemed to be going together well, though Cindy thought it didn't look much like a hospital at all yet. For one thing, hospitals had walls, and beds, and curtains she could wear like capes. This hospital had beams punched into the ground, liquid stone that hadn't settled in yet, and guys in hats. No capes to be found.

Khaidu accepted a beam from her, and she offloaded the rest into a messy pile on the ground. Beams bounced and rolled around, and a few even bumped into the back of her hooves. She kicked them backwards, and followed Khaidu into the site. 

He took his own beam, that she'd given him and more or less dunked it into the earth. One hand on top, and another on the side to guide it in, he simply muscled it down into the ground. Cindy experimentally squatted down near the beam, and tried to press a hole into the soil. It was pretty firm, and had only a little give. She figured that he could probably do the same thing back at her own construction site if he tried. Cindy's own approach was a little more straight forward, and required far less risk of splinters.

On 5/7/2020 at 6:35 AM, L E V I A T H A N said:

"Good wood.. Firm. Nice trees around here.. Are you from here?"

"Not originally," She replied honestly as she attempted to figure out where to put her beam. He'd put his closest to what appeared to be a wall, but there wasn't really any obvious markings, like her own site, where she'd marked everything with her brain. Here, everything was marked by somebody else's brain, and unfortunately she couldn't read minds, or blueprints for that matter. So she found a good spot opposite of Khaidu's post in roughly the same area, and thumped it into the ground with her fist. One solid bash on the end of it, and the beam was driven deep into the tough soil. She backed up, and noticed it was slanted, so she adjusted it. By punching it.

That was better.

"Me an' Ifrit originally came her to see a parade." She said, then she paused. "Or...like, not here as in, like, here, but uh..." She scratched her head, confused. "I dunno. We came here to kill a God, though? Or something. It's funny, because Ifrit always said I had the memory of a goldfish, but he must've been wrong, because I can't remember a thing!" She laughed merrily. 

"But uh...my tribe? They were from...somewhere. All over the place, really. I'm just here to build stuff, and occasionally talk with the guards."

She picked up another beam, and experimentally, shoved it into the ground, like Khaidu did. It worked, mostly, except she drove it a bit too deep. "Oh hey!" She exclaimed. "That's way easier!"

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“They call you the Glory of the Dawn, and it easy to see why. Ah, but forgive me. T'was my humble wish to speak with you, your Excellency.”

Surprised registered.  Both brows shot up in response. She gave a nod of dismissal to the head of construction and he took his leave from her, shouting his orders and carrying on with work. "Kaige Severos, you have a way with words." Raveena replied with amusement, her lips twitching into a faint smile, "Where do you come from that you're raised with such eloquence that you wish to speak with me?" She spoke in Common, where vowels and consonants played rougher than Vaadenian did.  She gestured so that he might come closer for her to inspect, but was pleased that he had the forethought not to invade her social graces. She smiled a smile that did not reach her eyes.

Detached was a word that Raveena felt deeply applied to her as of late. Rowan left to work. Grant was off getting married. Her children were children who were oblivious to  the ways of the world. They studied and played, and lived and learned in a way children should. Everette's birth brought her happiness. Yet, even in building this city--this home, she felt very little in the way of joy.  Was it the curse of divinity? Their world was coming to life around them and yet--it was unfulfilling. Life felt unfulfilling.

She felt like a spectator, watching and unamused.

She felt empty.

Raveena inhaled deeply, as if she were breathing in all the burdens around her and exhaled slowly, quietly--doing her best to anchor herself in the present.

@The Hummingbird

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