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The Gates of Disorder

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Of course, basically everything about their march, including their uniforms and shouting, kind of ended up giving the alert Bulgarian army men exactly what they were looking for: The power to spot. Of course, several of them also didn't take long to notice Scarlet flying. And while many of them would regard it as beautiful, they immediately put such thoughts out of mind for the moment, knowing they had a job to do: Report what they knew to Khan.

And so, not long after, Khan did indeed receive a call on the radio about the sightings...including the flying girl. Unsurprised, Khan decided to relax: If he was going to be stuck, might as well take it easy. As such, he abandoned talk and went back to the camp, where, without telling the pilots or the crew, he hopped on his MiG-29/35 plane after some basic maintenance, and went flying, with two of the other pilots. After all, he was at the top of command, so nobody subordinate was allowed to question his unauthorized flight, as it might as well be authorized, as it was Khan performing it.

Soon enough, he did spot Scarlet and Howard, as well as the rest of the marching line. At this point, Khan thought to relax. And so, he went into a very visibly subsonic speed and began performing aerobatic manuevers within sight of both Howard and Scarlet, including, but not limited to: extremely sharp turns, aggressive spins and even chained barrel rolls, as well as other synchronized manuevers between the three pilots. At this point, there was no doubt Khan was not going to attack anyone: He was performing the stunts that kept him calm. Indeed, he was quite manuverable when he was subsonic. And this was noticeable to everyone watching, as he was clearly not moving as fast and as aggressively, but rather, having some fun, as if this was an air show. Furthermore, Khan did all of these stunts quite close to the ground, and even putting himself at risk, despite his superhuman attitude.  He hoped this would also cement him as quite chill, as he had not loaded any kind of armament on the plane, aside from the always-mounted autocannon. This would also make the aerobatics a bit easier.

Edit: I forgot to add a 'not' to the whole text: Khan can't really perform stunts, not have loaded munitions, and attack, duh..... he is not a kamikaze, I know that much.

@Scarlet Wind Tail @Jack Howard

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Scarlet stood there with her left hand on her hip as Howard moved closer to her. She lifted her head up as she saw he was leaning down to kiss her, she kissed him back, blushing as her eyes turned a deeper violet. She was then snapped out of her own thoughts when he broke the kiss and made his remark by calling her 'Love Girl' just to mess with her, to which she just chuckled. He complemented on her dress and called her beautiful blushing again but then she regathered herself as her eyes turned back to her normal dark blue color.

"Well a girls got to try and look decent for her lover and the public."

She said smirking at him and nudged him a little in the side, before he scratched her head.

"Well, I'm ready when you are. Lover boy."

She said as she chuckled. As Howard moved away to walk down to the dock, her eyes following him as he moved to give the order for the soldiers to start moving.

"His backside still looking good."

She said to herself blushing a little at her own thought, only then to just push that out of the way and look somewhere else. When the order was given, to her dismay she jumped a little. As the soldiers started moving she looked to Howard who was looking at her. Scarlet heard his remark about her flying there so to mess with him, she gave a smirk.

"I might as well fly, you lot take way to long to get anywhere. I mean by the time we get there, I'll be 30"

She said laughing but then opened her wings like she was going to fly away, just to mess with him but she closed her wings and just walked down to the dock.

"Oh don't look so sad, I'm messing with ya. I love you baby."

She said as she hit him a little on the side as she walked passed him, then she turned around to look back smiling at him, before running to him as her wings helped her jump up to hug him and hoped he could hold her for the whole trip, for Scarlet had no shoes on.

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The Queen would move from her party of men as eight of the twelve would stay outside and move the horses and fetch a cold glass of ale. The soldiers at her left and right accompanied her as well as the front man 'Red' and the masked man that had travelled behind her. Moving inside the Bastion's archway, Minori's smile would turn grim as she remembered who she last visited the household with. Although she had seen her friends and family that resided in the Bastion it had been three years since she had stepped foot inside it's grand walls. The four years between her twenty-second birthday and her twenty-sixth had gone by in flash but those four years were a blessing and a curse for various of reasons. 

