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Dead God's Inheritance

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The detonation still rang in Maat's ears, the blood pressure throbbing in his head as his vision slowly cleared. He tasted metal in his mouth, and smelled iron and fire. The room was lit, dimly now by a smattering of molten chunks of greased-up metal, thrown from the blast in all directions. Maat supposed they were lucky none of them hit him or Lumina. Yet, as she blocked out the light behind her, he could see, sticking out of her leg in one place a shard of twisted, blackened metal.

Well, that wasn't promising.

He had to be roused quickly--so quickly that he hardly had time to awaken and hear most of her words, instead only catching the end of her frenzied apologizing.

On 1/16/2021 at 6:11 PM, Hydrangeas said:

I didn’t mean to - I thought-” Lumina cried out, immediately trying to procure so restorative magic from her hands.

Maat groaned in reply, and both of them glanced towards the doorway. With the door blown clear off its handles, he doubted they had much time to do aught else. The blast from the combusting fat and grease must have called every monster in the hull of the ship to their location, surely. How long did they have before they were surrounded? 

The half-elf sat up, and winced. He looked down, and saw a sizeable chunk of...what was that, metal? He touched it.

Oh! No, that was one of his ribs.

He rolled back onto his other side as shock took him, and felt his body tense up as a roll of heat and pain pushed through his body as he reacted to the injury. He did what he could to grit through it, but damn it was the worst pain he'd ever experienced. He kept his eyes open, staring across the floor through tears as he eyeballed the hole where all the meat had been forced to flow. The walls and railing were either blackened or destroyed, Maat had to assume that all the flesh that had passed through the drain from the dead whale must have gone up in smoke.

He paused, and got to his feet, slowly, painfully. His entire body screamed for him to sit back down, his side hurt so much it threatened to make him black out.

"T-the pit," He groaned softly, sweat drenching his hair and neck. He pointed, shakily, towards the charred chute Lumi had ignited. "If enough of it burned, we might be able to crawl through..."

Horrifying screams and the clacking of wet feet, and pointed, gnarled claws rushing towards the room grew louder and louder. Maat gripped Lumi's shoulder and stumbled towards the hole.

"Let's go," He muttered to her, before shouting, in a panic. "We have to go!"

The two of them crawled to the hole, and Maat stumbled, and fell in.

It wasn't a far drop, but that didn't really matter, as Maat's vision went black before he could hit the bottom.

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Every second only seemed to force the tabaxi deeper into the ocean of the beasts screaming, his mind becoming more numb as the seconds went by. Blackness began engulfing his vision, bringing about the end. Despite his will being nearly shattered, he still tried to crawl away and gain some sort of composer. But it was useless. No matter the distance, it only got worse. 

Then suddenly, a light source reached Iohmar's vision. The walls seemed to crack open, as if the hull of the ship was being chipped away. It felt as if everything was in slow motion, the screaming stops and then it struck. The metallic taste and the prior words "away from the orange", the screaming beast retreated and limb attempted to follow. The ship suddenly gained mass life, with metal and flesh moving alike. 

The shifting seemed to offset the ship itself, a great change in balance. After a minute of confusion, he'd regained what little strength remained and was able to stand, only now realizing his situation was no better. He smiled to himself as the distant mass movement echoed around the ship, signalling what still remained of their journey. Their entrapment had only furthered, as the light had begun making its way to them. 

'The orange' he thought to himself.

A maze of light blocked the path forward, Iohmar only now having a better understanding what the "orange" was. Turning to Quill, he give her a gentle shake and checked for major injuries. Despite their short time together, they'd already been through so much. Refusing to leave Quill behind, the tabaxi attempted to wake her up. He'd drag the fellow survivor through the whole ship if he had to, doom would have to strike both at the same time.

"Come on, do you want to end up like the old crew?" He taunted, a very likely outcome if things didn't get better.

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One of the last things June cried before she and Taylor ducked into the stairwell and slammed the door behind themselves, was to throw the looted handgun at the squirming, shredded corpse that was chasing them. Sure, it might work, but if it didn't, then they'd still be running from the monster, and would have lost their only means of defense in the process. Taylor wasn't willing to take that risk, especially since they seemingly had made their escape with the heavy metal door blocking the frail abomination out.

