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Hello everyone! It's Vielle again, coming to you from the Queendom of Svanhild to cordially invite everyone to a royal wedding! The Queen of Svanhild is to be wed to Sir Quinton Swan, and the realm rejoices in a most glorious fashion. The city of Cal Eteris is rife with preparation for the upcoming festivities.

Everyone is invited, whoever you are and wherever you come from! The only limit I can give is that all attendees must be in medieval or fantasy regalia/dress, as per UM’s tech limits. This means that modern and sci-fi themes (such as cybernetics, pet robots, etc) won’t be allowed, and any tech brought into the Queendom is subject to degradation and forced disuse. If you’ve got any guns or gadgets or other high-tech stuff, please just leave them at home; you can always get them after! 😂



Taking inspiration from the old traditions of the royal house, marriage is celebrated through three aspects: mind, body, and soul. Because of this, there are three main events of the wedding: a wedding banquet, a tournament, and a scavenger hunt.

• • •




The soul speaks, bringing forth life and death in equal measure. Love is nothing without the capacity to share what is within. . .




No proper wedding can call itself such without a bountiful feast and a dance floor! 😂 Mingle with people from all walks of life, hailing from the highest echelons of Svanhild society to the colorful sea of faces from the commonfolk. Make connections, associate yourselves with those in power, or enjoy the festivities with your own circle of friends! It's going to be a wonderful evening for all.

If socializing is not quite to your taste, there's always the generous spread at the dinner table, or the strange events that'll be occurring throughout the night. . . 👀




Witnessing a joyous occasion such as holy matrimony is bound to stir up certain emotions and memories. Attending guests may find themselves yearning for the same attachment or wonder what could have been with failed relationships, questioning the meaning of life if their other half is not by their side.

Hailing from a distant place, a peculiar oracle has ‘offered’ their services to hearken to guests’ despondencies or inquiries, while issuing advice and possibly foretold predictions – especially for the royal pair. 

Yet, the oracle’s labour doesn’t come without a price. Make sure your answers are true and honest, for if the oracle doesn’t appreciate your lies, you will be forced to drink their undesirable concoction. 

  • This sub-event is open to everyone attending the royal wedding.
  • In order to keep this fair, a dice (d3) rolling mechanic will be in play. The number rolled will determine if the oracle likes or dislikes your given answers – or, if you need to elaborate in-depth.
  • The oracle will attend to each willing participate individually (in order to keep things ‘private’). In other words, if there is more than one guest seeking their favour, they will be tagged and responded to accordingly.
  • If the oracle likes your answer, you will receive either a small boon or a one-use wish:
    • Ability to change the weather to their liking.
    • One (1) person can agree with one (1) plea or condition.
    • A blessed boon that can add elemental resistance.
    • Your skin grows completely numb for a short period and after inspection has grown tougher. This effect lasts for one day.
    • Your hearing sharpens, and you can overhear any conversations happening within the particular room you are in over the course of the night.
    • You gain the ability to copy any sound you've heard, so long as it hasn't been more than an hour since you heard it last (this includes your own copy of that sound). This effect lasts for a day.







The mind deliberates, solving all problems it encounters. Love is nothing without the wits to understand and to adapt. . .




Thanks to the wonderful @-Lilium-, the Fantas-Menagerie is making its way to UM for the wedding event! TL;DR: it’s a scavenger hunt/treasure quest of sorts where your characters solve riddles related to the constituents of the Menagerie, following a route around the area that leads to the hiding place of the prize. Get your deerstalker ready—let’s see how well you know your lore! 😉

The mechanics of the scavenger hunt are as follows:

  1. At the starting line, every participant gets a riddle about one of the things found within the Menagerie (creatures, plants, caretakers, people, etc).
  2. At the start of each “round”, PM the Arbiter (that’s me!) with your answer to the riddle. 
    • If you get the right answer, you’ll be moving IC to the next exhibit and obtaining another riddle which will be given at the start of the next “round”. 
    • If you get a wrong answer, you stay in place IC and try to give the right answer at the start of the next “round”.
  3. This is a race to the finish line. Whoever gets to the hidden prize first wins the event!
  4. This is a competition, of course, and any IC form of sabotage (stealing the answer from another player, haunting the footsteps of another player and fighting them for the prize) is a-okay as long as it’s discussed OOC beforehand!

The prize for this event is the mysterious Viessan Egg known as the Egg of Caged Song, courtesy of @Fierach (thank you! 💖).








The body overcomes, thriving against all odds. Love is nothing without a vessel to have and to hold. . .




I’m not as well-versed in all the different RP combat systems as I’d like to be yet, so for this tournament, the rules of @Ataraxy's Load, Block, Shoot will be used, with myself acting as the Judge. 😊 Based on my prior experience using this system, it’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s competitive, so it should work rather well!

The tournament is set in an no-holds-barred, round robin style. Ultimately, I will need at least four competitors for this event to happen; if there’s little interest in this particular venture, I’ll be relegating the tournament to a background event. 

The prize for the winning combatant is three vials of your choice from the four prominent consumable artifacts of Svanhild (Phoenix Blood, Moon Wine, Golden Scarab, Siren’s Scent).






• • •


So, there you have it! Celebrate with us however you see fit—if you’ve other, more nefarious plans in mind, send me a PM here or on Discord and maybe we can work something out. 😉

The wedding IC threads will be up sometime next week! Please RSVP below or in a PM, as I’ll be tagging all those who have RSVPed in each event!

If you’ve any other questions about the overall event, please feel free to ask me here or in a PM. Hope to see you all soon! 💖

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1 minute ago, vielle said:

Lovely! 😍 Let me know which character/s you'll be bringing along? 🤗

No hostilities will ensue. . . Given that Roz is there. . . R i g h t ?

-nervous laughter-

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Just now, Phoebe said:

No hostilities will ensue. . . Given that Roz is there. . . R i g h t ?

-nervous laughter-

Don't worry; this thread is backdated 😂👌 No hostilities in sight, unless agreed upon by the people involved beforehand🙏

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2 minutes ago, HellstenNacht said:

Date accepted. Back off gentlemen.


Whose character of yours is Phoebe's/Addison's date? 👀

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Just now, Shatter said:

Is there a four person limit on the banquet? I’m trying to figure out where @-Lilium- and I should be going.

What do you mean by "limit"? 😮 Everyone can put as many characters of theirs as they'd like in the banquet, no problemo! 👌

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This would fit wonderfully well in my timeline. Dauner A. Light would happily grace the banquet.

More details to come when the thread officially starts

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