Once she was inside she could hear the low crackling of the fire upstairs. Heading towards it's flames, Red and the Masked men would stand at the base of the stair case whilst her body guards would follow her up into the overlooking room above the entrance. Standing in front of the fire place, her arms crossed over her chest as she looked into the fire, twisting the ring on her finger. 

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All Howard could do as Scarlet was talking to him was giggle, he simply loved how she joked with him. He did chuckle a little more obviously at her joke to which he made a simple joke to himself, mainly surrounding their sexual life. With a roll of his eye he whispered to himself.

"I wonder how many kids it will be by the time your thirty.."

As soon as he stopped his little joke to himself he shook himself out of it, not wanting to get in any mood before a march. He shivered his head and looked up to her and noticed that she too had whispered something to herself, he knew it was something relating to their sexual life from her blush. He rolled his eyes and frowned a little, hearing that she wanted to fly instead of walking. When she walked down beside him and knocked his side he, in return, tapped her sides. It seemed like in return he tried to scare him to death by running at him with her wings out but he embraced it when she clearly wanted to be carried. Her being 5'10 and him being a 6'4 allowed him to pick her up and rest her on his shoulders. Wanting to make her laugh he quickly said a little joke as he picked her up and rested her on his shoulders. He did look up at her for a split second, but when he saw one of the Bulgarian planes he just decided to ignore it and go on about with what he was doing.

"Ok, Ok... I'll hold you, but whatever you do.. do NOT do anything that makes you more heavy.. like eating my... hair?" 

He heard her little giggle at his joke to which he replied with a little bounce before he jogged off to the line. Hoping to god the men wont make fun of him.



Howard and a very jumpy Scarlet made it to the front of the line. The sight of the Grand Admiral in his purple uniform carrying a red head in a red dress seemed a bit unfamiliar but it made the march much more amusing. The soldiers looked at the girl on the admiral's shoulders and chuckled because she was sitting on Howard like she owned the place which was simply adorable and hilarious. This however didn't disturb the soldiers perfect unison of footstep timing. The footsteps were perfect, a perfect second before each step made the march sound like a giant was walking, not 500 marching men. Their uniforms didn't bounce for they were tightly suited to the soldiers showing their manly fashion of the time and their bright white pith helmets sat nestled on their head. The soldiers looked fantastic and proved their fitness, superiority and maturity.

At the sound of the troops marching, the civilians in the streets, who were previously looking to the skies, heard the stomping and rushed over to their brave soldiers of the fleet. It was a rare sight to see the flagship and the admiral of the world itself in Barrett due to it being such a small port and by the fact that Howard never really went to the bastion itself. So to this rare sight the crowds got large with people young and old, even a few Atlesian survivors witnessed the infamous march of Howard's Own. Even the civilians themselves knew how much distance to keep from the march since it was so well known among Howard's ports. He did do this march whenever a major event happened or when he arrived. They waved flags of many different nations, ranging from Atlas to Erenia. They didn't stop cheering till the soldiers had gone out of sight of the town. Before they did leave the town they did do something they were very famous for, singing. It was a sign of happiness and a brilliant moral booster for civilians and soldiers alike. It may even be said that this made Howard's reputation.

"Goodbye Dolly I must leave you, though it breaks my heart to go.
Something tells me I am needed at the front to fight the foe.
See, the boys in blue are marching and I can no longer stay!

Hark, I hear the bugle calling, goodbye Dolly Gray!"

The soldiers sang out loud and proud, raising through the roof. With Howard, Scarlet, Cochrane and the flag of the fleet leading the way, the column of 500 soldiers of the fleet disappeared over the hills for the Bastion.

The march from port Barrett to the Bastion was 10 miles long, the road there was in two halves. The first half, ending at 4.3 miles in was Howard's built road. It was straight with very gentle curves. It was still made of dirt but very easy to traverse. The rest of it was built by the workers at the bastion. It was in the same sort of design of Howard's portion but it was more dirty, rushed and more ragged, none of this mattered however, just made the trip seem short yet long at the same time.

