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Esstevan Montoya

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Basics Info
Name: Esstevan Montoya
Monikers: Ashen Slayer, Demon, Champion, Evan
Age: 51 | Visual Age: 40
Birth Place: Atlas, Devrim
Race: Human
Gender: Male

Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 6'2" | 188 cm
Weight: 187 lbs | 84 kg
Voice: Throaty/Gravelly

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Warlord
Blood Type: AB-
Unique Abilities: Power of the Champion


.This is Esstevan's clothing during his survival in the Eovian Dimension.

(More will be added in the future)

"Show me a hero and I'll write you a tragedy."
- F. Scott Fitzgerald


Striving | On the 13th of June 1829, Esstevan Montoya was conceived not too far off the coast of Devrim. He had grown up in a large family of six brothers, seven sisters, three cousins, two uncles, one aunt, a mother, and a father. Despite the family being close, they had grown to be at each other’s throats. With Montoya's father and uncle forcing the family to choose sides between them on what was right and what was wrong, tensions began to rise from petty arguments to plots of land. In a turn of events with the feuding family, Vice, one of Esstevan’s many brothers, had begun raising him. By the age of eight years old, the rivalry of the family had grown to the point of Esstevan's father striking his wife, the uncle's sister. This action had caused the family to take up arms and kill each other off one by one. Taking it upon himself, Vice decided to take Esstevan as far as possible from the conflict and sailed overseas. By the year 1837, the brothers had settled in the Shasten Empire for a new life. In 1841, Vice had vanished one-night leaving Esstevan to fend for himself. By the age of fifteen, he had taken interest in the Shasten Military, thanks to propaganda. He had enlisted as soon as he turned 16, thrilled for a new family to be provided to him. At 1846, only at seventeen years of age, the first World War had broken out. Montoya had lost many friends and most of his family. At the age of eighteen, Esstevan was taken in as a POW by enemy forces.

The Rise of a Leader | Montoya would spend two years in the work camps before he had blown and became a troublesome prisoner. He had lead massive riots, eventually leading to a massive break out, and seizing the base with his new comrades. His leadership would eventually earn him the name Hero. With his newfound power, Montoya's next move was to desert the Shasten Military. No one had come to rescue Montoya or his comrades, so he decided to bring his comrades back to the nation of Atlas. At the end of the first World War in 1849, the prisoners who had escaped along with himself had entered the Atlesian Marine Corps. For his act of bravery, Montoya entered as an Officer. He began to make a name for himself and climb his way up the ranks as his comrades supported him. Once he had turned twenty-two, he analyzed flaws in his own nation’s government. The third class had begun to grow and so did his desire to assist them. He would eventually convince his mates that he would lead a coup, The word had spread and the military was split in two. Montoya had turned twenty-four in 1853 and had become the new Chancellor of Atlas with a successful mission (Two of those years were of him as a dictator).

The Warp | Montoya's rule of Atlas had spread out to become a successful reign. Many wars had been fought and won. Many losses had been bared; Atlas-Zones War, The Nerridean Isles colonization, the Vaspuris Island Wars, The Atlas-Erenie SSK War. The hunt for Duck and his grunts was consent, which had cost Montoya his left arm becoming paralyzed. Eventually, he had stepped down in the year 1861. Later that year, his life took a turn. An unexplained event had occurred only with the name of a Dimensional Clash. It had happened once before. This "Dimensional Clash" had hit Atlas and led to the downpour of some strange creatures, later coined as Tree Walkers, into the 404 Universe. These beings began plowing through the city of Herograd in an effort to create a new home. Unfortunately, Atlesian soldiers were not equipped for situations such as these. Plenty of civilian and soldier lives came to an end as fought bravely. As the city was being evacuated, another Dimensional Clash had begun causing a majority of the nation to be wiped from existence. Thanks to Addison, Howard, and the rest who had assisted them, they were able to rescue thousands of civilians. Thousands more of poor souls had been warped away along with Esstevan Montoya into a dimension known as Eovian Dimension.

