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Nehalen: Timeline and Canon Updates - archived 2020-10-21

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Sorry for the delay; in the next couple days I'll be getting around to all the request for canonization! In the meantime, I've updated the Renovatio Map to better portray the lore and cities currently in Nehalen. 

When I have more time, I'll be looking around to see about finding someone who can help me add the larger island nations like Seinaru Forven and Nede/ Grad na Ang'eli to the map as well. 

But, for now, enjoy the updated map!




@Veloci-Rapture @Aleksei @Tyros

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Thread Canonized: Rath Lux - Quests: Word And Law

On 6/5/2020 at 8:58 AM, Shal said:

Full summary: After a passionate night with Myrinda, Tyros wakes up around noon. After the events of the last days, his head is full of many matters. Leaving the sleeping lover a letter, Rhean goes to the streets of Port Reach to meet another woman, Frederika, who he hopes will help him solve some of his problems.

In the streets, the baron notices that people ignore him, look away from him. A momentary thought of leaving the island crept into Tyros's head but was quickly rejected. 

Meanwhile, Frederika, unaware of the guest approaching her, relished the taste of Red Belladonna, a drug, knowing that thanks to her resistance to toxins she could not suffer the unpleasant consequences of addiction. 

Both people were watched by attentive blue eyes. When the meeting took place, Shal, the Cat Spirit associated with Frederika, decided to eavesdrop on the conversation, pretending to be an ordinary cat before Rhean.

During a conversation at Frederiki's flower shop, Tyros sensed the drug and was not happy about it. For the convenience of her guest, Black Rose moved the meeting to the roof of the building, where a nasty case of animal abuse occurred. 

In a discussion about his doubt, Rhean made the mistake of mocking Frederika. The Black Rose showed her thorns, in one fiery speech giving Tyros what she thought were the easiest solutions to his problems, after which she dismissed both the baron and poor Shal from her home.


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Thread Canonized: Rath Lux - Quests: Principium


Full Summary

The Baron and The Witch

Having spent the majority of the past few months perfroming cruel ritualistic sacrifices and horrendous, inhumane experiments, Baron Tyros wakes with a feeling of intense melancholy. Standing in front of a mirror that once belonged to his wife, the man reocunts all the horrors he had commited, likening his once proud manor to a despoiled corpse, still useful to its own ravager.

Wandering the blackened halls, the baron recounts his warlike past.

Deciding that his dark goals have been accomplished, he frees the last prisoner he still had within his dungeon, a wolf-woman by the name of Millery, the consequences of which may or may not be felt in the near future.

At the height of his melancholic episode, the villagers of Heavenshire finally gather up in rebellion, finally rising up in arms against their silent government, seemingly lead by unseen hands.

The baron regroups with one of his employees, a witch from faraway lands by the name of Myrinda Ravenlash, a sociopathic but otherwise genius woman whose alchemical prowess had aided in much of the baron's work.

As they fight off the horde of rampaging peasantry, the manor itself comes alive, or unalive, with the souls of all of the barons victims, the monstrous undead assaulting both parties as the entire household is locked down, preventing escape.

Luckily, a hidden escape tunnel could be found in the manor's library and the duo escaped the burning building after the baron had confirmation of his sons survival.

They found themselves in a cave near Camp Garnstooth, where they killed a troll, hunted for food, ate and healed their wounds. Though the desperation of the situation did not break either of their minds, it still took a heavy toll on the two antisocial villains, causing them to develop a quickly growing, romantic bond, even if they were little more than curious business partners up to this point.

They made their way to Port Reach during the cover of night, coming very close to death as soon as they left their cavernous safe heaven as a Red River Priest walked dangerously near the pair. Highly caffeinated and running on fumes, the duo reached the port at the break of morning, relying on the goodwill of a particularily happy tavernkeeper grant them respite.

Poisoned by Wanderberry Extract due to the barons lack of forethought, the duo slept for two entire days before waking, an embarrassing mishap causing them to gather more attention than either of them wanted.

Collecting themselves, the baron and the witch walked hand in hand through the town, visiting a bank, then a smithy as Tyros required a new sword, before finally arriving at a restaurant for some lunch, as well as to meet up with the „blackest of roses among a field of gold“.

Once the preliminary talks were completed and a rudimentary plan set up, the blackest rose left and the two finished their dinner. The Atmosphere quickly headed up and the following night would be one full of, ahem, „violent romping“.

The Cat, The Mystery and The Artist

Torches lit up in Heavenshire! Although there was no sign of an attack, the people organized an uprising against Baron Tyros, storming his estate in the middle of the night. Had they discovered the truth about the nightmarish experiments carried out by the ruler of Rath Lux, or perhaps the mysterious Will of the Island, Heartweald, decided that it is time put an end to it? Whatever the reason, a furious crowd broke through the gardens to the interior of the property with a supposedly clear purpose. Kill the baron and destroy everything that is associated with him.

Dray, the son of the baron and the reason why he committed his crimes, was in a tower away from the main battle. His teacher Mozart, aware of the impending threat, prepared for them both to flee. Meanwhile, Shal the Cat Spirit, watching everything from afar and curious about the results of Tyros's experiments, set off to look for the child of the baron.

During their escape, Dray and Mozart ran into attackers disconnected from the main group. Thanks to the quick thinking and cleverness of the teacher, they managed to get out of this situation without bloodshed. Shal, having found the son of a baron, and Mozart, led them safely through the property, allowing them to escape into a nearby forest.

Confronted by the Cat Spirit, Dray and his teacher questioned the motives of the strange creature. However, due to the lack of other options, they decided to trust Shal, who promised them a safe journey to Port Reach, where the Baron's colleague and Shal's friend Frederika lived. The journey through the woods was peaceful until the group encountered bandits who were camping in the area. Once again, thanks only to Mozart's oratory skill, a fight was avoided.