For the first 4.3 miles on Howard's road, it was fairly calm, the were trees rustling and the birds sang down to the soldiers. The marching was still perfectly time though there were no listeners or followers. Just them on this calming road through the hilly woodlands of the Bastion. There was a few listeners though, not many but a few. They were the workers chopping down trees for privateer boats and ships that were being built in the port behind them. These workers simply waved and cheered as the soldiers walked by before getting back to work as soon as they could. Howard's Own lost their perfect march as they got surrounded by more and more trees along the now immensely calming road, they had just passed over to the Bastion portion of the road. 

The Bastion portion of this road, which was the major portion of the road consisted of heavy wildlife which was preserved by Addison so the wildlife of the area was protected from the construction of the Bastion itself. Sadly it was the fastest route for the road but its wildlife was still kept sound. It was a beautiful road and it caused the soldiers to relax. Howard and Cochrane accepted it. The troops deserved some natural humanity from time to time. As they walked they came across a few other witnesses. Kids playing around in the wood. Most of these children were scared to come up to the troops but whose who did just walked besides them till they needed to get to their cottages in the woods for lunch. 

Through the march the soldiers finally came past something they vowed to ignore. The Bulgarian camp. The troops immediately got back to their perfect steps and kept marching. The Bulgarians didn't matter anymore, they were more superior by world standards anyhow. The soldiers kept their famed maturity and kept their eyes front. To the Bulgarians they would of seen this column come out of the busy and congested woodland. First off a column of 4 by 125 came out, then another column, and another. It seemed like it wasn't ending until the fourth and final column exited the forest with a singular officer and flag bearer at the back. This wasn't a show off, it was just a number, however all the soldiers had the face of  'We don't care. Just don't get in our way.'. It was obvious the soldiers thought the same as Howard, they were tired of the Bulgarian military along with the paranoia and jealousy. 
@Agent Knockout

After this little encounter the soldiers of Howard's own came into sight of the main Bastion building, where everybody else was. To everyone's eyes the familiar presence of Howard's troops made most happy with some worried, scared or angry. The sliced position of the Howardonian Fleet's reputation was very visible and Howard saw it coming. To keep the tensions low Howard ordered 10 soldiers to go and greet Hawk's troops at the main gate guarding the entrance, a sign of respect to their Atlesian cousins. The 10 soldiers split away from the back of the column and walked over to the soldiers at the gates, offering a handshake and moving next to them to help guard the gates. A practise Howard often ordered. The rest of the column moved into the Bastion.

There the troops got another string of orders;

"Prepare to Hault!"
"The line will form a line beside the Erenian! A column of 125 by 125!"

The soldiers followed the orders quickly, halting the column and standing perfectly straight and still. To the soldier and Howard's surprise, the Erenians were here with a very familiar leader. Howard and the troops had not seen Minori in quite a while, a surprise since Howard still commanded their navy and they were in the Trade Federation and Three Nation Fleet. Either way it was a lovely shock. The troops, Howard, Cochrane and even Scarlet sang out to them as a sign of respect and greeting. In the lines of a song a few soldiers could be heard singing extra loud and proud, about 100. These troops were from Erenia itself.

It's the Soldiers of the Queen, my lads
Who've been my lads,
Who're seen my lads,
In the fight for Erenia's glory, lads,
When we've had to show them what we mean:
And when we say we've always won,
And when they ask us how it's done,
We'll proudly point to ev'ry one
of Erenia's soldiers of the Queen!
It's the Queen!

@Mackenzie Rose

The soldiers that were recruited from Erenia gave three cheers before being politely silenced from Howard. The march was over and Howard's own had arrived. The last thing to happen was the colours being lowered to the height of the soldiers heads and Howard putting his sweetie, Scarlet, gently on the ground.

(OOC message. This has been wrote in two hours, sorry if this is late to any reply.)

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Hearing the bustle of bodies and cheers, Red moved over to the balcony with a large chuckle, 

"I think ye may want to come see this, someone's happy you're here" 

Minori's ears pricked at the sound of the song, breaking the trance. Her mouth hung open in a large smile as she shook her head in dismay with a giggle. 