Other Worldly Pressure | Though normally four years have only passed, time travels faster in the Eovian Dimension. Twenty years had passed and Montoya had been doing his best to keep together a group of survivors alive. His objective is to scout out any survivor that had been warped along with them. With the help of Rose, the two had taught the group of men and women the art of guerrilla tactics to fight off the native species that threaten their daily lives. Rose often assisted Montoya and continues to ever since they had met during his rule in Atlas. Rose, being the Lifekeeper of the Ashen, was high ranking and loved by her kind. For her to be taken away had upset the Ashen. As a result, the Ashen now see Montoya as the Demon to their "perfect" race. He now does anything in his power to keep him and whatever is left of the survivors safe. As to how Esstevan Montoya and his kind would get back? That was the mystery.


(Will be added on to as soon as my character is completely introduced back in.)

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|The Power of The Champion|

"If you want to see the true colors of a man, give them power."

- Esstevan Montoya

What is this power you speak of?
Long ago, in the very wake of humanities existence, 5 gods roamed where they pleased in the farthest reaches of space. These beings of pure color and wonderment were the embodiment of different factors of existence.  There was the first and main being, Fabrication, who encased creation, space, and possibility. There was Decay who encased the ticking of time, negative emotions, and the end. There was Spirit who encased freedom, positive emotion, and unity.  There was Logic who encased knowledge, decision, and consequence. Lastly, was Virtue who encased individuality, direction and character. The 5 gods had forged a separate being of power designed to serve as a guardian of to their creations and counter any great evil that could harm them. For centuries, this power has been passed down from user to user as each champion of the gods were given to rest with Decay. We don't know much of these champions, or later known as Hero's, but they are granted guardian abilities of their own. This power is malleable to each user, though most Hero's gain their power involuntarily by fate.


"For twenty years we've had to defend these survivors, For twenty years I've used this power and had nothing to do but better it."
-Esstevan Montoya

.Esstevan's Energy Surge.
December 20th 1848 in Universe 404 marks the day Montoya first received his power by a previous user known as Elena Winter who had died on the same day she transferred her power, the day of the break out. With no knowledge of his new found abilities and no one to guide the successor, Esstevan had no clue how to expand on it. During the Great Coup of Atlas, he discovered he had power beyond his comprehension. An Energy that could flow and zip through his body at will. This energy held multiple uses, as an assistance with his speed, to pack a bigger punch, and even as an energy source. Unfortunately, laws had been put in place to cap any sorts of magical abilities, and so the inheritor played by the rules. This prevented any further progress on expanding his potential-- All up until now. For twenty years, Montoya has been working to perfect his abilities not only to save himself but also others. A true Hero to the survivors that thrive.

.Basics of The Champions Abilities.
Amplified Strength: Though never precisely analyzed nor recorded, many have witnessed this great Hero lift objects and beings of incredible size and weight such as multiple men at once, horses, cannons, and other beings without breaking a sweat. An Atlesian Marine by the name of Baretto has viewed Montoya ripping off an arm of an Ashen warrior while held in a choke hold during a duel long ago in his time of ruling. With strengths still unexplored, Esstevan has yet to test it's limits.

Amplified Speed: During his time in Universe 404, Montoya has been recorded to reach speeds up to 23 to 25 miles per hour on foot. These speeds would be broken during his time in the Eovian dimension, reaching 42 to 45 miles per hour as his top running speed. His fastest time ever was 50 miles per hour, this would not last for too long since these speeds strained his body, causing him to injure his Achilles Tendon.

Amplified Stamina: Physical stamina is an assessment of individual muscular fitness, aerobic fitness, body composition and flexibility. These factors combine to determine how long an individual can complete physically demanding tasks without tiring. With an incredible amount of stamina, the Hero can go on for days until fully warn out! During his time in the Eovian, Esstevan has participated with a well matched Tier 5 Ashen. This fight had dragged on for two nights and three days with minimal breaks, this being his longest recorded combat session. Though this battle has proven him to be a great warrior, his foe proved themselves as a great adversary, giving Montoya scars beyond repair.

Enhanced Reflex: The Power of The Champion allows Esstevan to maintain a reaction time well beyond average.

