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The Gates of Disorder

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From within the usual dark recesses of the mans workshop, Ewyer was working his usual magic of building his usual gunpowder weaponry, and was rather pleased. As of yet, the new "invention" Hadn't exploded in the last few hours, that being a new record since moving to his wife's seemingly firearm hating fortress. His thoughts trailed off for a second, until his entire being came back into focus, prompted by hearing his name being called. He flinched, peering backwards at the noise for a mere moment, until he remembered what he was doing. As of that, his earlier thoughts came back to bite him, in which for a single second the weapon primed, a hammer flying downwards as the firing mechanism of the ranged device activated, prompted by his sudden movement, as the framework was very volatile. 

A poor business practice, one would call it, to keep a weapon fully loaded while you were working on it. Even more so to have one as explosively powerful as his latest project was, to be fully primed at all times when several trials had proved that the project more than volatile for its own good, the slightest shifting of its form resulting in massive eruptions of fire and smoke. For a lesser man, without a decent amount of fire and heat immunity, this would be a very troubling occurrence. For Ewyer, it was a regular one. He had even devised goggles that would reduce the lights impact on his eyes, as he was so used to the annoyance that an open explosions light could cause as it ignited in a destructive embrace outwards.

And as such happened, the device exploding as it discharged within the rather cluttered workshop, set every flammable thing alight, including the floor, and multiple pieces of paper, letters and various lists, though over time the tinkerer had made the decision to fireproof his notes and blueprints. Such ideals did not carry over to the clothes that were set alight on his body. He reacted according, yelling vulgarities at loud volumes while a dark, viscous form swung in an arc from behind him, ice rapidly forming as it sucked the air away from the fire and froze it suddenly, any remaining moisture in the cramped room being packed together to form this imposter form of ice. 

He swatted at his clothing, swiftly putting out the flames in an experiences manner, and letting out a rather loud sigh at the whole ordeal, everything within the room either burnt or covered with a layer of ice. If not for the rather warm climate in the fort, this would be an issue. Even if the ice would melt, however, the water would be even more of an issue, though once more clever thinking had water proofed the various notes and blueprints. One could hope his tools would remain unrusted. 

He let out a single glance along the workshop, and decided he would deal with it later. Not bothering to change from his scorched and burn hole covered clothing, he lifted rather large goggles upwards, shifting them to his forehead, and swiftly manoeuvred around various armor pieces and weapons, before reaching the workshop door. After unbolting several locks, he pushed the rather scorched inside of the door outwards, light spilling into the dark room as he breathed in a wave of fresh air. He grumbled with annoyance at the light, before calling outwards in response to whoever required him now. 

"Alright, who be needin me now, and I swear ta god if its another prosthetic request I'll take off whatever limbs ye ave left!" He called out in a fashion resembling annoyance, and began to attempt to navigate the halls of the maze called the Bastion, trying to find the location of request for himself to appear at. Not an easy task, but one he accomplished with little effort.

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"Ah, Lord there you are." 

The young maiden was quite pleased she was able to capture the attention of one of the members of the household from her calls. Walking forward she'd drip her head down in greetings, the green chartreuse eyes flicking up to meet the man's face with a pleasant yet suttle smile. Holding her hands in front of the plain brown skirt that was hitched around her waist with thread upon thread so it would fit like a glove over her body. A white blouse, buttoned to collar with frills spilling out the front and down the chest of the shirt. The two ginger plaits sitting neatly over her shoulders. Grace's nose scrunching ever so slightly with the small freckles that dotted her face. 

"Lady Addison wishes your company for," Grace paused for a moment not quite sure what the devils was afoot, "I'm not quite sure but she wishes you at her side."

"Also please don't take any of my limbs?" 

Grace wasn't quite sure if he was joking or not but she felt the need to say it. 


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The H.P.S Victory sailed glamorously into port. Her mere presence among the ocean was beautiful as a blonde in a white dress. Her golden masts stood tall into the sky, holding the massive white sails that helped the ship along. As she came into port, her crew below the decks worked to the bone to keep the massive bubbling boilers from cooling down too much from the sudden stop. The roaring on her engine grew louder and louder until the boilers were calmed. Suddenly the sound of the pumping engines slowed to a stop and the propellers halted before the massive ship slowly slid to a slow pace, only her massive sails pushed her to her designated spot in the port; the Admiralty dock which was saved for any flagship of the Three Nation Fleet and her allies.

