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Sir Nathaniel

Starting Anew. (Great North)

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It took a while for Igni to recognise the little man perched upon her neck, and for a moment all she did was sit and look at him. The battle raged around them, unnoticed by the befuddled dragon.

“What are you doing on me?” she said, blue eyes emptied of rage. All that was left was bewilderment.

Nathan said something she didn’t understand, then pointed around at the undead that surrounded them. Fear made Igni’s hair stand on end, but this time her response was mediated with a soundness of mind. She spread her wings and launched into the air just as the circle of undead closed, then blew blue fire down upon them. Bones popped. Flesh crackled and dry throats roared with fury.

She cocked her head again, some of her usual humor having returned to her eyes.

“That’s a satisfying sound, isn’t it?” she rumbled, then opened her maw again to spread her fire far and wide.

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