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Date a Pretty Girl (All Genders Welcome)

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Hello, everyone!

For the longest time, Lucinda Valentine (played by @Lucinda Valentine) has been complaining to my character, Addison, about her uninteresting/catastrophic love life.

As such, both Addy (and myself) have taken it upon ourselves to put this woman out of her misery!

My character will serve as matchmaker for all of those thirsting fellows and lasses out there.

If you are interested in seeing what Luca has to offer, you may read this briefly constructed dating profile which I have prepared:


Name: Luca Valentine
Sexuality: Bi
Age: 26
Height: 5'5
Weight: 85 lbs

Additional Points to consider:

- Born into nobility (Familiar with upper class etiquette)

- Rumored to be the Queen of Naboo


(Image of her Family's mansion on Naboo)

- Tremendous inheritance upon the passing away of her parents

- Past relationship experience: Previously dated an immortal deadman, a transgendered woman, a maniacal, masochistic and somewhat megalomaniac scientist.

- Adequately competent healer

- Basic mastery of druidic magic

- Can turn into a bear and give snuggles:



- Expert in fashion and fabric design

- Cute daughter (Clara Valentine), currently 2 years old


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A literally genderfluid shapeshifter with grand ambitions and (here in a bit) their own pirate ship would totally be swiping right on that one.

Qualities: Good sense of humor, great fashion sense, can take any form you can imagine. Great conversationalist, winning smile. Spontaneous; loves travel and adventure.  Worst case scenario: Will look great in that list of fascinating exes!

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I would throw my own Alexander Rookstone.

He seems like a nice lad, if his devotion to an organization is anything to say about his to his lover.


The key word is "would" because I have a tendency to absolutely swamp myself with tonnes of RPs I cannot catch up which, which I am already currently in the process of doing so.

In another lifetime, Padme 😭

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