The curves of the ship narrowly avoided the sides of the dock; the experienced helmsman of the Victory clearly knew his work. The crew on her main deck prepared to throw the heavy tar covered ropes overboard to the workers down below on the dock itself. The massive propellers, though still and stationary, caused the water to jump around them from their design and size shooting the waves up and down within the port. Once the ship was aligned in the dock, the crew threw the rough tar covered ropes over the side of the ship to the crowded workers below. The crowds of workers surrounded the ship and caught the ropes. Within the crowd there were little bubbles of 10 workers who had to carry each rope. The sheer weight of the ropes needed this amount of workers which proved how heavy this ship was. The workers tied the ropes around the massive steel bollards of the dock. A man to the bow of the ship in a fancy double breasted blue suit with a black bricorn cried out to the crewmen upon the mast yards. 

"Raise the sails! Raise all sails!"

That man was Admiral Cochrane. The commander of the Erenian fleet and the second Vice Admiral of the Three Nation Fleet behind Admiral Nelson. Being a personal friend of Howard and being invited to come along to a possible battle he, of course, agreed. Cochrane watched the sails being hauled up to the sky to be tied to the mast yards and also made sure Scarlet, Howard's mistress and lover who playing up in the masts, was okay. To the corner of his eye he noticed something that took his mind of his work and Scarlet, a triangle formation with a Bulgarian flag. Cochrane knew who and what it was and looked down, refusing to acknowledge the immaturity that had filled their skies. He did walk along the deck to Howard's office and knocked on his door, hoping for an explanation.

Howard meanwhile was waiting for Scarlet to come down from playing up at the top of the masts and come into the office so they could hang around in the ships lounge and walk outside like the upright "poshies" they were meant to be. He sat in his purple and gold lined seat, his face was smiling as he thought about his beautiful sweetheart, thinking he was undeniably lucky to have her. His cloud of thought was popped when Cochrane knocked on his door. He groaned and swiftly stood up and walked to the door, opening it quickly to a clearly amused Cochrane. Cochrane said one sentence to Howard which gave it all away.

"Immature Smog, sir. Immature Smog."

Howard knew what he was on about, the word "Immature" gave away it was somebody Howard hated that was immature in politics and the game of war. The word "Smog" also gave away that it was in the air and that nobody liked it, due to the word "Smog". Howard rolled his eyes and walked outside and glared up to the sky. The spotted the flying carriers and just laughed. He didn't get the crew to look at it because it would surly arouse some sort of laugh frenzy. Howard walked to Cochrane and looked at him with a smirk before patting his back and saying some very memorable words.

"Looks like the great and holy Khan the grand has achieved flight, The Gallians have done it and so have the Grandians, I've seen it with my own eyes. The fact he had to take something peaceful and make it warlike is hilarious by the fact that we use our weaponry for good by sinking pirates and transporting goods but they have not forgotten the war and force the fact that they can start another war and that their country is so 'brilliant' in our faces. Cochrane, if a man continues a war when it is over and tries to make himself look like the most brilliant man in the world then he should be ignored. I hardly wear my medals anymore because war is over and I only wear my purple outfit because its the fashion. I can assure you the soldiers think this way too and no matter what he says, what I say is true. He needs to focus on Humanity instead of war."

Howard saluted Cochrane and walked into his office, once more preparing to wait for Scarlet to come down but his mind was too full to ask Cochrane if he had seen her.

Cochrane listened to Howard's muttered words, once more he listened with interest to Howard's logic of the situation. He was right though. The war had been over for ages and that fact that the Bulgarians were still advancing war technology just proved that they were jealous of their own loss and wanted to make fun of all of those who took part against them. Then however, it wasn't and shouldn't have been like that, it was peace but if it carried on, the Three Nation Fleet would simply reply with a laugh and continue helping the world, as opposed to owning it. He nodded and let Howard walk into his office, giving a salute in gratitude. Cochrane then walked to the soldiers below deck and prepared them for the march to the Bastion.

"All soldiers will walk outside down the planks in a clear line and form a line along the dock, 4 down! 125 long!"

At the orders, the soldiers in their red uniform and white pith helmets listened to their Admiral. Once the call was over, all 500 troops on the ship, excluding the 1000 sailors who managed the ship itself, walked up the four stairwells of the ship, along the top deck and down the specialised metal stairway, which was designed for the wolf class only, that had been placed leading down to the port. The ship sergeants got them into a fine line of  4 by 125. The troops disciplined stature formed them into a near perfect line, awaiting their officer. 

