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Disorganized crime - jigoku

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Jericho, Borges, and Garland, as members of the vigilante group Justice, attack a band of smugglers who have been providing a steady stream of drugs to traffickers in Jigoku's red light district. Cutting off such a large supply vein will see a ripple effect through the criminal underworld.

Long Summary

Jericho, Borges and Garland make their way to Jigoku because Jericho has a line on a smuggling operation that's of interest to his particular brand of justice. Smuggling, in and of itself, doesn't quite rate on his radar. Drugs all on their own could go either way. But when you mixed that with a red-light district only particular regulated, and that by a futilism-oriented government, you got situations that demanded involvement.

So he got involved.

Posing as a buyer, Jericho arranges a meet with a local distributor. He buys armfuls of whatever the man has in stock, engages in a little illicit activity to put the man at psychological ease, and then coaxes an additional meet out of Jarrod with his supplier – neutral ground, all aboveboard. Unknown to Jarrod, Borges has marked him with a pheromone tracker, and the three of them follow Jarrod to the docks. To a specific airship.

Garland is an old hand at spectacle and causes a distraction by rocking the side of the airship with whatever munitions he brought along, meanwhile Jericho and Borges infiltrate the airship through its hull (secret: Jericho owns the Ghost Pouch and used this to make both himself and Borges temporarily spectral, allowing them to bypass the ship's physical barriers). Still tracking his pheromone marker, Borges leads Jericho to where Jarrod is meeting with the smugglers and Jericho takes control of guards (using the Ghost Pouch to possess them) in the room to give them the upper hand when breaking up the meeting.

Through a tactically deployed blitzkrieg and asymmetrical warfare, Justice has gained the upper hand and offers the smugglers a choice: cut off this branch of their business or die.

Everyone ended the day more or less intact.

Consequences and Opportunities

C – Supply chain disruption, drugs: A major supply vein for drugs into Jigoku has been severed.

O – Fill vacuum left at the supply level, with the Grey Feather smugglers redirecting their operation, or at the distribution level, with Jarrod and his gang. This would be of interest to agents of Chaos.

O – While they're weakened and desperate, deal another strike against the criminal element, setting up a sting to replace the Grey Feather smugglers at the supply level and setting up a honey pot to see what you catch. This would be of interest for agents of Order.

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