"No, I'm holding onto this," Taylor said back to June, the two of them now emerged in pitch blackness.

The red glow of the emergency lights on the floor above was now a distant memory, but the two had caught enough of a glimpse to see the stairs went straight down, reached a square platform, then resumed again to the right, making an L-shape. Holding onto June both so she wouldn't lose her, and also to steady herself, Taylor began trying to descend the stairs as quickly as she could, just in case the monster above proved stronger than it looked. However, as they reached the mid-way platform, a flash of light caused her to come to a halt, forcing June to stop as well.

"What's that...?" she whispered, at first mistaking the orange glow for daylight.

But it was not daylight; daylight does not simply stroll down the hall as the orange light beneath them seemed to be doing. Taylor then figured it could be a flashlight, or maybe a torch, being carried by one of their former companions as they wandered the haunted corridors. But something else seemed to be accompanying the source of the light as it inched along. It was a sound, the sound of metal buckling and twisting, bolts being popped from their holds and the floor bubbling into molten steel. A faint sensation of heat seemed to emanate around the corner, though it was slowly declining, as the light itself appeared to be moving up the hall and away from them. Taylor was tempted to rush down the stairs and peer around the corner, in order to find what it was that they had just narrowly missed.

Suddenly, one of the metal walls in the corridor below exploded in a shower of shrapnel and debris, far enough away that it did not harm either of the girls, but loud enough to leave their ears ringing... and to draw the attention of the source of the light. Rather than continuing to retract, the orange glow now began to intensify, as it moved back down the hall toward the ruptured crater caused by the blast. As it drew nearer, the illumination was now making more details of the girls' surroundings visible, and the sound of stressed metal seemed to hiss and groan ever louder. The sensation of heat began to intensify, and as the orange neared the corner, even the air that dared to sit in the path of the approaching cataclysm seemed to warp and squirm in agony.

Not daring to make a sound, Taylor pushed June back away from the corner, while slowly retracting herself and ducking down. She wanted to keep June protected, but as for herself, she wanted to at least catch a glimpse of whatever this thing was, and whether or not it'd be possible to snuff it out with a bullet. It seemed a better plan than going back up the stairs and into the waiting tentacles of the dead man. Still, she wanted to be cautious, so she lowered herself to the floor in a prone position, keeping only her head around the corner, and being prepared to push herself back in case the thing happened to glance her way.

It was a costly mistake.

The glow, it's movements seemingly slow and cautious itself, as though it were unaware of what caused the explosion and was curious about what it'd find, now drew into view. For a moment Taylor saw nothing but fire of an intensity rivaled only by the sun, and then the source itself came crossed the threshold, and all the world became black. Taylor let out a shocked and pained gasp as she felt a wave of heat across her face that threatened to melt her skin clean off. Her lashes, brows and bangs began to burn, and through it all, her eyes felt like they had been set ablaze from the inside. It was barely a full second of exposure between when the orange moved into view and when Taylor shoved herself back around the corner, but that second had been far too long. It took every fiber in her being to keep for screaming, but somehow she managed. Her hands were instantly clasped over her face, trying to smother and fire that had caught on her hair and shield whatever was left from the wave of heat. She shoved herself backward into June, pushing her as far back as she could away from the corner, whimpering as she tried to sooth her singed skin. As she spread her fingers out away from her eyes, she quickly realized that she was once again surrounded by pitch blackness. Perhaps the light had gone?

"June," Taylor whispered softly, panic seeping into her voice, "Is it gone? Is the light gone? Please tell me the light is gone..."

But June would know the light was not gone, it was more intense than ever, and it was now at the foot of the stairs...

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On 1/26/2021 at 9:09 PM, Jotnotes said:

"T-the pit," He groaned softly, sweat drenching his hair and neck. He pointed, shakily, towards the charred chute Lumi had ignited. "If enough of it burned, we might be able to crawl through..."