See the source image

Howard, who had been sitting in his office for minutes now still waiting for Scarlet to come down from playing within the masts, decided to walk outside to the soldiers and call her down. So, at that thought, he fixed his purple and black outfit. Sticking his golden decorations on his chest along with his coloured medals. He smiled, standing tall as he walked out of his office in his purple uniform. His black bricorn sat tall on his head and his revolver-sword made a fairly nice cane, and so he walked outside of his office and looked up to the mast. There he saw the crew and at the top, a beautiful red head girl playing in the masts like a spider in a web. He chuckled and yelled out to her in a gentle yet loud voice.

"Come down sweetheart! We are off!"

@Scarlet Wind Tail

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Cleared up grammatical mistakes. Cheers Addy.

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Upon getting the lay of the castle down a bit better, the mysterious knight slowly perched himself in an unseen tower window, watching the small panic below with a perverse amusement under the black void of his helmet.

Too easy.

He though to himself as he would simply wait under the energy was clear fir the taking

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After flying in the immediate area around Bastion for a little while, during which the jet engines were still audible, though they ended up blending in with the background noises a bit...just a bit, Khan opened up two of his displays, the Location and Positioning one, and Automated Flight. He was not preparing for an attack run, but rather, trying to land to investigate what was going on and why was he of all people, brought here. 

After giving the AF display a route, Khan let it autopilot for a while, not touching the steering gear, so AF will still work. He only looked at the Location and Positioning display, trying to find a suitable place to make a landing. Khan also checked whether they were within other aircraft's range, and also contacting his carrier group to detach a ship full of men to serve as a guard for the landing zone until Khan had figured out what they were doing.

After doing all of that, Khan contacted the rest of the squadron via transmission:

'Alright, I found us somewhere to land. Be assured, there will be assistance, because we cannot determine whether the Three Nation Fleet is hostile. If they are, prepare to beat the crap out of them. For now though, let us not antagonize them. We don't need to. We are here for a different reason. If we have to fight, then so be it, and they will pay for it, but if we don't, then let us not. No need to pay with our own blood.'

With that said, Khan began his slow and steady descent, along with the rest of the squadron. They were...admittedly, doing it pretty slowly. They were definetely NOT in a rush, and if anything, the opposite. They had to wait and synchronize their landing with the backup's appearance. Infact, they knew the area they were landing very well, because it was near the former camps of the SSU. Those camps, and their meeting outpost, were on a flat plain, suitable enough for a landing of it's own.

After some time, backup finally come. Around 200 other military personnel made it to that camp they were signalled to come, and they did so pretty sneaky. After they did establish position, Khan finally made his final and slowest circle for descent, before finally using his landing gear and performing a landing on the flat plain, where the 4 other planes followed. At this point, Khan issued a message to the personnel at his carrier:

'Alright, we have made safe landing. Still, be on high alert until further notice and be ready to take off as soon as you receive the word to. As for your other order, I want you to establish defensive positions on your port and move towards Stara Serdika. You know why. After all, you have the documentations of the city. So, go do it. Afterwards, I want you to move for Sozopol. If anyone is to stop you, tell them they can take their meaningless complaints to me and push them aside. Further orders will be issued soon. Khan, out!'

With that, the crew of the group in the port, as well as the armed forces there, got to work. 

As Khan got out of his plane, he also took the chance to relax for a moment from the stress of flying an aircraft. 

'It is nice to breathe fresh air, at last. At least breathe it naturally, and without a mask.....anyway, where was I? Ah, I know!' then, Khan relayed a third order: For a part of the men that came to follow him down to Final Bastion Castle, while the rest, and the pilots, stay at base and entrench themselves, denying access to all but Khan unless they are told otherwise.

As they walked down, Khan always felt his son's presence in the area. Not surprising, considering he manned the base until his....untimely...fatal accident. Still, spooky.

Finally, he made it to the Final Bastion itself. Upon seeing the others, and especially Addison, he said:

'It seems we have a little party down here! And whoever is up there above me has decided to include me, whether I like it or not! So, guess I am back, for whatever time I will be here! Never thought I'd be back, but apparently I am!'

