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BT Con - Business Hall - Organization Panels and Booths

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First Annual Business and Technology Convention

Business Hall

West Wing


Announcement from Ops: Flamethrowers will be allowed during tear down.

Okan was helping one of the guests set up their display booth. He didn’t really know much about their business, but they at least came prepared. There were brochures and everything. Some of them had treats or swag bags. He thought that was neat. Like everyone else around him he wore a colorful splash of shirt that designated him as part of the BT Con Squad. The rows of those who wanted to show case their business, hire new recruits or spread their cause had come to join.

Okan Shiri was the son of a merchant who had a relatively successful business. He could remember the long nights and the appreciation and dedication that had been put into ensuring that business thrived. He thought BT Con was a wonderful idea with so many economies scrambling to recover from the continent-wide crisis. Whole cities went under, some were even destroyed in waves of panic. Not even Queen Raveena was safe when she was stabbed in the back in the streets of Umbra. Nymeria was fighting not to let civil war destroy their nation, but it did not stop those who were curious enough to participate while the Queen Regent Rahab patrolled the open ocean to keep troublemakers away.


Message from the ConSuite: NO ONE is allowed to sleep under the food tables under ANY circumstances. If you need crash space, look on the board, or at worst, take a nap in the lobby.

One of our volunteers is now in counselling from having an arm flop out while he was refilling the chili, and the rest of us have a bigger mess to clean up.

On a related note, chili will not be available in the ConSuite until this evening.


Okan couldn’t help but laugh. It was his first convention and so far all manner of mayhem was happening all around them. While on the outward appearance they were assisting some of the most tech-savvy minds of Valucre showcase their wares, it was nothing short of a clown show behind closed doors among the BT Con Squad.

He finished helping one booth set up and systematically went down the line, double-checking who needed what and where. Some were missing props, others proclaimed they were the prop. Banners, flyers, pins, pens and rubbery bracelets with business names and numbers were all around him.


--has anyone seen a landmine anywhere? It shouldn’t be real. I hope…

I think I’ve got it! Meet you at the lost and found?


At this rate, he was glad to be assigned to the Business Hall. He might actually keep his sanity. Now he just had to go and get the personal panels set up for the Q & A Guest Speakers and he could take a break from all the madness..






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While Thurgood and Aveline have been to conventions, they've never actually had a booth at one. To help set it up, they brought Roy Morrison, a half-elf half-human guy in his late twenties with short, red hair. That may have been a mistake.

Thurgood was standing on a stepladder to hang the Mil Dot banner over their booth on one end, and Roy on the other. A lady that Roy found attractive waled by, which immediately caught his attention.



"Focus dude, I can't hang this banner alone."

Aveline is on the floor putting out business cards, pamphlets, and keychains made from spent brass rifle casings with the Mil Dot logo painted on them in black, and then clear-coated.

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The setup of the Jackal Company booth had been done with military precision. 

Samuel Gareau would accept no less from his men, whether on the battlefield, or simply assigned to hang banners and set up tables. The mercenary group accepted only the best, and they reflected that in everything they did. To that end, everything on display was of the highest quality. Pamphlets had been professionally printed, outlining everything a potential candidate could want to know. Their armaments showed off perfectly maintained weapons of all kinds; from swords to guns to grenades. His men themselves were demonstrations; some in their formal clothes, others in their Battle Dress Uniforms. All were wearing name tags with their name and rank, below which were the words, "Ask me anything."

A few more demos were being set up still, but things were off to a good start so far. Hopefully they would be able to attract some good talent. Samuel crossed his arms, and waited for the event to begin in earnest.


Mason- Myrmidon and warrior from the lowlands of the moars. He has no formal education but alot of "common sense". Living in Rakatoa.


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"Wake up, Cragmar. We have to get to the booth before the event is over." Eric said, shaking the dwarf awake from his nap at the back of the wagon.

Muttering under his breath, the old dwarf rubbed his eyes and stretched his tired muscles. "Wouldn't be so blasted tired if you hadn't kept me awake making all those damned trinkets." He cracked his neck, then sighed and hopped off the wagon. "Fine, let's get this done. You better get me an ale though, or I'm liable to shoot someone if they piss me off."

"Yeah, yeah I'll get you your beer." Eric said, hefting the sack of wooden momentos they made for the occasion.

"There you are." Phillip said, adjusting some of the trophies they had gathered from completed tournaments and quests at the sides of the booth. They had been doing well as a mercenary group, with more people joining them as their fame grew. Had they not spread out their forces over different outposts in cities across Genesaris, trying to move everyone would be like marching to war, which they weren't quite ready for yet.

Today they were interested in finding people to join up or even to invest in their group. They were lacking in equipment, supplies and most of all trying to maintain a standard of martial prowess among them. Only by maintaining capital can they hope to become a good fighting force, which meant either finding people with money, or opening up their own businesses to maintain said capital.

"People are going to love these wooden shields we carved last night." Eric stated, then looked to Sarah who was polishing a sword. "Would have gone a lot faster if someone had helped."

"Would have, but I was busy." She said.

"Busy doing what?" Eric asked.

"Sleeping." She said without missing a beat.

"You are just the worst person." He said with a scowl.

"And that's news to you how?" Sarah retorted with a sly grin.

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Stepping out of the car driven by T.E.M. the leader of Infernal Contracts looked about and grinned. A convention to show off the creation of his best mercenary with the added benefit of seeing potential rivals, allies and even other inventions. "T.E.M. Let us go inside and set up. You should be able to test live rounds fairly easily if the convention staff are not complete imbeciles." Without waiting for an answer he started heading inside.


T.E.M. sat in the car for a few seconds in their usual work outfit consisting of multi-layered clothes and a face mask. The glowing red eyes peeking through two holes scanned the surroundings. 'First public appearance with the director and it's to show off a bullet design. Better make it worth the effort.' Turning the vehicle off, siphoning the magic from it and followed their boss. 

Walking to their booth T.E.M. spotting other mercenary groups and sighed heavily. One they recognized and the other they didn't, but they soon would. Shaking their head and turning back to the booth, waving his hand and illusions of decorations showed around it while putting out papers with the other hand. The only thing not being laid out were the bullets in case someone wanted to snag one for whatever reason.

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