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City of New Everrun

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Art by Shkumbin Ferizi



Everrun was just a small town to the west of Casper when John Wilder first arrived there. The people there were warm and friendly. Without asking anything in return, they gave Wilder food and shelter to help him during a journey. To repay their kindness, he later helped them fight off a group of bandits that had driven them from their homes. He then left, though he intended to return one day.

Tragically, the town would be burnt to the ground before this could happen. No one seemed to know for sure what happened, though there were rumours. Wishing to honor the fallen, and needing a place to start a new enterprise, John would build the city of New Everrun atop the ruins of the old.

From the ashes of the old, New Everrun has emerged. A powerhouse in the tech and defense industries, as well as a place to indulge in life’s pleasures, there is something for everyone here. Elite mercenary groups are available for deployment all over the world. R&D firms pursue the cutting edge of everything from medicine to nanotechnology. World class restaurants and casinos await those in search of thrills seen as illicit in other cities. Five-Star hotels provide unparalleled comfort, with pleasurable company is just a call away. 

Catering to both business and pleasure, New Everrun stands ready. 



Size: 100 Miles

John Wilder has described New Everrun as a city with a split personality. The Commerce Sector is a modern city that caters to private business; with a focus on private military companies. The Entertainment sector is a place where any vice can be indulged. Each sector varies greatly in architecture and culture. 

Buildings in the Commerce Sector are the same kind of stone, glass, and steel affairs one could find in any major Terran city. Though many PMC’s are headquartered here, effort is taken to keep overt displays of militarism to a minimum. Soldiers wear suits and plainclothes, and weapons and armor are not worn in the city limits. Any business can petition for a business permit from the government, after which they can purchase land and begin construction of an office. The main residential district is also located here.

The Entertainment sector by contrast is an almost gaudy affair. Neon lights and architecture with cultural influences from all over the world. Any vice a person can imagine can be indulged here. Gambling, prostitution, drugs, booze, all of it is legal here. Despite the rowdy party atmosphere, order is strictly kept by the Guard.

A light rail system connects every part of the city. Private transportation generally takes the form of skycars as well as bicycles and other self propelled vehicles.



Total Population: 100,000

The Sentinels: 10,000 (With more in reserve in case of emergency)

Human: 70%

Non-Human: 30%


New Everrun’s cultural landscape reflects its dual nature. Citizens value the rule of law, but also place a premium on personal freedom. Every inhabitant of the city is expected to contribute to the society. Corporations are taxed alongside the gambling dens, and any attempt at evasion is harshly dealt with. For their money, the citizens are rewarded with well maintained roads, and a generous social safety net.

Even those who burn themselves out in the Entertainment Sector can rebuild their fortunes by signing up for public works, or a tour with a PMC. Addicts can find treatment facilities throughout the city to help them kick their addictions. Opportunity is everywhere in New Everrun, though one must be careful what they sign up for.

Though vice is one of the city’s calling cards, it is strictly controlled. All purveyors in the city must have a license from the city to sell their wares. Prostitution is especially well regulated. All sex workers must be of legal age, given regualr medical checkups (paid for by the city) and be working of their own free will. Workers are also allowed to unionize, and have a right to revoke consent at any time, though payment may be forfeited for that specific client.

Law enforcement in the city is the responsibility of the Guard. Every PMC that operates in New Everrun is expected to contribute soldiers for Guard duty.


Government in New Everrun is a strange mix of monarchism, meritocracy, and democratic values. 

John Wilder is the undisputed Governor of the city, and is the only political entity in the city not subject to public oversight. Wilder chooses individuals that he believes have demonstrated the talent and ability to do a given job. However, the citizens are allowed to submit their own candidates for these positions, and if a certain threshold of support is demonstrated, a vote between the two candidates is held. A vote of no confidence can be called by the populace at any time; though not against the same official more than once every six months.

The Sentinels 

The Sentinels function as the city guard for New Everrun. While their primary day-to-day function is as law enforcement, they are also responsible for guarding the city from outside threats. Mostly a volunteer organization, any citizen can join. Outsiders can also earn citizenship through service in The Sentinels. At any given time, a third of the ranks are made up from mercenaries on loan from the assorted PMC’s headquartered in New Everrun.

Private Military Contractors

Widely referred to as PMC’s, Private Military Contractor is the technical term used for the various mercenary outfits operating out of the city. As they bring in a third of the city's revenue, they are greatly respected. Under the Pact, they are compelled to contribute to the ranks of The Sentinels. Given their experience, they are also responsible for training new recruits to the organization. In addition, they are expected to provide additional manpower and resources to the defense of the city in the event of an emergency.


