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Sir Nathaniel

Starting Anew. (Great North)

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((Imagine as taking place southwest of Kethlerin))

A week had passed after the war in Nu Martyr, with the Watchers had decided it was time they forged a new destiny amidst the ruins of the old. On their airship, they had absconded with a number of refugees from that land with a promise of safe havens in their homeland. Their number consisted mostly of families with a few soldiers, but it was the speed at which they fled across the Great Northern Ocean that provided the most protection, as did the anonymity with which they traveled. When the ship had disembarked in Port Kyros, it was a nightmare for the Watchers to go through the problem of customs with the locals, as did the question of what to do with so many people. Very few questioned that life was going to be hard, especially for those that came from Landonia - where the proud, knightly traditions held strong.

After a day or so of arguing with the customs officers, the Watchers had simply packed everyone who did not wish to remain and headed further east. A select few did leave, but most stayed and waited - huddled together amidst the ship's cavernous interior while they waited. It took another day of flight, but they reached the coast of the western edge of the Great North. To the more cautious minded, this was the ideal spot to set up, but Arthur Morn, the Watcher's second (and interim leader in Nathan's absence) thought it better to head further inland, away from prying eyes. Furthermore, he argued, the ship was borrowed from the Nu Martyr Defense Forces. It would need to be refueled, refitted and then returned once this business was concluded. It was a matter of honor.

"Honor is not what keeps these people fed and happy, Arthur." Gale, the Watcher's strategist had said that evening over some of the last bottles of water and bits of bread. "We need to find someplace to drop soon or they'll start eating each other."

With that, Gale and Elias volunteered to head further southeast - scouting for a different spot. It took a day, but eventually, they found it. Far to the southwest of the city of Kethlerin, on the banks of the Kethlerin's river tributary were the ruins of an old keep and some unnamed town. It was probably one of the places destroyed in the cataclysm from a previous Whispernight when the dead had risen from their graves and laid waste to much of Genesaris. Though nature had come to reclaim much of what was lost, the town's buildings remained largely intact, including a blacksmith's forge and fully stocked larders. Even better, the few clusters of the still-living dead were easy to dispatch. It took a skirmish, but the Watchers and their forces had secured and scoured away the area.

Near the keep, the four members of the Watchers discussed what was to come. Four men fresh from a war they had fought and nearly died in, all for these people who were to them as complete strangers - now people under their protection. Nearly a thousand of them, just looking for someplace to go.

"Much will have to be done." Gale said as the first wave of people began to arrive. Most of them women, children and the elderly. "We'll need to figure out who gets what houses and to secure a source of drinkable water."

"Not to mention the security situation." Elias said, folding his arms. "We'll need to make another sweep of the area and find out if there's any more undead, or worse."

"And the fact that Nathan is still missing." Max pointed out. "It's been almost ten days now. We'll need to contact him to make sure he's okay."

"Jameson can take care of himself." Arthur said. "He'll contact us when he's ready. Until then, we need to follow his orders and keep these people safe. And Elias is right - we have to cover our tracks and ensure the Cult of Power does not follow us."

"If the cult found out where we are, their reach would have to be long indeed." Elias said, inwardly glad his brother was so quick to agree. "I can only imagine their wrath would be terrible. Nathan made a direct threat to their leader - and more, we snatched a whole group of people from right under their noses."

"Even so, this little town is as good a place as any to start over." Arthur said. He turned to his brother and the Fairy Knight. "I'll see to it that makeshift defenses are set up. Elias, run a sweep from the north and east walls. Gale, give me south and west. I want to know what's coming this way before we're gagging on it." With that, he turned to the Angel Knight. "Max, you're with me. I'm going to start organizing a militia."

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((Feel free to post in any fashion. I'm an improv kind of guy, though I very much do intend to make this official. If you want to join in, great. If to oppose, that's fine too.))

~Several hours later, in another part of Genesaris~

There were not many times where Nathan Jameson was ever very surprised, but his latest escapade was one of those times. His effort to secure aid from the Red Dragon, Mladris had been a resounding success. He was practically glowing when he finally set out on his way - even the prospect of what they were about to face could not dampen his spirit - and while riding through the countryside on his horse's back, he was grinning ear to ear in a way that betrayed his earlier fury. 

Master, can you hear me? A familiar voice floated into his mind, over the sound of the galloping hooves. 

Unknown to most, the Watchers counted two psychics among their number, which made it easy for communication over long distance. The voice in question was Elias, the younger of the Morn twins. When together, they could even send instant messages across continents.

