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A New Day Dawns [Gundushar]

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Another cold day in Gundushar, Sentheril thought wistfully. Light dustings of snow had been falling all morning, as if the sky couldn't make up its mind on what it wanted to do. They could definitely relate, sitting there on a bench in the marketplace, unsure of where to go first.

Today Sentheril wore their usual cloak and mantel, having chosen a male body on this day. With brows furrowed, they sighed in frustration, shrugging off the latest batch of snow, they got off the bench and onto the cobblestone streets.

"I think I'll go visit the local cafe, see if I can't find something to warm myself in all this snow."

As an elf, they were certainly the tallest amongst the crowd of predominantly dwarven people. Gundushar was a nice enough town, if not a little small for their taste.


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*i wake up* I look around my large bedroom and yawn. I then push a button for you to come in and help me get ready for the day. (I still need to know my government position)

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A dwarf entered the room, his curly blue mustache dominating his face, as painstakingly maintained as his equally cerulean beard. 

"Good morning, madame treasurer! Hope you had good dreams." He said, opening her wardrobe to collect her outfit for the day. 

"Its another wonderful day in our little mountain home." The attendant said with exuberance. 

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