For generations, Everrun had been little more than a waystation for those traveling to and from Casper City. The population was mostly farmers and merchants, and it wasn’t uncommon for citizens to never go more than fifty miles from their place of birth. Villages like Everrun could be found all over the world. Most who passed through probably never thought about it again after they left.

Sadly, it would grow famous for tragic reasons.

Two years ago, bandits raided the town; driving out the citizens and setting up a new base of operations there. John Wilder, who had once been shown great hospitality by the citizens of Everrun found the survivors and offered to lead them in taking back their home. After a fierce battle, John left, promising to return again someday.

But that day would come too late. Sometime after WIlder left, the city was taken under the sway of a mysterious Prophet. This Prophet was said to be able to perform miracles in exchange for worship. It is not entirely clear what happened next, but at some point the town was burned to the ground. No survivors have been found to shed light on what happened.

When he returned, Wilder found only ashes to greet him. Seizing upon the opportunity provided to him, he built a new city on the bones of the old. He named the city New Everrun in remembrance of the town that once showed him great kindness.


596- Everrun is overrun by bandits, then subsequently retaken by citizens led by John Wilder

597-  November- The town of Everrun mysteriously burns to the ground with no survivors.

598- December- John Wilder returns to find the city destroyed. Construction begins on New Everrun.


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GOOD CORPORATE CITIZENS: New Everrun takes the theft of intellectual property very seriously. Those caught engaging in corporate espionage are often punished with prison time in addition to being required to pay restitution to the victim. Despite this, there is always someone willing to pay good money to get ahead of the competition. That’s where you come in.

Go undercover with a corporation of your choice and hunt down the spy. Complete this mission, and you will be rewarded with both money and advanced technology.

Titan Industries: A leader in the field of weapons technology, Titan has made an alarming discovery. The prototype of a new combat exosuit has been stolen. While it would be bad enough if it were taken by another corporation, such dangerous tech appearing on the black market could be catastrophic. Find the prototype, and capture the thief. 

The Shennong Group: New Everruns’s leader in biotech and medical science. Recently there have been a number of attempts to hack into the Groups computer systems. Fortunately, the attacks seem rather inept, and their techs have been able to trace the attack back to its point of origin. Go to the source, and apprehend the hackers.

Prime Software: Tech company specializing in encryption. A few days ago they reported a piece of decryption software known as Masterkey missing. Masterkey is capable of locating zero day exploits in software and utilizing them in real time. With no leads to follow, the Head of Security has a plan to catch the thieves. 


THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS: Legalized gambling is one of the biggest attractions in New Everrun. Fortunes are won and lost at the slots and gambling tables of the city's many casino’s. Although the city tries to keep things fair, there’s always someone trying to cheat the system. That’s where you come in. Remind the cheaters that the house always wins, and be rewarded with money, and VIP status.

Going Bust: Obviously a casino doesn’t want its patrons to win too much, but the opposite is also true. If no one ever wins, gamblers will take their cash and go elsewhere. This can often be the result of overzealous management, but sometimes it can be sabotage.

Word on the street is that the tables at The Helix, New Everrun’s first all digital casino are virtually unbeatable. The owners claim they are being sabotaged, and have asked for help proving it. See if you can’t get to the truth of the matter.

Preventative Maintenance: Mistakes are a part of learning. Through experiencing the things that don’t work, we eventually find the right path. This is true for people, and it’s also true for casino’s.

The King’s Fountain is looking for freelancers to test its security. You will test its games, both automated and those run by employee’s. Find flaws in their system, and turn them in to management. You will be well rewarded.

Fight Clubbing: Card games and slot machines are all well and good, but New Everrun also caters to those who enjoy betting on sport. The Gilded Chariot specializes in such fare, with their biggest attraction being The Gilded Cage; an enclosed arena featuring all manner of bloodsport. The Chariot is looking to crown its first ever champion, so if you think you’ve got what it takes, step right up!


Fade Out: Drugs of all sorts have been legal in New Everrun since day one. It’s one of the main draws of the city’s tourism industry. All purveyors of recreational pharmaceuticals must be licensed, and their products must meet rigorous safety standards. These regulations ensure the safety of the public.But even in a city where drugs are legal, there will always be someone making money selling a cheaper alternative in secret. Unfortunately, while these products are cheap, they are also often deadly. 

That’s where you come in. An illegal narcotic ironically known as Tranquil has been flooding the streets. Its potency is causing dozens of overdoses a day. Find out who's dealing it, and offer them a choice. Either go legit and get regulated, or be put out of business. Permanently. (CLAIMED)

Slow Boat to Shangri-la: Vintage Venom, one of New Everrun’s biggest drug manufacturers, is looking for volunteers to help test new products in development. Pay is reasonable, and when else are you going to get the opportunity to get high at work? Liability waiver must be signed before commencement of tests. 

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