Yes, Elias. I can. Nathan thought back. What news?

We've established a base in an abandoned town, south of Kethlerin, near the river bank. Arthur has ordered the creation of a militia. Elias replied. Things are quiet up here, but the people are getting restless without a clear direction. Are we to stay or are we to move on?

Remain where you are. Tell them I will be there in a matter of hours. Nathan thought, turning his horse about. heading west by northwest. 

A quick scan of the area and he had a clear idea of where he was from the flora. Grasslands, thick forests and rolling hills made up every direction, but he had little difficulty telling which way was which. In his youth, Nathan had been trained by an explorer in navigation; latitude, longitude and wind direction, even reading the smallest details like rocks and trees was as easy as breathing to him. Moss only grew on the north side of trees, so he was heading the right way. Because the Dragon had made her home in the Mount Tyrin region of the Cold Mountains, he used Genesaris' highest peak, Mount Ruzahl, as the primary landmark and mentally charted his way from there. 

A quick survey of the surroundings and he knew he was a few hours ride away: A half a day at the most, depending on if there were any obstructions or traffic in the way and if his horse's stride stayed consistent. He was traveling alone after all. A single man, wearing simple brown robes and carrying an ornate sword about his back would probably make a tempting target for brigands, but there were few of those in this region, especially after the disaster last Whispernight.

Hopefully, I'll arrive sooner. He thought, urging his horse a little faster. I simply cannot wait to give the others the good news.

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kmWgnCP.pngRoyal life allows you more than a handful of opportunities, and one of those opportunities is to travel. Genesaris has been mapped in her mind and in her skin; knowing it like the back of her hand, the young lady could move through this land without fear she would become lost. Though history had kept her away from this most northern part of Genesaris, so she could not entirely rely on her independent evaluation of the land her family had inhabited for years.

It was refreshing to be able to explore without a large retinue of knights and their entire order. Having everyone in a bunch made it difficult to actually enjoy the scenery and the people who have found themselves a home amongst the trees and hills. Power had a way of giving you that sway, and because of her unhinged title as a leader, the woman took advantage of her freedom away from castle life.

'You shouldn't be out wandering all on your own.'

A familiar voice broke through her wandering thoughts, forcing the woman to stop and look down the worn path with curious eyes. She disliked being watched from afar, made her feel incompetent and really annoyed.

"I'm very capable of handling myself out here, but I accept the concern."

She had done away with the finery of her lifestyle and settled on a more simplistic look. She dressed like any ordinary young maiden would, not the natural silks and furs she (unfortunately) enjoys on an immense level. It just made more sense to fit in with the rest of the world around her, instead of trying to stay above it.

Reaching down to pluck a pretty rock from the path she walked, her heavy, dark braid flopped over her shoulder. The little bells tied at the end of it jingled, the sound echoed through the empty forest surrounding her. It was the only minor embellishment she decided to wear today, doing away with the crowns and jewels that usually adorn her delicate form. Without all that silliness, the young woman felt lighter.

'That's true, but it's never wrong to take precautions.'

"I know that."

Blue eyes flickered with a drop of mischief - trouble. Trouble was a mess she hardly minded, it gave her a sense of purpose and make her predictable life enjoyable.

"But I'm not too worried about it," she said, flicking the rock down the path before continuing her walk forth.

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Igni awoke to the sound of activity.

Odd. She had thought this town was abandoned. Except for undead and wildlife. She had been here for a few months now, judging by the change in the seasons. Sleeping since the moment she arrived in some abandoned civic building, or palace – she wasn’t sure which. There weren’t many places here big enough to accommodate her dragon form, but this building was the largest in town, and had ample space, even for her.

Igni stretched, flexing clawed paws before her across marble floors, flicking out her tail lazily. She wasn’t an ordinary dragon, belonging instead to a subclass which had fur in place of scales, magic in place of fire, and two enormous, ridged ears instead of a crown of frills or thorns. She was batlike, but more colourful, with reds and blacks and white, like a red panda.

But even for her own species she wasn’t normal. She was used to a life of luxury, and beneath her thick, warm coat of red-and-black fur was a doubly thick layer of blubber. She wasn’t particularly long. From head to tail tip she was only about seventy feet, but her girth was likely to be comparable to her length, if one ever invented a measuring device long enough to go about what constituted her waist. She was round and roly-poly, long of neck and tail, but still intimidating as her head still reached thrice the height of a regular humanoid.