A further route to Port Reach led through the beach, where Mozart would experience the mischievous nature of Shal. After a few hours of wandering, the group reached the city. The group met with Frederika, who after a short conversation with Shal took two refugees into her home, providing them with a safe heaven.

Shal, using the opportunity to separate itself from the group, decided to use their connection with nature to find out what fate met Baron Tyros. Having learned that he is alive, the Cat shared this information with Frederika and Mozart.

Each of the three had their plans to use this information. The cards were dealt and the dice were thrown. The great game is just beginning.

@Tyros @Shal @Myrinda

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Thread Canonized: [GS] Gemini


Full Summary: In the absence of any Paragons on the scene to defeat the banished Renovation Giant-God, Gemini, Aedos Chanaril, Duke of Nu Martyr, steps in and face off against the descended god. The Duke became distracted for half a second, resulting in him being hit by Gemini and every bone in his body broken. Lumina, an elf, sees his broken body and heals him. Combined with his own self regenerating abilities, Lumina heals Aedos to near full strength. During her healing, Lumina protected Aedos and herself through a barrier. Once healed, Aedos asked her to drop the barrier and he used an old magic tool to transport them to safety in order to regroup. 

After regrouping they rush ahead of Gemini to a nearby village in its path. There they evacuate the people and lead them to a hidden ridge in the nearby mountain range. They set up a beacon to call and beckon the nearby Chanaril Knights. 

The Knights, however, aren't quick enough. This forced Lumina and Aedos to take action by themselves. A steady fight goes on until they both begin to run out of power. Aedos uses all of his power to attack Gemini and then Lumina does the same, both end up on the verge of unconsciousness. Unfortunately, Gemini is still standing. Heavily, maybe even fatally, wounded but nonetheless alive and storming toward them. 

Lilith Reiter, the Commander, bursts from the sky and at Gemini, where she forced her entire body through the back of Gemini's head. Although the body crumbles, Lilith absorbs the soul energy of the God, storing it into her consciousness with E'na. 


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Until the previous leader returns from thei AFV I’m assuming executive management of Renovatio. Continue leveraging the AMAs for lore questions but otherwise feel free to PM regarding canon updates and the like

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Thread canonized: Kill me if you can

Location: Avylon

11 minutes ago, Noko said:


With two of the remaining Renovatio PRIMEs set to gather in Nehalen at Castle Strogonoff for a peace treaty, the Dead decide to eliminate them both in one well-planned action and claim what powers and knowledge their god-like bodies can summon up.  The danger is well known, so the Syndicate sends Phoebe Marshall, the First; Shikai Shokudo, the General; and Ash Himura.  They come well-funded and better planned, managing to eliminate both of the PRIMEs without any lives lost on their side, though Ash does flee the battle before it begins.  All three Dead escape unseen and the mystery of the PRIMEs assassination remains officially unsolved.  Scant evidence, which would need to be discovered, would point toward Nu Martyr.  

Castle Strogonoff was effectively destroyed in the attack and within a few days collapsed in on itself, unable to stand.

The town surrounding Castle Strogonoff is destroyed in the assault.  It's remaining citizens scattered and the area continues to be a local hazard full of numerous types of zombies, zombified animals, and poisonous pockets of air.


  • The town around Castle Strogonoff has been reduced to uninhabitable rubble.   It is overrun with zombies, other undead, and afflicted by roving pockets of poisonous gas.
  • The very few surviving citizens of Village and Castle Strogonoff are displaced throughout Nehalen.


  • Despite no official recounting, rumors persist that the staff of Castle Strogonoff were dismissed from the castle shortly before the attack.  Find, investigate, and interview any survivors to try and determine why the staff was dismissed and potentially get a step closer to determining what happened that fateful night.
  • Assist the displaced former citizens of Village Strogonoff through relocation or assistance removing the undead and poisonous gas pockets which make the Village uninhabitable.
  • Explore the ruins of the Village and Castle Strogonoff and seek out buried bits of treasure left in the town and castle's remnants.


  • Phoebe absorbs the essence of PRIME Efonte and, adding his power base to her own, significantly increases her psionic and physical capabilities.
  • Shikai gains increased mastery of Mykur, the Legendary Blade.
  • The Dead gain financial resources, increased power in Nehalen and Renovatio, and reputation.

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Thread canonized: Relic - Libra, Piercing Through Fate

Location: Avylon


On 9/17/2020 at 10:01 AM, Zashiii said:


The Mistress Blackhead comes into contact with an insane urchin in her search for Libra's necklace. The urchin promises to give her the necklace if she can counterfeit the prophesied bird. The Mistress then asks advice from her local agent. After knowing the circumstances of the urchin and the cult behind the prophesied bird. Later on, she notices that someone else is behind the cult and provokes the mastermind into coming out. It was an archdemon aiming to create a religion to restores its lost powers. She defeats the demon and enslaves it with a contract thus ending the curse of the prophesied bird and saves the kids from certain death. Later on, she gives the kids a chance at a new life and boards them all in her airship. Meanwhile, she collects the 

Minor Summary:

The Mistress Blackhead comes into contact with an insane urchin in her search for Libra's necklace. She defeats the demon behind the cult of the prophesied bird thus saving the kids from certain deaths. In the end she gives the kids a new purpose in life while claiming Libra's necklaces for her own.


- The Mistress Blackhead recovers Libra's Necklace
- The orphaned urchin and his cult have been disbanded after the event. Instead they are now under the service of the Mistress


- Investigate the events that transpired which resulted to the sudden decrease of wandering street urchins in the city.
- Investigate a the hidden cult of the prophesied bird and its final demise.


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