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Marigold believed his time had come, and the mad god that had been plaguing him would claim his sanity. It was the leading reason he had even been interested in the concept of an interview with Andromeda. Ceyana had brought many truths to harsh light as he nearly died fighting for people that were not his own. He wanted his life story made manifest, preparing to face his final moments knowing his story was told in its entirety. Andromeda’s slanderousness  never reaching him as the ritual would be prepared that very night. It was a debt burdened upon an unwilling son, an unwanted legacy. A tear opened when The Abaddon and The Black Queen’s courtiers fought over her ownership wth The Imperium as the battleground. Marigold betraying his alliances with the triumvirate in favor of rescuing Gabriella. The lab was left filthy and blood scoured from Roen’s rage, but ultimately unharmed as Marigold was left with the exhumed avatar of madness. 

Many moons had passed since that harrowing moment, and it was now time for the final act in The Mad God’s play. Laughing Stock had weakened the barriers between the material plane and Mania through the unfortunate psyche of Dr. Ravenspire. A maelstrom of euphoria and incongruent deviance enrapturing the complex. He grew up loathing magic and it’s users. His upbringing surrounded by the prejudice of humans. He had fought so hard to prove that humanity was still relevant in the growing world of magic and monsters that surrounded them. The god who smiles with his whole face proving him woefully wrong. Marigold knew this avatar of maniacs craved desires adjacent to all that was sane. Their destinies clashing now in a battle of wills. 

Perception on reality was being marred and molested as the walls tore and the floors obfuscated into blurbs of esoteric terror. The sheer presence of Laughing Stock in his near limitless pressure had shattered marigold’s mind tens of thousands of times in a miasma of fevered dreams. He felt a mere child toward those caustic auburn eyes: His skin blistered and sizzled against the labyrinthian grin that split across the mad one’s features like a shovel through concrete.. Marigold had seen this once before in his youth when his father faced the same sepulcher. Would the foolish soon suffer the same fate as his foolish father? That question melding into the cacophony that was enrapturing his being. Everything becoming unilateral and chaotic in a horrifying singularity

“The game your dear old daddy started is coming to an end Mari? Aren’t you pleased? You’ll be joining him soon~”
His voice never splitting his teeth and yet the chaoseum incarnate still spoke as though his vocal chords were around the mortal’s coil.

The unfortunate doctor had fallen of his path and veered into darkness and bartering curses and charms as he played with the limits of his soul. Laughing Stock reaping what Marigold’s patriarch sewed but the blame was not all his. The boy being the perfect vessel as his madness percolated into fruition. This night was unmistakable in its peak. The vessel was ripe and he was in the epicenter of every aspect of emotional chaos and it was the first the scientist had ever seen what Laughing Stock came to know as...The Truth. Everything was peeling away, curling like rotting wood. He felt the rusted redemption slip away; The memories of his late wife slipping through his fingers like sand. His entire being flaking away, exposing the instability that lie underneath. The smile that crawled across his slick skin no longer his own. Miracles were a hard thing to quantify, impossible to study, yet still they happened. A guest his ill fitted mind had allowed into the facility would change the outcome of this encounter in its entirety. Petrichor having an agenda of her own that would see the polluted madness strangling the laboratory put to an end, though she did not know of it’s source. The reactor was polluted with this clinging eldritch power, dogging her soul every step she took closer. A stranger with no affinity for either parties involved possessed a skill set that allowed her to bypass the reactor’s security measures and send it spiraling into a complete meltdown. The blaring sirens permeating the whole of the complex bleeding into the ephemeral tapestry weaved by the mad god himself as he neared providence. 