That said, she was a little smaller after three months’ of hibernation, but still impressive. Her skin hung a little looser below her thick fur but only to a discernable eye. There might have been a couple more inches between her belly and the floor. Still, it was a little easier to stand, to raise her head and fold her black, batlike wings across her red-and-black body.

The first thing she thought is that the humans might be tasty, but she dismissed that with an amused snort. The second thought was that they may have brought food. But it was unlikely they would give it to her.

She poked her head up near a window, to gaze out with one blue eye. The people roaming the abandoned streets looked hungry, and a little desperate. On the outskirts of the town they had landed an airship and people were still streaming in through the city gates. Ducking away, she shuffled her feet, turning her head on her long but not-so-slender neck to groom herself. Then she folded her wings against her fatty flanks and prepared to make herself known to the invaders.

But before she had taken two steps she heard the heavy wooden doors below swing open, and a trio of well-armed men entered the building.

“This could be a good headquarters,” one man said as they ascended the sweeping staircase. “We should tell the Watchers.”

When they reached the top they stopped, having seen Igni despite her attempts to remain inconspicuous in the dim interior. As expected their first instinct was to draw their swords, but Igni was ready. She knocked two of the swords aside with one swipe of her enormous paw, and sent the third man skittering down the staircase. One man ran away, the other she grabbed by the leg, pulling him prone and pinning him beneath her paw.

“Hello,” she said, in a voice as deep as midnight but smooth like custard. Her dragon’s face was quite expressionable with her large blue eyes and swiveling ears, and she smiled with a mouthful of delicate sharp teeth. “If I let you go, could you tell your leaders the owner of this town wants to speak with them? It’s quite urgent.”

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Two hours had passed before Nathan stopped his horse by a creek to stop for a drink. All throughout his journey, his every step was plagued with the undead. Clusters of them; skeleton warriors and a few wights, but not anywhere numerous or powerful enough to pose a threat to him. Because they were cut off from any controlling influence like a Necromancer or the like, they merely wandered around, aimlessly. Without someone or something to lead them, they were little more than discarded tools.

Nathan galloped right past the majority of them, only occasionally cutting them apart with single strokes from his sword or running them down with his horse's hooves.

"Run, Spero." He urged the great animal, gently patting his head beside his mane. "Show the meaning of speed." 

The horse whickered as if in reply, but then turned about sharply as if spooked, but calmed quickly. Holding the reins firmly but gently, he urged Spero into stillness. The horse snorted and looked east and his partner did the same. 

A figure entered his field of vision, far off on the main path. Nathan's sharp eyes took notice long before they did, as his sight was enhanced like the rest of his senses.

The slender figure and delicate features meant the figure was obviously a female. Probably a fellow human. Closer examination showed she wore her long hair in a braid, curiously adorned with a bell that gently tinkled in the breeze or when she turned. 

Nathan regarded her silently for only a minute longer before he called out. His voice carried by his powerful lungs.

"Gods to you ma'am." He greeted in a clear voice. His tone was conversational. His baritone voice was almost musically soft and smooth. "A lovely day is it not?" 

The other Watchers could wait a few minutes more. It had been too long since he had a pleasant conversation with another human that did not want his blood.


"What do you mean, a dragon?" Arthur said, incredulous as the soldier finished his report. The man appeared to have run nonstop through the entire town until he found his target. 

From what he described, the town was occupied by a Dragon, the biggest the man had ever seen, and what was else, the creature was sentient and capable of speech.

If Arthur wasn't a devout follower of the Dragon God, Valjer, he would have thought the whole story was insane. But then, he was a member of a demon slaying order that fought against the creatures of Hell. This was hardly the strangest thing he'd ever encountered. 

"Well, best go and see if this dragon can be reasoned with or not." Arthur declared, turning his head and cracking his neck. "Send for Elias. My idiot brother is good with animals. He might be able to assist."


The beast in question turned out to be a rare subspecies of dragons, probably a descendant of the multicolored Chromatic Kin, the same class that the legends said were the spawn of Valjer Himself.  

Seeing such a creature up close and personal made even Arthur's fierce heart skip a beat. But he did not let his trepidation show as he gave a smooth, slow bow. Beside him, his twin did the same.

"Greetings, dragon." He said coolly. "I am Arthur Morn. This is my brother, Elias." He gestured to his twin as he stood upright. "We are a part of a group known as the Watchers. We come in peace."

