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Character Music/ Theme Songs

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I like to do this kind of thread every so often. I think someone usually posts it 1-2 times a year, so I'll do it this time! Probably one of my all time favorite ones haha

This gist is fairly simple: post a song that you believe in the music and/ or theme song for one of your characters! You can do it for as many characters as you'd like! Some people also like to give a short snapshot as to why you chose that song. I'll go first, though I'll just use active characters to make it less long haha


Lilith Reiter

"They say the most dangerous man is the one who has nothing left to lose. I say it’s the one who has at least one last thing left to protect."




Alexander Hawk

"And if I'm dying in the fight, it'll be while I'm bringing you down to the grave."





Aedos Chanaril

"No more mercy, no more pain; From the wreckage, no escape; I can feel it burning in my veins."





Athena Romanov

"The Ends justify the Means."




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I actually used to have both a theme song and a character soundtrack for each of my major characters, though a few of them were kind of forced so I would up removing that from my profiles. However, I still feel some of them remain fitting for my characters, so I'll share a few now, and a few more later:

You'll have to forgive the fact that they are all metal songs! lol It's what I listen to man...


Erin Hale
"All the places I've been and things I've seen
A million stories that made up a million shattered dreams
The faces of people I'll never see again
And I can't seem to find my way home


The lyrics really resonated with how Erin feels, being in a foreign land with no family or friends, the guilt of past her past sins weighing on her as she struggled to survive, along with that sinking feeling like something is just trying to make her life miserable. (hint: It's your humble narrator)





Shane Haydes
"How can I be lost
If I've got nowhere to go?


This one I had picked out way back in Shane's early days, particularly because I really found a good association between the theme of forgiveness (Shane is a murderer on the run from his/her homeland), but also the sailing allegory in the song, which relate to the fact that the character has sailed around the world several time to try and escape their mistakes. Also the whole thing about getting lost and having no direction kinda... well resonates with me as an author, since this character has really not found a way to "fit" the way my other ones have.


Abigail Karradeen
"I've been a survivor since I began to crawl
Fallen down but I'm not out,
The devil’s at my door
I don't give in, I don't give up
I won't ever let it break me
I'm on fire, I'm a fighter
I'll forever be the last one standing


Ironically, this song was picked out before I made the decision to nix House Karradeen and have Abigail be exiled from Ursa Madeum. Originally the song was more in reference to how she overcame her father's sexism to become Duchess, then fought against the establishment in the Taen Empire to reestablish her house's standing. Now it can also relate to how she's been stripped of everything, but refuses to simply give up and die no matter how much she's been denied what she things is rightfully hers...





(Credits to Csl for the character icons)


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