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BT Con - Demo Dealer's Room - Open

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First Annual Business and Technology Convention

Demo Dealer’s Hall

North Wing


To say the Kyrosian consulate wasn’t an engineering feat would be a bold-faced lie. The married ingenuity of Terran and Nymerian technology gave the entire consulate an almost aquarium-like feeling. Tanks, channels and weaving tubes coiled around the buildings, giving Nymerian equal access to facilities. This week more than the usual bustle of excitement swarmed the halls as whole crew began the tedious process of turning the consulate into a makeshift convention center.

It was the first annual Business and Technology Convention. Whole wings were transformed into information booths, private offices were arranged for various Q & A panels. The largest conference room was reserved for the business summit between Valucre’s most prevailing leaders in business and technology. It comes at a time when Genesaris is recovering from the schism that fractured and decimated many of the higher political powers—the Genesar government notwithstanding. Businesses are hiring, local economies are rebounding, and the sweeping sensation of change rocks the nation. Dahlia was breezing through with a clipboard in her hand checking off and checking in with expo teams that were setting up. Clipped to hear ear was a earpiece, buzzing with communication.


Message from Con Security - If anyone sees Liamund, please ask them to report to Security. We have their sunglasses and a jug of holy water. Also a grim fellow named Vyncis is looking for him. He looks singed…

We need to get the food service back up and running ASAP! Dwarven feeding schedules are kicking in!

Can someone please bring an additional ton of dirt to the demo panel? Thank you!

I shouldn't have to point this out but the convention couches are NOT an appropriate place for making out at ANY point! Y'all have rooms! 


Dahlia clicked her tongue before moving through to check guests in who were bringing their wares. Strapped to her wrist was a uSpeak watch, wearable technology that allowed her to translate in real time to answer as many questions as possible and to direct members to their appropriate booths were ready. Some were much larger than others and required special security measures.

“Where should we put this?” A quizzical man asked. Dahlia heard the translation and spoke into her watch, when she held her wrist out to him, You’re in booth forty-six, straight ahead and to the left. A pleasant female voice replied in Terric. Both men were startled—in a pleasant way—to hear their own language in a foreign country. They nodded their thanks—that, at least, was universal—and went on their way.

The whole affair took several hours before everyone was fully operational and ready. That didn’t stop the incessant chatter in her ear as crowds that registered and paid for their badges came sweeping in like a tidal wave. Enforcers were on security detail while Con Staff was running around handling the more technical aspects, answering questions, directing people and trying to ensure the building didn’t burn down.

It was going to be a long opening day.




@Agent Knockout

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“Who are you trying to impress Alara?”

“What? No one…mind your business Silvio.”

“Now now young ones. Be on your best behavior lest Director Yllende catch you all procrastinating while we should be setting this up.”

“Why are we even entertaining these foreigners anyway Director Anasio?”

The Illyrian elder stroked his bearded chin, digits sliding through grey hair as he furrowed his brows before responding.

“Finding our place in this vast world is what our Light desires and we must help him achieve that.”

Alara, a young Illyrian female garbed in Illyrian magiweave that shifted color from time to time and hugged her athletic frame was carefully aligning a group of crystals along a metallic table. Her shoulder length hair was held up by a pair of crystal pins that also shifted color in tandem with her attire. She adjusted her glasses occasionally as she meticulously placed everything before standing up to ‘help’ Silvio.

Silvio was a muscular man who decidedly wore a tight fitting magiweave shirt that he had adjusted to make sure it accentuated his frame. The adaptive material hugged him but clearly did not seem restrictive as he carried one of the larger devices setup for display which was a containment unit for volatile items. With a large metallic clunk, Silvio set it down opposite Alara’s display and then stretched a bit before noticing Alara staring at him.


“Those racks won’t move themselves.”

“If only…”

Alara rolled her eyes before moving to adjust the Illyrian runic labels that were at the forefront of the display table.

Heron meanwhile left the young ones to handle all the heavy lifting while drifting off to look at the other setups. A wearable technological device rested along his wrist that suddenly began to glisten before the image of Luz projected itself above a small panel.

“Yes Director?”

“I want a detailed technical assessment of all of the items displayed today by these foreigners no matter how barbaric or pedestrian it might seem. Our Light needs to know who the true players within this realm are…”

The audio was non-existent to the observer as it was being delivered psionically at this time, the visuals only there for the user’s benefit in case any visual cues were necessary. With the Director, however, her rigid stance never really gave way for any insinuation or nuance.

“Understood. I have enhanced the detail in my notes by a considerable margin ever since I began living in Amalia so you will not be disappointed.”

Heron smiled before gliding effortlessly through the throngs of people to see what Valucre had to offer.

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