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The Oracle

Grand Election Ballot Box - Vote for the new Saint King of Fracture

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3 minutes ago, Grand Mainframe said:

@SweetCyanide @vielle @Shatter you guys are so nice we're literally crying right now but we'll vote for all of you in the poll

why wouldn't someone love you back? can you help

Well, when you're political rivals vying for the title of Saint King. . . 

don't touch machine learning GIF

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I have no idea what happened in the last 16+ pages I haven't been following

But how the heck did this:

Turn into this???:




Of all the places to see a rivals to lovers trope unfold on Valucre, it's between the two creepy, cryptic ARGs

also GM, I stan, but I'm voting Obelus. Stop trying to give Veluriyam away >_>

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7 minutes ago, Tyler said:

Welp, time to settle this the ol' fashioned way...


haven't you ever heard not to bring guns to a sword fight?



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