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Romai Mu Lyrae

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Credited to Daniel for creation



 Romai Mu Lyrae 


 The Romai are a band of Gypsy wanderers, mostly known for their entertainment talents and ability to awe. Much unlike "tinkers," this family uses showmanship to obtain what they need.  The Mu Lyrae family gathered their name from the constellations their predecessors followed - If you ask a Romai Mu Lyrae they will proudly tell you the name was a gift from the goddess of entertainment herself. 


 If pressed a Romai may introduce her/himself as "Mu Lyrae (insert fathers namesake here)" For example "Lilai Mu Lyrae Goodsky." They are not typically formal enough to use a moniker and will not give such a greeting unless it is to another Romai family at a large gathering. 


Just look for a group of brightly colored wagons 





Menowin Goodsky 

Current Leader:

 "Kal Goodsky" 


Lilai Goodsky




— Allies: Most other Romai families 

— Enemies: Romai Zefine 

— Neutral Parties: The various cities and towns the family has passed through 


Romai Mu Lyrae rules: 

All Romai Mu Lyrae live to wander they never stay in one place longer than a week .

Women can leave their family only if they are "running away" with a lover 

Men do not leave the family and bring in their wives from other families 

They are highly suspicious of outsiders and it is rare they welcome one into their family. 

They are superstitious of EVERYTHING! 

They fear evil spirits and believe your actions or contact with certain outsiders can bring them upon you

All Romai Mu Lyrae have a job and a role in their family 

Arguments will always be loud, rowdy and must NEVER involve the law (if they show up - scatter!) 



— Ongoing:

— Completed:

— Abandoned:



 The founding of the family is a little diluted with each generation the tale is passed down. As the current leader tells it: Menowin Goodsky stole the wife of a leader in a previously allied family. The ensuing affair caused a rift between the families - with increasing "bad luck" within the family Menowin was blamed for bringing evil spirits upon them. One night, under the guidance of the stars, Menowin ran away from his family and vowed never to return. He "stole" his lover back from the Zefine family and changed their name and family to  Romai Mu Lyrae Goodsky. 

Recent Events: 


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