"Okay, I understand," Lumina replied. As she turned to face the pit, a sharp pain rocked her body. Her hand immediately flew to her leg, and she winced. A cold, sharp piece of metal stuck out of her right calf. As the adrenaline wore off, the pain slowly began to set it. How were they to flee in this condition? Maat seemed like he was on the verge of blacking out, and with this shard in her leg, Lumina would be dead weight. Outside, the roars of ravenous creatures ricocheted off the hall, followed closely by the sounds of heavy feet bouncing off steel. 

"Maat, you cannot expect to move in this condition! There has to be another option!" Lumina backtracked, shaking her head. Her protest fell upon deaf ears, however, as Maat quickly moved for the pit. Lumina attempted to follow, making it just before the hole before she was forced to her knees. Her injured leg burned, and she could feel an intense heat rushing to her head. Just ahead of her, Maat stumbled forward, falling directly into the pit.

"MAAT!" Lumina cried, diving forward in an attempt to grab him. She barely missed, and saw Maat collide with the bottom of the pit. Seconds passed, but Maat didn't rise. More agonizing, burning seconds passed, and still Maat didn't move. Lumina gripped the remnants of the railing and pulled herself to her feet. Her head pulsated with each scream that echoed behind her, and her heart threatened to burst out of her chest. For a moment, Maat was replaced by Samuel, Lumina's older brother. His blonde hair stained red and black from the mire he was laying in. The veins in his neck and arms had been tainted, turning black. Tears stained his cheeks, and his mouth hung agape.

"Why do you cry, Lumi?"

Lumina screamed, not out of fear or pain, but out of rage. She let go of the railing, and both of her hands flew to the top of her head. Her screams turned into wails of angst, and she collapsed to the floor. Why did every thing have to be taken from her? Was this the goddess' will? What had she done to deserve this reckoning? Her heart burned now, a sign from the goddess to due away with these thoughts. A sign that rebellion against the divinity Lumina had grown up with would lead her to her demise. Before, she believed that the Goddess would lead her towards hope; towards the future she dreamed for.

Now, Lumina wasn't so sure.

"SHUT UP! GET OUT OF MY HEAD! I HATE YOU! I DESPISE YOU!" Lumina screamed, she slammed her hands against the floor out of pure rage. Through her tears, she could make out several silhouettes forming in the the doorway. Heavy breathing and hisses filled the room as the creatures discovered Lumina. Lumina rose to her feet, the pain in her leg far away now. Everything seemed out of focus, as if Lumina was looking through muddy water. Her feelings, however, had never been clearer. 

She quickly gathered light energy in her hands and threw it into the air behind her. These balls of light hovered in area above Lumina's head, forming a sort of crown above her, Within these orbs, something crackled and sparked, as if electricity had flown through them. The monsters leapt at her, and her power sprung to life. The orbs of light, like heat seeking missiles, collided with the creatures one after the other, sending them flying across the room. Lumina nodded and dove into the pit, she landed on a particularly fatty piece of meat, which helped to cushion the impact. Her eyes turned upwards, and her hands reached for the ceiling. Wisps of light came together to form a cyclone directly above her. This cyclone continued to expand until it covered the entirety of the circular entrance above them. In an instant, the cyclone ceased, replaced by a glass like ceiling. A moment later, the monsters leapt onto this newly formed ceiling. They clawed and pounded at the surface in a desperate attempt to break through, but it was no use. There was no point in trying to break this resolve.

Her eyes moved to the person laying in the pit. It was no longer Samuel, but Maat. He was breathing, but in a condition of pure disaster. Glancing down at her own leg, Lumina saw that the shard of metal was still protruding from her leg. Without much more though, she wrapped her hand around the shrapnel and pulled. She cried in pain, but knew that the only way to allow the wound to heal was to remove this invader. With one final pull, the metal was gone from the wound. Tears ran down Lumina's face and she moved her hands to cover the wound. Enormous amounts of blood ran down her leg, and she felt herself becoming sick. Lumina closed her eyes and focused, feeling a familiar warmth coat her leg. A moment later, the wound was closed. Not completely healed, as she needed to conserve most of the magic for Maat, but manageable. 