@Jack Howard @Phoebe @still everyone else in Final Bastion

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 A young beautiful girl with long blood red hair and dark blue eyes, wearing a blood red dress with two cuts in the dress, one right above her chest and the other in the front, stopping just above her thighs and red stockings that went past her knees. Looking no more than the age of 25, she was running around the masts of the ship being childish as ever. Her name was Scarlet wind Tail. Scarlet had been with Howard since  'That party'. Who knew that Scarlet's clumsiness would get her to bump into Grand Admiral, Jack Howard himself. Scarlet felt so bad that day, she apologized for a good bit but he reassured her it was fine. They started talking about Scarlet's life, she explained that she did not want to be in the life her mother had planned for her as a' Noble Lady'. The word in which Scarlet always hated. Scarlet told him about her workshop and how she was an inventor, how she had a notebook filled with all the things that was going to be made or have yet to be made. She even told him that big dresses were not her favorite and that heels were not her strong side. What started as strangers became Friends, but then a tragedy hit that night, which made Scarlet leave. Howard's former lover Tozi had killed herself that night. The next day shocked Scarlet, Howard went looking for her and found her in her workshop, then from that day on she has always been with him. The day Howard saw her wings, when she was fighting, the feathers of her wings were blades. After all the fighting calmed down and she was covered in blood, she thought he would tell her to leave and never come back from the horror he saw, but he did the complete opposite he welcomed her with open arms, a feeling she had not felt in a while. The more and more time she spent with him, Scarlet fell in love with Howard. As time went on she learn more about his history in a very painful crying moment she had with him, let's have it be noted he cried more, and she just hugged him.

Now she was here with him battle after battle, and now she was here as his lover. She ran her hand across the wood of the mast as she ran around it, only then for the memory of their time together hit her and she smiled at how many times he tried to make her happy or made her happy. She then placed her back against the mast and sat down on the bottom mast, she moved her head up to look at the sky as her long hair moved through the small breeze,  her eyes caught a figure in the sky what looked to be an airship. Scarlet reached up behind her and got out her notebook and began to draw in it, the airship. Her mind was thinking of a ton of things she could add to it if only she could get her hands on a model of one, she could make a home out of one then she would never have to hide her wings, and she could always fly over Howard then fly down to see him with her wings. Her mind was interrupted when her lover Jack Howard called her down from the mast, she looked down at him, smiling as her eyes changed a little bit of a violet showing love.

"Be right down, lover boy!"

She yelled to him as she chuckled but then she remembered he has not seen what she was wearing, so she wanted to see his reaction. Scarlet closed her notebook and stood up, putting the notebook back behind her where her daggers were, she walked to the edge of the mast that almost overlooked the water. What happen next no one knew but Howard. On what she was going to do. Scarlet jumped off the mast to the water. In result her wings came out ripping the back of her dress, her wings opened up showing a wingspan of 15 feet and height 17.

"Well, can't put my wings away now."

She thought to herself, as her wings opened to catching her, so she did not fall in the water as she leaned her body to the left, her left wing hit the water as she turned. She moved her wings in a downward motion to lift her in the air. Scarlet's beautiful black wings lifted her up into the sky, as the feathers caught the sunlight as she flew around the ship. Only then to land right in front of Howard. Scarlet closed her wings closed behind her making a little tail like trail, that dragged behind her. 

"Ello, lover boy. So, we stopped here?"

She said almost in a joking attitude way, as she looked around the ship, the port, then back to Howard giving him a smile and looking at him with light violet eyes, that only he knew what that meant. She put her left hand on her hip as she stood there wearing the new dress she made. Waiting for his reaction as she already knew a little bit of what the others were thinking.


The dress= https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/657028589992280072/692621358722711552/603b2c84a960d6ea062852c732916ae5.png

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What seemed to be an overly large group of striding into the entrance of the Final Bastion, it consisted of thirteen members, all riding on horse back expect for two. At the front of the party there was a large broad man atop a noble stead. Dressed from head to two in shinning armour of gold and silver, though a bright bushy red moustache would distract anyone from the rest of his outfit. A flag pole in his right hand, proudly waving the flag of blue, white and gold of Erenia, with it's crown centre of the flag with a dagger penetrating through the crown. A reference to the Queen's liking for daggers and small tools as well as Erenia being the mother country of the Crown Empire. The crown empire had it's own sash tied along the front man's saddle. A yellow stash with stars representing the continents that was under the King and Queens rule. 