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kmWgnCP.pngOlympia turned to the voice floating her way, catching her somewhat caught off guard, but she was pleased nonetheless. She had planned to avoid people at all costs, which was why she found herself wandering aimlessly through trees and fields. For months she had just let her feet lead the way, while her mind idly accepted that this was how life would be for a while. All the while, she yearned for some kind of reasoning to her suddenly distorted life.


Seeing another person may not have been her aim, yet she felt oddly comforted to know there was another soul out in these parts. The broad smile that spread across her youthful face showed she welcomed his greeting. Lifting her plain skirts, the tender woman approached the gentleman and his mighty stead on fairy feet. By appearances alone, she looked like a fae of the forest, all youthful and smiles, dancing through trees and their raised roots.


"It is a very beautiful day!"


Was her reply, the thickness of her accent rolling towards his unsuspecting ears. Her words were dripping with honey and sweet cream, smooth, thick, and comforting in many ways.


"What brings such company here in these distant parts of the world?"


Blue eyes noted the weapon strapped to his back and his everyday garb. For a moment, she felt that could be conspirators, making some poor attempts to remain under the radar. Though she could be making some quick judgments, in this case, painting him with the same brush she had painted herself. Out here, she is just a person wandering about, enjoying the day, and enjoying the company that's approached her.


"It's a bit dangerous being all on your own."


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"I could very well ask you the same thing, ma'am." Nathan replied. "No disrespect meant, but I don't believe you are a warrior. You carry not even a dagger." At a guess, the woman before him was a mage or a spell-caster of some sort, given her choice of garb. Most mages disdained armor, but most mages lacked appreciation for the protection of heavy steel. A fact which he made note of with an internal, appreciative smirk. A gesture and a thought and his suit would appear on him in a flash - quite literally too.

Nathan's dark brown eyes scanned the area around them, carefully looking for even the slightest sign of any lurking danger. There was none. His eyes went back to the woman, searching for even a sign of magic being prepared. Again, there was none. No traps lay in wait, to his knowledge. No one attempting to surround him. No hidden foes. To all eyes it appeared as if it really was just a lone, strange woman wandering the woods.

"But ah, where are my manners?" He mentally slapped himself at the discourtesy. Such paranoia was terribly improper. "I am but a humble knight trying to make his way home. Sir Nathaniel Jameson, at your service. But please, feel free to call me Nathan, if you wish."

Not the way he had intended to spend his afternoon, but not unwelcome.

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11 hours ago, Sir Nathaniel said:

"Greetings, dragon." He said coolly. "I am Arthur Morn. This is my brother, Elias." He gestured to his twin as he stood upright. "We are a part of a group known as the Watchers. We come in peace."

Arther Morn, Arther Morn, Arthur Morn. She repeated the name several times to fix it in her mind. Arthur Mourns. A good way to remember. Arthur Morning. He disturbs me in the morning. Elias Morn. Human names all sounded the same.

“Weary travellers. Greetings! I am Igni. Please, be seated.” She gestured with two large paws to the uppermost steps of the sweeping staircase before her, inviting them to sit at her feet. “Leave your weapons in their holsters, and I’ll leave my fire in my throat. I would offer you refreshment and a more comfortable seat, but this is all I have available right now.”

Her accent was exotic, sing-songy, but as if the notes to the song were foreign to the listener’s ears. Each syllable had its own note, and each note was vastly different from the last one. But she spoke slowly and gently, so even despite the strangeness she was easily understood.

She also extended her wings further forward, over the positions where she had invited her guests to sit, casting the stairs in shadow. It could give the impression of a mother goose spreading her wings protectively for her chicks, or a hawk, talons outstretched, diving for a mouse.


It was with this posture she waited.

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kmWgnCP.png"Ha! I suppose you could."

His evaluation of her wasn't far off the nose. Olympia wouldn't consider herself much of a warrior, though she has had her fair share of nightmarish skirmishes with demons and their kind. Behind her sapphire hues are memories of war, death, destruction, and worst of all - loss. It's the losses that haunt her every time she closes her eyes, leaving behind phantoms to taunt her when her eyes are open.

It's a struggle. His evaluation of her person made her happy, though. It's good to know that, no matter what she thought, the blood has finally washed off her person, leaving behind the image of a melancholy lady.

"Let us hope I don't have to reveal my secrets to you, stranger. It would certainly change your opinion of me."