The young elf rose crawled over to Maat and gently lifted his head into her lap. His breathing was soft, and his pulse was faded. Lumina placed her hands on either side of his temple and leaned down, placing a single kiss on her forward. She was going to save him; it was already decided. From her hands and lips, a soft glow flowed. It ran down Maat's body, seeking out his suffering. For Samuel, Lumina was going to make sure Maat lived. For her mother, she would make sure the others would get out. For her home, she would make sure the evil that did this would be destroyed. It would never live to hurt another living being again. 

With most of the flesh burned, the drain pipe was now exposed. Lumina wrapped one of Maat's arms around her shoulders and began to climb through the darkness. The small space was just large enough for Lumina to pull Maat with her. Above them, the sounds of the creatures moving around mixes with the sound of the ocean slamming against he bottom of the ship. The silence was deafening, but Lumina pressed forward. The smell of grease and flesh was greater now, and the pipe became a festering grease trap. Moving became harder, as every push was made much more difficult from the slimy surface underneath them. Eventually, the two came upon a grate just overhead. The rotting carcass of the whale pressed against it, with bits of flesh pushing through the gaps in the grate. Black ooze and blood trickled from its body, and Lumina was quick to move past it. She was nauseous, but the pipe had to come out somewhere. They would soon be free from this hell.

Another grate came into view, then. This one sat dislodged from its place in the wall, and seemed to lead to another hallway. Lumina let go of Maat for the moment and placed both hands against the grate. Within a few pushes, it was dislodged completely. She was careful to quietly drop it onto the floor below, lest the monsters be able to discern their location once again. Lumina lowered herself onto the floor below. It was difficult, but she managed to drag Maat out of the pipe as well. She set him down against the wall and slid down to sit with him.  She leaned back, allowing her head to rest against the wall for the moment. Outside, the sea rocked the ship, but Lumina welcomed the noise.  Anything to distract her from her thoughts.



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Quill's vision was blurred, either through tears, or the dark, or fatigue, but she could still hear the screaming, squawking thing as Iohmar struggled with it. She groaned, and slowly tried to turn over, but she was exhausted. The motion of moving her body even an inch felt like an impossibility, so why even bother? Through foggy vision she saw Iohmar struggle, and go down. Despite the fear of the situation, Quill was strangely okay with surrendering here. She wouldn't have to look at this shit anymore, at least, right? She watched Iohmar, her eyes heavy, as the screeching creature did...whatever it was going to do. She didn't even remember watching it appear, so she wasn't actually sure how it acted or moved. It sure screamed a lot. 

It stopped screaming, eventually, and Quill swore as it did it saw the sunrise creeping in. She assumed they must have been on the other side of that corridor they'd first seen when they passed into the interior of the ship. They must have left the door open, or...did they?

Quill sat up, though it hurt her head to do so and looked. No, that was definitely sunlight, of some kind. Sickly and bright and orange. She watched, transfixed, as the horrible little monster thing tried to flee the light pouring through the gashes in the wall, and decided to do the same, and as she shifted, she felt the whole ship move as well. She glanced around, rousing to consciousness as the vessel groaned and warped in the room next to them, where the light moved.

Iohmar stepped over to her and offered her a hand.

On 1/28/2021 at 4:09 PM, Rabbit said:

"Come on, do you want to end up like the old crew?" He taunted, a very likely outcome if things didn't get better.

"Not in this lifetime," She grunted, seizing his hand and climbing to her feet. Her head still hurt, as did the rest of her body, but for now the fight or flight response kept her alive. With Iohmar with her, the two moved away quickly from the light, and the screaming monster still at large. No sooner had they exited the room did she hear a Bang! A cacophany of noise and ruptured metal, sounding from not only within the room they'd just been in, but down the halls as well. The ship groaned in response, and Quill glanced back the way they'd come from.

"Come on," She urged Iohmar quietly, nodding her head back the way they came. "It's all blocked up over here, let's go check out back there."