Behind the front men where a line of three with another singular man behind them. The line of three consisted of two soldiers, dressed in the stunning armour as the front man, though they did not fly a flag in their hands. A woman with a beast like appearance and dark horns breaching the sides of her helmet was riding on the left of the middle man. The solider on the right was a tall man, extremely lengthy but not stocky, quick but not forceful. There was not much for the on lookers to say about the middle man expect they wore a cloak of royal blue with a fur lining around the face. Blocking all those from seeing who the masked figure was. All they could tell about the middle man was that they were extremely short compared to anyone else. 

Behind the formation of five was two rows of three fully armoured battalions, with a foot solider holding the flag to each respective side. All equipped with the latest of hand held, thanks to the treaties and negotiations between parties of estates and metal workers though each had their own traditional weapon. Ranging from a short sword, bow and arrow to a lance or war hammer. The Erenia's prided themselves on respecting the past ways of life as well as the sense of brother-ship that stemmed from when Erenia was a mere landscape filled with Waring clans. 

The party halting at the grand entrance of the Final Bastion itself. The female and male at the sides of the hooded middle man dismounted as well as the single behind them. The red moustache man yelled for all those present around, on lookers, officials or even the wild life as the two made their haste way to the middles mans side, helping them down from their large grey draft horse. 

"Her Majesty, Empress of The Crown Empire, Daughter of Dusk and Dawn, Lady of the Everlove Clan, Descendent of our Lady Death, Queen Minori Kasyia Derivative of Erenia" 

Taking the hands of the two the middle man, now identified as the Queen herself stepped down from her prize war-horse. Walking towards the entrance and away from her steed the woman would pull back the hood of her cloak. Golden locks and curls upon curls spilled out from the tight embrace that was keeping them hidden. Tied in a fashionable half up and half down with a traditional braid pinning the hair back from her face. A blue feather and two red beads tied on the end of a mattered lock of hair. The warmest of smiles of you'd ever see was spread across her face. So cheerful and youthful, it brang everything you missed back into reality before your very easy if you kept staring. Deep pools of the bluest lagoons filled her eyes with elegance and grace. Bright eyes looking around at the familiar castle and surroundings, joy building in her soul  A slender figure masked by golden armour that she once wore on the grounds of war. The notorious sword 'Title-Wave' hanging from her hips as three rings were kept in place on her small fingers. A wedding ring to symbolise the love of her late Husband and King,  a sapphire to remind her of her home and a brass bronze one, a gift from her adoptive father. The Queen was beyond gorgeous and above all the embodiment of grace and purity of all things that were right in this world. 

Placing her hands on the back of her hips she'd stretch and crack her back, 

"FUCKING HELL. /That/ was a long ass ride." All sense of what you thought she was like was gone. 

Resetting her posture she'd roll her shoulders back and forth.

"someone get me a keg of ale." The Queen would jokingly, well not really jokingly, ask as she twisted her spine. Shaking off the tiresome ride. 

"Everyone alright back there?" Her head would turn to the rest of the party who nodded. 

"Thank you Red for the entrance but please," The cheeky smile was back and gleaming, "Queen Minori is all that is needed" 

"I live and die to sing your praises M'lday" Moustache man would give a large grin with a sharp nod of his head. A thick accent coming from his mouth. 



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Khan looked on, as he was there, and his group of modern combat soldiers, who rather than using swords and bows with metal armor, used composite body vests, helmets, accompanied with pistols and assault rifles, which had attached bayonets and grenade launcher platforms. There could be sensed a certain...calmness...emanating from him. Perhaps Khan had found something to calm himself by being an aircraft pilot, which...well...had actually calmed him. There was just something about flying at supersonic speeds in the air while performing physics-defying stunts with a war-winning tool, that despite being physically stressful, was mentally relaxing. So, Khan turned to Minori, and, still dressed in that combat uniform he and the others had, except his was a bit more colourful, and said:

'I see you have arrived. Welcome, I guess. I...did not expect you to come, but it seems you did! I might sound.....thankful, and I probably am! This is probably because there is a large portal, but regardless, nice to have you here.'

The men that had come as an escort, around 30 of them, were quite surprised that Khan was talking to her this nicely. Many of their families had told these soldiers stories of the series of conflicts, and they expected Khan to be insulted...but rather, they found out he would be talking to her like anyone else that was a good friend. This led them to exchange some surprised looks, to which Khan replied to his men:

'Men, you expect me to defend my nation and it's interests by placing a focus on 'Bulgaria First'? But, be sure to not underestimate what international cooperation can also do to protect one's interests even more than by antagonizing.' 

