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[Character Codex] Velindrel

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~Statistical data:

Title: Wandering Apprentice

Visual Age: Appears in his late thirties.

Birth Place: Not known even onto him.

Race: Elf

Alignment: {N) Neutral Good {Good} (Able to operate in morally gray areas though}

Gender: Male (M)

Class: Apprentice/Adventurer

~Appearance Data:

Hair: Silver/Platinum coloured hair.  His hair is kept in a long ponytail and consistently well combed/etc.

Eyes: Green eyes.

Height: 7'0" (Elves are tall and typically lithe/etc but Velly is well muscular type)

Weight: 265 lbs

Build: Velindrel is a tall and well muscular toned type.  He keeps in tremendous good physical shape.  He has an athlete's build, someone who does a lot of physical labor.

Condition: He's generally in top physical shape at all times.

~Equipment data:

Clothing/Armour: Simply stated Velindrel does not have a need for armour of any sorts, he simply wears plain clothing for better mobility and things of that nature.  He does have a tendency to wear rustic outfits befitting a life style of consistent crafting and producing fine Elven gear.

~Skills and Ability Sheet:

Racial Ability:

Elf Dna: Sometimes, Velindrel's blue blood is capable of feats of magical properties.  It is how he is able to augment basic crafted gear and construct magical items in the teachings of his people.  With concentration, Velindrel is able to enchant certain properties (He cannot yet control this power directly it can have sometimes chaotic effects) onto, say, a crafted dagger.  Basic properties are much more accurate in nature and are easier to imbue on an object.  Later on, he will be able to tap into the teachings of his people...

Personal Powers Data: (To make a potentially ultimate style crafter I am willing to forgo a LOT of combat style powers/etc)

Way of the Forge: Taught directly by an eccentric old mastersmith in Casper named simply The Maester, Velindrel knows his way around a forge.  Simply state, all basic and moderate tier equipment that requires manual labor to craft, Velindrel will craft it and charge a moderate related fee.  (He is a businessman after all)

Hard Worker: Velindrel has worked hard the entire time in Casper.  As such, he has picked up the necessary skills to work effectively on this or that project and it can reduce time cost associate with constructing most things.

The Way of The Old Masters: Velindrel is an elf and has rudimentary knowledge of how to magically enchant and augment crafted items.  In this way he can make items similar to the old ancient items of his people.  Eventually, all of that age's enchanted items will come from Velindrel and his teachings directly.

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(Adding the historical codex now that I have some threads going and one completed)

Chapter 1: (The Star Forge)

Chapter 2: Rise my Apprentice: (This thread is a co-op project with Waking Warrior)

Chapter 3: Takes place after The Star Forge is completed and will cover Velindrel's psionic training.

Chapter 4: (Coop thread with Ben)

This is the chronology as it exists.  More threads are active but they are still early on to be considered Velindrel personal lore yet.  Once I complete more and more threads it will be a good time for all involved: Note I am willing to rp with anyone on a smaller group basis or even one on one.

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