"Oh how he loves to sing" 

Making her way back down from the staircase and through to the Bastion's entrance, the long cloak dragging behind her as she moved. Minori would appear standing outside looking at the arrange of men with her hands on her hips with an almighty grin spread across her face as she watched them. Looking for the familiar face of her favourite navy captain. 

@Jack Howard

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Munch. Munch. Munch.

Masuda stares outside the window of a tall tower he randomly got into. A piece of bread was in his mouth. He was just having a snack. He looks out with dead eyes. *Why are people screaming?* He thinks to himself, putting a hand out to the window frame. He unlocks and opens it, pausing his chewing for a moment. *Well, I guess I should just go find out.* Suddenly, he vanishes into a flickering blur, traveling over to where most of the commotion seemed to be. Masses of wind are thrown about, gliding through trees, making people's clothes rustle about.

Munch. Munch. Munch.

There the speedy shinobi was again, standing right in the middle of the courtyard without a care. He stares up to the portal, raising a brow. " Whv hvckd izzz dt? " He asks, his speech muffled by the bread in his mouth. He swallows his food down, putting his hands on his hips and just glaring at the portal. " Is this an illusion? " He wonders.

" Whv hvckd izzz dt? "  -> " What the heck is that? " ]


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When Khan was done with his aerobatics and chilling off, he went and landed his plane back into what was now an airbase fortress, followed by his two other pilots. Then, he finally realized everyone must have already gathered in Final Bastion, and so, decided to also go there and wait to see what was in the portal, for he was very interested to see what would come out of it. 

Before that, though, he decided to do two things:

1. He asked one of his men if they had received their supply of armoured vehicles, which was a protocol always followed when making a landing, and they knew to request some, even if there was no mention of Khan for that. And said man said that they did, and Khan quickly rushed to one of those vehicles, the T-90M1/M2, and decided to join the crew of that vehicle as the 5th crew member; that meant he was a Co-Commander and a Co-Driver; able to perform both functions and do them actively in support of both the Commander and Driver. Khan then quickly ordered them to go down from the camp and into Final Bastion itself, where they would most probably wait for the portal to open.

2. As they were doing that, Khan also gave a call to his men, who had by now activated the Serdika Gate and had called reinforcements of their own in the form of armoured vehicles, aircraft and artillery, at least a few of each. After they had confirmed they had activated the Gate and were en route to Stari Sozopol(Sozopol), Khan promptly confirmed his intentions on call for them to continue with their order, and disregard any garrison or resistance. To Khan, the treaty that gave Stari Sozopol to Erenia was a betrayal, and Khan...well...he dealt with betrayals as he saw fit. While he wanted no more wars, and was not going to contest the Erenian ownership of the deeper cities, Sozopol not belonging to the colony was something that stuck with him as a thorn that was going to be removed one day, or another. Besides, he needed that city to rebuild the colony and show that he can indeed run a government that cared for it's citizens, something that he would not have the resources to do quickly without seizing the mines located near the city. So, the decision was made. The ground army, with renewed confidence, and with their exceptionally high morale, would march into the port-city, and take back what was theirs by right of founding, and this time, not even for a nationalistic purpose, but a strategic one. 

While he did those two things, they reached the Bastion. As Khan used his periscope to look out, he saw the gathering. At this point, he told the driver:

'Turn Right, make sure to fit in those Gates!'

As they got in with their 48-ton beast, Khan gave another order:

'Alright, now turn and face the portal frontally!'

Once done, Khan gave a third and final order: 

'Halt! Remain on and still!'

Then, Khan just used one of the cranks to lift his chair up a bit, opened the hatch of the vehicle, where a PKM machine gun was also present and, when clearly visible, asked:

'What have I missed?'

@Jack Howard @Mackenzie Rose @Phoebe

/OOC: Also, I am perfectly okay with others answering that question 🙂 /


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"Stay within your respective marked areas!" Addison reminded them as Bloodlust Commandos began to section off areas with red tape, keeping civilians far out of harms way. Rows of soldiers were parked in various formations, all their weapons aimed at the gateway. Even the construction golem which Doctor Merry had created as an emergency guardian had been mobilized and was casually lumbering around the portal.