@Mackenzie Rose

/OOC: Red colour is the message to Minori, while Green is the message to Khan's guard./

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Minori's expression didn't change at the arrival of Khan, though some of her soldiers became stiffen and placed a hand ready on their weapons. A few of her guardsmen were present of the War of Tides, where a small wave went up against a tsunami and was over within months though the loses were great. The Queen would listen to his words, trying not smirk at what he said to his guards. 

"I see you've finally learnt something from me. To not attack everyone with a degraded sense of pride that blinds you." 

Not wanting to sound spiteful she couldn't help but remark at the sudden change in him. Placing her hands together that were armoured with claw like metal daggers on each of her fingers. A chain connecting the claws to the armour around her wrist, allowing those to see the jewels on her fingers. 

"When Addison sent word of a portal something inside me knew you'd come so I'm not quite surprised." Her smile dipped as she tossed her head to the side shrugging off the feeling she had before of the man's arrival before coming to the Final Bastion.

@Agent Knockout

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Unlike the Erenian Guard, Khan's men didn't quite raise up their guns, showing the same sense of calmness they had just received from their commander, who they didn't even have to praise; while in theory, Khan's state, and colonial states, were all people's republics, in reality, they were more akin to free democracies, with some differences, such as One-Party Majority, and Khan being the chairman regardless of party affilation. And, frankly, they weren't expected to praise him. They could criticize Khan and he would only take note of the feedback their criticisms brought. Regardless, the last line...struck him a bit wrong, so he replied:

'I didn't come through this portal. I, and some others came through a different portal as a result of this one appearing. I was not particularly keen on coming back, but it seems somebody up there, mostly fate itself, decided to make me come here, so I  guess I will make-do with what I have until I actually get a sizable infrastructure effort for the SSU colony and reestablish positive relations, and proper borders with regards to population, with a more peaceful military stance and few colonial armed forces in the region, because maybe I have learned something, and also maybe because I finally found something I can enjoy more than waging colonial wars; the power to fly and engineer! And also probably because I no longer need to station a large army in the region; if it is needed, I can always bring the mainland armies, but otherwise, why keep a gigantic and powerful armed force in a region when there is no need to, when you can leave a smaller, and more peacefully-oriented colonial garrison of a few divisions, at best!'

@Mackenzie Rose

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Minori's face was blank as she blinked a few times before coming back to life,

"Sorry I tuned out. Then I tuned back in because it's rude to tune out but then I heard fly-engineer and then I tuned out again."

Her apology seemed somewhat sincere though it had the sarcasm of prostitute with the smile of an innocent child to confuse you. 

"That is all well and good though I have no fucking clue what you just said but good-luck with," Blinking fast whilst she waved a hand in the air trying to remember,

"Whatever you're doing" Not remembering she'd shake her head and look back towards the man with a look only Minori could give. 

@Agent Knockout

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As Khan was listening to what his old friend Minori said, a 'beep' could be heard from his pocket. That was his portable radio. Khan answered the call:

'Да, Полеви Маршал Аспарух отговаря. Какво има да кажеш, Генерал-Лейтенанте?'

'Стигнахме до Стара Сердика, Маршале. Нови заповеди?'

'Добре, братко. Първо, искам да влезеш в президенцията и да активираш портата, която е в сградата. Трябва ни по-голяма войска в региона, както и строителни екипи за военна и гражданска инфраструктура. След това, искам теб, заедно с няколко хиляди войска, да минат на юг към Стари Созопол, и да се направи териториална граница при южния край на града. Ако е възможно, намерете желязните мини на север от града.'

'Добре, сър, ще бъде свършено.'

Then, Khan turned back towards her and said: 'Apologies, I got a call from one of my men that is on SSU territory.' And his apology actually was sincere.

/OOC: Here is a translation for the call/

/'Yes, Field Marshal Asparuh answers. What do you have to say, General-Lieutenant?'

'We reached Stara Serdika, Marshal. Any new orders?'

'Good, comrade. First, I want you to enter the Presidency and activate the Gate which is in the building. We need a larger armed force in the region, as well as construction teams for both military and civilian infrastructure. After this, I want you, and several thousand men, to go South towards Stari Sozopol, and establish a border at the south end of the city. If possible, locate the Iron Mines north of the city.'

