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Kinumo Official Info Page

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Kinumo is a small village in the far east of the Magic Forest. It is one of the oldest villages in the forest and can be classified as a city. It is surrounded by forest and mounts.  The village homes and shops are located on the mountain side on stilts and the farmland is located on the base of the mountains. The only way into the village is through the lonesome path on the far edge of the village which has bandits along it, Or you may teleport in, sadly most of the 6 teleporters in the mountain temples have been broken and are in need of repair. It is an olden village so it is not on any maps except the old ones.

Population:  Only around 1000 to 2000 people at most at all times.  There is no room for more.  45% demon, 20% elves, 15% human, 20% other.

Climate: On the lower grounds where the farmlands are it is nice and warm. In the middle is a cool and controlled climate where you may need a light jacket or regular clothes. On top of the mountain is freezing and snowy, Heavy clothes recommended.

Agriculture: Kinomu is known for its farm grown products such as vegetables, wheat, and fruit. It is also known for its various temperature items.

Flora/Fauna: There are many strange plants in the area of Kinumo.  One is called the Satanta, a dangerous man eating plant found in the forests of Kinumo.


Indigenous Animals: There are many types of regular animals in the forest and mountains.  The different ones to look out for in this area are the devil dogs, and the timberwolves.

Imports/Exports: Kinomu has barely come into contact with any other town but will trade with passerby sales men. Kinomu is a Farming community so it has Livestock and Farmland food.

Education: There are not many schools in the village but the knowledge received is from the trees second layer where they store all of the knowledge they have received from the surrounding areas, their history, and the creatures they have faced. Some of the best scholars have come from this village.

Transportation: The main way of transportation is by walking. There are some lifts up and down from the ground all the way to the top of the mountains. The lifts stop in the middle for the homes and shops.

Landmarks/monuments: The 6 Mountain temples


Hot Spots

Tree of Memory - On the outskirts of the village is the Tree of Memory.  This tree is the largest tree in the area, hollowed out with time and meticulous care.  It is filled with rooms that hold knowledge that the demons have picked up over the years.  The bottom two layers are free for the public to peruse.  The upper levels are locked and the access to those rooms have to be earned.  Since the tree is at the bottom of the cliffs where the more comfortable weather is, the Tree has been a favorite place to hold festivities.  Many celebrations, from weddings to holidays, have been celebrated here.  It is the main attraction of the village.


Snowy's Pub: Ran by Greg Snowy, This pub is a popular one due to being the closest to the top of mountain. The owner uses many ingredients from the mountains peak and past the village limits.

Mountain Temples:  The paths to these are found at the top of the Mountains. They hold the teleporters to the various cities and are protected by the monks that live there. Most teleporters are broken. They were made by demons.

Adventurers Guild: This place is found as you walk into the center of the levitating Mountain town. It is the largest building and holds the quest board from the natives or other areas around Seinaru Forven.

Pauline's Market: This is the main supply store in Kimuno. it sells various items infused with magic


Assassins' Guild

Purpose: The purpose of the guild is to gather elite assassin's trained in many fighting skills, and ways to kill. They are trained by the best, and have earned the reputation of being the best. This reputation is good for public relations, and finding more work. They can also ask for steeper prices, because they are a part of the guild.

Policies: There aren't many rules to the guild, but for the rules that exist they are not to be broken. One rule is that no children are to be killed by any of the assassins' guild. This was a stipulation made by the mage who created the spell for the Assassin's Mark, and agreed to by all of the Assassin's Council. Another is that no guild member can use their skills to assassinate those in power, such as government officials, kings, queens, etc. The reason for this was to protect the guild, so that armies wouldn't be sent against the members in retaliation. And the last rule was to make sure that the members meet up at different locations once a year. This is to try out the new “potentials” and to make sure that any and all concerns for the guild are addressed.

Assassin's Mark: This is given to the Assassin member once they have been selected to join, and have passed the initiation. The mark is a symbol branded into the skin with fire and magic. The magic is to keep the members in line to stay true to the rules. The mark will disappear and leave a scar if the Assassin decides to break the rules. The Assassin's Mark magically makes the wearer aware of the destination for each assassin's meeting once a year.

Assassin's Guild Council: This council was made of the elders of the guild, with seven members. They discuss important decisions for the guild, and vote. The council members change every decade.

Kinumo: This is the land where the Assassins' Guild was founded. Many members who have retired live there, taking tribute from travelers that want access to the lifts into Kinumo. Those that live in Kinumo only give food and necessities to the guards of their land for tribute. Travelers give more, or they are held back, questioned, interrogated, and whatever else it takes to make sure they aren't there to do the people of Kinumo harm. Even with tribute, the Assassin's Guild are very protective of Kinumo and all who enter.



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