"Platforms!" she commanded, prompting several men to drag over a wheeled portable platform equipped with stairs and railings.

Upon being placed into position, the men went about locking the wheels and sinking the legs into the ground to maximize stability.

"Ten minutes, and we breach!" Addison announced, her eyes flaring with anxiety. If the portal truly led to where she thought it would, then they were severely under-equipped, She just hoped that if this really was Esstevan, that he'd have a plan to close it.

"This could be it, Hawk," she whispered quietly, her voice trembling in anticipation. "Let's bring our man home."

@Hawk @Truthless @Fierach

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The dark knight watched all this take place from his unseen perch with a tainted amusement about him, the crouch he took leaned forward like a child watching animals in a zoo.  The whole situation of the mobilization of the Bastions entire might intrigued him instead of Intimidating, causing the twisted mind to wander on how he would come about acquiring both the portals power and the political standing that these people before him so "desperately underutilized and did not deserve", said he to himself.

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Meanwhile on the Valucre side of the portal...


"What the hell do you mean its self sustaining now?! How?!" James Eredas bellowed at the enterprising young scientist who had concocted this scheme investigating the Space Stone. 

The portal wasn't supposed to be running this long. It was supposed to be a brief test. A temporay proof of concept. Now it seemed like an increasingly permanent fixture. Even as all cables were disconnected, supposedly critical systems shut done, and the Space Stone itself firmly back in James's hands, the portal still swirled and was active, powered by some unknown animus. The Daemonslayer gritted his teeth as he tried to think of a solution. In the meantime he called up more Custodes to guard the portal, and to set up a schedule to watch it until a decisive action could be planned.

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Galloping down the dirt and gravel pathway of the Bastion flew a dark horse, with its rider equally black.  The Black Knight urged the coal-colored steed to hasten its path as he had taken up the rear guard of the Erenian court procession.  With a nickerson the horse would speed up and reach the wall gates just after the tail end of the guardsmen enter, the horse bickering to a slow at its masters silent command.  After a few congratulatory head pats the horse was taken by a waiting squire, The Black Knight disembarking right before.  He was dressed in his full armor, polished and preened to be a stunning as well as imposing sight to many.  Many swords and weapons clattered on his belts and gear-keeper as he silently took up position at his queens side, attempting to blend in as unassuming as possible.

@Mackenzie Rose

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Minori's ears would hear the haste pace of the galloping horse. As the noise it was creating was far louder than any Howard's men walking into the Bastion. Pulling her head in the direction of the sound, her smile grew even larger. The Queen's eyes would become small as her cheeks rose to show the gleaming white teeth as she spotted her Captain. As the knight would pull to a stop Minori would turn her head back to watch the rest of the men pour into the Bastion. Seeing the large mass of black move to her side from the corner of her ocean eyes. Holding her hands together and pressing them under her chin as she continued to watch proudly.

"If it isn't my favourite Brooding Knight!"

The Queen said cheekily, moving her gaze to the knight as she spoke before turning back to the men.


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Khan was....slightly less happy to see the Black Knight, considering some of their past quarrels.  Still, he was not very nervous. As he approached, Khan did not do anything aggressive aside giving him a slightly suspicious look, and using a lever to lower the 48-ton T-90's PKM so Khan can inspect it for any maintenance needed. 

'I see we have another arrival. Welcome, I suppose. At least now I know I won't have to sit at the front of this portal and whatever comes.'

There was no particular tone to Khan's words, aside from it not sounding as cheerful as Minori's greeting. It was a lot more neutral: The only person he would ever greet cheerfully was his high command, and Addison, for he knew who were his true friends.


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uB4MhYR.jpgTenkai was not happy about this. Not one bit.