She teased him, a small laugh punctuating her final words. This was refreshing, speaking with someone who does not know her and someone that is new to her, it certainly creates a happy atmosphere.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Nathan. You may call me Isolde."

Hopefully her sister won't be too put off if Olympia borrows her name. Oly's name is a bit ... loud, especially for a person trying to play simple. Isolde was more romantic, softer on the tongue, and easy to forget. Olympia just smacks you in the face and could make Nathan suspicious of her origins. For now, Isolde perfectly fits this random facade she's decided to wear.

"Home, you say? And if I'm allowed to be so impertinent, where is home?"

At this time, she had lifted her hand to gently introduce herself to his horse.

"I'm afraid I did not catch your name, good sir. What am I to call you?"

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"Oh, I don't know about that, ma'am." Nathan replied. "You would be surprised the kind of company I keep. The things I have done... and seen..." His eyes turned downcast for a brief moment. But only for a moment. In a flash, the good natured glint in his eyes returned. "But let's not dwell on such things. The past is passed as they say. Bygones be bygones." 

Isolde she said her name was. Curious. Oddly familiar, but he wasn't sure from where he had heard it before. Like a dream he couldn't quite recall after waking. This would bother him for some time, but he decided he didn't care. Best not to pry. 

"Home is where the heart is, as they also say." He said in response to her next question. "But I ride to meet with my brothers. They are waiting for me, near the city of Kethlerin."

A diplomatic answer. Both truthful and incomplete at the same time. He was deliberately avoiding the fact that he was a demon slayer and that his brothers were not his blood relatives. Even so, they were a family. 

When she pat his mount, he grinned.

"This handsome creature..." he said, patting his horse's head with a broad smile. "Is Spero. A dear friend since he was a foal. Now, he's as sweet as can be... provided he has plenty of apples that is."

The stallion slowly brought his head around at the woman. Slowly and gently, he looked down at the woman and seemed to regard her, making a low whickering sound as he did so.

He seemed to like her. The horse was a good judge of character, Nathan knew, and thought of himself.

Yet he couldn't help but wonder, why was she here? Just what was it that brought her to the middle of nowhere?


Both the Morn brothers complied with their 'host' and dropped their spears, shaft first on the ground behind them. It was meant as a show of good faith, but unknown to the others, even to his twin but Elias was far from disarmed. Under his leather jerkin and in each of his boots he wore about a dozen knives. Not that they would do much against her, however, as they were meant for demons or men, being made from silver and steel rather than dragonsbane.

"Thank you, Igni, for your hospitality." Arthur said politely.

"And for not making our men into a snack." Said Elias with a laugh. "Though I'm sure my brother here would be a far better entree. He is all meat and bone. But I suppose he could use a good tenderizing first!"

Arthur glowered at his twin at the joke. "Shut up, you idiot." He muttered under his breath. "My apologies." He said, louder, to the dragon. "Normally he's not so flippant. It's not every day we meet such an imposing creature. I will be sure to beat him until sense returns to him later. Or possibly sooner if he acts the fool again." 

This time it was Elias' turn to glare; giving his brother a withering gaze. Arthur for his part utterly ignored it. 


((Nathan looks like this BTW))



((*OOC is here*))

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kmWgnCP.png"Spero, it is a pleasure to meet you!"

Olympia had taken an interest in horses when she learned her mother was immensely fearful of them. Leoa disliked the creatures and it could possibly due to the fact Nehalen does not have these wonderful beasts. Also, the woman's introduction to horses was Agravain. The memory of such a magnificent create made her stomach clench, a wistful look took over her features as she gave Spero her attention.

Agravain was a gigantic warhorse and black, as if someone had carved him from the night sky and painted him with ink. He and Leoa had gotten along well enough, but there was a mischievous streak to the horse. He had once ran off when Leoa was on his back, starting a whole argument on whether they should get rid of the horse or lock him away as punishment. It had been very entertaining, Oly remembers.

After that, the young princess took an opportunity to become a hostler over one summer. It was a job that she had truly enjoyed.


She rolled the word in her mouth, until the flavor reminded her of the mote found on the map: Kethlerin.

"Oh! Here I am keeping you away from your travels. You've got a long ways to go."

It was good to know that her wanderings were leading her somewhere!

"I believe my feet were just taking me that way."

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Igni waited, watching as the brothers argued. Humans and human kin were strange. The closer they were meant to be, the more they fought and bickered. She waited while they settled down.

Then waited a little more.