The duo slowly made their way back, and although much of the ship looked the same, Quill had a hard time believing they were the same area. Much like how in a cave there were no identifying landmarks, no standouts to make note of, passing back the way they came felt surreal and unfamiliar, the back end of the oddities and terror's they'd come across were as strange as the first time she'd seen them, and even then, they were still pretty weird and horrible. They passed by the odd, horrible eyeball thing once again, and Quill resisted the urge to look into it once more. They moved past the fleshy radio operator, and the tape feeding into him constantly, and once they reached the door at the end of the hall, found a welcome, yet somewhat worse sight.

The orange light had passed already, moving somewhere else entirely, by the looks of things, but the damage had been done. The door, which had been blocked off by that thick, bone-like structure, had begun to rot from the middle towards the outside, and that same mold had eaten through the door and was beginning to eat the floor as well, but once the light had moved along, the mold had died, turning an ugly dark grey color and flaking off. Looking down, Quill could see the various structures and connectors between this floor and the floor beneath them. The rest of the hallway had suffered far different trauma, with the floor seemingly growing grass, bending out of shape and even twisting one of the doors lining the hall into a warped image of grasping hands.

The duo walked down the hall carefully, and Quill had to move away from the hands as they reached out unexpectedly, the metal groaning as it moved. From there, they moved further down the hall, towards the source of the sound. From the looks of things, the orange light had caused some kind of bubble to form in the hull's side, and pop, leaving a jagged, hole in the wall that led back outside. They approached it slowly, their heavy footfalls taking them past the stairwell next to the door they'd entered from.

And just then, Quill heard a soft sound. Whispering, among the groaning and howling wreckage. 

The tabaxi glanced towards her partner and tilted a head wordlessly towards the stairwell, suggesting silently that they check it out. She reached down, and carefully picked up a piece of the ruined hand rail to wield as a club, should she need it, and they approached the staircase, weapons at the ready.

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On 2/6/2021 at 1:29 AM, Tyler said:

"No, I'm holding onto this," Taylor said back to June, the two of them now emerged in pitch blackness.

"Taylor, you should learn to let go."

June frowned at her friend. Why must Taylor keep holding on to false hope especially when it might be a potential source of grave danger? She figured that her friend might either be insane or suicidal. Well, Taylor might actually be a masochist as well. Butt June is a good friend so she decided to keep her mouth shut for now and let her friend be whatever the damn woman wanted to be. As long as they get to live at the end of all this.

That said, the darkness was already grating on June. More nervous sweat trickled down the sides of her face. It was bad enough that she was earlier stuck within some sort of enclosed tube, this journey through a dark corridor wasn't any better. When they reached the foot of the stairs, June's hand tried to reach for Taylor's clothes but only managed to grab handfuls of empty space. It seemed like the darkness has started to affect her spatial sense. Shit.

Then Taylor was already clinging onto her. While June found it queer it also brought some sense of comfort. However, such comforts were never meant to last. It was in that instant that a flash of light found it amusing to make an appearance before the pair.

June blinked. Once. Twice.

The light is still there in front of them. The light...it moves? Her eyes tracked the glowing strangness. While her body froze in hesitation, her mind was on overdrive. She had already seen this once in the past. Now she only needed to remember when.

Bright light. Flying object. Appears in dark areas. St. Elmo's fi-

Before she could finish her thought process, the strange sound happened. The buckling and twisting sound of metal seemed to grate on June's ears. Her hands shot up to cover her auditory organs but the damage has been done. 

Annoying but at least we now know that the glowy thing also generates heat. Is it sentient? Will it see us?

Such wayward thoughts plagued her mind as fear set in again within the poor girl. Even when Taylor pushed her, there was no resistance from June. There was only relief that they would be taking a different path and hopefully gain a few more minutes of living. This loss of initiative would prove costly later as she failed to notice Taylor's drastic actions.

Once the Taylor's peeking has been committed, the poor girl began to convulse and scream. June cursed as she tried to contain her friend but she was too late, Taylor already leaped into her arms. "Wai-wait!" June tried to protest but her friend was no longer in the right state of mind.

On 2/6/2021 at 1:29 AM, Tyler said:

"June," Taylor whispered softly, panic seeping into her voice, "Is it gone? Is the light gone? Please tell me the light is gone..."

June leaned in to whisper in Taylor's ear the bitter truth. "It's still there. I can't see it but I can still feel some heat."


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