The moment the explosion occurred; Laughing Stock was mid transference before the cataclysm of force that thundered through the entire facility. Madness made manifest reeled back in a momentary bout of shock, allowing a glimmer of clarity to his vessel. It was just enough time for those sinister slitted eyes to witness Marigold’s arm extend and click a small small detonator in his palm. He hadn’t ever gone as far as the others in his line of work when it came to the perfecting the elusive artificial intelligence. Xerxes, his canine companion, the closest he had ever reached in that effort; preferring function over form when it came to his machines. He made a complete biometric scan of his brain synapses and his physiology, but the transfer wouldn’t be perfect and he didn’t want to take such risks.
The detonator triggering the merging of his biometric data to the facility, and subsequently triggering the destruction of his brain functionality. Marigold couldn’t fight against such a force, but he could deny him the functional vessel he craved.

The ruined facility went dormant after the explosion nearly destroyed his home entirely. An ominous quiet settling over the perimeter. The nearby village of Knolls had a short history with Marigold, and while it was tenuous at best, the shock wave and plume of molted green smoke was a cause for alarm that the mayor couldn’t ignore. A search party being sent out to The Imperium where they were shocked to see it in absolute shambles. They were forced to wait a frustrating few days before the temperature stabilized, by the time they arrived at the charred doors of his headquarters; They opened and revealed the forever changed marigold. He looked estranged when confronted by the search party. Their questions and hastened gestures being met with a thousand yard stare. Marigold meekly refused medical treatment and instead asked about any potential casualties that occurred due to the meltdown. It was fortunate indeed that A curfew had been set for the townsfolk after the attack of Roen’s rogue horde. There was relief in knowing he was the only casualty.

Laughing Stock too suffered in ways he hadn’t experienced. He had been anchored in Mania for so long toiling with the same madness he was forced to entertain himself with for eons! His incessant will wormed its way into the material plan to spread chaos wherever it could, but the more he plagued the mortals, the more he desired to be among them. Marigold was the culmination of that very desire, and the one to witness the fullness of absolute chaoseum. He was the perfect heir to Mania’s Mantle. The ritual would see the two replaced in their ‘destinies’. As he would finally see his goal realized, to be free of his accursed godhood and become mortal. Millennia of being able to manifest into existence every bit and bauble his fickle mind conjured up became so dull! There was no longer an unknown in the lunacy he cultivated and to him that wasn’t madness at all. He had learned from watching the frivolous mortals that their meager, short lives sewed the most inexplicable madness. Their lives were so small and irreverent that it spawned all manner of disastrous blasphemy and immortal creation. They were the eccentric pure. It was that very spark of unknown he so craved that ended up foiling his grandiose dreams.  Why should he take notice of a single, petite little girl? A surprise that would cost him dearly. A fragment of his godhood manifesting into this plane in the form of his serpentine eyes; solidifying into an amber of screams and laughter alike, consolidating his discordant maelstrom into a ghoulish gaze that allowed him to soon finish the transference. They allowed him to witness Marigold’s last contingency plan; The push of a button

There was no longer any resistance against the mad god’s chittering will, and in that moment everything had come to fruition.A mortal shell all to his own! A shock to his system immediately upon possession unexpected as he was cast off into a broken body. Marigold, in a spark of madness all his own, robbed the patron of his completed vessel. Auburn eyes beginning to bore from the original pair. A brainless cadaver wielding godly eyes; Seeing all, but understanding nothing.
Lazarus, A god no more
The incomplete mortal awaking stuck in a tree whilst bright rays of sun bathing the vast field in a temperate day. Lazarus managing to find the only tree in a five mile radius as though it were one last display of the laughing stock he once was. He panicked momentarily as the perspective reflected off his marble like eyes and exaggerated the distance he was from the ground. The sudden sway of movement snapping the branch that snagged at his pants and causing him to collapse into a breathless heap amidst vibrant blooming flowers. Airless screams and yelps of surprise lasting several more moments than the initial fall before his eyes revealed he had already landed on the ground. Lazarus shakily stood and only knew that he had come from a far away place, and his name. The damage Marigold had left impacted his memory and rationality greatly. The air blew through his hair, and it was as though he had been mortal his whole life.He now would taste madness of finite existence, shown through the eyes of mania, yet unable to understand it. 

