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Gypsy Soul? Look no further

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Not all those that wander are lost......

A gypsy  soul is born to wander.....and cause mischief. 


I am building and creating a Gypsy caravan to wander across the continent, cause mischief and revel in Gypsy drama. If you are interested let me know! 




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9 hours ago, Voldemort said:

I was creating the mischief causing type of character but was having trouble deciding what demographic to make him part of. I suppose that Gypsy seems fun enough. Count me in.


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7 hours ago, Venus Sprite said:

This looks like fun. How many people are you looking for and do you want them all to by gypsies? Or can others tag along as well?

I am hoping to get 3-4 people onboard with this. 

The way I see the caravan is that it is a collection of different people that banded together as a "family." Anyone that wanders with them for longer than 6 months would be considered part of the family. While some are blood related such as the founding family, other members have been gathered through their travels, people from other caravans or marriages. 

I am working on getting a general bio for the caravan up, its a little tricky since I dont have the full cast yet. They mostly wander and get what they need via trade with others or through skills they have. Such as music, entertainment, swindling, or any trade skill they have (like taming and selling horses, building things or tinkering). 

This particular band's founder is Lillai, and since she is on her own, anyone she collects at this point that sticks around is considered family and a part of the group. 

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