'Yes, sir, it shall be done.'/

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Huffing she'd let Khan speak in his native language to his followers. Turning her attention to her people she'd nod her head for them to be at ease. Red to huffed not wanting to take his hand off the hilt of his sword but Minori tilted her head, squishing her lips together and tilting her eyebrows towards the Bulgarian's. Red was resentful but finally let go of his weapon and straightened his back proudly holding the flag pole. 

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 As she was doing that, Khan increasingly took notice of the lack of Howard's presence. Last time he saw him was in the plane some time ago ordering his men to line up, and he hadn't been spotted afterwards. This was incredibly worrying to Khan, but not from a national standpoint, or because of the two's dislikings on each other, but rather, a pure military and strategic consideration. Who knows where he was, and whether he was setting up an ambush. Sure, they had bolt-action rifles, whereas Khan and the army were armed with fully automatic submachine guns, assault rifles and machine guns, but still, even a bolt-action can kill. And Khan had counted several hundred men indeed. As such, Khan ordered all of his guard to stay alert and watch for Howard and his own men, and alert Khan if they did. Of course, they had no order to shoot first, and any shooting would be done in self-defense. Their primary goal was to spot and report to Khan. They also would alert Khan if Howard went to the Bulgarian Camp and Khan would quickly arrive there if needed with his own guard.

At this point, Khan decided to talk to Addison. After all, why let a long unseen friend remain so?

As Khan waved at her from a pretty fair and normal distance, he said: 'Hello, Addison! I believe we haven't seen each other in a while! Pleasure to see you, indeed!'

@Phoebe @Jack Howard


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At the sudden presence of Scarlet from jumping down from the masts and flying around ship, the crew of the Victory looked at this angel with a woman's body with the wings of death. The soldiers stood there in their line still looking dead ahead to the order of attention, but every time Scarlet flew past them they couldn't help but give a quick look. Howard himself, with a little blush and smile at her reply, turned around on the spot to look at his beauty fly around his ship. As soon as she landed Howard got a view of her red dress. Immediately he was astonished with her outfit choosing. He leaned over so he was down to her level and gave her a little kiss on the lips before remarking to her dress and their next destination.

"Ello, lover girl."

He quickly said, making fun of her saying 'Lover boy' to him every time they came to each other.

"Beautiful as ever sweetie and yes, we have stopped here. We need to get to the bastion quickly. Though there is no battle by the fact that everybody is going there it must be important."

At the end of his kind and soft toned speech to his sweetie, he scratched her head and walked down to the dock. The soldiers in their line smirked to Howard's unusual kindness in public but they still stood in their disciplined line, waiting to get moving. Howard took a quick glance to the troops and noticed their urge to move. He related to this feeling since he wished to get to the bastion as quick as possible. He quickly looked over to Cochrane after this thought and quickly shouted an order over to him, wanting the men to stretch their legs and get themselves on a roll.

"Cochrane! Get this line moving! Slow march! I'll catch up with you at the Bastion to Barrett passage!"

Cochrane quickly replied with a standard "Aye Aye!" before rushing over to the troops. He stood to the right side of the line and yelled out a string of short orders without a single second between them.

"Slow pace!"
"Right face!"
"Raise the colours!"

To this string of orders the soldiers replied with swift actions. They stood to attention from the first order and listened to the rest. The order "Slow pace!" meant they were marching to a nice calming pace, it was between jogging and lazying along. The second order "Right Face!" made the soldiers take a swift turn to the right, always turning clockwise. The next order, "Raise the colours" was an order for the ensign carrier to hold the colour of the line, in this case it was the flag of the Trade Federation or more well known as The Three Nation Fleet Ensign. The final order got the column moving, short and simple, "March!". Cochrane lead the neat line of soldiers in their red uniform, white pith helmets with bolt action rifles nestled on their shoulder away from the ship towards the road passage to the bastion.

See the source image

As the soldiers walked away Howard looked up to Scarlet. He smirked and rested his hands on his sides and tilted his head a little. He stuck his tongue out and shook his hips before saying,

"I guess you are flying then because you can't be bothered to walk, lover girl?"

He was clearly making fun of her like he always did. He just found her anger amusing and he always loved her replies back to him, which were usually her making fun of him or a very cleverly put together insult. He offered his hand up to her, hoping she would come and walk with them but he stayed down on the dock in case she wanted to fly away. Either way he needed to catch up with the line soon. 

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