Of course, Tenkai "not being happy" about something James wanted to do had been such a common recurrence that it was practically a cliché by now. Nevermind the fact that he was not quite comfortable with the idea of pursuing an artifact with seemingly absolute control over the concept of space. Oh no, that was the least of it, now. Now James wanted to use the damned thing! And for what? To open a portal? Why? Why even use it? Understanding it had its benefits, but if they weren't going to destroy it to prevent the myriad of malefactors who called Valucre their sprawling grounds from using it, then why not seal it away somewhere secluded and...well...likely not in the middle of a giant city. Tenkai knew full well what happened when immensely powerful and ambitious adversaries were dead-set on claiming an item stowed away in the depths of a heavily populated area. Nu Martyr was testament to that.

Still, if more stones such as these existed and, more importantly, had fallen into the wrong hands, it was probably in their best interests to have capable weapons of their own. After all, that was the reason Tenkai had agreed to outfitting the Susano'o with its own superweapon, the Totsuka WMG Mk. I. But these stones were on a completely different playing field than a massive beam cannon. Even when you used it correctly there were still inherent dangers involved. 

Truth be told, Tenkai would not have threatened to fire the researcher for coming up with the idea. Both scientific and sorcerous minds were often wont to explore the possibilities of newly discovered phenomena, and their freedom to do so was how they developed the magitek the Order so frequently used. It was far simpler to just forbid experimentation deemed too risky. The fact that James, well known for taking the very same risks, was so quick to reconsider for the sake of investigating the stone made Tenkai feel like the initial threat was a knee-jerk reaction. Mayhap between the events of the Harrowing of Kadia and his fated trip to secure this very stone had started giving James a burgeoning sense of caution that was infinitely at odds with his inner nature.

Tenkai wished it had been more than just burgeoning.

So there the warrior monk stood, dressed in his battle-garb, fully clad in a form-fitting armored bodysuit with heavier plates on his shins, right arm and right shoulder. For now, he was fairly calm but certainly uneasy, not reaching for his sword housed in its mechanical sheath by his hip, opting to simply fold his arms while he oversaw the experiment beside the Master Knight. As the operation began to commence, he thought of all of the countermeasures they put in place. All of the Custodes at the ready, every rune and ward carefully in place, every defensive turret within firing distance of the experiment trained on this makeshift warehouse. 

And all Tenkai could imagine was that they'd end up tearing a hole in realspace and having a Daemon Prince crawl its way out of the Warp, and all of their protections would be useless.

"This is a very bad idea," Tenkai said, loud enough for James to hear him.







Not very long after...


"Good grief," said Tenkai, gripping the magitek scabbard of his sword, no enemy in sight yet but still heightened with alarm. "I knew something like this was going to happen!"

The experiment appeared to be a success. Too much of a success. With the portal self-sustained, it didn't need to be supplied with energy to keep it operational. While it was certainly wonderful news for the Order's finances and resources, it was basically the worst case scenario. They had opened a portal to who-knew-where, and they couldn't shut the damned thing off. Even if there was a way to shut it down, self-sustaining didn't mean stable. Tenkai had heard tale of the absolutely catastrophic effects a collapsing portal could wreak upon the worlds on either end of them. They had to get control of it immediately, and yet Tenkai knew full well that attempting to control it could end up very badly for them if it went wrong.

"We shouldn't have disconnected the stone before figuring out how to close the portal," said Tenkai. Though not a mage himself by any real standard, he was not unlearned in the ways of magical phenomena. "If this artifact is as strong as you say, the only way we'll shut this down safely is through the stone itself."

Tenkai kept his eyes on the portal, hand hovering over the hilt of his blade, half expecting daemons or some other inter-dimensional threat to come pouring through any minute. 

"I don't suppose any of you have any ideas on how to do that??" he exclaimed loudly over the thrum of the azure maelstrom of energy before them all, his head turned in the direction of their researchers and magitek engineers despite the lock of his single-eyed gaze.

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Slumping her shoulders forward at the sound of Khan's voice, she'd drop her hands down and fold them over her chest. Minori's eyes slightly rolling in the direction of Gauen. The large smile now into a line. Not because she heard anything she didn't like from the pathetic man's mouth but because he was still alive and for only the god's could tell, had to be the place as her. 

"As you can see, he's back."

Quietly mumbling to her knight as she turned to face directly at him.

@MaskedHero @Agent Knockout

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