The cataclysm had eventually passed with both parties falling into momentary obscurity; It was hard for such a surge of eruptive power and energy to go unnoticed. The pillar of molted green smoke alone attracts plenty of looters and thieves toward a potential bounty. Marigold always had some sort of karmic target on his back so it’s size was relative. His concern fell upon the vivid and terrible out of body experience he was suffering from. It was difficult to fathom that he was an artificial construct, that his experiment had worked...but he hadn’t accounted for what it would strip away. Marigold only able to remember the moments before he had confronted Laughing Stock. He had become integrated with the facility itself and now had control over all of it’s systems without having to be at the proper computer terminals, yet the sensation of senses were lost to him. The facsimile that would act as his avatar around the facility was near perfect in design only after a few days of working on it amidst destroyed equipment...yet it no longer felt like his form. He had eyes and ears among the facility remaining detection systems and the droids that hadn’t mysteriously vanished or been destroyed. These were the newfound complications he would have to deal with in this new...life. He wouldn’t be here now if his original self had thwarted the mad god with a desperate, half baked scheme, but it also meant that he had once possessed the capacity to end his own life. A trouble thought to bear indeed. The curse was freed, still he survived, and his current situation was the sacrifice. He could endure. An unwilling host eradicating a parasitic god; finding a freedom in the unfortunate circumstances he found himself in. A forever changed fate. It was a visit from an olf friend that this newfound destiny bestowed upon him, with its own set of complications.

The motion trackers that still remained interrupted his simulated sleep; blurred dreams coagulating through the facility’ mainframe. His vision channeling through a dozen cameras and revealing the sight of a twelve foot tall giant. Moshra The Wolf Giant. Questions buzzing through his mind as he piloted his facsimile and started walking toward the only entrance that still stood. What was she doing here so far from her home? What was she doing here? Worry a construct that dulled in his new form, instead feeling joy at seeing an old friend visit him. He had suffered much, and wouldn’t refuse the company. He couldn’t believe in mere coincidence after Petrichor had managed to save him from a fate worse than death; a few surviving cameras catching her escape with some of his own droids. He should’ve guessed she hadn’t been there for mere entertainment. He didn’t know if he could trust anyone much during these times, even moshra...but the heart can’t help what it yearns for, and though his was gone.
It still beat for her

The hearty thrum of Moshra’s timbre quaking the entrance she now stood at, eyeing the devices she saw at either side of the door. She never liked cameras. An impatient knock soon following afterward “Baradeshi, saw such fire in the sky, hard to miss. Can you hear me? Marigold?!” Her baritone was impossible not to pick up as she was obviously worried. It was the first time she had actually visited him. Three children and a town to sheriff over took up all of her time. The devastation that had struck ceyena and Arashi’ fate being the last update she heard from Marigold before he went into isolation. A black eye being a kindness to him for giving her child to an alien king. Marigold could only imagine how angry she’ll be for what had transpired. A pregnant pause permeated the air, and as she was ready to kick the doors down. They opened to reveal the doctor himself.  Their height difference was staggering, but still he greeted her with a melancholic smile “First time you’ve visited me Moshra...it’s...good to see you” A reserved and mechanical lilt to his voice as he indecision split him in twain. His burdens were his own, and seeking help was how this all started in the first place. Moshra making the decision herself, and stepping in as she pointed a finger “You’ve no scent, no heartbeat, no breath.

Something terrible happened here so you are going to tell me, Majai” She barked, looking over his home and seeing what was amiss. The command center spared from utter destruction, but still had only half power and in severe disrepair. His features failing to coney his emotions, forgetting that she was as stubborn as the adopted dragoness she raised; connecting two kindered spirits. The imperfections in his A.I being revealed as his eyes shut off like the wink of a television going out. The meager power in the facility beginning to fail before shutting off entirely. The facsimile of Marigold falling backwards before being caught by Moshra’s massive mitt. The systems around her beginning to recycle the emergency power. It would take time for Marigold to figure out his new artificial existence, let alone repairing the the imperium.
It was fortunate, he supposed, that he now had time to spare. 


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