“I try not to eat sapient things. Unless I’m very hungry,” she said at last. Given her girth, one might surmise that she was always very hungry. “But should that eventuate, I’ll eat your brother first, if you wish, though perhaps eating the more traitorous brother first will help him sleep better at night,” she said to Elias.

“Now, here you all are, hundreds of your kind, if not thousands, traipsing about my ruins as if appraising it for ownership. Tell me what you’re doing here, where you’ve come from, and how long you intend to stay. And tell me how I can help, so I can assist you in moving on.”

That smile on her whiskered face vanished, and she lowered her wings a little, casting the two brothers in deeper shadow.

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"If so, then it seems we were destined to meet." Said Nathan, almost to himself. "Our paths coincide because fate wills it so."

A partial untruth, he knew. Not an outright lie, but Nathan was not truly a great believer in fate and destiny. There were others who did, certainly, but Nathan believed far more in free will and in choice. This meeting could not have been more than mere coincidence, the logical side of him argued but somewhere inside he could not shake the feeling that this was the act of powers far beyond even his understanding.

With that, in one swift, smooth motion he leaped down from his horse's back, standing to his full height when his boots hit the dirt and reached out his hand. He stood a full head taller than her, being much wider and bulkier as well, he noted.

"Well then, Isolde. As I am both a knight and gentleman, it would seem quite impolite to let a lady walk unattended. If you are heading that way as well, I offer a ride. Spero is strong and capable of carrying two."


I was merely joking, dragon." Said Elias. "But rest assured that we would play the part of good guests and gladly provide you with sustenance if we were to come upon some wildlife." His tone remained chipper, but for the tiniest instant, there was the ghost of fear on his face. He knew very well what a dragon was capable of. Arthur could tell it instinctively.

"We are only here temporarily." Arthur explained. "We were looking for an uninhabited area to let these people with us find a new home. They lost their homeland by an invasion of the living dead."

"We currently are awaiting the arrival of our leader, Sir Nathaniel Jameson. He is a good man; a just man. He was away asking for help from another of your kind, Mladris the Red. In his absence we are attempting to find a place to make a home for these people with us. They were driven out from their original land by an evil cult. Our mission is to oppose them - and the spread of their ilk throughout the world - and to destroy the creatures of Hell; particularly demons and the undead."

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On 4/14/2020 at 6:50 AM, Sir Nathaniel said:

"We are only here temporarily." Arthur explained. "We were looking for an uninhabited area to let these people with us find a new home. They lost their homeland by an invasion of the living dead."

“Those poor people.”

Igni yawned, whiskers trembling, ears quivering. She snapped closed her toothy maw sharply, sending a ripple through the jowls of her neck.

“I don’t know Maldris the red. I doubt he’s my kind. Probably covered in scales. Hatched from an egg. He’s no more my kind than you are a bird’s kind.

“Anyway, you can see this land is occupied. So wait for your leader. Stay a few days. Or a week. I’m assuming that’s all the time you’ll need, hmm? Then take your people and find another place to settle.” There was a rush of power – a magical presence that made her already floofy hair stand on end – and Igni levitated from sitting to standing. “Stay clear of this building in the future, except to bring me game. Leave it at the base of the stairs. I welcome your offerings of food. Don't leave me hungry!

“Now, if there’s nothing else, I’m very busy,” she said, turning and waddling to the back of the chamber, dragging her fat, bulky tail behind her.

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kmWgnCP.png"My, you know how to make a person small!"

Olympia wasn't a small bit of a woman, though compared to this man carved from a mountain itself, she certainly looked and felt like one! Both her parents are tall individuals, something all their children acquired, along with their unique coloring. To some she over-towered by a mere inch or so, yet with this gentleman he stood over her, nearly shading her from the sunlight that still peeked through the forest foliage above their heads.

It was slightly overwhelming for he was a reminder of siblings and their ability to make her feel delicate. Peeking over her shoulder (after admiring and evaluating him, of course), she searched the landscape with hopeful blue eyes. Her feet took her here because, much to her denial, it looked like the place in her ever persistent dreams. A small hopeful part of her heart ached for the possibility that her brother would step through and drag her home.

"As a lady of the forest it would be impolite of me to deny a Knight and Gentleman his courtly manners."

Affixing her attention back on reality, she takes hold of his hand and easily mounts Spero.

"So, good knight, how many siblings do you have? You said you are to meet your brothers near Kethlerin, so that leaves me to assume you've a handful."

She asked while reaching down to him in a terrible attempt to offer assistance.

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