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BT Con - Gala and Charity Event - Formal Attire Only!

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First Annual Business and Technology Convention

Gala and Charity Event

South Wing

Formal Attire Only



The decorating committee outdid themselves. The biggest hall of the Kyrosian Consulate had been dolled up to reflect the Aquarium within it. The light from the tanks rippled across the walls beautifully, among twinkling lights and floating candles. Tables were tactfully placed all around with seating and beautiful aquatic arrangements in watered vases.

Magi cast illusions of oceanic life swimming through the air over guest heads. Nymerian dancers performed on the other side of the glass, eerie and hypnotic as they swam all around through their aquariums, canals and corridors. Sharply dressed catering staff assisted guests to their seats and brought delightful trays of local Genesar cuisine.  H'oeuvres d'oeuvres were being passed around with plenty to sample from. Kitchens were working double time to supply enough food for a feast for all the convention participants. There was baked cod from Port Kyros, along with Dragonberry tarts imported from Hyperion’s bakery. Roasted Pork from the Midlands. Spicy curry and dried fish from the Velhatien Desert. Dried Goose and Carrot soup from the Cold South. Imperial Deer from the Arcane East stewed and served with a walnut bread.

Kyrosian wine and spirts were served all around from dry to sweet, with suggestions to pair with their meal choices at hand. Musicians played music to dance to while the powerful and influential met to rub elbows and talk business.

It was the calm before the storm, when people were coming, meeting and greeting. Lords and ladies met to talk politics and to snoop on one another’s financial stability. Business owners came to network, and recruiters and headhunters were not in short supply to attend. Due to the nature of the duality of a charity event, it was semi open to the public, so Raveena had very little doubts that someone of a less savory nature would try to work their way in.

The Queen was swathed in Hyperian colors of red and gold like a styled Sari dress. All around her attendants were rushing to ensure every hair pin was in place, key notes and guest names recalled. That the charity check she had to present to the orphanage was ready. First, though, let enough drink get in their systems to wind them down, she decided.

It was time for the events to begin!

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Thurgood and Aveline step into the gala, wearing nice, black pinstripe suits, black dress shirts, and black ties. Thurgood actually combed his hair and shaved some of his facial hair, trimming his moustache and goatee. Aveline put her hair up in a bun.

Aveline also wore unconventional jewelry; her necklace is made of chain with deactivated rounds. In the center is a 20 x 138 mm round, with glowing blue runes on both the bullet and casing. Two pairs of .50 BMG rounds flank those, with the inner ones also featuring glowing blue runes. The rest of the standard decor space has other rifle rounds of smaller sizes. There are also studs made from pistol rounds in her pointed pinnas. Each one is a sniper trophy called a HOG's tooth, and each one has a story behind it.

Yeah, they looked nice, but they were still Thurgood Albert and Aveline Debbie Singlance, and therefore do not have the most... dignified mannerisms; you bet your ass they're gonna drop some fuck-bombs tonight.

The staff herd the siblings to their seats, hand each a drink menu, and wait for their selections, clearly staring at the 20 milimeter round on Aveline's necklace.

"Got somethin' non-alcoholic?" Thurgood asks.

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