At Ease
Auditory Reaction: 0.009 seconds
Signal Sent: 0.0005 seconds
Actual Reaction: 0.003 seconds
Overall: 0.017 seconds

In Combat
Auditory Reaction: 0.004 seconds
Signal Reaction: 0.02 seconds
Actual Reaction: 0.02 seconds
Overall: 0.008 seconds

Razor Sense: Esstevan's Razor Senses act as a precautionary signal to his brain in order to sense assaults or possible threats. An example of these powers at work would be during the Atlas-Erenie SSK War, when Kris, son of Khan, had attempted to snipe the entrenched General from a clear angle. Thanks to these razor senses, he was able to avoid the assault. Another example would be when Esstevan even sensed the 'Masked Sparrow' observing him on the beach. These senses give Hero the opportunity to evade incoming attacks and or conduct a preemptive strike. But as always, easier said than done!

Bone Endurance: The Champions Bone Endurance, though not the strongest, is significantly resilient. Esstevan has survived falls from up to 50 feet only to get back up and continue the fight. Though his bones are strong, they have been broken and fractured from harsh impacts. When damaged, his bones do heal back stronger, albeit this healing process could take days.

Wound Tighten: The Wound Tighten ability serves to prevent excessive bleeding, this makes up for the Champions slow regenerative abilities. Once stabbed or shot, the wound tightens to ease the bleeding and keep him in the fight for as long as possible and if all else fails, to run. This ability can last for an incredibly long period until the Hero is out of combat, then he or she should start to worry about bleeding out. Wound tighten only works on the flesh though, internal bleeding is something the Champion should worry about as well. The Champions abilities to regenerate are above average, yes, but they are not the fastest. Regenerating an internal wound would cause pain to the Hero.

Vitality Ease: Vitality Ease allows Esstevan and future champions to age slower that usual. All though he's 51, Montoya currently only looks 40. The reasoning behind this ability is to keep the Champion in the ring for as long as possible until he transfers the power to his or her successor and to keep him in top notch condition!

.Energy Surge Combat Techniques.

High Leap: High Leap is a quick energy surge to Esstevan's ankles, calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, and rear region to extremely increase the height and speed of his jumping abilities. He can use this to get to high up places, evade incoming attacks, or travel.

Double Impact:  Double Impact allows Esstevan to enhance the intensity of his strikes by surging a certain amount of energy to certain points of his body. For example, If he wanted to punch something or someone with an extreme amount of force, he may concentrate his energy to his shoulder(s), wrist(s), and knuckles. This energy surge can travel as fast as 300 miles per hour through his body, faster than the signals in ones nervous system. He may also use this on weapons to deal an extreme impact/enhance performance of said weapon.

Energy Flow: Energy Flow is a fast transfer or burst of energy from Hero to his foe. The goal of this move is to at least stun his opponent and at most, fry them. 
High Heel:
Electrical Defuse:
Shock Wave:
Blind Rage:


.The Edge of Infinity.
The Edge of infinity is a last resort ability that cannot be obtained at will. This ability is usually activated during a cosmic like event. No Hero has ever reached this point before, so the only ones who know of it's existence are the very creators of the power. The Edge of Infinity is a form that brings together every user that had inherited the ability into one vessel, making the current users ability to boost. The one down side is if the user dies in this state, the power is wiped out along with the current user and his or her predecessors.

Inheritance is the final seconds of being the keeper of the Power of The Champion before the predecessor must plant his next seed, to transfer it to the next successor, the next Hero. Usually it takes a while for the successor to even manifest his own abilities, but the basic abilities will serve as training wheels for the new users quest to develop unique skills and strengths of his or her own. Though, great powers come great consequences. Most previous Hero's have not had peaceful deaths or pretty ones. To inherit these powers, you must accept that death will surely catch up to you.

 "I wish not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders. . ."
-Esstevan Montoya, After being told the consequences of his abilities by Elena Winter. 


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"Wars may be fought with weapons, but it is the will and courage of men who win them."
-Esstevan Montoya

Illustrious Edge

Moniker: Illustrious






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