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BT Con - Private Suite - Summit Meeting - Authorized Personnel Only

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First Annual Business and Technology Convention

Private Suite

East Wing



“Is everything in place? What about drinks? Do we have drinks? Are the meals ready too?” Meira worked best when she was in full panic mode—but that was why she was in charge. “Can we get a mic check and make sure their translators are working? Also, we should space these chairs out just a little more.”

She was preparing for the summit between business and organization owners. The whole weekend she had prepared a series of questions that would lead into a discussion between them, in the most peaceful way possible. An extra security team was on standby incase—gods forbid—anything gets out of hand. The entire room was combed over with a meticulous eye. She double checked the guest list, their background. This would be broadcasted to the public throughout the lobbies and the empire.

Absolutely nothing was allowed to go wrong!

“Mic three isn’t cooperating. I’m going to see if I can find a replacement.” Came a reply. Meira thought she might have an aneurism from the stress.

Is there parking in the Red Zone?

Meira furiously pressed a button on the headset and furiously whispered, “The Red Zone is for loading and unloading only; there is no parking in the Red Zone!” Her blood pressure was rising, yet someone she knew she was the only person who could get this done in an efficient and effective manner. The light and filming crew were coming in from overseas and—thought it took a little work and wild gesturing, they managed to get everything set up and ready to stream out to the public and to bring in live feed.

She didn’t pretend she understood what half this technology was—but she also admitted that was, in a sense, the point of this whole event. Fracture was a continent of ingenuity all on its own. Genesaris fared well in its regard. Renovatio was an even deeper mystery to her as far as what their technology was like. She had never been and had no desire to go. Still, it would be nice to see communities thrive and improve. There had been a six week crash-course on how to use some of the technology pieces already being introduced. She rather liked the uSpeak watches. The headset was admittedly giving her a headache as too many voices were chattering at once. Some of their situations giving her a heart attack.

Another Squad member rushed in, face red and out of breathe as he held up a mic, “I got the last one!” He panted and proceeded to dole out microphones to each available seat for the Summit guests.

Please have guest "Andrew Cholte" contact the front desk. His unclaimed luggage is literally shrinking…


@Agent Knockout

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